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Sunday, March 20, 2022

About Racial Prejudice

 By Anna Von Reitz

Part of my job is to recognize assets, and one of the stranger bits I have had to learn is that the assets of the world belong to natural kingdoms and follow their own laws.  

We, living men and women, are assets of the land jurisdiction.  Why? 

Because dust Thou art, and to dust returneth.... 

This is our common, immutable heritage, and by our Creator's Law, no man is better than another, except by his own character and choices in life.  

This is the Truth, handed down generation to generation, and it has always been so.  Why, then, do we struggle with issues of racial prejudice? 

In a word: fear. 

Go back to the moment when racial prejudice first entered your life.  For most of us, this was on a playground.  One moment, you were playing with all the other kids, and then, someone took you aside. 

Someone said to you something like, "Little black boys should play with other black children, and "nice" little white girls should play with white children." 

If, like me, you had the temerity to look astonished and ask, "Why?" you were most likely met with a knowing and superior look from one of the much older authority figures in your life, who shrugged and said something like, "That's just the way it is."  

This is how it begins--- with a "tip off" that you are different, and not part of that other group of people, and you should stick with your own kind.  

So you start paying attention to kind, and humanity shrinks down from the whole to the part.  Bins with color labels are established in your mind, and you start sorting people as if they were potatoes -- red, white, yellow, black.  

Pretty soon you lose track of who people are as individuals, and just label them and put them in your mental bin system.  This labeling and categorizing goes on no matter what color you are.  Blacks do it to whites, whites do it to blacks, yellows do it to reds, and so on and on. 

Looking back as adults, we know what motivated the fear---fear that in ten or twenty years, what began as friendship could result in a mixed race child. 

It's quite a spectacle -- apparently, billions of adults are afraid of a child.  

We are told, it's because such a child won't fit in.  

Fit into what?  

The labeling system.  

He's not black or white, she's not yellow or red.  Agonized and alarmed, someone shouts, "There's no bin for that!" 

Is this a national emergency?  Is God offended by his creation? 

When you look at the fears directly motivating racial prejudice, they are objectively ridiculous.  So is there anything else?  Something we are missing? 

There is another layer of fear, and this fear has nothing to do with anyone or anything outside ourselves. 

It's the gnawing fear that we aren't good enough by ourselves, the idea that our group is the source of our strength, instead of our own character and fortitude.  We tell ourselves that there is strength in numbers.  We fall back on tribal identity. 

Pretty soon, to further relieve the fear of being alone and relatively powerless, we start telling ourselves that our group, our race, is superior, by virtue of nothing but inherited genetics.  

Fear and belief in our own personal powerlessness is how we are reduced down to the factual insanity of racial prejudice. 

People don't actually exist as groups or races.  People exist one by one, each one unique, a sum total of infinitely varied factors.  The focus on race or even nationality, keeps us from seeing this, yet this is the truth---- and we each have cause to know it. 

Deep in our hearts, in the glory of love, we know the truth.  We all have far more in common than all the things that keep us isolated, fearful, and divided. 

A man who truly believes in his own power, one who is happy with himself, and proud of who he is, stands on his own two feet without a care in the world. He has no time for fear, no need to reach beyond himself for power based on the illusions of racial superiority or tribal unity.  He is complete in himself.  He suffers no belief in being alone or being powerless. 

Our own completeness and fearlessness allows us to overcome racial prejudice. Instead of being frightened and trying to isolate ourselves, we embrace the whole of life again, as we did when we were children, before someone took us aside and said.... 

So find your courage.  Appreciate yourself as is.  See that you have infinite choices and possibilities. You are not required to create and maintain a set of color-coded bins in your mind.  And if you search for strength outside yourself, why limit yourself to one color, one kind?  

You are already part of the Family of Mankind.


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  1. It's so sad and disgusting what adults to children. Those little racist talks, turn innocent children into monsters when they become adults.

  2. Looks like the b*stards intended to target Caucasian Russian people with tailor made genetic RNA biological weapons manufactured in Ukraine and an Air Force base in Lackland Texas. Pure evil and ethnic genocide to boot.

    Truth Kitty from The Truth Factory

    1. "The U.S. has a LONG HISTORY of using chemical weapons on innocent people, then blaming it on someone else, some other country or group. Well, The same thing is about to happen in Ukraine.

