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Monday, January 23, 2023

Clarity About NESARA

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let's be real clear about Anna and her personal history with NESARA.  

I grew up with General Roy Schwasinger at the dinner table.  My Mother was a loyal assistant working with the National Farmers Organization (NFO) in Wisconsin and Minnesota, trying to organize the multi-state awareness and participation necessary to bring relief to the farmers (this started out as "the Farm Union Cases" for a reason, folks) and put an end to the attack on family farms by big government and agribusiness corporations. 

For me, this whole subject was a daily conversation throughout Junior High School and High School and it continued on throughout college.  There are probably damned few people in this country who were at Ground Zero of NESARA like I was.  My Mother called me multiple times in 1979 and 1980 when the long court battle settled, and I can tell you for a fact that the Supreme Court wussed out. 

They basically said, yeah, you are right.  Unfortunately, the entities at fault are all bankrupt and other than standing in line with all the other bankruptcy creditors, there is really nothing you or we can do about this.  

They lied.  They could have removed the "corporate veil" and let us stand as the Priority Creditors, but they didn't suggest that and at the time, we were too ignorant to pursue it.  

A lone Congressman, from one of the Midwestern States (maybe Wisconsin, maybe Ohio? I don't remember his name after more than forty years) proposed NESARA as remedy due the farmers and he got laughed out of the Beltway.  No surprises there.  

The "Congress" responsible for the crimes and sins and errors was in charge of the purse-strings, after all, and they would rather spend our money on things like Vietnam and paying Dow Chemical for Agent Orange and more napalm.  Forget about justice for American farmers and workers in general.  

Much later, during the Clinton Administration, there were unconfirmed rumors that some special forces guys took matters into their own hands and held Clinton captive until he signed an Executive Order to force remedy owed under NESARA, but there was nothing convincing to suggest that that ever happened, and if William Jefferson was coerced at gunpoint to do it (as the reports themselves alleged) then his signature would be under duress and worthless for enforcement purposes. 

Now, as you or anyone else can see for themselves, the NESARA legislation has been stone dead in Congress since the 1990's, when some of the Rats decided to tinker with it --- not to pass it, oh, no, but to tinker with it, so that if it was revisited in the future, it would be pre-twisted around into something of advantage to the Rats instead of the farmers and other victims of this evil, out-of-control, criminal "System" the Vermin have going for themselves. 

So what stands on the books as "NESARA" isn't even NESARA any more, and only God knows what "GESARA" is, either, and whether or not it's good or bad. 

Now the military is putting out all sorts of "Hero Specials" congratulating themselves based on those very few and far between real life heroes like General Schwasinger and General Smedley Butler who actually tried to address at least some of the crap, and that's all well and good for the shirt-tail riders who weren't there patting Schwasinger on the shoulder and giving him a cup of coffee like my Mom -- and, anyway, I am not interested in blaming the military.  

Perhaps the military blames itself for not doing more, but the plain fact is that they were dependent on the political pukes for funding, so there you have it, the whole story, in a nutshell, from the days of Lincoln until now. 

If NESARA is finally going to be funded and all this hideous Bushwah straightened out, I'll bring flowers to Schwasinger's grave and my Mother's, and I will be solemnly glad to see them vindicated, albeit, long after their deaths.  But until I see it and see the good that they suffered for made reality, I remain skeptical and cautious and watchful.  

I have every reason to believe that the people behind this whole situation were treasonous, self-interested, white-collar criminals back in the 1860's, and I see no reason to think that their great-grandsons and great-granddaughters fell far from the tree.  Instead of mindlessly supporting something "called" NESARA, let's stop and take a real good look at what they are selling and why, and what "NESARA" in this present iteration, actually means?  

The NESARA General Schwasinger fought for and which that lone Congressman proposed, was profoundly good; but as I say, it was tweaked later on by the forces of evil in DC, and it now bears a lot of review before anyone starts dancing.  


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A Message to the Military

 By Anna Von Reitz

Everybody, help get this message out:

We are the American People, properly declared, recorded, provenanced, and assembled in our fifty organic States of the Union.  

There may not be as many of us returned from over the sea yet as you expected, but numbers don't matter.  We have never been organized as a democracy.  We have a republican form of government, so we don't need any majority of eligible voters to have a mandate. 

Read the Constitution if you need further explanation about our right to assemble and our right to have a republican form of government.  

We know what Mr. Lincoln did and failed to do.  We know what Grant did.  We know that you have all been used as cheap mercenaries ever since and sold out by your own Generals, because they were dependent on the puke politicians for funding.  We know. 

Most of us are veterans, too.  

So, there's no need to make excuses and spin "narratives" and do movie productions trying to make yourselves look like heroes -- when -- let's be honest, you all went along like good sheepdogs for many decades and didn't question anything you were told. 

Not even after you got home and noticed that, hey, the streets in America aren't safe anymore.  Our kids are going missing.  The schools are crap. 
And nobody is safe in their beds for fear of some god-forsaken Agency SWAT team breaking down the door.  

You were no different from the rest of us law-abiding Americans --- indoctrinated to the bone to listen and obey somebody else. 

That's what happens after thirty years of being told what to think and what to do and how to interpret the world by other people in "positions of authority".  

If you really want to be heroes and be held harmless for all the graft and crime that has gone on here, make the leap.  Think for yourselves. 

You are working for a foreign, for-profit commercial corporation in the business of providing government services.   

That's a fact. 

The "President" of this foreign-based, for-profit commercial corporation in the business of providing government services may be "commander in chief" --- just like Elon Musk is "commander in chief" of Tesla, Inc.-- but that gives him no public office.  

All these elections you've grown up with?  Those are shareholder elections.  And get this--- the corporations you are supposedly a shareholder of, are bankrupt.  

