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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Seventies and Eighties and Nineties

By Anna Von Reitz

It never made sense to me as a young girl growing up-- that we sent our young men to die in foreign wars.  

It made more sense to send men in their seventies and eighties or nineties, men who had less to lose in terms of opportunity, men wise in the ways of the world, men who had already suffered the vague nature of love, the losses of property, the many slings and arrows of all the fates that guide our such as these are worthy opponents! 

Not the callow youths full of flower and nothing beyond the lies they have been told.....not them.  They should not be sacrificed, who do not know what their own lives are, who have not been enabled to live, much less regret.

No, it should be us, the elders, who pledge the fight.  It should be us, who know what we wager with.  

These youngsters have no guess.  They depend on us.  They are our beloved children.

Global Currency Reset Comment for January 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone wants me to comment on this, but what is there to say?  It's like orphans waiting for Father Christmas.  All these good people who have invested their life's savings in junk bonds without realizing that they are junk bonds.... waiting patiently day after day and week after week and month after month for "the RV".  

When the RV comes, it's all going to be peaches and cream. When the RV comes, miracles will abound.  Peace will reign.  The humble will be raised up.  The evil will be cast down. We will all dance and sing.  It will be a great, great day when the RV comes..... okay, well.....

All fiat currencies are bonds and bonds are I.O.U.'s issued by specific governments.  If the government goes down, how much do you think their I.O.U.'s are worth? 

Why Equity Law is Evil

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been asked, "Why do I attack British Equity Law so vehemently?"

Here's the short answer--- It's not British and it's not Equity and it's not Law. 

In the 1750's a great hue and cry began in England because of the arbitrary and unjust effects of imposing outdated written "one-size fits all" laws without consideration of mitigating circumstances. 

For example, the sentence for murder is death. 

But what about unintentional, accidental murder?  What we now call "manslaughter"?   And what about murder committed by children by accident?  Or by the mentally incompetent, who couldn't possibly know what they were doing?  How about murder in self-defense? The young woman being choked by a would-be rapist and thief, who finds a loaded gun and fires?  Or crimes of passion? The betrayed husband who finds his wife in the arms of another man and snaps?

Septuagesima Sunday

Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's
The Church's Year

Why is this Sunday called "Septuagesima"?
Because in accordance with the words of the First Council of Orleans, some pious Christian congregations in the earliest ages of the Church, especially the clergy, began to fast seventy days before Easter, on this Sunday, which was therefore called Septuagesima" - the seventieth day. The same is the case with the Sundays following, which are called Sexagesima, Quinquagesima , Quadragesima, because some Christians commenced to fast sixty days, others fifty, others forty days before Easter, until finally, to make it properly uniform, Popes Gregory and Gelasius arranged that all Christians should fast forty days before Easter, commencing with Ash-Wednesday.
Why, from this day until Easter, does the Church omit in her service all joyful canticles, alleluia’s, and the Gloria in excelsis etc?

The Tenth Leper.... A Call to Conscience

By Anna Von Reitz

So it begins... 

It was not my intention that America: Some Assembly Required be published on the web.  Within hours of releasing a few copies to trusted friends of the cause, the word came back--- "OMG!  This has to go viral!  Now!!!"  

So the decision was taken, early this morning, in the predawn hours, to release the text and pray to God.... 

Already, Nesara News has released a "doctored" version of it, which you can identify because it misspells my name on the title page.  Their version has my name as "Reizinger"----- it's "Riezinger".  It is spelled the opposite of the more common name for a reason.  

Another way you can tell the Nesara version apart from mine is that my address always is properly sent "in care of" a Post Office Box.  I am not a Post Office Box, thank you, very much.  

There are numerous other changes throughout the text, as someone edited it without my permission and released it without my permission.  

So let's be clear---- the "official" version is available on my website:, and if you have a doctored version, I suggest you dump it and get the right one ASAP.