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Friday, May 17, 2024

International Public Notice: For Hospital Administrators

 By Anna Von Reitz

Babies are not and cannot be citizens of this country until they reach the age of majority.  

Conversion is the act of taking another's property with the intention of depriving them of it --- it is a form of theft.  It can occur in any jurisdiction of the law. 

Unlawful Conversion occurs when actual physical property or "material interests" are stolen, usually by altering some aspect of the property. 

Simple conversion usually involves fines and jail time; but, some forms of Unlawful Conversion are very serious. 

Unlawful Conversion of nationality or political status is a Crime of State occurring in International Jurisdiction, a crime which seeks to depopulate and deprive a country of its people by altering their natural nationality and allegiances on paper without their knowledge or consent. 

This form of Unlawful Conversion is specifically prohibited by both the Geneva and Hague Conventions and carries the death penalty. 

From the perspective of the country being attacked in this criminal manner, the Unlawful Conversion can either result from domestic sources or foreign sources, or, as in our case, foreign sources appearing to be domestic. 

"....from all Enemies, both foreign and domestic." 

If the Unlawful Conversion of nationality or political status comes from domestic or foreign sources under contract to serve the offended country, it results in charges of Treason and usually Misprision of Treason --- meaning that you knew that Treason was being committed, and failed to report it. 

This particular crime has been ongoing in this country since the 1920's when the British Territorial United States Government first began registering babies born to U.S. Citizens ---- and began registering American babies as U.S. Citizens, too--- as if they had been born in Puerto Rico, instead of one of the American States. 

Puerto Rico is a British Commonwealth nation. 

An American baby born in Wisconsin is a Wisconsinite.  We take our nationality from our State.  We are not Subjects of the British Monarch nor any foreign government.   

By registering American babies as some form of "United States" citizen, millions of American State Nationals have been deliberately misidentified and trafficked as U.S. Citizens; their political status was altered so that they were no longer recognizable as Americans and no longer protected by the Federal Constitutions. Along with their nationality, their political and social status was altered, too.

Instead of being identified as free men and women native to an American State of the Union,  these American babies were Unlawfully Converted as a result of being registered as U.S. Citizens, and then also presumed to be British Subjects and Indentured Servants owing obligations of citizenship to the British Crown. 

This is a gross breach of trust and a vast international crime that has gone on for a hundred years without being discovered and recognized for what it is. 

This scheme to accidentally-on-purpose register American babies as U.S. Citizens has impacted four generations of Americans. It accounts for trillions of dollars embezzled from our economy and extracted from our natural resources every year. 

Those engaged in registering American babies as "U.S. Citizens" or any other kind of "citizen" are engaged in Unlawful Conversion of the baby's nationality and political status.  

If registration of babies as U.S. Citizens or as citizens of some other type is ongoing in your facility and is being applied to anyone who is not a Federal Employee's baby, it is your responsibility to report this crime directly to the Governor, Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, Lieutenant Governor, and Commissioner of Public Safety.  Otherwise, you could be charged with Misprision of Treason --- failure to report treason. 

Unless you are running a facility specifically for Federal Employees, less than 10% of all babies born in your facility should be registered as citizens. 

It is also your responsibility to prevent this crime to the extent possible without endangering your life or the lives of other hospital staff.  You can do this by keeping track of those visitors who are engaged in registration activities and by sharing the following information with all prospective new parents: 


(1) American babies cannot serve as "citizens" until they reach the age of majority and should not be registered as citizens; 
(2) Babies of Federal residents living in the Insular States of the United States Territories and Possessions, may be subject to registration as citizens of those foreign political bodies; 
(3) Babies born to average Americans in one of the States of the Union should not be registered nor issued a Social Security Number. 

(4) All reasonable and customary charges for expenses associated with the birth of American babies can be charged against The United States of America, Indemnity Bond AMRI 00001 RA 393 427 640 US available at the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY. 


