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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Global Currency Reset Comment for January 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone wants me to comment on this, but what is there to say?  It's like orphans waiting for Father Christmas.  All these good people who have invested their life's savings in junk bonds without realizing that they are junk bonds.... waiting patiently day after day and week after week and month after month for "the RV".  

When the RV comes, it's all going to be peaches and cream. When the RV comes, miracles will abound.  Peace will reign.  The humble will be raised up.  The evil will be cast down. We will all dance and sing.  It will be a great, great day when the RV comes..... okay, well.....

All fiat currencies are bonds and bonds are I.O.U.'s issued by specific governments.  If the government goes down, how much do you think their I.O.U.'s are worth? 

Maybe, just maybe, the successor governments will honor (and be ABLE to honor) the promises of their predecessors.  I don't think so.  Those promises were never realistic to begin with and nothing is going to make them so now.  At least, nothing that I know of.  Zadok from Planet Xeon - B might show up and change the balance of things, that's true, but I am not betting on it.  

Remember that I am a flat-footed little Midwestern girl who grew up dodging cow patties out in the back pasture and having my Uncles ask me funny questions like "Who's on first?"  I am not, it is true, the one to take things on faith; I hang back and wait for deeds to prove words and for facts to be verified.  I long ago learned that the devil uses our virtues just as expertly as he plays our vices and that tends to keep my head firmly screwed on at all times.....  

And in the case of Dinar and Zim and all the rest, what I see is a Devil's Playpen, where he can play the script either way---- appeal to the egalitarian instincts of the Good to want to have money to do good, and appeal to the crass instincts of the Greedy not caring about the people in places like Iraq and Zimbabwe, who together with their country's natural resources, would be the ones paying off these huge debts----get them going and coming both ways, you see?   The Good and the Greedy, both equally motivated to buy, buy, buy, creating a feeding frenzy.... and "giving value" to promises that are essentially either (a) immoral or (b) worthless----- and frankly, I can't see any good coming out of either one of those options. 

But, you are asking the wrong person for a number of reasons--- first, I don't believe in money.  To me, it's all just different kinds and colors of casino chips. Second, if I believe in a real, true, honest "redistribution of wealth" --- I know it has to happen via a different process. First and foremost, it has to happen by debt forgiveness and reinvestment. 

You can't take a bunch of sharks from different countries, throw them in a small swimming pool, and expect harmony and agreement and constructive work to be accomplished, and that is pretty much my take on what really goes on in the GCR Committee.  Everyone talks the talk, nobody walks the walk.  Not really. 

The Elephant in the Room is America.  The real America.  The one revealed in "America: Some Assembly Required"--- the nation-states and people.  Why?  

We are/were the primary source (not the only source, but the primary source)  of all that wealth that was supposed to be distributed. You know---  the "missing" holders of all the world's debts, the value of all Territorial and Municipal Governments on Earth, plus all the wealth of their franchises. . . all belongs, technically, to the actual government of this country because we had very able crooks working here and they used our "abandoned" accounts to stash their loot for decades and they set up all their franchises under our delegated authority, because that is what they abused to build their whole empire. 

Imagine the situation --- you come home and find your entire hometown stuffed full to bursting with gold and silver and receipts for gold and silver and emeralds and diamonds and fine art and Lord Only Knows.  And part of that is legitimately yours, legitimately your inheritance, fair and square. 

But certain other people --- in order to get control and distribute all the rest of it --- decided to just cut you out of the picture, and pretend that you never came home.  Yeah, it was more convenient that way, left more for everyone else, and besides, everyone else in the world was trained to hate your guts and blame you for all the atrocities and wars for profit and violence and pollution and criminality, the drugs and the booze and the whores--- it was all racked up and blamed on you, at the same time you were being lied to and used and abused and worked and taxed to death by the same crowd that was lying to the whole rest of the world about you. 


