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Thursday, February 4, 2021

The Thinking Man's Guide to Reality

 By Anna Von Reitz

Why was the first nation to recognize the American Government ---the Kingdom of Morocco?  At first glance, that doesn't make a lot of sense, but.... 

Because the French Army bankers known as the Payseurs, who financed much of the cost of the Revolution, are Jewish --- and the Jews prefer to do their banking business with Muslim bankers, it was necessary to forge a treaty with a Muslim nation as soon as possible.  

It is a sad fact that Muslim bankers are more honest and precise than either Jewish or Christian bankers, so the wise guys do all their banking with Muslim banks.  This has been the case since the Middle Ages and nothing has changed.

So the first Bank Treaty was with the Kingdom of Morocco to allow the Payseurs to directly access Muslim banking services "for" America.  This was the beginning of offshore banking after The War of Independence and was set up to expedite the repayment of war debt by the fledgling American Government.  

Those debts were accrued as a result of services and loans rendered by the French Payseurs on behalf of King George III.  

Yes, via an accommodation between the French King and his Jewish military bankers, George III financed both sides of the Revolutionary War.  George Washington, who was King George's Cousin, signed the Bank Treaty with Morocco.  

And that's where you get all these people running around claiming to be Ishmael el Bey and Latisha el Bey and so on.  They are making reference to this Treaty with Morocco, whether or not they have any standing to do so.

Even more interesting at the current time, why was the first nation to recognize our unincorporated Federation, The United States of America, as the legitimate government of this country --- Ethiopia?   

Because Ethiopia suffered a similar corporate take-over and knew that what we were saying and bringing forward was true as a result of their own experience. 

Fun and Games. 

Why were both Catholics and Calvinists joined together in 1877 to create the Second World War, complete with Swastikas and Nazis?   Aren't Catholics and Calvinists supposed to be bitter enemies?  

Only when they are playing their game of "Pillar and Post"---- Joachim and Boaz, the Carrot and the Stick.  Otherwise, they are great chums, equal snobs, and most importantly, shareholders in all the major British Banks and members of the Freemason Lodges.  

At that time, 1877, the Bank of Scotland was running the Big Con on the Americans, by impersonating our unincorporated Federation, The United States of America, as "The United States of America ----Incorporated".  So it was the shareholders of the Bank of Scotland hatching WWII.

Today, it's the shareholders of HSBC planning to take over the world and reduce the population to 500 million.  They simply shifted the bulk of their shareholder interest to China to protect their holdings behind a wall of clueless Chinese flesh, instead of a wall of clueless American flesh. 

Unfortunately for the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Bank of England, and numerous other parties besides HSBC and the Bank of France, which has been lurking underwater as the Roman Pontiff's "instrumentality" in all this, the cats are all out of their respective bags and nobody knows how to herd the felines together again.  

Now, anyone with any brains at all, knows that Francis is "Pope" in name only. 

This does not take more than five seconds and commonly available information to sort out.  

Francis was a Jesuit.  Jesuits take a lifetime vow to obey the Pope, period. 
So how does a Jesuit become Pope?  By the Pope telling him to do so, and no other way at all.  

What actually happened and what the records bear out, is that Benedict XVI wore two hats and occupied two offices --- both Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and Roman Pontiff --- head of the profane and pagan government of the City of Rome.  

So, Benedict kept in his own words, "the Ministerial Office" --- and remained Pope, while handing off the dirty work of the "Secular Church" to his loyal Jesuit slave, Francis, who "assumed" the Office of Pope for the purpose of liquidating the Office of the Roman Pontiff and the trust underlying that Office, the Romanus Pontifex, otherwise known as the Urban Trust. 

The word "urban" as in "urban development" comes down to us from an ancient family of that name --- Urban.  They were and still are the Stewards of Rome and keepers of the Urban --- which has come to mean "City"---- Trust, because the Urban Trust is the City of Rome Trust, which was founded seven centuries before Christ according to their present calendar, but actually 1800-plus years, give or take a century, before Christ. 

Ah, so..... 

The Romanus Pontifex was just the Secular Church name for it, as it funded the activities of the Office of the Roman Pontiff --- and amounted to something like $489 Trillion -- at the time that Benedict saw fit to liquidate it and the Office of the Pontiff associated with it, in 2011. 

Just in time for the FEDERAL RESERVE to finish its 2009 tactical bankruptcy. 

It was intended that the assets  in that ancient trust would be used to alleviate suffering and pay back humanity for hundreds of years of unjust taxation, murder, and predation.  Unfortunately, it was commandeered and assigned under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure, to JP MORGAN, instead. 

JP MORGAN, acting in the person of Jamie Dimon, quickly grabbed the ball and distributed the assets of the Urban Trust to colluding banks worldwide, taking his initial purloined "assignment" of the assets and, in turn, assigning assets to BIS, Bank of Brazil, and so on, in an absolute flurry of major asset assignments designed to bulwark Nazi-affiliated UN CORP and Paribus banks worldwide. 

As the Fiduciary of The United States of America, I knew this and protested it ---loudly, both to the guilty church members and Archbishops responsible for this, and to the international governments responsible for this --- most especially the "Pope Emeritus" who had by this time disappeared in Germany so that I was only able to complain to him via the Spanish King, Juan Carlos, the Canadian Government in the person of the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA, and the Minister of Quebec  (the French Payseur Connection again). 

The GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA was also involved as the "principality" official responsible for the transfer of $950 Trillion worth of "Life Force Value Annuities" to Prince Philip in April 2017. Life Insurance Annuities owed on policies taken out on the "Missing Americans" --- before they went missing in 1946.  

If you have the impulse to reach for your hip-waders, so did I.  The inter-related pieces of the puzzle are enough to drive one mad. And the sheer amount of fraud and misrepresentation involved is enough to cause vertigo. 

The best guess is that the deeply entrenched Nazi affiliations of the House of  "Windsor" --- Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Wettin, were shared with Pope Benedict XVI, who simply played a double-fisted game. As the Pope, he took proper action to correct, but via his loyal Jesuit, Francis, still acted as the Pontiff to protect the familial crime syndicates and the banks associated with them.  

And while we are thinking about odd stuff, let's also think about the sterling fact that the Hired Help --- the Territorial Congress and the Municipal CONGRESS and all their associated state-of-state franchises and "agencies" operating under Administrative Code --- have together, as "legislatures" --- compiled over 80 million statutes, codes, and regulations that they are supposed to obey, and which we are supposed to pay for on the enforcement end. 

Ouch.  Eighty million "private laws"  and the people loading everyone down with the craziness and expense of all this, can't even obey ten.  


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