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Reply to Mattermost Posts About Hunter Aki, Etc.

 By Anna Von Reitz

In Paul Peterson's latest misleading and irresponsible rant, he supposes that the Global Family Bank is a con game and scheme run by a "grifter" and he goes on with some other paranoid imaginings. 

Hunter Aki is a billionaire in his own right.  He doesn't need your money.  There's no reason for him to steal anything from anyone, ever. 

Hunter Aki spent more than a decade on a waiting list for a heart transplant, facing death every day.  Before that, he was a fighter pilot in the USAF, facing death every day.  

A man like Hunter has had more than enough time to stare at death and figure out that life is important, precious, and is, along with Love, the Ultimate Good.  

In military circles, this is known as "turning the corner" or "crossing the street".  It's when you wake up and realize that you've been playing -- if not for the wrong team -- for the wrong causes. 

Instead of spending all our time and money figuring out new and "better" ways of killing and maiming and polluting, we ought to be spending our time and money figuring out how to promote life and health and joy. 

Hunter had turned the corner a long time before I met him, but I knew the signs and reasons for his change of heart.  I knew I could trust him, and so should you. 

The genesis of The Global Family Bank began in 2007 in tandem with the Big Short on the stock market.  

Hunter saw that debacle and the criminality attached to it --knew what had happened, and so, knew that we desperately needed a new financial system and new ways to do banking. 

Like me, laboring away during those same years in my Toad's Hole office in the basement, Hunter started working -- in his "spare time"--  on a completely new computer hardware and software system for worldwide banking. 

He reworked the whole concept of computerized banking and bank transfers, combining new mathematical systems and block chain technology to create something brand new. Clean. Secure. Private. Unique. Not part of the old evils at all. 

So when Hunter brought his new banking technology to the table, we knew what we wanted and needed, and we saw the "fit" of his values and his work with ours.  

We are ready to bypass the Swift Transfer System and its odious history of political abuse and monopoly interest.  Thanks to Hunter, we can blow it away like a bad dream.   

He did all the work on his own dime. He gathered all the men and materials. He didn't charge anyone for anything.  If you notice, you still haven't been asked to pay to set up an account or for "service fees". Even the use of the International Land Recording and Publishing System is free.  

It's all free because Hunter wants you to be free and to have the enjoyment of what is naturally yours. It's free because he doesn't need your money.  

So now, we have Paul Peterson, ex-CIA, or maybe still working for the Agency, having been rooted out as a Coordinator for The Michigan Assembly, running around spreading gossip and disunity and ignorant lies on Mattermost. 

No doubt he is judging everyone else according to himself and his old employer, the USA, Inc., which holds the World Record for graft, impersonation, unlawful conversion, racketeering, press ganging, and a lot of other crimes.   

We note that Paul kept the money in The Michigan Assembly treasury and kept the access codes to their computer system, too, instead of passing them on to the new Coordinator.   

What I know is that I never knew anyone as devoted and determined and brilliant in his own fields of interest as Hunter.  

The Federation was very pleased and happy to charter The Global Family Bank and begin work on the Blue Dot Bank System three years ago, but it is important for everyone to understand that all the prior development of the hardware and software technology from 2007 to 2021 was borne on Hunter's shoulders. 

As the old financial system teeters toward its inevitable and well-deserved demise, and the old nasty political system of illegal military occupation of our country continues to try to wrangle its way into our future, we are working hard to have the new system complete and fully functioning, ready to be your safety net.  

The Global Family Bank is a safety net made possible by Hunter Aki and the Federation of States.  

Be glad for that, and ask yourselves what exactly does the CIA have to offer? QFS and Central Bank Digital Currency brought to us and controlled by the same old crooks? 

As for the name "Global Family Bank" -- it means just what it says.  Mankind is a family.  All men (and women) are created equal.  