Well, well, well --- turns out that the British Monarchs and the Popes are the ones actually responsible for all this rot, with an "Also Culpable Award" going to the members of the Territorial and Municipal United States Congresses since 1860.  

So where does that leave us?  With a whole lot of spider-web trails of accounts and mirrored accounts, with hoards of "historical assets" that belong to actual people being illegally seized upon by banks, with land claims that are completely specious, with bogus trusts and bogus transmitting utilities and bogus foreign situs trusts as far as the eye can see, and (almost) every government on Earth knee deep in the kimchi.  

That's the Good News and the Bad News because, if you stop and think about it, good people wound up in control of the situation, and they will forgive all the bogus debts and share out the profits and not according to a shark fest, but according to the simple fact that there was never any reason or need for anyone to suffer or go without--- there has always been far more than enough for everyone on Earth to have good food and water and homes and electricity and indoor plumbing and hospitals and schools and beautiful parks and farms and public buildings and everything else we could want or need.  

Always. There has NEVER been any real reason for all this suffering.  Ever. 

And there is no need for anyone to take a bath on Zim and Dinar investments nor is there any need for those poor countries to have to pay off on these investments. It's all just the stuff that dreams (or nightmares) are made of and, at the end of the day, those who invested for good reasons will have their ability to do good in full measure abounding, and those who invested for the sake of greed--- they will have their just reward, too.  I have no doubt that a greater Hand is at work, making sure that a true and just redistribution of wealth will take place, and an end to all the grief and lies.  

I just don't expect it to happen by an arbitrary Global Reset of the value of casino chips. I expect it to happen by the entire world waking up, looking around, and realizing that yes, Virginia, there is enough, more than enough, for everyone to have what we need, and more than enough to build good dreams. 

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  1. The 475 Trillion Dollar question:

    Is there any truth to French President returning the "Leo Wanta Trust" (stolen money) via the Trump administration this year?

    1. Jim, I was wondering the same thing.

    2. Lee Wanta, spent years as Reagan's personal and secret ambassador to go all over the world making currency trades that he was very good took him 8 years to do it , and by then Regan was dead...but he successfully turned several billion given to him by Regan and turned it into 32 trillion dollars...real dollars, not fake script..!! But when he went to get it at city bank , here in the U.S. he was meet with by George Bush St and the head of city bank who promptly stole all of it and had a swat team come in and escorted out Lee Want and the "provost marshall" with him too..!! End of story...You still think that money is chance!!

  2. We could revise Anna's "279 Trillion dollar Affidavit and Lien against the BAR and DOJ" upward accordingly with Tom Henegan's recent news.

  3. Now I know why I never liked school. They were teaching us BS all the time. Especially disliked History Class and Social Studies. Flunked my Senior Exam because I refused to study for it. I came from a family of 6 kids. All of them graduated with PHD's or Masters Degrees except me.

  4. Dont be the chior preaching to the choir , start planting the seeds of truth and be the farmer cultivating and nuturing it.

    1. Patriot58, its way too late for planting, cultivating and nurturing; its time for HARVEST. Earth is nearing its 'expiration date'.