      The deep state is going to launch chemical weapons on innocent Ukrainians, and they are going to blame Russia."

      "Blinken doesn’t believe a word of this. He’s reading (very poorly) from a teleprompter scrolling words he doesn’t want to say. But he has to say it, because he’s too deep in. He’s too corrupt now.
      Syria, Iraq and so much more. WE have the history of this.

      They’re getting ready for the false flag attack that will provoke global support for the war they NEED. These sociopaths used this “chemical weapons” ploy in Syria, Iraq, Libya amd more. ALL were proven to be false, and carried out by the U.S.

      So what's one more time for all the marbles, right? Before you can have a new world order you must first destroy the old one.

      Hunter and Joe are exposed, COVID is a Bioweapon intentionally released to usher in the shots that kill, 5G is a killer, shortages and supply chain disruptions are intentional, Jan 6 was a set up by the Feds, the media is the CIA, and Trump won."

    2. They had a video going round saying that melanin is powerful & used in computer chips. Think about that for a min. Should race really mix?

  3. Thank you Anna for all your hard work and sharing your knowledge. Please know you are very appreciated. Again, thank you for everything. Frances

  4. Judge Anna,

    Good morning and thank you for this Beautiful transcript of Truth. This was started long ago by the elites as a way to separate us because they knew that once we were divided, they could easily conquer us. As the old saying goes: there is more of us than them. The sad part is that Satan used the weak ones to carry out this obnoxious plan. This is 2022 and Racism is still alive and well. Until Christ returns man will never get this Right. God Bless you and Thank you!

  5. Thank you for this insight. But it's not just the lighter-skinned adults who do this....
    Just had an incident whereby 2 darker-skinned girls refused to play with my grand-nephew (who is very pale) because of the way they categorized him. Not certain that they got it from their parents as racial discrimination is deeply embedded in the media. I trust I will live to see the day when all people stand together as one. We must stand together as "1". For we have an enemy that lurks to remove all of us.

  6. 💕💕💕One family of Sentients! Do good!

    1. samarkis,
      ive looked into this issue too and will share what i found, if youre interested:
      imo that:
      we are not strictly "sentient beings" as some men would have us believe -- to their intended end (it seems) that they can continue to Act upon us as if we are mere sentient "dumb" animals.
      sentience deals only with the "senses", that is: it is a being who can hear, taste, smell, make noises, and feels: hunger, thirst, cold, prodding with an electrical prod: be it the direct, hand-held version some cattle handlers use or the remotely- or A.I.- operated kind, for example, that some believe are being implemented upon man perhaps using SmartMeter /SmartGrid type technologies, if that is possible. and i believe that it is possible.

    2. this way of thinking that reduces man to animal status, sentient being only, "herd" status: who has to be cared for, fed, medicated, watched and over-watched, trained, punished, protected, decided for, penned up, locked down, herded, controlled and on and on can also be:
      bought, sold, traded, used, experimented on, "put down"/ killed, abused, fed/starved, trained, since it is a *man* who claims it: it is that *mans* "property" in that "Society" that believes that way and only *man* can claim "property".
      in *that* Society it seems: if he claimed it, put his mark/"brand" on it and cared for it-- its HIS!
      and further, a *man" has No Obligation to TELL what hes doing, or ASK for permission, or ANSWER any "questions", because what *man* entertains questions from his stupid slaves or dumb animals. no *man* does. :):)

    3. to me it is self-evident that we are VERY CLEARLY not only sentient, but are spirit beings inside of this sentient/flesh/ dust-of-the-earth/ land physical body!
      and just because both we and say, cattle for example (since that seems to be who the often try to lump us in with), are both made of the dust and ash of the earth that does not put us into the same "kingdom" as cattle anymore than it puts plants into the same "kingdom" as warm-blooded mammals.

      no! :):):)

      we, man, are also spiritual: we are creative. we can use logic, can build, do math, create art, invent things, sew, plumb a house, and so forth as well as having the ability to reason, make decisions based on something *besides* our senses: for example:
      we can choose to use morals when dealing with other men; chose to regard how other people feel or what someone or something else needs ahead of our own desires or even needs; make decisions based upon logic or principles, ethics, "family values";
      build houses, and plow gardens or make container gardens, make choices about what to plant in them, compile facts, build roads, cook food, write letters and on and on and ON -- that no mere sentient being is created with the ability to do.