This is our Prosperity System, a whole new concept, for the help and benefit of all mankind, all people with flesh that lives and blood that flows, all those who have goodwill and dreams in their hearts, all those who are willing to love and to thrive. 

Those who want to be goons and thugs can go somewhere else.   

We have all "turned the corner" in our lives and our leadership is old enough to know what matters and what doesn't.  We are done with evil.  Done with the British Caste System.  Done with the crooks.  Done with lies. Done with violence and hypocrisy.   

What we are doing here is something new, something that has never been done before. We are here to deliver the benefit of your assets and your credit back to you.  

Pre-paid credit.  Credit that you never have to pay back, because you and your parents and grandparents and great-grandparents already paid for it.  

After reading "International Public Notice: Bretton Woods" you have a good idea where at least some of that "lost" credit went and why it is actually owed back to you.  

Look around.  Who else is taking your part and telling you the truth about world finances?  What other organization is championing your National Credit?  Who in the CIA gives a good goddamn about you? 

Because if they had their heads screwed on, if they were good people, if they cared about this country, or you, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in right now. 

People like Paul failed the test. That's how we got here.  People like Hunter Aki didn't fail. And that's how and why you will get through what's coming.  


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International Public Notice: Grey Hats and Nails

 By Anna Von Reitz

We don't believe in White Hats.  If real White Hats existed and were in control, certain things would be happening that aren't happening, and other things that are happening, wouldn't be happening. 

Gaza would not be happening.  Ukraine would not be happening.  

If there were White Hats and they were in control, massive aid and assistance of all kinds would be in Gaza already.  The rogue "State of Israel, Inc." would be minding its own business and not trying to steal oil.  The whole situation in Ukraine would be different, too.  

All the proxy aid and influx of unwilling conscripts from Africa being sent to Zelensky would be ended.  The clean up of all the destruction and recovery assistance for the people of Ukraine would be underway along with open discussions with Russia. 

The twenty Colonialist "wars" in Africa wouldn't exist. 

Instead of people passing around lists of famous museums and dams and megaliths slated for destruction as "Satanic" sites, there would be no such planned demonstration of the newest mega weapon from space, and nobody would be calling this new weapons system "the Rods of God". 

God has nothing to do with that technology.  

Nobody in their right mind would propose blowing up the Three Gorges Dam or Hoover Dam, either one, without a whole lot of preparatory work to safely drain down the reservoirs and divert the water flow and replace the electricity being generated by these gigantic pieces of infrastructure. 

Besides which, how does a dam rate as a religious symbol?  A Satanic dam?  A Satanic museum?  Really?

Places aren't Satanic.  People are Satanic. Real White Hats would know that, but Hollywood scriptwriters and wannabes not so much.  

What about all the perfectly innocent and precious artworks in the Louvre and Getty and even the White House?  

Looks to us like these yahoos are just planning another Burning of the Library event and conveniently dove-tailing their destruction of history with a worldwide demonstration of the destructive power of their new toy. 

And all the artwork will probably find new homes in other museums and private collections, while payment for it will be in the pockets and paws of the White Hats.  

There wouldn't be a focus on making a show of justice and trotting out the guillotines (35,000 of them nationwide, just in this country) and all sorts of more trauma and killing. More than two million civil service employees and bureaucrats --- that were hired by the military to do the military's dirty work --- are slated to be sacrificed--- largely as scapegoats for the military. 

In a world run by White Hats, that would never happen.  White Hats would understand that there has been more than enough trauma and killing.  Everyone would just concentrate on identifying the culprits who knew what they were doing, and deal with them as criminals. No big fanfare, public hangings, or blood in the streets. 

Every country and culture that has ever practiced Satanism has been destroyed and suppressed.  The Roman effort to suppress it lasted a thousand years, but here we are again, having to deal with the same old evils.  

