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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Use Your Ears

By Anna Von Reitz

I hate anything cloying.  I really do.  It makes my skin crawl to have some sanctimonious hateful Talking Head intone, "In these challenging times...." in exactly the same way a more decent man or woman might say, "I'm sorry your dog died." 

"In these challenging times...."
"In these challenging circumstances...." 
"In these uncertain times...." 
"In these unfortunate times...." 
"In these unstable times...." 

I've heard all the variations and so have you, day after day, in newscasts and in advertisements for everything from hamburgers to Hondas to Cremation Services---- that usually also remind us that the "average funeral" (whoever determines that "average") now costs in excess of $25,000.00 to bury 200 lbs of dead meat in a box.  

Come all you weary and heavy laden. 

Grandma Anna's Green Funeral Service can provide a plot of good Earth, a decent wooden box, free seating for 25 people, seasonal flowers, a rib-sticking picnic lunch, and a memorial tree over your bones for less than $1000.  BYOB. 

You see how crazy and commercialized --- and offensive --- things have gotten? 

The out of control Liars and Merchants are trying to corner the market on water and air and sanitation.  You can't even die without paying through the nose. 

These Rotten Excuses like to simper and pretend that they are so sensitive, so easily "offended" by every-little-thing?  Well, I am offended, too.  

Use  your ears and when you hear one of these witches start in with their wheedling false-comfort tone of voice, saying anything like, "My dear, I'm sorry .... but in these challenging times....." 

Practice saying, "I am offended!"   

And mean it.  Look them right in their startled, disbelieving eyes.  And with all the theatrical garnish you can muster (while keeping a straight face) sputter, "I am so offended!" 

[Yes, my intelligence is offended.  My ears are offended.  My very soul is offended.] 

Pray tell, when are "the times" not "challenging"?   

When are there any guarantees?  

Who says I won't be run over by a milk truck on 1-17?  

If you want to stop living because you are afraid of dying, you might as well do us all a favor, go directly to the nearest graveyard and start digging! 

Mindlessly repeating parrot-like catch-phrases may be okay for a parrot talking to other parrots.  

Maybe they learn something by saying things like, "In these challenging times..... " or "In these uncertain times...."  over and over again, but for most of us, that and "Russian collusion" wore out after one repeat. 

Practice looking them balefully in the eye and saying, "Oh, I am so dreadfully bored, darling!"  and "Whatever are you talking about now?  Nasty vile things as usual?"  and  "If you need to repeat it, please go outside...." and, if you finally just get to the end of your rope there is always the immortal -----"You're too stupid to be my friend [neighbor, acquaintance, family member].  I'm sorry."---- and show them the door.  

Thankfully, most of the worst of it is broadcast using a television or radio channel, and turning the knob or pushing the button will suffice.  For now.  


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The Melting Pile of Lies

By Anna Von Reitz

A Corona Virus by definition is a piece of RNA wrapped in a fatty protein coat that melts at 77 degrees Fahrenheit.
Melts. Self-destructs. So, with temperatures in Texas in excess of a hundred degrees Fahrenheit for days at a time, how is it possible that "Covid 19" cases are skyrocketing?
Not likely, is it.
If Texans, Californians, Arizonans, and New Mexicans just let Nature take its course and shut down their air conditioning to a cozy 80 degrees Fahrenheit, they'd cook every Corona Virus including the purely legendary "Covid 19".
It is precisely this phenomenon that accounts for "Seasonal Flu" ---- people get colds and flu in the fall and winter because all Corona Virus strains are heat sensitive.
So, ask yourself --- exactly how and why would Corona Virus cases "skyrocket" in the summer in the hottest States in the Union?
They wouldn't.
All actual Corona Viruses in places like Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, and even New York and New Jersey, are melting in the summer heat.
Yes, the viruses are getting cooked, and so are the people----and the books.
Foreign interests are benefiting from having our factories, schools, ports, airlines, trucking companies, farms, and stores shut down. They are profiting from having millions of Americans out of work. Count on it.
They are trying to stymie our economy, our lifestyle, and everything else using nothing but a pack of propaganda spewed at us from foreign-owned media outlets and enforced by foreign-owned politicians, too.
That's it. The whole schtick. It costs the vermin virtually nothing to overcome America, using nothing but lies and media hype and bought and paid for politicians.
Demand proof that "Covid 19" exists.
Demand proof that this purported virus is causing any specific disease apart from the Common Cold.
Demand proof that any vaccine they promote is proven to be safe and harmless. Go ahead. Do it now.
Don't wait for the Firestorm of Whoppers they will dream up by October.