    2. Abby, we need to maintain our faith in the Supreme Being of creation. None of us are too good at pinpointing future timelines. We just don't see clearly very far out, but, in my humble opinion it's not time for harvest, it is time for focused, knowledgeable and determined action. I for one have found a great deal of hope and strengthening from Anna, James, Freeman1 and Paul's, as well as others, positive comments. I would say their planting, cultivating, nurturing and (lot's of weeding in my case) has been very fruitful in my life. I gotta believe in many, many others as well. The world is not going to end tomorrow and life will go on. Everyday is an opportunity to discover additional ways to conduct ourselves in ways enabling us to overcome what we are facing. I wish you would bear in mind that newcomers are constantly joining the ranks of those who realize something is wrong. It is hope that should spring forth eternal, not negativity, from hearts that take serious what Anna has revealed to us by doing what she says. If people are led here as they search, or if they stumbled upon it, either way, they should find it an eye opener, but not because someone feels like venting their bitterness with life and how hopeless it appears. This website is a mission, called and established by the Supreme Source of creation, that Being existing completely outside of time. It is a calling to be carried out by those called to establish it and supported by those who have benefitted from it. Those who benefit, like myself, or those who just enjoy reading the information, could if they so choose, experience the liberating, efficacious and empowering procedures that Anna teaches. From the time I started reading Anna's writings my life has done a complete about face. I went from apparent helplessness in my mind to one who is applying her processes very seriously. We all need to quit looking outside for some savior who will come along and implement some program that will set us all free. Not going to happen. It is us, hand in hand, one in thought, with each other, and ultimately with the Supreme Source of Creation, that have been assigned the task of managing the earth. We've been sloppy and too trusting. As a result we are where we are today. We must become focused on having a positive role in turning the tide, whatever our current situation. We can all only do what we can do and no more. The number of new viewers of this site is growing at a pretty good pace. Please bear in mind many in need of answers come here to get those answers. Please don't be so negative so as to cause even the least of these to continue their stumbling. Over the last eighteen months, I narrowly missed meeting the Supreme Being, according to the hospital report, by 21 minutes, thanks to a major heart attack. Then, just months following that, my kidneys completely failed and I was once again faced with the reality of possibly meeting the Supreme Being of creation. I modestly recovered from the kidney incident only to be diagnosed with cancer. On a scale of 1-10 the urologist said I was a nine. Terrible news that no one wants to hear. As you can imagine, it seems like an awful lot to have to endure within an eighteen month span. What I am left with is doing the necessary things to see that I get back on my feet so I can make a positive difference in re-establishing my, our, the entire world's, Foreign Sovereignty standing. If there is a harvest coming soon like what you are suggesting, and who knows, maybe you are correct, but for sure if it does, we must each be found to be doing our part to get the message out right up to the end. I believe we are to occupy (in it's fullest sense). It is in our occupying as instructed, that we find our lives take on meaning beyond what we could have imagined. This website has played a major role in my life as I navigate serious health threatening circumstances beyond my control. It is my hope others get as much from it as I have.

    3. Beautiful words spoken and shared Net!! Thank you, and may you continue to be blessed to heal and recover and keep being a blessing to others!
      Much Love to You!!

  5. Need to take a lesson from judicial watch FOIA.everything if don't produce sue! that will at least slow the graft down till we can comb through the paperwork . Then lawsuit for miss appropriation of dereliction of duty embezzlement grand theft .

  6. ''good people wound up in control''. That needs some further explanation because we the people see no such thing, and all we
    have to go on is what we can see.
    Just who is in control, when did they wind up in control, and just
    WHEN are they going to spring into literal action?

    This is one of those irritating little nuggets dropped on us like seeds thrown on the ground that always seems to just get blown in the wind never to be seen in real life.

    Anna, you are always throwing these little tidbits out to us, which leaves us with far more and new questions, than ever being any real answer to anything; we are still popping HBP pills, and half the population is on anxiety pills and can't sleep - and these little bitty seedlings do not help, but add to the problems. Its no different than the false hopium that has been dripping out for the past half decade from these wanna-be dinar/zim gurus.

    Anna, we are all on the same side here, and we know you could be a whole lot more forthright with us and you know it, too. And SINCE we are all entitled to our portion of the assets, why do you treat us like its none of our business?
    No need to take offense, but its only normal to want trees to bear fruit, no? We don't need promises, what we need is real action. Are we going to be here next year at this time, still looking at unproductive seedlings?