White Hats wouldn't be shoving fictionalized Hollywood-style horror movies in front of the public trying to make themselves look good.  They would be showing a flat-footed PBS-style documentary explaining how Satanism infiltrated world governments and how Satanic "rituals" are just blackmail parties tatted up with religious overtones.

Plans for old-fashioned open Public Elections for our American Government would be underway, and we would be supported in that effort.  Attention wouldn't be focused on electing another Corporation "President".  It would be focused on electing the actual civilian leader of this country and filling that long-vacant office instead. 

We would not be seeing a rash of slander campaigns and fear-mongering campaigns seeking to misidentify and mischaracterize us as "sovereign citizens" and the quote unquote "justice system" would already be entirely revamped with every judge and attorney and court officer being re-educated about the strictly limited nature of their roles with respect to us and our property.  

The CRIS system, which is "pension" payola representing a percentage of the "booty" judges share in with every conviction, would be shut down.  
Their "discretion" would no longer be distorted by personal profit motivations. 

If there were White Hats and they were in control, Robert David Steele wouldn't be dead.  Federal Whistleblowers wouldn't be left out in the cold, fending for themselves. 

Most of all, the whole bogus nature of the U.S. Debt would be honestly discussed, the amount of money and credit, both, that the people of this country and other countries are owed, would be on the table and under discussion.  

We would not be seeing Trump and his Corporation members jockeying around trying to find an excuse for occupying our Federal Republic "for" us and continuing on the same old status quo of Brits substituting themselves for Americans and continuing to illegally, unlawfully, and immorally occupy our country or any other country.  

We wouldn't have a "National Security Council" formed of strange people coming from all over the world. Americans would be manning their own "National Security Council", thank you.      

Real White Hats wouldn't be trying to seize and maintain control apart from the civilian governments. 

Nationalism, here and abroad, would be protected and understood, so long as it didn't propose to ride roughshod over other nations.  

All the diversity of our cultures, races, and religions would be tolerated and valued.  There would be no impetus toward a consolidated Police State in charge of the entire planet. 

Honest education of the public would be a high priority, not plans for another even more Draconian brainwashing system using mass media.  

Put simply, there would be no plan or force behind replacing Old Lies with New Lies.  There would only be Truth.  

Real White Hats would be building a different and better world, not just a rehash of the same old nasty muck served up like last week's hash.  

With a clean slate, and a new understanding, why would we need "royals" at all?  

Actual White Hats would understand that it isn't the people that make Monarchies bad --- it's the institution of Monarchy itself that's evil and in fact Satanic.  "King" has been a Satanic office borrowed from the Satan-worshiping Canaanites ever since the days of Samuel the Prophet.  Hello?  

Actual White Hats wouldn't be tearing down buildings or dams; they'd be clearing out evil organizations like Pfizer, Inc. and the U.S. Congress, Inc., and Bayer, Inc., and the British Monarchy and British Crown would both have to go. 

Why?  Because together with the Roman Catholic Church which mistakenly harbored the Satanists, the British Monarchy and the British Crown have been the sources at the bottom of every war and dog pile for centuries. 

Actual White Hats would know that to their bones and wouldn't be scratching around trying to find and train body doubles to replace Princess Di. 

All the lies that these guys are spewing, their currency speculation schemes, their small-minded and selfish view of the world would not be present, if they were real White Hats. 

If there were real White Hats, they'd be circumspect. 

They would look at the past two centuries and know that a lot of that violent and corrupt history happened on their watch.  They'd admit, at least to themselves, that a world run by soldiers is a world at constant war and they'd see that that  is all we've had and what we have endured for the past 200 years. 

And not wanting more of the same for the next 200 years, they'd step down and yield to the authority of the civilian governments.  

They all know that they are supposed to be working under actual civilian governments, but they are busily putting up "representatives" of their own corporation franchises to substitute for actual civilian governments. 

So all that they ultimately represent is themselves. 

The Sanhedrin wasn't there and Pontius Pilate didn't drive the nails in. Roman Centurions did that.  

