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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Wake Up Call Number Two:

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dr. Dave E. Martin and I and a lot of other "good hunting dogs" have spent the better part of two years delving through the US and EU Patents related to the development of the packaging agent used to deliver the payloads contained in the Covid 19 "vaccines".  

Meanwhile, Dr. Karen Kingston and Dr. Bryan Ardis and others have been delving into the payloads --- what did the shell engineered from the SARS virus contain in the case of Covid 19 vaccines?  And how do these payloads work and harm victims of this horrendous medical profiteering scheme?  

These are two separate topics. 

The first one involves how genetic sequencing information from the natural SARS virus was engineered to create a man-made lipid protein shell that can be used like an envelope to contain any number of materials and deliver them directly into cells in your body.  

This man-made shell is called "the Agent" or "Vector" because just like a postman, it can deliver all kinds of things, good or bad, on a cellular basis. 

The second topic is -- what were these "payload" materials in the case of the Covid 19 injections?  

It appears that several classes of such payloads were included in this illegal and immoral experiment.  

The payloads include known direct poisons like aluminum and mercury and graphene oxides, plus exotic scraps of genetic material designed to suppress the Cancer Suppressor Gene, other genetic scraps that produce neurotoxins found in snake venom using human cells, still other scraps that produce exotic blood clotting factor (BCF) proteins, plus an odd assortment of eggs of parasites including freshwater hydras and heartworms that normally infect sheep in the Middle East. 

Someone along the way had an evil sense of humor.  They think of all their trusting obedient victims as "sheep" so they gave them sheep heartworms as a disease: the final insult like the cherry on top of their murder cocktail. 

All this information and analysis has served its good purpose, but it all adds up to the same thing: criminal medical profiteering by colluding commercial corporations. 

The footwork has been done and things have moved on to the next stage: prosecution of the criminal corporations and the men responsible for their misdirection.

Accordingly, the organic and unincorporated American Federation of States doing business The United States of America has placed a claim against the guilty corporations before the Vatican Chancery Court, demanding liquidation of these organizations. 

People have forgotten, but corporations are thought-constructs that exist  in the jurisdiction of the air --the realm of thought and energy.  They are regulated in other jurisdictions when conducting business with each other, but the fundamental law governing their existence is Ecclesiastical Law, and the one person on Earth who is fundamentally responsible for governing and disciplining --- and when necessary, liquidating -- erring corporations is the Pope.  

Normally, actions prosecuting corporations take place at the regulatory level because they are engaged in arguments and trespasses among themselves, and this is where they like things to be confined.  In the past hundred years, they have contrived to "redefine" people as things-- corporate franchises, for precisely this reason.  

The practice of registering and copyrighting the names of living people has allowed corporations to prey upon the living and avoid both the requirement that they operate "lawfully" instead of "legally", and also avoid the consequences of injuring living people --- which is liquidation of the offending corporations and removal of the "corporate veil" and their public bankruptcy protections.  

We have seen through the corporate gambits and have reclaimed our proper identity and jurisdiction on the land and soil of this country, so that we have individual and institutional standing to demand the liquidation and removal of these murderous corporations.  This isn't a legal action, it's a lawful action, brought before the Vatican Chancery Court on behalf of the living people who have been murdered and maimed by the actions of these colluding corporations. 

The extent of the death and maiming is well-known and the published public documentation related to this offense is already present in the form of the patents and business relationships, so that a formal trial is not necessary; the Office of the Pope merely needs to do its own Due Diligence and the Vatican Chancery Court needs to provide the impetus, to prompt the Pope to take the proper action. 

This is by far the fastest, simplest, most authoritative and permanent means to discipline corporations that have overstepped their privileges and injured living people.  

The Pope has direct control of all Municipal Corporations and indirect control (through the British Monarch and the Bank of England) of all British Crown Corporations, so while it may take a bit of discussion and the various legislative bodies may be ignorant enough to try to interfere, the Principals responsible will take action, because it is their duty to do so. 

That is one lawful prosecution that is now engaged and in motion.  The lawful governments of other countries are invited to do the same. 