This means you and your childrens' childrens' children get to live as slaves and pay all the debts of this foreign-owned, private, for-profit commercial corporation in the business of providing government services.

All the paperwork you signed upon entering "the service" in whatever branch you entered, is fraud on the face of it. They gave you the idea that you were "serving your country" -- not serving the equivalent of GM or EXXON on drugs. 

Taken altogether, this means that you don't have a "commander-in-chief" --- all you've got is a foreign corporation "President" pimping you out, and it doesn't matter if it's Joe Biden in a fancy hat, or Donald Trump.

It also means that your enrollment in the service is bogus for non-disclosure. They lied to you.  

And they have tried to replace you with an illegal "National Guard". 

You will see that each State of the Union is guaranteed its right to a "well-regulated militia" by the Constitution, but there is no provision for any kind of an amalgamated "National Guard" under the control of any "President". 

That amounts to commandeering and subverting and "redefining" our state militias as foreign private security personnel at the beck and call of the "President" of a foreign, for-profit, commercial corporation in the business of providing government services.  

Unless the "Nation" being protected is the State of the Union population, and unless this "Guard" is acting under the command of the State Assembly Chairman ---  its extracurricular treason.  

FYI, Brothers.   

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America --- Unincorporated. 


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Consider the Hypocrisy

 By Anna Von Reitz

We see it all the time.  They rub our noses in it.  

While talking about the evils of climate change and CO2 emissions, the Evil Edjits in Davos arrived there aboard gas-guzzling private jets piloted by unvaccinated pilots.  

They hide the facts, and don't teach The Carbon Cycle in schools anymore, because these Vermin are intent on selling yet another "reason" for draconian government controls and, of course, taxes, taxes, taxes. 

This, when we now know that all world governments have been fully funded since 1941?   The consummate Evil Edjit, Robert McNamara,  prevented peace from breaking out and stole-by-control money that should have been made freely available to other countries. And to us, too. 

There is no reason that anyone should have paid a thin dime to "support the government" in any of its functions including infrastructure development.  All they had to do was get their poop in a group and show some initiative and common sense, but, no.  

They had to be greedy, foolish, short-sighted little power-mongers instead.  

These are the kind of men that we have promoted to the highest levels of government -- cretins that we would have despised at school have floated like big, fat ones to the top of the swirling madness.

The truth is that the carbon dioxide is building up because the oxygen is being depleted and we already know why the oxygen is depleted: pollution and lack of investment in long-term soil and forest resource management.  

So, why aren't these geniuses at Davos pitching investment in new means of sanitation?  Why leave us pumping untreated sewage into lakes and rivers and the oceans throughout most of the world?  How about tougher measures on all the industries that are polluting everything with industrial wastes?  

And why not massive reforestation and water clean-up projects?  Why not re-seeding the restored oceans with phytoplankton and diatoms and seaweeds?  

Why this ridiculous concentration on CO2 levels and hysteria from the Davos Crowd, all while doing nothing to curb their own "consumption" of everything imaginable?  

The climate change mantra is an excuse for taxes and more government control.  More power for them and less for us.  As Elon Musk said, "It's never wrong to mistrust the government and big corporations."


Here is a good example of it.  When they aren't being drowned or suffocated by mudslides caused by uncontrolled flash-floods, Californians, Nevadans, Arizonans, Utahans, Texans, Coloradans, and New Mexicans are crying for water.  

The entire Rio Grande basin is being drained dry.  The Columbia River is under stress. Water rights are rights to life for farmers throughout the western States.  So here's a headline they all need to see and a fact they all need to think about: 95% of the rainwater in California flushes out to the ocean.  

This causes soil erosion, devastation of crops, and uncontrolled flooding and mudslides.  Gee, who knew?  It also means unnecessary worry and financial ruin for farmers. 

Any Great-Grandma looking at the situation knows the score. 

All these years and all these government programs to "help" farmers have done little or nothing to help farmers or fix the real life problems we are facing.  Most of those programs did nothing but bait farmers to go into debt and to buy petrochemicals --- inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. 

Now the natural soil is ruined and the farmers are dependent on chemicals they can't afford and the food has lost more than half its nutrition value since the turn of the century.  

With all that government money and expertise we are looking at another Dust Bowl in the West, chronic diseases and conditions linked to malnutrition, and food shortages.  

As if that isn't bad enough, all the State-of-State Legislatures have been sitting on their hands allowing "aerial spraying" of industrial waste products on our land since the late 1980's when the nutcase Vatican came up with that brilliant scheme to increase industrial profits. Looks like the Texans, at least, finally woke up: 

How much longer is it going to take before we outlaw the addition of toxic industrial waste products (fluoride) to our drinking water?  Isn't it apparent that this isn't doing anything to help our dental health?  

They add fluoride to the drinking water because they can sell it as a product to idiots in the local "state-of-state" government and municipal officers --- otherwise, the aluminum industry would have to pay to properly dispose of a dangerous chemical by-product of aluminum manufacturing. 

Fluoride has already been outlawed in Europe for decades.  And once again, I tell everyone, everywhere, wake up. 

These out-of-control commercial corporations are THE problem we have to solve, and developing some common sense in the quote-unquote "world leadership" is another. 

Why doesn't Klaus Schwab get reality stuffed down his throat for once?  

Am I the only one sick of his Hitler imitation? 

Did you all see those dead-heads at Davos, sitting in their chairs like so many trained dogs, afraid to laugh or speak in any kind of voice but a well-modulated whisper?  

They are afraid.  They are not leaders.  There is no proof that they can even think an original thought.  

So, up on your feet people, in this great land of self-governance. A blind duck could give the world better leadership and more inspiration than Klaus Schwab. 


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