In our view, the horribly corrupt excuse for a civilian government was awful, but a military government is potentially worse, and to be fair, we have been under a military occupation and military rule from 1863 to today, so all of this misery has occurred on their watch.   

Our evaluation of the situation and our identification of the military as the Deepest Deep State remains unchanged by all the palaver.  We see little evidence of the existence of any true White Hats being in control, but instead, a lot of PsyOps and misdirection. 

Any honest and just resolution of the situation should begin with a discussion about world finances and who owes who what and why.  

Not with any big drama about re-electing Trump as President of a Corporation that is rightfully owned lock-stock-and Rods of God by the grossly betrayed and misrepresented people of this country. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 17th 2024


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International Public Notice: Taming the U.S. Debt -- Bretton Woods

 By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone who sat at the table knew the big flaw with the Bretton Woods Agreement: it required a constantly expanding economy to work, and no such beastie has ever existed in the history of the world. 

So they were signing onto a patently flawed theoretical framework from the beginning, but with a booming post-war economy and an equally booming population, they figured they could get away with it for a few years and get a nice little "kicker" of fraudulently obtained unjust enrichment out of it. 

They continued to latch onto all the American babies by registering them as U.S. Citizens.  They continued to pass on the management of all the "dead" American baby's estates to the Pope's Municipal Government.  We continued to be secretly impersonated, defrauded, misrepresented, taxed, mortgaged, and fleeced illegally, unlawfully, and immorally by our foreign Federal Government Subcontractors and the banks acting in collusion with them.  

As a result of all this fraud they grew very rich and powerful and continued to use our people as cheap mercenaries (by keeping the fact that they were being used as mercenaries hidden) and continued to wage war-for-profit using their ill-gotten gains. 

As a result of this, they indulged in more than 200 foreign "wars" and incursions and change of government operations --- in our names --- a situation that has led to "the Americans" being blamed for British and Papist misdeeds and hated worldwide. 

They aren't us.  They never were.  Many Americans have worked for them never realizing that these corporations aren't us--- and never knew that they, American employees, were being defrauded and misdirected the whole time.   

Bretton Woods opened up new opportunities to "collateralize" and "securitize" everything in the affected countries, but the Schemers were still asset-poor compared to the amount of credit they floated and they began eying private trust assets, like those of the Avila Family Trust, which they borrowed to rebuild Europe and Japan and provide political payola after WWII. 

By 2005, they were so over-extended by the credit "bubble" their illicit activities generated, they couldn't think about having to return the Avila Trust Assets, so they apparently just said, what the heck.... we are this far in, we might as well go whole hog and admit that we are criminals.  Just keep his assets. Drum up some excuse for never paying them back.  

And if we've gone that far, why not snap up all these private trusts?  Use them as collateral, too.  The Santiago Trust, the Rodriguez Trust, the Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust, the Black Eagle Trust, the V.K. Durham Trust.... 

We're "the government".  We'll just do as we please, and follow in the footsteps of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and outright steal from the Americans.  
If anyone asks, we will tell them that the Americans all voluntarily converted to being British Subjects or citizens of the United States.... 

And that's what they did, beginning in 2005.  They used the Avila Family Trust assets and the assets of over 5,000 other private trusts as collateral backing their debts without the permission of the actual trustees or donors. 

This is outright theft, strong arm racketeering, all done under color of law, against their employers in breach of trust and service contract. 

Even with all this shakedown, they have totally lost control of the debt bubble that they've unleashed and the Earth literally does not contain enough assets to feed into the maw of the Phantom Debt they have created. 

Phantom, because the U.S. Debt never actually existed --- not in the way they portray it. 

They give everyone the impression that they went in debt waaay over their heads, but that is not what is happening at all.   

For every I.O.U. they issued, they received back not only the value of the I.O.U. in actual goods and services, every time their I.O.U. was recycled by a new owner, they received more actual goods and services in inequitable exchange. 

