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Monday, January 23, 2023

Consider the Hypocrisy

 By Anna Von Reitz

We see it all the time.  They rub our noses in it.  

While talking about the evils of climate change and CO2 emissions, the Evil Edjits in Davos arrived there aboard gas-guzzling private jets piloted by unvaccinated pilots.  

They hide the facts, and don't teach The Carbon Cycle in schools anymore, because these Vermin are intent on selling yet another "reason" for draconian government controls and, of course, taxes, taxes, taxes. 

This, when we now know that all world governments have been fully funded since 1941?   The consummate Evil Edjit, Robert McNamara,  prevented peace from breaking out and stole-by-control money that should have been made freely available to other countries. And to us, too. 

There is no reason that anyone should have paid a thin dime to "support the government" in any of its functions including infrastructure development.  All they had to do was get their poop in a group and show some initiative and common sense, but, no.  

They had to be greedy, foolish, short-sighted little power-mongers instead.  

These are the kind of men that we have promoted to the highest levels of government -- cretins that we would have despised at school have floated like big, fat ones to the top of the swirling madness.

The truth is that the carbon dioxide is building up because the oxygen is being depleted and we already know why the oxygen is depleted: pollution and lack of investment in long-term soil and forest resource management.  

So, why aren't these geniuses at Davos pitching investment in new means of sanitation?  Why leave us pumping untreated sewage into lakes and rivers and the oceans throughout most of the world?  How about tougher measures on all the industries that are polluting everything with industrial wastes?  

And why not massive reforestation and water clean-up projects?  Why not re-seeding the restored oceans with phytoplankton and diatoms and seaweeds?  

Why this ridiculous concentration on CO2 levels and hysteria from the Davos Crowd, all while doing nothing to curb their own "consumption" of everything imaginable?  

The climate change mantra is an excuse for taxes and more government control.  More power for them and less for us.  As Elon Musk said, "It's never wrong to mistrust the government and big corporations."


Here is a good example of it.  When they aren't being drowned or suffocated by mudslides caused by uncontrolled flash-floods, Californians, Nevadans, Arizonans, Utahans, Texans, Coloradans, and New Mexicans are crying for water.  

The entire Rio Grande basin is being drained dry.  The Columbia River is under stress. Water rights are rights to life for farmers throughout the western States.  So here's a headline they all need to see and a fact they all need to think about: 95% of the rainwater in California flushes out to the ocean.  

This causes soil erosion, devastation of crops, and uncontrolled flooding and mudslides.  Gee, who knew?  It also means unnecessary worry and financial ruin for farmers. 

Any Great-Grandma looking at the situation knows the score. 

All these years and all these government programs to "help" farmers have done little or nothing to help farmers or fix the real life problems we are facing.  Most of those programs did nothing but bait farmers to go into debt and to buy petrochemicals --- inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. 

Now the natural soil is ruined and the farmers are dependent on chemicals they can't afford and the food has lost more than half its nutrition value since the turn of the century.  

With all that government money and expertise we are looking at another Dust Bowl in the West, chronic diseases and conditions linked to malnutrition, and food shortages.  

As if that isn't bad enough, all the State-of-State Legislatures have been sitting on their hands allowing "aerial spraying" of industrial waste products on our land since the late 1980's when the nutcase Vatican came up with that brilliant scheme to increase industrial profits. Looks like the Texans, at least, finally woke up: 

How much longer is it going to take before we outlaw the addition of toxic industrial waste products (fluoride) to our drinking water?  Isn't it apparent that this isn't doing anything to help our dental health?  

They add fluoride to the drinking water because they can sell it as a product to idiots in the local "state-of-state" government and municipal officers --- otherwise, the aluminum industry would have to pay to properly dispose of a dangerous chemical by-product of aluminum manufacturing. 

Fluoride has already been outlawed in Europe for decades.  And once again, I tell everyone, everywhere, wake up. 

These out-of-control commercial corporations are THE problem we have to solve, and developing some common sense in the quote-unquote "world leadership" is another. 

Why doesn't Klaus Schwab get reality stuffed down his throat for once?  

Am I the only one sick of his Hitler imitation? 

Did you all see those dead-heads at Davos, sitting in their chairs like so many trained dogs, afraid to laugh or speak in any kind of voice but a well-modulated whisper?  

They are afraid.  They are not leaders.  There is no proof that they can even think an original thought.  

So, up on your feet people, in this great land of self-governance. A blind duck could give the world better leadership and more inspiration than Klaus Schwab. 


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  1. Thank you Judge Anna Von Reitz, SPOT On, I am proud of you for telling the truth to the blind brainwashed masses. When will they all stop believing the corrupt and evil tyrannical political DOGMA!?