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We Found Out --- Now What?

By Anna Von Reitz

"If The American People Ever Find Out What We Have Done, They Will Chase Us Down The Streets And Lynch Us." - George H.W. Bush
From A 1992 Published Interview Granted By President George H. W. Bush To Sarah McClendon, 'The Grand Dame' Of The White House Press Corps At The Time.
Thanks, WarNuse.
Unfortunately, it's too late to lynch most of these reprobates, as most of them are already dead and gone.
So is FDR.
And paying to keep the surviving excuses-for-people alive in state of the art cells at Gitmo is just offensive to reason.
Do you know how much it will cost to keep John Brennan alive for the next twenty years?
We could raise twenty young Americans in very good circumstances and send them all the way through college for the same amount.
The extremely "relative pleasure" of reducing his life to hope of a book contract is not sufficient to excuse such a waste of funding.
No, I like GHWB's idea better.
We plunk them down at one end of Wall Street and tell them to run for it....

Fifty Billion Dollar Reward Offered

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember I told you --months ago-- about two very important and truly scientific bits of information?  

First, that atmospheric oxygen is being denatured by microwave transmissions and that the amount of atmospheric oxygen has been depleted from 21% in 1950 to 16% now?  

That's 5% in 50 years, versus 8% total since 250,000 BC?   Ya think we have a problem here, Houston?  

You are starving for oxygen on a daily basis, and now you are putting on masks and further depleting your ability to breathe.  Brilliant. 

Second, the idiots in charge of the military created a monster vaccine and deployed it through the military during the second Iraq War.  It was a vaccination that has caused the victims to develop "super coagulation syndrome"  Also known as "thick blood disease".  

A whole generation of second-round Iraqi Vets are battling this disease and being forced to take Warfarin -- rat poison -- to thin their blood enough to survive.  

And there's something even more troubling bubbling to the surface: their families are developing the same symptoms.   

Well, here you go, an official explanation of Coagulation Disease by a doctor.  If you won't believe me, believe him: 

"Doctor Reveals the Corona Effect -- Claims COVID is Blood Coagulation" -- published July 16, 2020, on the Freedom Articles, by Makia Freeman. 

Remember that the US Surgeon General doesn't condone the use of masks?

There's a reason for that.  He knows they don't work. Masks only make things worse. 

Thank you, Jerome Adams, for being the only responsible adult in the room. 

So, let's cut to the chase.  There is a real problem -- reduced atmospheric oxygen. That's a problem for all life on Earth. 

That problem is being made worse-- quickly --- by pollution of the oceans, deforestation, and broadcast microwave technology. 

And there is also Coagulation Disease, brought to you by the Frankensteins being allowed to experiment on our military personnel.

But there is no distinctive "Covid 19" virus in evidence and no proof of any viral "Covid 19 Disease", either.   None.  

This is all bushwah based on nothing but the Common Cold Virus we've all lived with for centuries. 

We are so confident of that, that The United States of America is offering a fifty billion dollar reward to anyone who can prove otherwise.  

What we have going on here is a "live exercise" being foisted off on all of us by the out-of-control WHO and UN organizations who have no granted authority from our government whatsoever. 

Listen and weep and then get up off your rumps and kick some:

If this link doesn't work, go to "Newsbreak 81: CONFIRMED: COVID-19 Plandemic "Training and Simulation" under WHO"  on YouTube

Quote: "Major documentary confirmation of something many of us have come to know for certain in recent times: the entire COVID-19 world-shutdown is part of a live training and simulation exercise run by the unscrupulous WHO and United Nations, as documented in their Global Preparedness Monitoring Board's annual 2019 report and their International Health Regulations treaty of 2005—which 194/or 196 countries signed off on—which pretty much establishes a Global Government (of the WHO & United Nations, & the high-level international GMPB) along with their sponsors, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, & other unnamed donors."

Send this little blurb to "your" Governor and tell him that if he wants the Big Money Reward, all he has to do is prove that: (1) a distinct "Covid 19 Virus" exists, has been identified, and is in evidence in the general population; and (2) the aforementioned "Covid 19 Virus" causes a definable and unique disease apart from the Common Cold caused by other corona virus strains.