A single $5 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE recycled 10,000 times netted $50,000 in actual goods and services, plus the seigniorage the Perpetrators collected -- the full face value of the bill, minus the cost of printing it. 

Tell us how poor they are and who was defrauded? 

Those of us who were coerced into these inequitable exchanges by Legal Tender Laws that are neither lawful nor legal in this country, are those defrauded, and we are both the victims and the Preferential Creditors.  

Not only did they Top the Charts in the Unjust Enrichment category, they used all these assets that they never paid for as more collateral and continued to skate by, promising to pay us "something" sometime. 

It turns out that what they proposed to repay us with, was death and slander.  

That's a well-established pattern among state-level credit swindlers: charge up the purloined credit cards as far as they will go, and leave the victim to pay it. 

If the victim doesn't pay, kill them and pretend that they took "their" debt with them, leaving their own assets behind for the benefit of their creditors -- the same banks and corporate government interests that defrauded the people in the first place. 

The same bunch of fraud artists have done this to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany -- twice, and to dozens of more countries since 1900. 
So the problem, in essence, is that they have glommed onto every possible physical and intellectual asset, encumbered it as collateral, and used it to extend more and more and more credit to themselves--- far more credit than the assets of the whole planet can support.  

What they owe as a primary debt to us, is the safe return of our physical assets and credit, too. 

They, the banks and corporations responsible, can write off a substantial part of their debt to us by simply returning the purloined assets --- our Good Names and trademarks, our land, our gold, our silver, our cash, our homes, our businesses, etc., but that then collapses all the credit based on these assets. 

That credit is owed to us, too.  So let's examine their runaway "debt of credit" that is owed back to us, too. 

They can make up part of that by turning over all the shareholder interest in their corporations and corporation franchises, but that still leaves us drowning in a sea of credit.  

There are three ways to settle a debt of credit: debt swaps, discharges, and redemption. 

(1) A debt swap is self-explanatory -- we trade any debts we legitimately owe them (for current or ongoing services) against the credit they already owe us, which is prepaid.  

This brings down their National Debt with every transaction and makes "new" credit available to them to spend --- like paying down your credit cards. 

(2) Discharge or write-offs, in which we just write this debt off the balance sheet and zero it out -- no need to repay it.  This is what needs to happen with all the mortgages, property taxes, and so-called Federal Income Taxes, college loans, and car loans owed by Americans, right off the top -- because the Americans never owed these debts in the first place.  We were owed credit, instead -- and were defrauded out of it by pretending that we were British Territorial U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States, instead. 

(3) Redemption -- a process by which you exonerate debt by actual payment of goods and services; we have already "redeemed" every Federal Reserve Note thousands of times over and never owed any debt in the first place, which results in still more credit for us.    

Of the three ways to remove debt,  only the debt swap option is part of Federal Code.  Title 12 provides for these debt swaps to take place and calls them Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions.  If the Federal Corporations had been honest and made these debt swaps freely available to the public, if they had provided the vouchers and other means to access this remedy, their debt would have been reduced and their credit would have been continually renewed as intended. 

Discharge of debt, particularly odious and imaginary debt is an option to get rid of a substantial part of the problem. We just forgive a part of their debt and the entire interest burden by liquidating it against our credit.  

Though our credit wasn't being credited to us and was being regularly siphoned as unclaimed funds and as abandoned property by the banks thanks to the old Unlawful Conversion Switcheroo used to magically change American Creditors into foreign Debtors, our credit has in fact been present and should have been offsetting any debt the entire time. 

Redemption doesn't really help the situation-- use of our physical assets which are already encumbered to create MORE credit unavoidably collapses the debt supported by those assets, and the use of our physical assets to redeem their paper debts only serves to create more credit for us.  