  7. The RV would only be a bailout for the criminal cabal, who stole from us, then used it against us to harm us and who took control of our military. They nearly destroyed our country and all of us along with it. That was their agenda. This is the Great Awakening. Anna and so many others (God's army) have dedicated their lives to end this evil. We've been in a spiritual battle for who knows how long. The whole world has been infested by these luciferian psychopathic parasites. Until they are removed and/or arrested, humanity can not move forward to heal from all the atrocities. We've all been on hopium for a very, very long time. Even when I do my own venting because I am righteously angry, especially with those who are knowingly committing crimes, I know this is about our liberation from this evil. The last time I looked, there were over 9,000 sealed indictments. This is a historical event and we are here to witness all of it.

    1. Yes, there is such a thing as righteous anger. RA is when we have been treated unjustly, and without any good reason. That is what is at the root of nearly all 'anger' here. Scripture even tells us that God is (righteously) angry with the wicked all the day long. And so are we !

      Now I gotta say that I'm glad I publicly vented here and said it at mid-afternoon today, because I got a response from God right after that, early this evening. He is going to be doing some might strong intervention, and I'm happy to tell Anna that 'His help is on the way'. You have laid the groundwork, but He will be the One to implement the doing of it. So pray in that Direction and let Him take the seat of Control. Now its just a matter of that right moment; things are gonna get real interesting.

    2. And I just heard today that the director of the FBI is stepping down....hur ray!! Go Trump!! Judge Anna you have the knowledge and the "TRUTH" and we are all totally I'm debt to you...but your missing one thing...the "POWER" to get we done..!! Why do you think that the "POWER elite" want power, not money...unfortunately they are so intimately connected they have to have the money to have the power.. But money in any form is "control"...if we were using walnuts as currency, you can bet the elite would find a way to corrupt it so they "controlled" it..!!! Trump actually went to that latest summit meeting with the "Elites" and he actually fit in quite well. They may hate him but they do respect him and may even grow to like him....Trump is our new "king David", because it takes more than money to be a takes courage and faith, to stand up against "Goliaths " of this world....but Sandra Huckabee said that Trump is working on all these problems, and quickly or accidentally said he is going to clear up our judicial system so they obey the constitution again....!!

    3. Hur ray is right. So many CEO's are 'resigning', too. Many are from sexual harassment charges. I can only imagine what other crimes they've committed. The ugly truth will come out in the end.

  8. Einstein said we cannot use the same system for remedy that created the problem in the first place; the money system is a bankruptcy-for-profit Ponzi scheme;

    We have to build a real alternative system, starting locally; and, for trading one needs to be making some thing others want or trading it on;

    So, stop wasting your valuable time on all this digital dross; start prepping; gather seeds, herbs, mother stock, spend your time learning self-sustainability; while the lights are still on;

    Forget about digital money and RV's; Babylon wont stand for long; let those who have ears hear...

    1. What are RV's..did I miss that discussion..??

    2. Currency "Re-Valuation" a/k/a distraction, a/k/a scheme
      a/k/a false hopium playing on peoples desperations, a/k/a "nesara"

    3. Common law...that's the best sense yet

  9. That was a good description of us 'good' people who got blamed for everything...they did in fact live off of both our ignorance and our virtue but no longer. The sooner everyone knows who they really are, the sooner they will find relief Anna.

  10. Virginia did not think there was enough for everyone....Racial Integrity Act of 1924....Walter Plecker....

  11. Actually, like anything else, there are good things and bad things when you integrate people of different color, religions, cultures, food, etc. But it should always be in moderation...!! That's the only way you can keep the NATIONALITY of a country solid..!! And our history!!

    1. James, america has had its culture stolen by the deliberate flooding of all sorts of foreigners. I see absolutely no purpose in integration. In the olden days when various nationalities were coming here, they always formed their own communities and stayed within them. They didn't come here trying to bully their way, but actually tried to act like americans and assimilate; while at the same time keeping their own culture amongst themselves.
      But what we have now are Invaders who are brought here to squeeze out anything american; its the plot to try to wipe out the white race, entirely. And idiots are falling for it; hellywood is being used to promote 'mixing' now......notice?


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