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Thursday, January 28, 2021

About "the National Guard" Troops

 By Anna Von Reitz

Just as there are States and there are different kinds of States-of-States, there are different kinds of National Guard Troops.
So life is a bit more complex than you thought it was, but still not rocket science.
Remember that I told you that after the Civil War, the assets of the original American State of State organizations were placed in individual State Trusts?
And....pop quiz! How were those State Trusts named?
Deceptively, they were named like this: the Ohio State, the Vermont State, the Minnesota State, the Tennessee State....
If you listen and are at all sensitive to language you will already notice that these names leave you hanging--- the Ohio State what?
The Perpetrators could have and should have simply called these what they are--- as in, the Ohio State Trust, but no. They didn't want you to realize that such a trust existed, and they didn't want you to know the history of how and why the State Trusts were established.
That in itself, could have unraveled their whole scheme, so instead, they just conveniently left off the word "Trust" and let it hang at "Ohio State", "Wisconsin State" and so on.
You have, no doubt, over the course of your life filled in that empty space with other words, like --- the Ohio State Capitol, the Ohio State University System, the Ohio State Board of Medical Examiners, the Ohio State Bank, and so on, including but not limited to: the Ohio State National Guard.
So, now you can see that this kind of "National Guard" is paid for and directed under the auspices of the State Trust, and, there is something more that you can learn from the name "Ohio State National Guard" if you are looking for it--- and that is the phrase "Ohio State National", as in, a Guard made up of Ohio State Nationals.
Those who have paid attention will know that Americans define their nationality by the State they are born in. Just like other people are German or French, we are Wisconsinites or Texans. And, within the context of our nation-states, we are further subdivided as "State Nationals" and "State Citizens".
So the Ohio State National Guard also implies that this Guard is composed of State Nationals from Ohio, that is, Americans who are not Federal citizens.
In addition to the aforementioned and described Ohio State National Guard, we have the State of Ohio National Guard, which is funded, directed, and staffed by the Territorial United States Government and the STATE OF OHIO NATIONAL GUARD, which is funded, directed, and staffed by the Municipal United States Government.
Take home message -- there are three (3) kinds of National Guard, and now, we are additionally seeing a fourth--- the OHIO NATIONAL GUARD, which is a United Nations Regional Government corporation franchise, operating as a Municipal Corporation and Private Security Force tasked to protect Municipal officials and Municipal property--- and having nothing to do with our State called Ohio, the State Trust, the Territorial State of State, or the Municipal STATE OF STATE, either.
Confusing? You bet.
There is no reason that members of the Ohio State National Guard can't declare their birthright political status and join the Ohio Assembly, and there is no reason that they can't also be part of the State Assembly Militia and continue to draw their State National Guard pay at the same time.
The only real difference is that the State Assembly Militia includes State Citizens and all their Commanders are State Citizens who have a singular obligation to their State of the Union. By contrast, State National Guards units can include and be commanded by State Nationals who do not necessarily have a singular obligation to their State.
State Assembly Militias -- all Commanders are State Citizens
State National Guard -- all Commanders are State Nationals
State of State National Guard - Employees and Dependents of the Territorial State of State organization.
STATE OF STATE NATIONAL GUARD -- Employees and Dependents of the Municipal STATE OF STATE organization.
STATE NATIONAL GUARD -- Employees of the United Nations Regional Government hired to protect Municipal Corporation officials and assets.
Long story short, you can expect to see a State Assembly Militia, and up to four (4) different entities calling themselves some form of "national guard".
Three of these "national guards" are employed by foreign corporations, and one is employed by the State Trust.
Of the three foreign "National Guard" organizations, two of them should not be operating on our soil.
The Municipal United States Government is obligated by The Constitution of the United States to limit its presence and activities to the enumerated services that it was hired to provide, and they do not include "NATIONAL GUARD" services.
The Territorial United States Government isn't obligated to provide any such service, either, except in connection to its overall mandate to protect and defend on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.
So, long story short, the organizations that are here to protect you and your State include: your State Assembly Militia and your [Ohio, for example] State National Guard.
The State of State National Guard is a Territorial Force under the command of the State of State Governor, which may or may not have a service obligation related to you, depending on the circumstance.
THE STATE OF STATE NATIONAL GUARD and STATE NATIONAL GUARD are both foreign Municipal Government entities that should not be deployed even in a private capacity within the borders of our States of the Union.

We hope this break-down will help people better understand the news coming out of Washington, DC, and better enable them to discern the identity, nature, obligations and affiliations of all these various "national guard" programs and also the State Assembly Militia.


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  1. Funny, a couple years back they moved the state national guards into title 32 fed payroll. Thus as either title 10 or title 32 its the national guard doing what the president of the municipal/territorial incorporated fed gov tells it to, title 10 is directly from the president, title 32 is the president directing the state gov to do as told with its national guard. Top Down Cuntrol.

    "When mobilized (or activated) under Title 10 U.S.C., you are directed by the president to report for active duty in an official capacity. You are being activated for federal active-duty military service. When in federal service, Guard personnel typically participate in military operations and are entitled to the same pay, benefits and legal protections as active military members.

    Activation under Title 32 U.S.C. means that your state's governor has been authorized or directed by the president to mobilize or activate the National Guard in your state. You perform on active duty under state control, but with pay and benefits provided by the federal government. As long as your Title 32 orders are for more than 30, you are still entitled to the same federal benefits as someone activated under Title 10 orders.

    Mobilization orders may come with different duties. Title 10 service can include overseas mobilizations; Title 32 does not. Normally, Title 32 orders are for natural disasters, while Title 10 orders are for national defense. However, this isn't always the case."

    QFA here:

    1. "When the National Guard initially mobilized thousands of troops across the country to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, the bulk of them were on State Active Duty (SAD Orders) before slowly transitioning to federal Title 32 orders. SAD orders are an unacceptable way of deploying troops in virtually all capacities. Instead, federalizing the Guard should be the go-to way the military does business until SAD gets a dramatic overhaul.

      The Trump administration totally bungled deploying the National Guard. Troops went weeks without proper pay and critical benefits, including Tricare health insurance, Basic Allowance for Housing, points toward retirement, and GI Bill benefits accrual while the federal government dragged its feet without an explanation.

      The National Guard’s coronavirus mission is the most ambitious non-combat deployment in its history and it is the most unique part of my military career so far. Delivering food to the needy and facilitating coronavirus testing is different from what my infantry company is used to doing. I’ve been humbled by the eagerness of soldiers to serve the communities they live in, and the Guard’s ability to adapt to the unique mission. But these soldiers can only be properly compensated for serving their state through Title 32 orders. Anything less is an insult to their service.

      President Donald Trump issued a memo saying the Guard’s coronavirus mission will be federally suspended on June 24, meaning units might have to go back to SAD orders. Some lawmakers blasted the administration of leaving some soldiers just a day short of earning their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits.

      These concerns are exaggerated and impact a minority of troops — and there are other education benefits that are not reliant on 90 days of active-duty service. Most service members would come up weeks short, not one day, if June 24 was the end of the mission since most Title 32 orders were issued in early April. Politico reported the administration is weighing on extending federal Title 32 orders through July, which would allow soldiers to earn more education benefits and retirement points."


    2. The IRONY of the orders being called SAD orders shouldn't be lost on people.