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Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Tenth Leper.... A Call to Conscience

By Anna Von Reitz

So it begins... 

It was not my intention that America: Some Assembly Required be published on the web.  Within hours of releasing a few copies to trusted friends of the cause, the word came back--- "OMG!  This has to go viral!  Now!!!"  

So the decision was taken, early this morning, in the predawn hours, to release the text and pray to God.... 

Already, Nesara News has released a "doctored" version of it, which you can identify because it misspells my name on the title page.  Their version has my name as "Reizinger"----- it's "Riezinger".  It is spelled the opposite of the more common name for a reason.  

Another way you can tell the Nesara version apart from mine is that my address always is properly sent "in care of" a Post Office Box.  I am not a Post Office Box, thank you, very much.  

There are numerous other changes throughout the text, as someone edited it without my permission and released it without my permission.  

So let's be clear---- the "official" version is available on my website:, and if you have a doctored version, I suggest you dump it and get the right one ASAP. 

This is only the beginning of what I fear will be a major attack and attempted piracy of my work online, so be forewarned and forearmed.  There are a lot of people who won't want you to know the truth, and if they can fool you by giving you a doctored copy of something under my name, they will. 

Apparently there are old Cabal agents wandering around trying to make use of my name, too.  Just because someone comes to you in my name or gives you something written that appears to be my work---- take care.  Write to me. Call me. Ask.  

The same charlatans that  created this giant sting against our lawful government will be out in full force trying to steal in my name, trying to discredit me, trying to doctor my words, trying to ride on my coat-tails and associate themselves with me, but be forewarned. 

What these people always do, is pretend to be their enemy.  Always. 

Throughout the Gospels there are accounts of Jesus healing whole groups of people, and although they all received the same gift of health and healing, only a few returned to thank him in each group, usually about one in ten was reported as coming back. 

If you are thankful for the information you have received, then be sure to pass on ONLY the actual text of America: Some Assembly Required as I wrote it, warts and all.

And if you want to continue to benefit from the work that I and the members of The Living Law Firm have done and are doing, then lend a hand and make a donation.  America: Some Assembly Required is a small book, but it took two and a half weeks of my life to condense forty-plus years of study into sound-bites, and it took similar chunks our of other's lives as well to deliver this little book into your hands. Men and women have suffered and died to bring this book to you, true Americans, who brought forward their bits and pieces so that it could all be put together at last. 

We could have done as so many others have done before.  We could have chickened out and saved our knowledge for ourselves and just our families and our chosen friends.  We could have left you out and never told you the truth about what has happened to this country and why.   

We could have.  We didn't.  As always, we gave it away, so that it could go viral, so that it could be read by as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. 

How much is this little book worth?  If you are an American, the knowledge is beyond diamonds and pearls.  If you aspire to freedom, if you care about this country--- it is the key to unlocking the chains that bind you, the key to recognizing who is responsible for the malaise that has held our country in thrall for six generations. 

If you live elsewhere in the world, it is the key to understanding what has been done to you and your countries, too, for the same masterminds implemented this same fraud scheme on a worldwide basis--- stealing your identity, voiding your constitutions by deceit, misdirecting your own employees to enslave you, taking title to your land, impersonating you, and on and on. 

It wasn't "America" doing all these bad things all around the world. 

It was Britain and the European hegemony left over from the Holy Roman Empire, working together in collusion and Breach of Trust, secretly controlling and siphoning off the wealth and manpower of this country and using us to enrich themselves and be their gun fodder in endless wars for profit.  

So if you want to blame someone for what has gone on here, blame us for being confused and misled by charlatans operating in Breach of Trust, but blame them for being evil and self-serving and the cause of it all. 

And now, I want to stuff something down the throats of all those whining and crying about my "support" for Trump: he's the first President since JFK that wasn't bought off.  He's the first real American to hold the office of President since 1963. He's the first competent businessman to be elected to the one Office in this country that is supposed to be about business, first, last, and always----in my lifetime.  

Now that you have read America: Some Assembly Required and have the Big Picture firmly in mind, take ten minutes and watch this campaign speech that you probably never heard before and maybe didn't really think about, either, if you did hear it.   President Trump clearly saw the basics of the problem long before I explained the history of it to him.   And now that he has the history, he's the one American in place, able and ready, to put an end to 150 years of European lies and deceit, betrayal by the Church and infamous betrayal and Breach of Trust by the British Monarch who would now be speaking German without us.  