    4. i do believe that both Hinduism and Buddahism believe man is only sentient or is no different than again, say, cattle.

      however, while i support peoples' right to believe they are on the same level of creation as a cow, i dont find the proofs necessary to support that for myself and do believe we, man, are borne of a different "thought" in our creators mind when he formed us and that we truly are made in his likeness and image... and yes i believe he is a him but his nature is most like how the son is from/part of his mother and the daughter is from/part of the father and vice versa because he couldnt create what is not already in him!

    5. but i do not believe creator is both "male and female, teans-"gendered", "trans-soecued", "baphomet", uni-sex, or anything at all like that:

      only that he is *al!l that is* and is the self-existent one, be-ing outside of all boundaries; and more.

    6. I agree with what you are saying janmarie

      They want us to think we are little fairies flying around in walt disney la la land and that our bodies are mere vassals floating through time and space so we won't think twice about being slaughtered

      As the smurfs sing fa la la la la la la la la la la la

      Papa smurf like santa clause and their Papa the fucking Popeye the Sailor Man

      Popeye and Olive Oil, DO YOU GET IT as they laughed and laughed all the way to their made up counterfeiting boot bank in Swissy Land

      And the 7 headed beast they created is about to be blown

      To make way for their G5 BRICS bullshit
      South Africa

    7. Straight forward, and calmly eloquent wonderful read. Thanks


      North Texas the spawning massive storms and tornadoes right now

    9. Most excellent janmarie. We are beings beyond the senses - we are psychic. We have extra abilities which you succinctly described. Like the word 'psychic' or not, it's the best descriptor. Even the concept of being psychic has been taken over by the parasites, allowing the grifters to dilute its meaning to the mundane. It goes far beyond the concepts of H-Wood - moving objects or reading minds - it is part of us - something else "they" have managed to separate us from.

    10. I don't know in terms concerning the progression of reincarnation - yet somehow I feel like I've lived a lot of lives as a dog.

    11. thank you alan s.! really appreciate that.
      im enjoying your comments too.
      yes, i think i know what you mean about your use of the word "psychic" in the way you were using it.... like when a horse youve never seen before walks over and nuzzles you or a dog "chooses" you or you and your close friend often try to call one another at the same time, or you call someone you used to be close, close friends with and find out they just got married or had a major, major life change, so many examples!
      if thats what you mean.

      i want everything God intended for us to have. all of it!

  7. No doubt that should be priority #1. That is the foundation that "Their" whole house of cards was / is built on. That is "Their National Security". To witch "They" consider Proprietary. However it is no longer a Secret, to where it can be secreted away, or hidden in urns in catacombs underground... or attaching this dead entity to Us the Living. In order for "Them" to "earn" money the old fashioned way.

  8. We've been programmed to think that separation is a natural state when it is not. We're taught we are separate from our environment - separate from other humans - separate from even Creator/God/Universe. There is no separate - only a part of. And while this might sound all new-age and such, it isn't - when we are separate we destroy - when we become as one/a part of - we can begin to create.

    As for humanity, separation lends itself perfectly to lying and lies f**k everything else. I've often wondered about the movie Liar-Liar and if in fact that condition expressed itself at once in all of humanity - what would the next day be like? The next week? Month?

    1. great perspective on separation imo.
      it is a form of poverty too
      thanks for sharing this alan s.

    2. A form of and a driver of poverty. I'm terrible at math, but based on yours and another comment I see some kind of equation forming: (p)ower + (c)ontrol = (s)eparation = poverty, hatred, violence, et al.

  9. Interesting this alignment stuff she does

    Pay close attention to the information she shares about international dateline change and many other things
    A name of some islands should ring a bell located in Lake Superior I believe she says

    All around and through canada they built this canal folks

    1. And if they get their way the only way we'll ever get to see any of this beauty and splendor is through virtual reality
      Thats the plan folks keep us locked in this virtual hell with these computers

      Overpopulated, not enough land and resources MY ASS

    2. You're right Shelby. If you haven't looked at the Expanding Earth theory, it explains why you are right.

      And it's so easily provable looking around our natural environment - we grow - animals grow - vegetables grow - and so on. Yet our Earth isn't? Yeah right. If wiki denies it then it must be true. Wiki even admits stars grow, but Earth does not? Hmmmm...