The realm of legal prosecution has also been engaged by the organizations supporting the website and by the Children's Defense Fund.  

Yesterday, in my article, "He Has Not Failed", I urged readers to support RFK, Jr. and the work The Children's' Defense Fund has undertaken to prosecute the Media Giants for their collusion transgressing against the First Amendment, exposing the corporate kickback mechanisms that rewarded them for doing so, and also exposing the injury to the General Public that this collusion has caused.  This is a civil action and will be very costly:

Today, I similarly urge readers to check out the website and do what you can to support their efforts, which are aimed at securing a formal criminal indictment of the guilty corporations and the individuals who have promoted this hellacious medical terrorism and profiteering scheme.  The discovery involved has already been very costly and has been borne by a handful of businessmen.  Help them if you can. 

It goes without saying that your lawful Government which is carrying the prosecution into the jurisdiction of the air and into the realm of Ecclesiastical Law needs your help, too. Although our costs are nominal in comparison, owing to the different nature of our specific claim, our work requires constant research and expansion and has a much broader and more permanent effect. 

Together, we have these criminal corporations in the crosshairs of Ecclesiastical Law, Civil Law, and Criminal Law.  

Our Government's intention is to liquidate the offenders and bring lasting relief to the victims, such that all corporations and corporate officers are forcefully reminded of the limitations of their privileges and the reality of their obligations to the General Public. 

The Childrens' Defense Fund action aims to enforce the Constitutional Guarantees and Limitations that are owed to the General Public, against the private policies of corporations.  

The effort takes the matter to its logical conclusions: the corporations that have promoted and participated in The Jab Scam have committed capital crimes against millions of people on a worldwide basis.  The current action is anticipated to be one of many criminal prosecutions, and initially involves corporations in The United States and Canada that colluded to circumvent both Federal and International Law. 

Three major law enforcement agencies are engaged in the process. 

While criminal prosecutions are ultimately public expenses, the discovery costs that have gone into securing indictments are daunting and have been borne by a few private businessmen.  We need to support them and support their leadership and enable them to continue their drive for more criminal indictments.  

Ultimately, a great many corporations here and throughout the world need to be liquidated for their criminal trespasses against living people.  This will require determination and goodwill on all our parts, standing together against evil, against separation, and against crime. 

The United States of America, The Children's' Defense Fund, and are spearheads thrusting deep into the criminal heart of corrupt corporations, coming from three different directions with one aim: justice.  You, through your actions, become the fourth spearhead needed to redress the terrible damage these guilty corporations have caused. 

Stand up now against criminal medical profiteering and coercion. These corporations and the men running them need to be taken to the woodshed and taught lessons they need to learn.  It's up to each one of us to make sure that justice is done, for the memory of the victims and the succor of the maimed and the security of the future, this must be done. 


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  1. Thank you for your work. The results of these poisonous vaccines will be seen for probably the next few years. Truly tragic.

  2. Replies
    1. exactly.
      and i very strongly sense we may (soon?) be finding out that "Its an XYZVirus" is a Half-Truth Narrative meant to cover what is actually causing even more harm to people: known as Directed Energy Weapons.
      Mind Control Energy Weapons, Inflicting Death, ChemTrails: land sea space based systems: radiation, electromagnetic, PSYCHOTRONIC, sonic, laser, and OTHER ENERGIES DIRECTED AT INDIVIDUAL PERSONS OR TARGETED POPULATIONS for the purpose of Information war
      AND EXPELLING CHEMICAL or BIOLOGICAL AGENTS in the vicinity of a person.
      SubAtomic Particle Beams, more.
      H.R. 2977 Space Preservation Act 2001. ( and later, 2002).
      uscode ref 42 usc 2451(a). bills and statutes.
      107th Congress, (Foreign Corporations Congress).
      govinfo datte gov.
      you have to add the word "text": congress datte gov.

      they were doing this over 20 years ago, and had already been doing it for how long?
      you can find experimentations funded by the (Ra-Yhead-EL/ "Royal"?) Knaves/Knave eye/ navy:
      60 years ago: Jose Delgado mid-1960s remotely controlling peoples brains using electrodes;
      50 years ago: Robert MOLECH, i mean Malech, 1974(?): REMOTE Voice to Skull: "V2K".
      soo much more.