Watch and see why I support Donald J. Trump:

And if you support the gargantuan efforts of unsung heroes laboring all over this country to nail this down, here's my laundry list this week:

1. The single wife of a patriot in jail, sick, losing her home, her husband under false arrest by these cretins, her light bill hasn't been paid.  His research has put the guilty American Bar Association under worldwide lien for $279 trillion dollars. They are trying to kill him as we speak, just as they tried their best to do away with the Bundys and others who had guts enough to speak up.
2. The wife and two small children of a man similarly under false arrest, a researcher who cracked the code and history of the Postal Districts and how they are supposed to operate---and don't.

3. The man who is singularly responsible for proving the continuance of our government is sitting in a little cabin so far out in the woods you couldn't find him with a flashlight, counting pennies to send out the letters that are saving your lives.  His wife and child are suffering with him.

4. A former Bar Attorney who realized what the rats were doing to this country and who immediately tore up his bar card and came to do what's right, lost his home because of it to the illegal foreclosure mill, can't pay for the basics of his life without help from his children.  It's for all of us that he is suffering.

5. A dedicated Paralegal who has devoted her life to informing the Provost Marshals of their liability and charge to guard the American People and deliver their exemptions and guarantee that The Law of Peace is what the American People receive----- her car broke down and she can't do her mission without a $2000 repair.

6. The man who has researched the worst-of-the-worst-of-the-worst mechanized money laundering machine that has been delivering the value of your lives and your labor to the Pope and the Queen and the cretins who have faithlessly operated your government---- it's because of him that we can prove where the money went----take your hats off! He is struggling to pay a medical bill and there's no help available for him, his wife, his daughter--- only what I can send.

And yes, I COULD go on.  Every day, as the Paymaster for this operation, I have to make HARD choices about where the pennies and nickles go.  Every day I have to look at and hear the suffering of good people, the groaning of their voices under the scourge of this injustice---- and continue to make those hard choices.  Should a child go without Christmas because a widow needs heat in her house?  

What would you do?  

It's time for the actual enemies of this country and its people to be held to account, and for the "mistaken identity" and Breach of Trust to end, right now. 

If Mr. Trump is a "cowboy" --- then so am I.  

If Cliven Bundy is a "cowboy" ---- then so am I.  

I ride for the brand, and I know what brand it is---- which is a good deal more than a lot of brainless yuppies in L.A. and NYC and the entire National Press Club seem to know.  

So--- it's up to all of you.  

The people who made America: Some Assembly Required both living and dead need your help now.  They need you to wake up.  They need to you take action.  They need you to spread the correct word.  They need you to tackle the Bar Associations.  They need you to help President Trump carry through on his campaign promises.  And yes, some of them need your help to pay the light bill. 

Send emergency donations to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652 or send via PayPal to: --- and I will do my best to spread whatever butter there is to those who have done the most and those who are in most desperate straits.


  1. I am the owner of nesaranews and just seen the issue with the alternate doctored version. I was sent in an email about the release of the book and given a link to it, I posted it and also uploaded a copy to my server because the Cabal loves to screw with things like this. I made a phone call to Anna about this and we have it straightened out. The source of the phony doctored version came from here:

    She accused nesaranews of releasing a doctored version and that is incorrect. Nesaranews reposted a post from the above link. I have corrected the post on nesaranews with the updated info.

    1. it, who are we supposed to believe...!! Judge Anna did he really straighten it out with you....this really sucks...if we weren't on your site judge Anna, we wondnt even be aware of what was going on. Can you imagine the normal clueless family..!! People are going to be really screwed when the plug is pulled..last night on "coast to coast" am radio from 10pm to 2am every night , he had a guest on that was a navy Chaplin.. And for some reason one of the elites took a liking to him. He really didn t believe what he was saying was actually going to be true....but it all came true just exactly like he said it would...Its an "agenda" that these elitist want..!! Long story short, he said he will try his best to update us on their plans so we aren't caught of guard...but this last election totally disrupted their whole agenda....Hillary was absolutely supposed to win...he even told the Chaplin that no one has a chance against Hillary..!! That's who they wanted in and spent billions to make sure of it....their whole agenda now is put off for years...and only by the grace of God...Trump is definitely chosen by God to bring this system down...even if he is in for 8 years, the elites are still to this day making plans for the next election after that to replace Trump with one of their own again...thats how stubborn they are...they are obsessed with "controlling this planet"..!! But for now, under Trump, they are making a fortune..He said their will be nothing but a bull market with the Dow Jones hitting 30,40, or even 50,000..!! Insane. But at the right time they are planning another 1929 crash so everyone but them will lose everything..!! And they are already planning on their own cryptocurrency that will make all others void..anyway I see his knowledge as a forewarning of what they are planning because he is willing to share it...heres he's site

      In the meantime our real enemy is and has been and always will be "The WALL"(the Judges in every courtroom) who not only stop us from REMEDY but throw us in jail if we are to exposed or actually won on paper and don't want anyone to know..!!And I'm working on Trump to do something about our judicial system and their utter defiance of the "rule of law"...!!!