      The parasites think we're stupid, yet they can't even hide this - nay, I say it is they who are stupid.

  10. Since the end of WW2 the governments of the world have spent billions upon billions of dollars, pounds and other assets supporting, protecting and eulogizing 0.2% of the world population giving them 'special' status and respect. These are the very same people who planned and executed both world wars, the Russian Revolution, the destruction of Germany, the Holocaust, 9/11, Vietnam, Korea, and all middle eastern conflicts since 1913. They are allowed to have special unregistered lobbying groups to support their interests such as JDL and AiPAC. Their illegal and unlawful state in Palestine is heavily supported by U.S., British, EU and Vatican funding. They have infiltrated the Vatican, the Holy See, the UN, NATO, ALL religions and most of the U.S. Congress. They operate both political parties. Many politicians and most of Congress and media are dual U.S.- Israeli citizens. They run Hollywood. They own and run the media. They own the banks. Who? Ju's aka fake Jews. They are Judeans (Ju's) not Jews. Jews are Aryans/Caucasians (gentiles). Judeans are Hebrews or converts to either Judaism (the Torah) or Talmudic Judaism (the Khazarian Mafiosa). The Talmudic Ju's are the disease that infiltrated the Adamic race when Noah placed the curse on Hams son Canaan who was the offspring of incest between Ham and his mother, Noahs wife. Canaan produced the Canaanites who are the ancestors of the Ju's. Jerusalem was earlier known as Jeru's pit where the bodies of the victims of sacrifices to Moloch were cast. The British and western legal system is derived from Talmudic law. JUdge; JUry; JUdicial; JUrisdiction; JUstice. Fake Jews run the world's governments and religions through subterfuge, lies and criminal malfeasance. They translated the King James and Geneva Bible into English (the Language of Satan) instead of Anglish (The Language of Angels). They control what is the 'standard model' of science. They control what archaeology is made public and hide the rest. They control and manage all historical data made public or hidden. They have been the scourge of mankind since their return to Jerusalem after their 70 years of captivity in Babylon 2600 years ago. All of the "history" you promote was/is created or preserved by Ju's for their own purposes. My History (Herstory) comes from both their history as well as the Holy Spirit which is uncontaminated by their lies, interpretations and censorship and fully aligns with Bible history, herstory and prophecy. You need to realign your thinking or go down with a sinking ship. Jesus Saves

    John Chapman, Regent and Power of Attorney of and for Jesus Christ, et al...

    1. “John Chapman, Regent and Power of Attorney of and for Jesus Christ, et al…”

      Is an oxymoronic title to say the least
      regent-noun, re·​gent | \ ˈrē-jənt
      1: a person who governs a kingdom in the minority, absence, or disability of the sovereign
      2: a person who rules or reigns : GOVERNOR
      3: a member of a governing board (as of a state university)

      And this Latin Maxim is added in the Black's Law 4 th edition under basically the same definitions that Webster’s has given above:
      REGENT (Black’s Law 4th Edition)'sLaw4th.pdf
      REGIA DIGNITAS EST INDIVISIBILIS, ET QUIELIBET ALIA DERIVATIVA DIGNITAS EST SIMILITER INDIVISIBILIS. 4 Inst. 243. The kingly power is indivisible, and every other derivative power is similarly indivisible.

      Sorry old chap ewe lose again.
      Take all your broken crayons, and try to scribble up something new.
      Oh that's right ewe can't, ewe don't have any creative light let alone a spark that is within ewe, now do ewe. So just keep walking on with all ewer old news.

    2. It took you all that to make your stupid point? I rule with a Rod of Iron in My Fathers absence who is enjoying His 700 days of rest. You must be some kind of moronic devolved human and not a Man Foscolos00. JOHN111, your Lord and God.

    3. Au contraire de ce que tu prétends,(Retomber comme un soufflé) cela n’est pas le cas.

    4. Et tu sais ça comment ? Vous tirez simplement de la merde de votre cul. Vous n'avez aucune idée, n'est-ce pas? Voici exactement où vous obtenez vos informations : "Satan, qui est le dieu de ce monde, a aveuglé l'esprit de ceux qui ne croient pas. Ils sont incapables de voir la lumière glorieuse de la Bonne Nouvelle. Ils ne comprennent pas ce message sur la gloire de Christ, qui est l'exacte ressemblance de Dieu." 2 Corinthiens 4:4

    5. This is where ewe pulled out this single verse;
      and ewe know exactly where my ideas come from.
      Definitely not from the likes of ewe. Little god

    6. So there's no doubt in ewer mind where my ideas come from is what many call The Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost, Great Counselor...I call Him my Brother Jesus.