  2. The "Safe and Effective" mantra began with fluoride. Fluoride is a poisonous lie. People have been allowing this rat poison in their water since 1945 to the present. Is it any wonder the big corporations knew the clot shot would be successful.

  3. A few dead tyrants would not be a bad thing.

    1. Meanwhile they run legal ads for Camp Lejeune to lure the families in to taking a payoff for their water crimes and the lawyers are all there taking the strawman to the cleaners while they suck off the excess profit
      Water ya know like AQUARIUS

      Hmm I wonder if Gorby has a sale in mind for that property to yet another insider like Tyler Perry (440 acre spread in Georgia) or Jay Leto (Lookout Mountain/Laurel Canyon)

      Gorby in charge of closing and selling off 36 military bases
      Lower right corner Gorby and his FOUNDATION in charge of closing military bases after he moved in to Presidio in 1994

      In this video
      HERO'S JOURNEY at 1 hour 14 minutes in

      In this one - the Presidio and the connection to closing military bases as they role their plans forward
      He talks about the Bank of Italy which was rebranded as Bank of America
      This guy financed the golden gate bridge
      1989 base ordered closed and all military out by 94 based on alligations of ritual child abuse
      Couple of fires to so call destroy evidence and outcry for the closing of the facility???

      Looking more like a democractic non military communistic plot to me

      You really think these cock suckers are gonna clean anything up
      Nope that would be you the slaves working for free that will clean it up and plant a trillion trees to reforest like the World Parliament documents say you will
      Nothing but your civil obedience will do when it comes to their Earth GAIA CONstitution and you now being responsible for cleaning up their messes
      You'll get a GAI if you cooperate

      Almost reminds me of their GI BILL
      All they did this time was add that pyramid 'A' in the middle
      And hell to add to that it is just an anagram of AIG one of the biggest crooks on the planIT of a CORPORATION

      If you're to blind to see how this narrative is playing out and how it is being steered in that direction then I don't know what to tell ya


      And under the WLA's (anagram it and you get LAWS) there are ACTS

      In hollywood they have agents that represent the actors
      Hmm are you being recruiter as an actor by an agent to play your role in their new world order?

      Hell there is even a book of ACTS in the Bible

    2. Here ya go

      The Trillion Trees ACT
      or titty always a reference to sexual BULLSHIT

      Ya know like 'A' T & T and their UVERSE the shortened version for UNIVERSE

      Hmm like maybe UNIVERSAL STUDIOS

      ACTS #42

      That ACT by the way is in progress and under CONsturction in Canada and to be implemented by 2025 as per the UN agenda

      And golly gee UNIVERSAL healthcare introduced in Canada decades ago
      Hmm I wonder what that Obama healthcare shit was really about

  4. College Degrees in Geo Engineering

    And they geo engineer the hell out of Texas almost daily
    I know I live here
    And the colleges in Texas are huge in this
    University Of Texas, Austin
    The Center for Integrated Earth System Science (CIESS) is a cooperative effort between the Jackson School of Geosciences and the Cockrell School of Engineering. The center fosters collaborative study of Earth as a coupled system with focus on land, atmosphere, water, environment, and society.
    CO-OP you don't say
    Like the Electricty Companies in Texas are all CO-OPS
    CO-SERVE is a CO-OP

    And here is an explaination as to why water is disappearing its not rocket science either
    When they damn up the water they can privatize it

    Hence they're planned introduction to Aquarius should be a no brainer

    Meet the Calif Orion couple who uses more water than an entire city
    Pistachios and that elephant in your living room shoving it in your face every day is these psychopaths laughing all the way to their Swissy Land banks
    How about some Almond milk cause you know cows fart too much and eat to much grass
    How about some Fiji fresh water they bottle and sell to ya
    Better yet how bout some Cutie oranges

    Multi billion dollar enterprise complete with on site schools, housing the works for their plantation slaves most likely those immigrants being marched across the border in to Calif Orion

    I was a data analyst by trade worked with data and comuters every single day in healthcare and logistics for 3 decades
    No I am not working because I will not support their end game which is my slavery to their plan

    I research the hell out of this shit and if ANYONE who wants to call me a shill you best sit back, read and shut the fuck up

    I'm being blocked from almost everywhere because I CAN SEE

    You're being sold a BILL OF GOODS that lines up with World Parliament to the friggin LETTER and if you cannot see that then I do not know what the hell to tell you

  5. Causing major unemployment is one of their 21 (Black Jack) goals to send people in to the loving arms and to apply for their GAI Guarnateed Annual Income