    2. When I talked with Anna, she was too tired to stay awake. She needs sleep and I am sure she will publish a correction tomorrow. I don't like calling her at this late hour but it was ok. I forwarded the original email that was sent to me containing the doctored book links to Anna. She will handle it. I am sure.

    3. David E. Robinson again... Do I have to go head to head with that jerk , again ?

    4. Again? I must have missed something. Is that why he changed the name of his site and I haven't heard anything in a while? He needs to be held accountable for defrauding Anna's work like he did.

    5. Hi, as far as we know, he is back in prison for taxes; not sure if he is back out; it could be that someone else is also using his name;

      In these troubled times, we must breathe, count to ten, not be too quick to judge others; to do and say and treat others the way we would;

      There is no "us" or "them", only us; we are all in the same boat called earth; inherently we all want the same things; so, lets judge not lest we be judged; in peace

    6. I hear this misquoted scripture about 'judging' way too often. In no way does it say we are not to judge, but that there are pre-conditions to be met before anyone can judge anything or anyone. Its right in Matt. 7:5 ''thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of your own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye''.
      In other words you gotta first make sure you arent guilty yourself before you go pointing the finger at others.
      Even then, all judgement must be made in accordance with the Word of God; not worldly opinion. So for those who do not even adhere to the Bible in their own daily lives, are unfit to judge anyone at all.....ever.
      So only true christians are fit to judge; in fact christians are commanded to ''judge ALL things, using Righteous Judgement''

      We are all on the same earth/planet, but we are not 'all in the same boat' at all. The bible is chock full of ''us' and them'. Yes, we all want rid of tyranny and injustice, but that does not make us 'joined at the hip'.
      'we will know who is who by their fruits' ..but ya gotta go by the 'fruit inspectors guide book' to know good fruit vs. rotten fruit.
      Matt. 7 good chapter.

  2. It's direct , condensed ,no flowers just straight . Once you know the city of London is the center of it all with SERCO.generating the face flags world wide .all you need to know who run that city within a city.runs the world. Loyds of london, bank of England , own all banks.

  3. AMAZING WORK Anna!!! It is perfectly clear and so easy to read and understand, thank you soooo much!! My favorite part was the ending from pages 54-60!! Very Inspirational and powerful in understanding the "spirit" of our choices, and the consequences thereof in either choosing Freedom or "Liberty"!! Perfect!! I will be ordering many printed copies today(or as soon as they're made avail for purchase)
    Anna & Team, you are all a huge blessing to our country of Nation states and to this world!! God be with you and continue to bless us all in/on this journey!
    Much Love & Peace Always

  4. Again, everyone is missing the holocaust being wrought by our courts, hospitals, doctors, nurses and now emergency responders who deny puncturing the internal jugular vein despite autopsy findings, while courts literally give us the finger after alleging and proving all essential elements of our cause of actions. Judges refuse to do their jobs to guarantee our constitutional right to life and informed consent by failing to apply the law to the actual facts before the Court. If judges are not deciding matters directly involved in the dispute before them, they're exercising general power, which is intended to control future conduct, thus guaranteeing that murders by doctors, nurses and emergency responders and risk management employees will only escalate. Without requiring judicial power to be anchored to facts of a dispute, a judge is exercising legislative power under the guise of judicial power. After six years, all I get from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Gloria's murder after six years and four months is an order on Jan 26, 2018 saying that no judge has requested a vote on whether to rehear the matter en banc. Fed.R.App.P 35. How many more will die ahead of their time because these judges fail to do their jobs and before the world wakes up to this holocaust taking place all around us, here they don't have to bother with rail cars, gas chambers or concentration camps when their victims willingly depend on these people for help, only to be murdered by them under color of law, we need common law Nuremberg judgements to once again re-establish that hastening death is murder. In. U.S. Supreme Court, Glucksberg, 1997 bobby brown

    1. What we need is "PARITY" with all court officers...!! We need to all be on a level playing field when we are in court..!! Why should a judge or a prosecutor have the right or authority to make judicial decisions from the bench before a trial even starts...!! They have proved beyond a doubt that they can't be trusted to do the right thing...!! DOCTORS FROM HELL....why are you using all these different will never get remedy from them.. the Court of "original jurisdiction" is the "district court of the United states, not the U.S. DISTRICT COURT (another Corp within the territorial U.S.)..Even though that's where you have to file your paperwork, under "saving to suitors" 28USC1333, and in Admiralty jurisdiction, not common law..!! However, when you label your paperwork it should read To the united states District Court (not the DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES). Then you have to inform the judge that you have filed the case here because this is a diversity case, and I demand an article 3 court.. under Admiralty jurisdiction...because under Admiralty, everyone has to be bonded and if not tell him you will file his bond for him under "subragation", making him personally liable on the bond if he is abusing his authority..!! Subagation is a big thing merely means that you can name any of the parties as your the judge..!!