The actual debtors owe us an insurmountable debt and the only means they have to pay us back is by returning control of our own purloined property to us, returning the unjust enrichment they garnered via our issuance of prepaid credit to the victims, and accepting our discharge of all American mortgages, taxes, and other public debts.

 As we pull apart this massive, multi-generational fraud and personage scheme, we hear the ignorant chorus of people defaming those of us known as American State Nationals and trying to argue that we are somehow unpatriotic for putting an end to this macabre unsupportable status quo in which grown men prey upon the estates of non-existent missing British Merchant Mariners and defrauded American babies. 

For far too long, being an American has been a cause for shame, because these men and women purporting to "represent" us not only defrauded us, but shamed us and physically harmed us and terrorized us for decades while taking their paychecks from our pockets and cashiering our assets and spending our credit "for" us.    

They dragged America's reputation through the dirt and set us up to be the Fall Guys for their misdeeds. 

They sat like spiders in Geneva and Rome and London and Washington, DC, spinning their narratives and webs, lying about and misleading everyone, causing confusion, promoting violence, and profiting from it all. 

The Truth wins in the end. 

Don't buy any wooden nickels, don't believe any tale of White Hats delivering you from imaginary evils, and don't be too grateful for Donald Trump whose greatest claim to fame so far has been to get the military to kinda-sorta do the job they should have been doing for us all along. 

From Grant and Sherman, to Eisenhower and Montgomery, Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell,  they have been playing this fraud game against us, their Employers, the Folks Back Home.  Knowingly or unknowingly, they have helped to enforce this miserable fraud scheme against their own people.  

They have been preying upon the Americans they are supposed to protect for 160 years.  If they pull out a rabbit out of their rumps they will still need to wash it--- and not with a bunch of fairytale garbage and self-aggrandizing narrative, baby kissing, and passing out candy that doesn't belong to them. 

Nor do we want to see scads of military trials and violence and public hangings and other vengeance-loaded drama. We are all fed up with it. This country and all the countries impacted by this crime need to heal. We need peace and security and decency. 

If, after living in a swamp for so long, our men in the military don't remember what plain old decency is, it's time for them to come home and relearn it.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 16th 2024


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International Public Notice: Taming the U.S. Debt Background

 By Anna Von Reitz

Begin with the fact that the U.S. is not America. The U.S. is the British Territorial United States, what people think of as the "Territories and Possessions" -- seven little island enclaves called the Insular States.  

The Government of the U.S. is vested in a corporation calling itself the United States of America, Incorporated, or sometimes calling itself The United States of America, Incorporated, or the USA, Incorporated, or the U.S.A. Incorporated, etc. 

Sometimes they just kinda-sorta dropped the word "Incorporated" and let people think that they were dealing with us, The United States of America, the unincorporated American Federation of States -- when we weren't present and hadn't given them, the British Territorials, any permission to represent us.

So it started out as a con game.  The incorporated Territorial entity passed itself off as the Federation of States and gained access to our credit by impersonating us, just as a credit card hacker might pretend to be you and gain access to your credit card account today.   

The banks that allowed this to happen winked, figured that we would never wake up and come back into Session, and loaned them all sorts of credit based on our assets--- as if our assets had been abandoned and were ripe for the taking.     

The banks didn't tell us, and the other Principals benefiting from this siphoning --- the British Monarch, the Mayor of the Inner City of London, and the Pope --- certainly weren't going to tell us.  

The Success of their scheme was all predicated on keeping us asleep so that we never brought our States back into Session and never called them on it. 

The first round of this fraud ended in the bankruptcy of The United States of America, Incorporated, a Scottish Commercial Corporation, circa 1907.  

Of course, the Perpetrators responsible for running up the credit cards and appearing to bankrupt the country let everyone think that we were the ones responsible for paying the debts of The United States of America, Incorporated, when in fact it was a Scottish Corporation and we weren't the "public" responsible for picking up the tab for it. 

We, nonetheless, got stuck for the costs of repaying everything the bankrupt foreign corporation owed. 

