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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What I Know About the "Reign of Heaven Society" and "The United States of America"

By Anna Von Reitz

The Reign of Heaven Society was founded by Frank O’Collins, a Jesuit priest who was also a scion of the Collins Bloodline Illuminati.  He denounced the Roman Catholic Church as the “Roman Cult” and left a very privileged position in the Vatican as a result of his own research into the history and law and politics of the Church.  
Frank was, and perhaps is----he vanished some time ago and nobody knows where he is, whether he is alive or dead----one of the most brilliant scholars of this or any other generation, and certainly one of the most generous and courageous in sharing his knowledge.  He ferreted out information that makes Edward Snowden’s revelations pale by comparison and shared it on his websites.
He systematically exposed the corruption and the self-interested venal practices of the Roman Catholic Church as opposed to the Universal Catholic Church, and explained in detail the odd hybrid that the Roman Catholic Church became under Constantine and the editing pen of St. Jerome.  The Roman Catholic Church is in fact an amalgamation of both Christian and pagan Satanic practices of the Ancient Sumerians, and uses both The Truth and The Lie to gain and retain and exercise power. Thus, like the society it spawns, the Roman Catholic Church is an institution at perpetual war.

International Notice Back to “The United States of America Government” --- And All Other Pretenders

By Anna Von Reitz

Among all the garbage that regularly comes across my desk, I have recently received this:
Not only was I born and raised in America (Wisconsin), my Father was born and raised in Illinois. Any attempt to misrepresent or mischaracterize me as a foreigner or a citizen or agent of any foreign country is nothing but a Big, Fat Lie. 
The words “United States of America” are not protected by any copyright or trademark, so any fool can claim to be or to represent the “United States of America”--- and that is what this group of expatriates in Costa Rica is attempting to do.
They are also attempting to allege that “Postmaster General” is equivalent to “United States Post Master”--- which just isn’t so, either.
These people might be well-intentioned, but they are ignorant as Pat’s Pig and none too careful about telling the truth or checking the facts before blowing off their mouths and misleading others.  
There are now --by my count-- four (4) different organizations claiming to be the federal government owed to the people of the United States and none of them are real.  Not one.
There’s the “Republic for the united States of America” (RuSA) which is claiming to be the federal government.  There’s “The United States of America” from Costa Rica claiming to be the federal government.   There’s the “Unity States of America” from Colorado claiming to be the federal government. And last but not least, there is “The New Republic”--- a French-sponsored group that I call “Le Neu Republique”.
Are any of these groups the actual legitimate government?