  3. Please release the proceedings of the meetings of the Assemblies and the Federation!!

  4. Never mind taking them to the Woodhouse Anna, these vermin need to be extinguished

    1. yes, that "SHIP" has already "SAILED".
      it looks like Benedict actually sincerely tried to correct what was going on and got "LockedDown and Sickened"? ....more and more is rolling out, speculating about how when he actually tried to intervene in the corruption, he was kept more or less in isolation from then on and, functionally, replaced by a Jesuit, although, to his credit, Benedict was astute enough to retain control over the Papal "Seat" or "Office".(? right word?).
      not everybody in this world is sold out and corrupted, nor can they be either.

    2. and the Pope is NOT a "ONE AND ONLY MAN" with control over the Corporations! just think of the danger that might put one man in!

      and the Corporations are not UpintheAir either.
      thats like saying America is in UnderSea.

      so just knock off the damm MindGames.

      those Corporations are not only sitting on our land, but they are also using our natural-source God-created materials, AND Funding themselves with our peoples' God-sourced life and breath energies,
      so, no, theyre not in AirJurisdiction operating under EkklesiasticalLaw.
      theyre on our dirt.
      using our gifts.
      paid for with our stolen labor.
      so no, that Air /Ekklesia Narrativey-Stuff doesnt work.
      we're moving on.
      without them.


  5. is the correct address

  6. Denise Western...
    They expected to see the deaths begin after 2 years of the initial 3 💉. Then after that, huge numbers are predicted or guaranteed to their shareholders after the boosters were given. That has begun. Elon Musk says he just took his 2nd booster. We'll see!... if he really took them. With that much poison in his body, he shouldn't last the 5 years left. He claimed he took it to get into the Tesla facility in Belgium. Without it, he couldn't go in. Wasn't he the owner of Tesla at that time? Huh???? Something ain't addin up here. Look at the things he doesd f gg and not what he told you.

  7. I'll ask again. What SARS virus? This is irresponsible and it's fraud.

    1. are you a compensated informant ["spy"]?

    2. Look it up yourself. Lazy spy !!

    3. Surely what they mean is the vaccine they created. Because we know for a fact that every single “virus” in history was actually injected. Not one “virus” has ever been isolated.

    4. SARS "Virus"? there is NO such thing as a "Virus"! We all need to STOP using their terminology, it only helps their false narrative and LIES!

  8. Teamwork works! Their goal is divide and conquer! UNITED We will stand and they WILL fall.

  9. Please go look at what is on it will revel exactly what it is they are doing to us.

  10. I believe the Children's Defense Fund is incorrect and that this name may be associated with the Clinton's. Children's Health Defense I believe is Kennedy's organization. I tried to make a donation there and could not get the site to accept it.

  11. Ahh yet another 501c3 non profit non governmental BULLSHIT corporation
    CDF getting funds through the gofvernment grants and painting themselves as here to save the children - ya know like Saint Judas

    Fighting the corruption for 40 years as the hospitals poison the child from birth with 2 shots
    Vitamin K
    Hep B
    And CPS their counterparts can come in and steal your kids because the state claims to own them through a thrid party relationship based on the marriage certificate LIEcense

    The parents were marked back in the day as they introduced that SS number to their slaves so the child through the marriage LIEcense is also a slave and marked with an SS number within weeks after birth

    Yep that CDF will be right there with you as they shoot the kids up with vaccines to the tune of about 75 now before they reach puberty and they'll come to your defence when CPS the CORPORATION steals them NOT

    You're being coached to work for them for free and donate your slave wages to the cause

    Yes by all means lets tranceform the corporations into non profit non governmental still the same crooks and paint them as saviors


    WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction
    World Legislative Act #53 Transition Process for National Governments
    Removing CORPORATE PERSON STATUS is part of the PROGRAM

    And no there is not a doubt in my mind that ANNA IS IN FACT AN AGENT

    ICAN someone wrote about and I tried to comment and all of a sudden bam no internet connection gee I wonder how that could happen

