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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Still More Than Just North Carolina

By Anna Von Reitz

"Page 5 of this link (marked page 2 of 30) shows all of the other states that are doing the exact same thing as North Carolina is doing...." 

Here's still more proof that Bob and Larry don't know what is going on and have been beating me about the head and neck for "proof" and then ignoring the facts when I give it to them. 

I suppose there will be something "suspect" about my "sources"---- nobody should believe official documents from the North Carolina Legislature, right?  

D-Day's Birthday

By Anna Von Reitz

Being born on June 6 is always an odd mix of solemn memorial to the invasion of Normandy during World War II on this day 74 years ago, remembrance of JFK, also born on June 6, and the silliness that often accompanies my celebrations on this same day.  

This morning, before eight, I got a phone call from friends doing a group sing of the Happy Birthday Song.... as I held the phone receiver out away from my ear, the dogs were softly howling and I had a mental picture of my friend, Cindy, seated in the passenger seat of the family car trying to put on her mascara on her way to work and singing the "Happy Birthday Song" at the same time..... 

My glory truly is and has always been having such friends.... and howling dogs, of course.  If past experience is any teacher, there will be several such incidents today and the dogs will get in their choir practice.