And otherwise, failing that test, he needs to shut up and get his State of State back to normal ASAP. No mask mandates. No nonsense. Either that, or face criminal charges for promoting a Public Hoax costing Americans millions of jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars.

Send it to "your" Congressmen and the news media and the members of all the Bar Associations and the United Nations Secretary General and the Pope and all "Municipal Government Contractors" and all the other Guilty Parties responsible.  

Make it go "viral" for real. 


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"Living in Hell"

By Anna Von Reitz

This is President Trump's description of what people are going through in these Democrat-controlled States and cities. And he's right.  

Violence, poverty, filth in the streets, drugs, "throw away" homeless people, as if we were a Third World country, and sky-high taxes for all this "service", too.  Soon the private cops won't do anything but protect the property of their political bosses, but you will still get to pay top dollar for their private security services.    

And in those same States and cities, failing schools, plummeting test scores, ethnic, racial, and religious quarrels, gangs, unemployment, welfare slavery, human trafficking, and despair. 

If we don't wise up and get moving, this cancer of "demon-cracy" will spread, with desperate people who think they have no options electing lobbyists to rob the public purse for them, little realizing that they are the public, and that they are not even getting their cut of the proceeds. 

The very politicians that they are putting into office are robbing the public purse, all right, but they are not providing a "fair share" back to their constituents for a reason.  

And that reason is diabolical.  

You would think that if you were hired by poor people to improve their condition, you would do so, right?  But no.  

If you actually helped them, you would destroy their need for your "help" --- and you would no longer have "the political base" to vote for you, which is how you got into power in the first place.  

So all you do as a "Demon-crat" is to talk big, year after year, and make sure that any money that makes it back to your hometown goes into the pockets of your cronies, who, just like you, have zero motivation to actually help the poor and the working class.    

You feed off them and their needs, instead. 

Thus, the poor get poorer, the rich get richer, and in between arises a loathsome, worthless, non-productive class of political henchmen operating as a criminal syndicate to enrich themselves by bilking the public purse in the name of their constituents, while actually keeping the proceeds for themselves. 

Meet Joe Biden and Sons.   Meet Nancy Pelosi's entire family, including Governor Newsom of California, her nephew.  Meet George Soros's relative, playing Princess Governor of Michigan.  Meet Governor Walz, of Do-Nothing and Let Minneapolis Burn fame.  

Chicago, the cesspool of the Midwest, has been governed exclusively by Demon-crats for the last hundred years, and except for the Labor Unions, things have just gotten worse.  Now, the Labor Unions are under attack by the same Demon-crats that used them to rise to power in the first place. 

See?  It's not about service to the people.  It's not about decent wages or working conditions.  It's not about better education and more opportunities.  It's about "keeping your base hungry".  Starving, in fact.  Rioting. Desperate. Miserable.  

All this goes on while these same Demon-crats live in ultimate luxury and they just keep on poor-mouthing while they squander trillions of dollars anywhere and everywhere but their own districts.   

Gotta keep their "base" hungry.  That's what they say.  That's what they do. 

Think about it, dumbshits. 

Take a look at the Federal Budget, and know that that doesn't even account for all the "non-budgeted" funding that they squander, too.  Now ask where your share of all that went?  Chances are, precious little of it went to you.  And you were taxed up the wazoo on even that much.  

Still think that the Demon-crats are your friends?  

No, dears, they are your "keepers", like zoo keepers.  Their job is to keep you down, and themselves in power, so that they can continue to keep you down and profit themselves by bilking the public purse "in your name". 

You are both their victim and their scapegoat.   

Compared to the Demon-crats, the Robber Baron Republicans are saints.  They need workers for what they do in the world, but all the Demon-crats need is something to talk about.  

Talk is all that the Demon-crats do. Talk.  Gossip.  Label others. Create controversies.  They don't know how to do anything else. As seven out of twelve Demon-cratic Presidential Candidates admitted, they failed dismally at everything they did before they became politicians. 

Isn't that a recommendation? 

Now that they have turned on the Labor Unions and the Churches, the only actual comfort or guidance or help that their hapless constituents have, their true nature as parasites is becoming more apparent --- but not fast enough.  

All public employees, all State Nationals, and all those on welfare get to vote in the coming private corporation elections.  I suggest that everyone who can, gets out and votes a straight ticket for the Republicans for a change.  

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Literally. 


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