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Friday, May 17, 2024

International Public Notice: Taming the U.S. Debt Background

 By Anna Von Reitz

Begin with the fact that the U.S. is not America. The U.S. is the British Territorial United States, what people think of as the "Territories and Possessions" -- seven little island enclaves called the Insular States.  

The Government of the U.S. is vested in a corporation calling itself the United States of America, Incorporated, or sometimes calling itself The United States of America, Incorporated, or the USA, Incorporated, or the U.S.A. Incorporated, etc. 

Sometimes they just kinda-sorta dropped the word "Incorporated" and let people think that they were dealing with us, The United States of America, the unincorporated American Federation of States -- when we weren't present and hadn't given them, the British Territorials, any permission to represent us.

So it started out as a con game.  The incorporated Territorial entity passed itself off as the Federation of States and gained access to our credit by impersonating us, just as a credit card hacker might pretend to be you and gain access to your credit card account today.   

The banks that allowed this to happen winked, figured that we would never wake up and come back into Session, and loaned them all sorts of credit based on our assets--- as if our assets had been abandoned and were ripe for the taking.     

The banks didn't tell us, and the other Principals benefiting from this siphoning --- the British Monarch, the Mayor of the Inner City of London, and the Pope --- certainly weren't going to tell us.  

The Success of their scheme was all predicated on keeping us asleep so that we never brought our States back into Session and never called them on it. 

The first round of this fraud ended in the bankruptcy of The United States of America, Incorporated, a Scottish Commercial Corporation, circa 1907.  

Of course, the Perpetrators responsible for running up the credit cards and appearing to bankrupt the country let everyone think that we were the ones responsible for paying the debts of The United States of America, Incorporated, when in fact it was a Scottish Corporation and we weren't the "public" responsible for picking up the tab for it. 

We, nonetheless, got stuck for the costs of repaying everything the bankrupt foreign corporation owed. 

At this juncture, with their version of "Congress" , the Territorial U.S. Congress being the only Congress in Session, the colluding bankers got nervous. 

What if we, the actual Government, woke up from our long slumber?  

So the banks demanded that the con artists provide contracts and other documentation of an ownership interest in our assets....and the undisclosed registration of American babies as U.S. Citizens began. 

This is, as explained in yesterday's article, a crime of Unlawful Conversion of nationality and/or political status, forbidden under international law --- but as we didn't know anything about it, we had no way to object. 

The colluding bankers winked again.  

Well, they opined, all these Mothers say that their babies are United States Citizens, and we will interpret that as U.S. Citizens, and U.S. Citizens are indentured servants and chattel trust properties of the Queen --- looks like the Queen got herself a blivet load of new assets to borrow against.  

So on the basis of this new scheme, the bankers once again loaned out vast amounts of money to a British Territorial Corporation claiming to "represent" us -- full well knowing that that corporation wasn't the Federation of States, but relying instead on all the individual undisclosed and unconscionable citizenship contracts used to bind millions of Americans to  pay mortgages owed by the Queen's Government, pay property taxes owed by the Queen's personnel, and income taxes owed by the Queen's Federal Employees. 

Even though our assets, including our labor assets were put at risk. and we were stuck to pay back debts we never owed without our knowledge or consent--- to, in effect, buy back our freedom from this foreign debt, and to buy back property we already owned, this was done under color of law by our own dear Federal Subcontractors who foisted their debts and the debts of the British Governments and the Popes off onto us.  

The trusting Americans paid and paid and paid --- and paid so loyally that the con artists were encouraged to rise to new heights of perfidy. 

See the Buck Act of 1940, just as "America" was being prepped by the thugs to enter the Second World War, to see how these con artists and bankers contrived to abuse and enslave the American people and the outrageous fraudulent claims they made against our persons --- the very same persons they were hired to protect and obligated to protect under Article IV of The Constitution of the United States of America. 

It was bad enough to be saddled with the foreign debts of the Queen and the British Crown, but in 1937, the Vatican cut a deal to get in on the act as well.  The two remaining foreign Federal Subcontractors, both run as corporations, colluded to form a partnership under The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States. 

This allowed the Pope's Municipal Corporation to set up its own franchises based on the U.S. Citizens; these new "citizens of the United States" created by the Municipal DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE were federal municipal trusts named after all the U.S. Citizens that were named after the clueless Americans. 

This was so profitable that they soon started ginning up all sorts of corporations and variations of corporations on paper, called "derivatives" based on this one federal municipal trust.  We have had public transmitting utilities named after us, and "Special Purpose Vehicles" operated by the DOT named after us --- all with taxes and obligations attached. 

After 1937 we were stuck not only for all the debts of the Queen and the British Crown, we were stuck for all the debts of the Holy See, and the costs of supporting two complete government services: the Territorial Department of Defense and the Municipal DOD, the Territorial Department of Justice and the Municipal DOJ --- and they were getting away with this and charging it all back to the American people. 

They did this by not telling us --- letting us assume that, for example, FBI was just an abbreviation for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, when in fact they were two separate corporate franchise operations. 

They told the rest of the world that our government was "in interregnum" and that we agreed to all this extra cost, and who was to say otherwise?  

The American people were never told a word about all these cozy arrangements being made for us. 

If one of us, an American, woke up and objected, they were given the bum's rush into a Federal prison or State-of-State franchise jail based on the idea that we were failing our citizenship obligations --- foreign citizenship obligations that the victims never consciously agreed to and in fact, knew nothing about. 

Rolling out of the Second World War, which was also nothing but another illegal commercial mercenary war-for-profit, the Juggernaut of Crime was in full flower, just in time for the Bretton Woods agreement and a truly --literally-- criminal Government Accounting System.

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 16th 2024


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