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Sunday, March 20, 2022

About Racial Prejudice

 By Anna Von Reitz

Part of my job is to recognize assets, and one of the stranger bits I have had to learn is that the assets of the world belong to natural kingdoms and follow their own laws.  

We, living men and women, are assets of the land jurisdiction.  Why? 

Because dust Thou art, and to dust returneth.... 

This is our common, immutable heritage, and by our Creator's Law, no man is better than another, except by his own character and choices in life.  

This is the Truth, handed down generation to generation, and it has always been so.  Why, then, do we struggle with issues of racial prejudice? 

In a word: fear. 

Go back to the moment when racial prejudice first entered your life.  For most of us, this was on a playground.  One moment, you were playing with all the other kids, and then, someone took you aside. 

Someone said to you something like, "Little black boys should play with other black children, and "nice" little white girls should play with white children." 

If, like me, you had the temerity to look astonished and ask, "Why?" you were most likely met with a knowing and superior look from one of the much older authority figures in your life, who shrugged and said something like, "That's just the way it is."  

This is how it begins--- with a "tip off" that you are different, and not part of that other group of people, and you should stick with your own kind.  

So you start paying attention to kind, and humanity shrinks down from the whole to the part.  Bins with color labels are established in your mind, and you start sorting people as if they were potatoes -- red, white, yellow, black.  

Pretty soon you lose track of who people are as individuals, and just label them and put them in your mental bin system.  This labeling and categorizing goes on no matter what color you are.  Blacks do it to whites, whites do it to blacks, yellows do it to reds, and so on and on. 

Looking back as adults, we know what motivated the fear---fear that in ten or twenty years, what began as friendship could result in a mixed race child. 

It's quite a spectacle -- apparently, billions of adults are afraid of a child.  

We are told, it's because such a child won't fit in.  

Fit into what?  

The labeling system.  

He's not black or white, she's not yellow or red.  Agonized and alarmed, someone shouts, "There's no bin for that!" 

Is this a national emergency?  Is God offended by his creation? 

When you look at the fears directly motivating racial prejudice, they are objectively ridiculous.  So is there anything else?  Something we are missing? 

There is another layer of fear, and this fear has nothing to do with anyone or anything outside ourselves. 

It's the gnawing fear that we aren't good enough by ourselves, the idea that our group is the source of our strength, instead of our own character and fortitude.  We tell ourselves that there is strength in numbers.  We fall back on tribal identity. 

Pretty soon, to further relieve the fear of being alone and relatively powerless, we start telling ourselves that our group, our race, is superior, by virtue of nothing but inherited genetics.  

Fear and belief in our own personal powerlessness is how we are reduced down to the factual insanity of racial prejudice. 

People don't actually exist as groups or races.  People exist one by one, each one unique, a sum total of infinitely varied factors.  The focus on race or even nationality, keeps us from seeing this, yet this is the truth---- and we each have cause to know it. 

Deep in our hearts, in the glory of love, we know the truth.  We all have far more in common than all the things that keep us isolated, fearful, and divided. 

A man who truly believes in his own power, one who is happy with himself, and proud of who he is, stands on his own two feet without a care in the world. He has no time for fear, no need to reach beyond himself for power based on the illusions of racial superiority or tribal unity.  He is complete in himself.  He suffers no belief in being alone or being powerless. 

Our own completeness and fearlessness allows us to overcome racial prejudice. Instead of being frightened and trying to isolate ourselves, we embrace the whole of life again, as we did when we were children, before someone took us aside and said.... 

So find your courage.  Appreciate yourself as is.  See that you have infinite choices and possibilities. You are not required to create and maintain a set of color-coded bins in your mind.  And if you search for strength outside yourself, why limit yourself to one color, one kind?  

You are already part of the Family of Mankind.


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