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Monday, January 23, 2023

A Message to the Military

 By Anna Von Reitz

Everybody, help get this message out:

We are the American People, properly declared, recorded, provenanced, and assembled in our fifty organic States of the Union.  

There may not be as many of us returned from over the sea yet as you expected, but numbers don't matter.  We have never been organized as a democracy.  We have a republican form of government, so we don't need any majority of eligible voters to have a mandate. 

Read the Constitution if you need further explanation about our right to assemble and our right to have a republican form of government.  

We know what Mr. Lincoln did and failed to do.  We know what Grant did.  We know that you have all been used as cheap mercenaries ever since and sold out by your own Generals, because they were dependent on the puke politicians for funding.  We know. 

Most of us are veterans, too.  

So, there's no need to make excuses and spin "narratives" and do movie productions trying to make yourselves look like heroes -- when -- let's be honest, you all went along like good sheepdogs for many decades and didn't question anything you were told. 

Not even after you got home and noticed that, hey, the streets in America aren't safe anymore.  Our kids are going missing.  The schools are crap. 
And nobody is safe in their beds for fear of some god-forsaken Agency SWAT team breaking down the door.  

You were no different from the rest of us law-abiding Americans --- indoctrinated to the bone to listen and obey somebody else. 

That's what happens after thirty years of being told what to think and what to do and how to interpret the world by other people in "positions of authority".  

If you really want to be heroes and be held harmless for all the graft and crime that has gone on here, make the leap.  Think for yourselves. 

You are working for a foreign, for-profit commercial corporation in the business of providing government services.   

That's a fact. 

The "President" of this foreign-based, for-profit commercial corporation in the business of providing government services may be "commander in chief" --- just like Elon Musk is "commander in chief" of Tesla, Inc.-- but that gives him no public office.  

All these elections you've grown up with?  Those are shareholder elections.  And get this--- the corporations you are supposedly a shareholder of, are bankrupt.  

This means you and your childrens' childrens' children get to live as slaves and pay all the debts of this foreign-owned, private, for-profit commercial corporation in the business of providing government services.

All the paperwork you signed upon entering "the service" in whatever branch you entered, is fraud on the face of it. They gave you the idea that you were "serving your country" -- not serving the equivalent of GM or EXXON on drugs. 

Taken altogether, this means that you don't have a "commander-in-chief" --- all you've got is a foreign corporation "President" pimping you out, and it doesn't matter if it's Joe Biden in a fancy hat, or Donald Trump.

It also means that your enrollment in the service is bogus for non-disclosure. They lied to you.  

And they have tried to replace you with an illegal "National Guard". 

You will see that each State of the Union is guaranteed its right to a "well-regulated militia" by the Constitution, but there is no provision for any kind of an amalgamated "National Guard" under the control of any "President". 

That amounts to commandeering and subverting and "redefining" our state militias as foreign private security personnel at the beck and call of the "President" of a foreign, for-profit, commercial corporation in the business of providing government services.  

Unless the "Nation" being protected is the State of the Union population, and unless this "Guard" is acting under the command of the State Assembly Chairman ---  its extracurricular treason.  

FYI, Brothers.   

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America --- Unincorporated. 


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  1. i dont get why joe rogan or othrs of means dont pick up on this- especially those like wesley snipes who went to jail for taxes-- when taxes are voluntary if in the right jurisdiction.. the druggies. do no harm to others govt got no say? just wondering i wish you would publish more about how this affects the sim,ple man when we join in- i got fear--- ssd income possibly holding a cdl license late in life. this may important to folks, how breaking the leash will benfit them

    1. Snipes went to jail because he & his lawyers were tax code ignorant, i.e., to whom the code truly and lawfully applies. Knowledge is power, but so many on this planet fail to educate themselves on their own rights and proper status. The main issue with all that we are reading on this site and others like it, is that we seldom see real, tangible proof that anything that is being suggested will actually amount to anything. For instance, with the passport issue. Anna states we can simply make our own on a 4x6 or 5x8 card, but if no one else on the planet accepts it, what good is it? It may be perfectly lawful and valid, but if not accepted by anyone, what's the point. Same goes with claiming our rightful status. We can spend the time learning about it and drafting the paperwork and getting it notarized and spending the $ to mail it certified, return receipt, then recording it, but if no one accepts it or has any clue what it means, what good does it do? I get the whole concept of correcting our status and following the true law, but when done in a world that is completely ignorant of these laws, rights, and statuses, again..., what's the point? How do we get the "system" to acknowledge our documents? Just because we're right doesn't change the status quo. How do we get "them" to wake up? How do we get them to acknowledge the truth?

    2. Yes. In a nut shell. What does it take? What will take? The same thing it always takes when dealing with tyrants, scumbags and psychopaths. Killing them. Removing them physically from existence.

    3. Self-identification is more powerful then Deep Fraud State ID, in my humble state-of-mind!

      present in our DNA,
      Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

    4. There are only 2 types of sovereign people that can exist in this mess, one who can take care of themselves and all those around them, a king or master of some sorts, as a plantation is needed for this to happen with out the use of currency. Or the other type is a nomad belonging to nothing and owning nothing but what they carry on their back.
      The only way to kill a beast this large would be to starve it. But that would require you start seperating your wants from your needs and learning how to truely self sustain, or the very least, a collective effort of boycotting till each entity dies off, the chains holding us back have very distinct logos plastered on them with no locks.

  2. Our guv is murdering us. What do we do now?

    1. Let them deal with Karma,
      mintime -
      present in our DNA,
      Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

  3. As usual, I implore the publication of the minutes of state assembly meetings, including and especially of the overall group of assemblies operating as the American orgabnuzation of assemblies. Is there a rules of order for these groups? Do we abide by Roberts’ rules of order?


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