  5. From Mike:
    Mere words are completely incapable of expressing the gratitude I feel for Anna's monumental selfless generosity in her decision to release what absolutely must be one of the most powerful and heavenly inspired documents ever created in all of known history. Never before has any single author ever exceeded the scope and magnitude of this writing. I am both honored and privileged to be given the front-row seat to history afforded by this document. Never before has a single publication laid out so much truth and knowledge in such a concise and cogent fashion, this could only be accomplished by a saint! I no sooner finished reading her words, when I felt compelled to redouble my own efforts as a patriot and a truther. I know in my heart that every one of us can tap into Anna's motivational inspiration source in our own unique and varied ways if we are willing to take that first step without fear or pessimism.

    Thank you so very much Anna, and may God continue to bless you for eternity.

  6. I read this book last night. I found it confusing when the mix of the various names referring to all the USA levels/districts/governments/service providers. What in my opinion would help would be a front end reference showing what the different titles are as in: A "The United States of America" unincorporated; B the "United States of America, INC" and using the A,B C references in the titles when referred.

    It is that very identity theft that caused everyone to be caught in the trap, so to help the people wake up the referencing will help to simplify the confusion.

    I am a Canadian and while not an American, I do realize that the usurping of our trade names, labour, property, monies, taxes has applied here in Canada, I keep looking for clues to overturn this under the Canadian system. I do believe that we are still handcuffed to British and until either USA is relieved or the British affiliates are taken down, we have a snowball's chance in hell. Our military is controlled by the Queen and thus SOL unless we can wake those people up.

    Even Paul Hellyer knows this yet insists on trying to reform the banking system from within and we all know how that's going.

    Thank you Anna, Paul and team for all your tireless efforts.

  7. The most amazing civics lesson i've ever seen!
    Thanks are inadequate.
    The only sensible acknowledgement is get up & get our jural assemblies operating!
    i'll most certainly send a dono for the printed version cost. Plus order some copies to keep on hand as needed.
    Much obliged!

  8. re: There are numerous other changes throughout the text, as someone edited it without my permission and released it without my permission.
    there is a simple fix for this

    find the nearest "nerd" and shoot a spitball at them. after they have wiped their glasses, and their high-pitched weaselly shrill tone asks you what you are doing, claim you need their assistance to "save the world."

    their ego, will DEMAND they assist.

    see comic

    that is a simple book, but anyone can google the basics and not have to buy anything.

    the "easy" solution is to use a checksum algorithm(s) e.g. "MD4" "MD5" "SHA1" "SHA256" etc.

    simple and free. this allows one to simply "hash" a file.

    then, you can post the hash (e.g. 16 hexadecimal digits, zero through "F") of a file and the file size on the website, you can do this e.g. for all PDF files for example.

    this is not 100% "secure", but just a "digital watermark" essentially.

    essentially, for any size "input" file, you get an "output" that is supposed to be a unique 16-octet value (length varies by algorithm)

    the "risk" is that someone might "crack" the algorithm such that they find a way to generate a "collision" i.e. some other input file/bytes/data with the same "hash" as yours. then, they could have their imposter file with the same "hash" as yours and claim it is yours.

    this is unlikely but possible, so posting the file size mitigates this, and using a "modern" algorithm, or e.g. two of them.

    for better protection, pgp "pretty good privacy" has/had freeware versions, or gnupg is "open source" and likely other "PGP-type programs" should be free too.

    this would allow one to create a public/private key and "sign" a document with your "private key".

    then, people can download your "public key" (your "private key" remains "private" to you only, the "public key" you let anyone and everyone have a copy of it) and people can use your "public key" to verify any documents/files/etc. released by you, that you actually signed them, and that they are untampered with.

    so long as you keep your "private key" private and noone else has access to it, this should be quite "secure"

    "digital certificates" are essentially variations of the same things.

    a "hash" can "prove" something is not tampered with, but this doesn't "prove" where it came from.

    a public/private "key" used to "sign" a file, will "prove" it came from a specific person or not.

    combining the two, you can "prove" a specific person released a file, and that it was not tampered with ("person" being the "person" who has the private key corresponding to a public key)

  9. All anyone needs to know about Anna's original work is that it appears here on and this is the official source for her articles. I receive these directly from her and they are published as she sent them with minor corrections for typos, spelling, and other grammatical correction by our proofreader.
    Anything else on any other website notwithstanding.


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