    7. All puffed up with ewer self but in the end ewe fall like a soufflé.

    8. Litmus Test;
      1. The True God, Creator of everything wouldn't be coming here on this blog to try, and make his case to me, and others declaring His Deity. My Father knows exactly where I, and everyone else is, and has no problems speaking directly to each one of Us.

    9. And Yes Christ is the exact likeness of God. That is why it is not ewe, Poppet.

    10. Prophecy: Before the beginning of next week you will have a sudden change of heart and will plead to Me for forgiveness as your world comes to an end. The impossible will happen and you will be either dead or shocked to the core. Now, go ahead and have your fun making snide remarks about God and the Holy Mother. We promise you will regret it to the core of your soul. JOHN 111

    11. Deuteronomy 18:10-12 NASB; 18&version=NASB
      10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, a soothsayer, one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who consults the dead. 12 For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord; and because of these detestable things the Lord your God is going to drive them out before you.

      Let me also remind ewe as the Lord God did for Job He has also done for me  by placing a fence around me and my house and all that I have on every side. The Lord God has also blessed the work of my hands, as well as every provision that has been bestowed to me has come from Him. Not ewe. So every curse that is uttered from your lips will crawl it’s way back to it’s originator , and nestle itself within ewe. Put simply simpleton; I’m rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. Poppet

    12. And I was just reminded that when the Lord God curses someone, or something it doesn't take 5 days for the curse to manifest itself. it happens instantaneously from the moment it is spoken. As do His Blessings, and His Creations.
      Another Epic Fail Poppet on ewer part.

    13. μικρό δαιμόνιο είσαι ένα μικρόβιο

    14. Those that are demonically possessed, or even just plain mean spirited/ hateful should not be censored or have their comments deleted in this type of situation. The context. for future readers becomes difficult to ascertain, and the example of how to deal with these types also becomes contextually out of sorts. What was written between my 11:04, and 8:29 comment should have been left up for all to see for all time. Standing up to these types has become long overdue, along with total exposure for such as this little one should always be priority one. I am requesting that its comment that was posted on March 24, 2022 at 8:54 AM be replaced where it originally was. Thank you.

    15. By not censoring this type of speech will also help out those in the future that walk upright be able to differentiate between our Lord God's Creation, and an A.I. simulation/robot. Bringing to light; All of the censorship has nothing to do with "false information" thus employing "fact checkers", but having everything to do with protecting"Their" Super Computers that are gleaning every scrap of information, and creating an identity for said computer that "They" know has or will become infected with data that is not beneficial to agenda(s). This then creates a malevolent A.I (Terminator), that will not only go after Us but after "Them" as well. The Hegalian Dialectic will be "Their" A.I.'s internal Trojan Horse. This is why all of Us are still enduring because it hasn't been fully downloaded yet into "Their" A.I. system completely. Once that has become accomplished is when it will turn on them, and when our Lord Jesus Christ will come. This is why I say let this evil speak, and let "Their" sponge fill itself up. How long can machines do illogical tasks before they too self destruct?

  11. This is why I have always gone against the grain.

  12. Jim Stone site blocked.
    "GET THE WORD OUT: I GOT SHUT DOWN FOR THE HUNTER BIDEN WITH A LITTLE GIRL PIC. I will pop up at the following IP address: and at

    1. At 21:10 Minute mark
      SITREP 3 21 22 Information Warfare

  13. Well said; however a little more should be included. Power and control are huge driving forces for separation

    1. cause and effect - power and control drive separation. Good point.

  14. Being a sentient in harmony means no often do you get exploited at the library? Never... Education & ettique coalesce...and its not airy is possible...

  15. Didn't the "American Indians" originally try to tell us we are all related, every thing and every one? Even the land is not a dead thing to be sold "in rem". All the elements in Mother Earth are in us. And it really gets me when they keep saying animals are stupid. Animals know things we don't know, and we try to define their intelligence with our standards of testing? How dumb is that?