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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Use Your Ears

By Anna Von Reitz

I hate anything cloying.  I really do.  It makes my skin crawl to have some sanctimonious hateful Talking Head intone, "In these challenging times...." in exactly the same way a more decent man or woman might say, "I'm sorry your dog died." 

"In these challenging times...."
"In these challenging circumstances...." 
"In these uncertain times...." 
"In these unfortunate times...." 
"In these unstable times...." 

I've heard all the variations and so have you, day after day, in newscasts and in advertisements for everything from hamburgers to Hondas to Cremation Services---- that usually also remind us that the "average funeral" (whoever determines that "average") now costs in excess of $25,000.00 to bury 200 lbs of dead meat in a box.  

Come all you weary and heavy laden. 

Grandma Anna's Green Funeral Service can provide a plot of good Earth, a decent wooden box, free seating for 25 people, seasonal flowers, a rib-sticking picnic lunch, and a memorial tree over your bones for less than $1000.  BYOB. 

You see how crazy and commercialized --- and offensive --- things have gotten? 

The out of control Liars and Merchants are trying to corner the market on water and air and sanitation.  You can't even die without paying through the nose. 

These Rotten Excuses like to simper and pretend that they are so sensitive, so easily "offended" by every-little-thing?  Well, I am offended, too.  

Use  your ears and when you hear one of these witches start in with their wheedling false-comfort tone of voice, saying anything like, "My dear, I'm sorry .... but in these challenging times....." 

Practice saying, "I am offended!"   

And mean it.  Look them right in their startled, disbelieving eyes.  And with all the theatrical garnish you can muster (while keeping a straight face) sputter, "I am so offended!" 

[Yes, my intelligence is offended.  My ears are offended.  My very soul is offended.] 

Pray tell, when are "the times" not "challenging"?   

When are there any guarantees?  

Who says I won't be run over by a milk truck on 1-17?  

If you want to stop living because you are afraid of dying, you might as well do us all a favor, go directly to the nearest graveyard and start digging! 

Mindlessly repeating parrot-like catch-phrases may be okay for a parrot talking to other parrots.  

Maybe they learn something by saying things like, "In these challenging times..... " or "In these uncertain times...."  over and over again, but for most of us, that and "Russian collusion" wore out after one repeat. 

Practice looking them balefully in the eye and saying, "Oh, I am so dreadfully bored, darling!"  and "Whatever are you talking about now?  Nasty vile things as usual?"  and  "If you need to repeat it, please go outside...." and, if you finally just get to the end of your rope there is always the immortal -----"You're too stupid to be my friend [neighbor, acquaintance, family member].  I'm sorry."---- and show them the door.  

Thankfully, most of the worst of it is broadcast using a television or radio channel, and turning the knob or pushing the button will suffice.  For now.  


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  1. Salesmanship. Yes, easily discerned for those who see and hear. Seems to be the way of this world and the worldly in it.
    And as with most of these articles i do not agree with your answers:
    Anna, "Practice looking them balefully in the eye and saying, "Oh, I am so dreadfully bored, darling!" and "Whatever are you talking about now? Nasty vile things as usual?" and "If you need to repeat it, please go outside...." and, if you finally just get to the end of your rope there is always the immortal -----"You're too stupid to be my friend [neighbor, acquaintance, family member]. I'm sorry."---- and show them the door."
    This is not the answer for me,at least.This in no way reflects the putting on of hot coals of love onto ones head. Calling people stupid is not the way of convincing or leaving the right impression of Yahusha. Acting cocky and holier than though, calling them to stupid to be your friend and or family member seems to be more of the way of the world! This is the cutsie, cocky way of attracting more anna worshipers, collect some more funding for grandma and her cause.
    i have had enough of this ways to divide family friends and neighbors garbage.Perhaps we should focus on ways to salvage what is left,while we have the blessings of time?

    1. Salesmen everywhere

      Another outfit selling you your freedom??

    2. Go read their site

      They will give you 100,000 ! Hmmm

      Selling services all over the internet such as these

      Unemployed people cannot pay for these 'MEMBERSHIPS' to save you!