    It is not an accident that people are losing their jobs by the millions

    When I read this goal of the so called illuminati to cause massive unemployment which leads to drug use (which they will provide) alcohol abuse etc etc etc and those that succumb to these will untimately lead to their demise or as hollywood likes to call it COLLATERAL DAMAGE or DEPOPULATION

    Like in ole Ronnie Howards movie about the now rust belt states as a result of the pigs sending all the factory jobs to china for cheap labor, Hillbilly Effigy
    And by the way they changed the name of the film to not reflect that word it is now called Hillbilly Elegy
    I guess we are supposed to believe that is a Mandella Effect when in reality the cock roaches are just changing the shit to make us think we're not all quite there
    And I noticed the use of that very word effigy a day later in Anna's articles?

    Thats where there
    World FEDERATION of Mental Health (WFMH) comes in to play
    Hmm all the athletes and numerous others and commercials about your mental health
    Bout an hour and 2 minutes in
    World FEDERATION of Mental Health (WFMH)

    And what the hell do ya know
    Another FEDERATION

    Maybe it's like this one from

    Well gee who has told us she is in direct contact with the Galactics in the Federation?
    Hmm Shakespear comes to mind of which by the way he played multiple roles in the world wide CON too

  6. Anna is spot on in regards to the carbon cycle. the issue isn't the carbon in the air, the issue is the lack of carbon in our soils due to industrial ag, suppression of natural fires, and the removal of forest cover. Short / medium term weather patterns have been disrupted by poor soil health which now lacks the capacity to hold and store water. Where does that water go? Into our atmosphere - atmospheric water vapor is increasing at 1 per cent a year. NASA's own model show that water vapor plays a larger role than all their so called green house gasses combined. A carbon credit platform makes sense if the goal is to re-plant forest and increase soil carbon in our ag soils. If the goal is to turn off petroleum taps it will never work .

    1. NASA, really?
      Take the red 'T'ongue in their logo and unscramble the word NASA and what do ya get

      I wouldn't trust NASA to watch my dog let alone tell me about 'climate'
      All they are there for is to steal billions from the treasury and lie to the people
      Just like NOAA is (hmm sounds like NOAH)
      You know the trusted weather alert system as they geo engineer the hell out of everything and call it 'climate change'

      carbon cycle = cc= 33 their favorite number yet again
      Just like their Christ CONsciencenous BULLSHIT

      And I really don't think people even grasp the amount of land and forest that are still standing and the so called land trust that were put in place back in the early 1900's just before they crashed everything to bring in their new deal bullshit back in the day

      And the fake Green new deal is the same shit
      Green as in all the cash for them that they strip from everyone else and subject you to abstract poverty all in the name of saving the planIT

    2. Listen to this and the stuff he talks about with the Chamber of Commerce
      Again the CC Chamber of COMMERCE

      They've lied to us from day one and I'm no about to believe their asses now NONE OF THEM

  7. Around 7 minutes in listen to what he says about YOU holding the wrong BIRTH CERTIFICATE
    And this site encourages you to claim the damn thing

    And it just dawned on me, look at this
    B'nai B'rith
    Jewish folks follow the maternal lines and not the paternal
    B'rith (anagram it and you get BIRTH)
    Hidden in plain sight

    And as I said as the fraud has been uncovered they are even changing the birth certificates as I described in a comment while back
    The so called bonded certificate is now labeled
    No hospital no doctor no weight no nothing about the actual birth

    It's all typed out on bonded paper as follows

    FILE NO. AXX%@# - 1977
    SEX: M
    DATE OF BIRTH: Month-Day-Year
    DATE FILED: MONTH, DAY, YEAR and this certificate has an I (cap it all eye) at the end of the year

    Signed by no one but the County Clerk/City Registrar
    In this case Texas and Stacey Kemp

    And as I said before the envelop that the certificate/bond was mailed in has the footprints of the child on the outside of the envelop and not on the actual bond certificate

    I'd say that is removing your CARBON FOOTPRINT
    Now wouldn't you

    This shit is so sick that it boggles the mind as to the lengths that these psychopaths have went to, to basically destroy everything and everyone on the planIT

  8. More of this fraud mouthpiece milking the masses for decades

    No different than those on the internet milking their followers

  9. Read his latest posted articles
    This one one of them

    These thieves have absolutely no shame

    Probably why they made the series SHAMELESS because they are

    1. And as you read that paper take note of the name Mack

      Hmm Mack as in the so called Sheriff Mack and that so called CONstitutional bullshit shew they have had going for how long now

    2. @Shelby I'm in agreement with you. I want to know what we can do about all this BS. I don't know why it's saying I'm anonymous I'm MrsCWiz


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