At this juncture, with their version of "Congress" , the Territorial U.S. Congress being the only Congress in Session, the colluding bankers got nervous. 

What if we, the actual Government, woke up from our long slumber?  

So the banks demanded that the con artists provide contracts and other documentation of an ownership interest in our assets....and the undisclosed registration of American babies as U.S. Citizens began. 

This is, as explained in yesterday's article, a crime of Unlawful Conversion of nationality and/or political status, forbidden under international law --- but as we didn't know anything about it, we had no way to object. 

The colluding bankers winked again.  

Well, they opined, all these Mothers say that their babies are United States Citizens, and we will interpret that as U.S. Citizens, and U.S. Citizens are indentured servants and chattel trust properties of the Queen --- looks like the Queen got herself a blivet load of new assets to borrow against.  

So on the basis of this new scheme, the bankers once again loaned out vast amounts of money to a British Territorial Corporation claiming to "represent" us -- full well knowing that that corporation wasn't the Federation of States, but relying instead on all the individual undisclosed and unconscionable citizenship contracts used to bind millions of Americans to  pay mortgages owed by the Queen's Government, pay property taxes owed by the Queen's personnel, and income taxes owed by the Queen's Federal Employees. 

Even though our assets, including our labor assets were put at risk. and we were stuck to pay back debts we never owed without our knowledge or consent--- to, in effect, buy back our freedom from this foreign debt, and to buy back property we already owned, this was done under color of law by our own dear Federal Subcontractors who foisted their debts and the debts of the British Governments and the Popes off onto us.  

The trusting Americans paid and paid and paid --- and paid so loyally that the con artists were encouraged to rise to new heights of perfidy. 

See the Buck Act of 1940, just as "America" was being prepped by the thugs to enter the Second World War, to see how these con artists and bankers contrived to abuse and enslave the American people and the outrageous fraudulent claims they made against our persons --- the very same persons they were hired to protect and obligated to protect under Article IV of The Constitution of the United States of America. 

It was bad enough to be saddled with the foreign debts of the Queen and the British Crown, but in 1937, the Vatican cut a deal to get in on the act as well.  The two remaining foreign Federal Subcontractors, both run as corporations, colluded to form a partnership under The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States. 

This allowed the Pope's Municipal Corporation to set up its own franchises based on the U.S. Citizens; these new "citizens of the United States" created by the Municipal DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE were federal municipal trusts named after all the U.S. Citizens that were named after the clueless Americans. 

This was so profitable that they soon started ginning up all sorts of corporations and variations of corporations on paper, called "derivatives" based on this one federal municipal trust.  We have had public transmitting utilities named after us, and "Special Purpose Vehicles" operated by the DOT named after us --- all with taxes and obligations attached. 

After 1937 we were stuck not only for all the debts of the Queen and the British Crown, we were stuck for all the debts of the Holy See, and the costs of supporting two complete government services: the Territorial Department of Defense and the Municipal DOD, the Territorial Department of Justice and the Municipal DOJ --- and they were getting away with this and charging it all back to the American people. 

They did this by not telling us --- letting us assume that, for example, FBI was just an abbreviation for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, when in fact they were two separate corporate franchise operations. 

They told the rest of the world that our government was "in interregnum" and that we agreed to all this extra cost, and who was to say otherwise?  

The American people were never told a word about all these cozy arrangements being made for us. 

If one of us, an American, woke up and objected, they were given the bum's rush into a Federal prison or State-of-State franchise jail based on the idea that we were failing our citizenship obligations --- foreign citizenship obligations that the victims never consciously agreed to and in fact, knew nothing about. 

Rolling out of the Second World War, which was also nothing but another illegal commercial mercenary war-for-profit, the Juggernaut of Crime was in full flower, just in time for the Bretton Woods agreement and a truly --literally-- criminal Government Accounting System.

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 16th 2024


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