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Friday, May 17, 2024

International Public Notice: For Hospital Administrators

 By Anna Von Reitz

Babies are not and cannot be citizens of this country until they reach the age of majority.  

Conversion is the act of taking another's property with the intention of depriving them of it --- it is a form of theft.  It can occur in any jurisdiction of the law. 

Unlawful Conversion occurs when actual physical property or "material interests" are stolen, usually by altering some aspect of the property. 

Simple conversion usually involves fines and jail time; but, some forms of Unlawful Conversion are very serious. 

Unlawful Conversion of nationality or political status is a Crime of State occurring in International Jurisdiction, a crime which seeks to depopulate and deprive a country of its people by altering their natural nationality and allegiances on paper without their knowledge or consent. 

This form of Unlawful Conversion is specifically prohibited by both the Geneva and Hague Conventions and carries the death penalty. 

From the perspective of the country being attacked in this criminal manner, the Unlawful Conversion can either result from domestic sources or foreign sources, or, as in our case, foreign sources appearing to be domestic. 

"....from all Enemies, both foreign and domestic." 

If the Unlawful Conversion of nationality or political status comes from domestic or foreign sources under contract to serve the offended country, it results in charges of Treason and usually Misprision of Treason --- meaning that you knew that Treason was being committed, and failed to report it. 

This particular crime has been ongoing in this country since the 1920's when the British Territorial United States Government first began registering babies born to U.S. Citizens ---- and began registering American babies as U.S. Citizens, too--- as if they had been born in Puerto Rico, instead of one of the American States. 

Puerto Rico is a British Commonwealth nation. 

An American baby born in Wisconsin is a Wisconsinite.  We take our nationality from our State.  We are not Subjects of the British Monarch nor any foreign government.   

By registering American babies as some form of "United States" citizen, millions of American State Nationals have been deliberately misidentified and trafficked as U.S. Citizens; their political status was altered so that they were no longer recognizable as Americans and no longer protected by the Federal Constitutions. Along with their nationality, their political and social status was altered, too.

Instead of being identified as free men and women native to an American State of the Union,  these American babies were Unlawfully Converted as a result of being registered as U.S. Citizens, and then also presumed to be British Subjects and Indentured Servants owing obligations of citizenship to the British Crown. 

This is a gross breach of trust and a vast international crime that has gone on for a hundred years without being discovered and recognized for what it is. 

This scheme to accidentally-on-purpose register American babies as U.S. Citizens has impacted four generations of Americans. It accounts for trillions of dollars embezzled from our economy and extracted from our natural resources every year. 

Those engaged in registering American babies as "U.S. Citizens" or any other kind of "citizen" are engaged in Unlawful Conversion of the baby's nationality and political status.  

If registration of babies as U.S. Citizens or as citizens of some other type is ongoing in your facility and is being applied to anyone who is not a Federal Employee's baby, it is your responsibility to report this crime directly to the Governor, Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, Lieutenant Governor, and Commissioner of Public Safety.  Otherwise, you could be charged with Misprision of Treason --- failure to report treason. 

Unless you are running a facility specifically for Federal Employees, less than 10% of all babies born in your facility should be registered as citizens. 

It is also your responsibility to prevent this crime to the extent possible without endangering your life or the lives of other hospital staff.  You can do this by keeping track of those visitors who are engaged in registration activities and by sharing the following information with all prospective new parents: 


(1) American babies cannot serve as "citizens" until they reach the age of majority and should not be registered as citizens; 
(2) Babies of Federal residents living in the Insular States of the United States Territories and Possessions, may be subject to registration as citizens of those foreign political bodies; 
(3) Babies born to average Americans in one of the States of the Union should not be registered nor issued a Social Security Number. 

(4) All reasonable and customary charges for expenses associated with the birth of American babies can be charged against The United States of America, Indemnity Bond AMRI 00001 RA 393 427 640 US available at the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY. 


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