      We are being sold a bill of goods in my opinion

      I was born free and I remain free regardless of their bullshit claims

      If I die because I do not file paperwork then I have died period or should I say I was murdered under the pretext of fraud

      All of this is absolute bullshit

      They are extorting you selling you your freedom

      Do you think the microchipped wildlife are bonded animal slaves too?

      This outfit here claims they buy land with correct title and build COMMUNITIES free from the banking cartel?? Hmmm

    3. And this outfit here well they will sell you whatever you need to free yourself - IT'S CALLED EXTORTION


      The creatures from Jekyl Island making shit up as they go selling the goy a product or service they created TO EXTORT YOU OF MORE OF YOUR WORTHLESS MONEY MY PRETTY

    5. They created the problem

      They fabricated the STRAWMAN story as the outrage


      The name is copyrighted you cannot copyright something that has already been coyprighted IT IS NOT YOURS TO COPYRIGHT


    6. Shelby- You are missing the whole point here in this forum. Everything is sales my friend, even paradise on Earth is a sales pitch by our Father in Heaven, either you want the positive benefits or not. So far the evil ones are out selling our Father on Earth. We can use our fake monopoly money to stay in hell on Earth or use the fake monopoly money to create paradise on Earth as our Father in Heaven has commanded all of us earthlings to do with consequences of hell on Earth for noncompliance. Do I need to say anymore Shelby? Any more confusion Shelby?

    7. By the way Shelby, you are more than welcome to put your sales pitch on this forum on how you think on what we should all be doing to get out of this hell hole that we are all together in since you think Anna is attempting to defraud us all. Please watch the movie "The Finest Hour" starring Chris Payne of "Star Trek" fame which is a true story about life saving sales and your closed mind will be open for the first time on what true SALES is (you will be crying a lot when the movie is over, I was). Please take this as constructive criticism so that you may grow (more mistakes you can admit the more you grow), good luck to you!

    8. Make it happen
      No confusion on my part
      And no, no need for you to say anything more


      You are not going to get out of this hell hole until you stop believing all the damned lies you still being fed

  2. Anna,-"Thankfully, most of the worst of it is broadcast using a television or radio channel, and turning the knob or pushing the button will suffice. For now."
    Sadly you are wrong. The internet has allowed all 'airwaves' to come in and be welcome into almost everyone's lives and homes. And the 'airwaves' are controlled by whom? And the salesman are everywhere, all clamoring for followers, funding,worship,praise,popularity,agreement,collaboration.....
    Lies and confusion are now at a height i can not believe.
    Discernment through the Son and of God are of the utmost desire and importance "in these days and times"(lol) as always, yes, because time is no more (in a sense.)Past present and future all merge.

  3. "Who says I won't be run over by a milk truck on 1-17?"

    "If you want to stop living because you are afraid of dying, you might as well do us all a favor, go directly to the nearest graveyard and start digging!"
    Wholeheartedly agree!!!

    Little children keep yourselves from Idols.

  4. I like to think i was one of the lucky ones. Too busy working and trying to find work during the covid that i didnt have time for watching news or doing a count of how many dead and how many cases. But i notice the ones close to me that did. How much it affected them mentally. How do you undo that way of programming in your brain. When the answer is as simple as just live . Fight for your will to live . The amount of bullying that started because of it qas just frightening , the movement that use to be against stopping the bullying and now thats all i see is people being bullied into staying home where they think its safe. Live in a country that has a war. Home is not always safe. But they fight to stay alive as a family and a country . They dont sell eachother out . It really opened my eyes to what the system has done to people so scared that they sell out neghbours. People know everyday they wake up theres always some chance in dying . How do you give up your freedom to choose so easily when soldiers fought for it with their own lives. The media needs to pay for this maybe through money or jail. Sorry for my anger but they have affected people worldwide.

  5. Fool most people all the time Fool all somtimes but never all the people all of the time. Credited to Abe Lincoln who chose the payoff route and like the ol demon story paid with his soul.

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