    Well Maybe this ICANN will help you understand
    In this one - internet turned over/signed over to ICANN
    Steve Outtrim Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon The Shadow History of Burners P5b Burning with the Man
    2 hours and 13 minutes in
    The Department of Commerce signs internet over to ICANN
    EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation a front group until internet could be signed over to ICANN
    ICANN is the rebranding of the EFF and the same crooks behind EFF are still on their board

    1. Hmm ever wonder why they say their on the board
      Maybe like on 'board' the ship

      Look up CDF's board of directors and see what kind of salary they are making and their employees

      They have been tax exempt since 1969 and they have had one CEO the entire time until this new one was just appointed
      Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson

    2. Now check this shit out
      The bigger his HEXAGON is the more he is worth
      Disclamer: Starsky Wilson net worth are calculated by comparing Starsky Wilson's influence on Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with anybody else in the world. Generally speaking, the bigger the hexagon is, the more valuable Starsky Wilson networth should be on the internet!

      Welcome to their META (Team) verse AI and the algorythms on the internet and the AI spits out your worth in their global network

      His networth score is 84% - gee I wonder how they guage that

      Watch those network social credit scores now it will affect your GAI once they steal everything out of the Social Security world fund

      So while you go for broke, donate and volunteer they're stealing your asses blind

    3. CERN, the internet, opening the GATE TO 'AI' HELL

      And I've got news for ya AI is not artificial intelligence at all it is a compiliation of all your data they can gather thats why they gave us the internet in the first place to delve in to our heads to figure out WHO CAN REALLY SEE

      Look for them to cause some havoc in the VIRGIN today

      Hell they are not named Virginia/Maryland for nothing
      Virgin Mary ringing any bells in that brainwashed head about right now (hidden in plain sight)

      Even a damned county in Virginia today named Prince William County - you think that shit is an accident

      Speaking of HEXAGONS
      Gee I wonder why the hypnotic STOP SIGN is plastered all over the world - well gee gomer (rome and the 'g' hidden right in the word)
      I don't know

      And I'm tellin ya now I know who the hell I am and I don't need their friggin AI to tell me what my worth is nor what my score is or anything else

      I've said it forever now that if you do not understand these machines and how they work you will not get how this overall operation is working
      And I've read that the so called authorities have a separate network from ours so what we see is different than what they see and how they have been programmed to react and proceed in their actions as well

  12. Abra kadabra
    Give unto Cesare 'BORGIA' what is Cesares

    World Parliament ACTS

    Hmmm the book of ACTS in the Bible too

    Acts and ACTORS hmm you don't say

    Think they could have a bunch of em on the internet steering the shew in the direction they want it to go?
    It's a group/hive mind/united effort to MAKE IT REALITY

  13. Brilliant article!! Bless you!

  14. Brenden, you need to contact Russell-Jay: Gould, the legitimate Postmaster General & Commander-In-Chief. (Judge) Anna Von Reitz, initially down on Russell, met with Russell for 5 days and now claims he is for real. Read her article about Russell entitled A RIGHTEOUS MAN IN A CRAZY WORLD.

    Russell-Jay: Gould is “THE” most FEARED man in the world by The Satanists. He is a Tesla-level genius & Loves The Truth more than life itself.

    Brenden, someone as intelligent and “knowledgeable” as you are should spend a week with Russell-Jay: Gould…&…BRAINSTORM!!!

    We simply need to figure out how to get TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS, NOW IN THE U.S. MILITARY, TO START BACKING Russell-Jay: Gould.

    That’s when shjit will get straight, most effectively. Russell is a RIGHTEOUS GENIUS and may be remembered as The Greatest American Hero.

    Brenden, a BIG BRAIN like you working with a BIG BRAIN like Russell-Jay: Gould would be Super Productive Partnership.

  15. Why is "Shelby" still allowed to comment on this site, when they were proven to be a paid troll years ago? Anyone accusing me of being an "Agent" of anything but the organic States of the Union has their head up their rump.

  16. Hogwash! As if a Jesuit is going to bring these evil snake oil salesmen to task. Unless it’s all part of the planned Great Work of the Ages echoing the tribulations prophesied in The Bible.


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