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Thursday, August 27, 2020


The Elephant in Our Room -- Public Notice


By Anna Von Reitz

This Public Notice is addressed to all Readers, all Agents, and all Principals worldwide. It is a matter of urgent national and international concern.
Following the unresolved mercenary conflict known deceptively as The American Civil War, Territorial United States Agents in the form of Union Army Generals seized upon land and assets belonging to their Employers, the American States and People, and placed these assets in various Public Trusts.
These included the US Trust, the United States Trust, the Public Charitable Trust, the Northern Trust, the Southern Trust, and so on, as well as individual State Trusts all operated under similarly styled names: The New York State [Land Trust], the Ohio State [Land Trust], et alia.
The False Presumption involved was that the actual government had disappeared, together with all the People of the various Several States. In fact, our erstwhile Federal Employees didn't bother to tell us what was going on, as they acted secretively "in our names" far outside any granted authority to do so.
The actual Federal Constitutions require that any circumstance or matter that is not explicitly addressed by the Constitutions remains an issue standing within the purview of the Reserved Powers of the States and People. See Amendment X of all three Federal Constitutions.
The disposition of our assets remains with us, the American States and People, to this very day, and not with our Hired Help, and not in accord with their attempts to unlawfully convert our private and public holdings.
There are now Fifty State Assemblies present and this circumstance signals the collapse of all public trusts held in the names of our States, e.g., The New York State [Land Trust] and the Ohio State Trust, and all similar entities, as well as all the other national and regional trusts and international trusts that have been established in our names and the names of our States and our Regions and our Country.
When what is true appears, what is false must pass away.
When the actual States and People "return" and present themselves, as they have, all pretense that we are "lost" or "missing" or are otherwise incompetent to manage our affairs must cease.
Our assets must be returned to us, free and clear of debt or encumbrance, together with all rents, fees, lease payments, profits from mortgages, and other forms of insurance and escrow payments owed to us, minus legitimate expenses related to our stipulated constitutional agreements.
Furthermore, gradual usurpation by the Washington DC Municipal Government authorized at Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, and evasion of the limitations imposed by all three (3) Federal Constitutions in our purported "absence", has led to the presence of no less than 185,000 Municipalities and Municipal Government organization on our soil, where they have no right, reason, or cause to be.
These Municipal entities, owned by the Pope's Municipal Government as franchises, are now being bankrupted and no longer have the funding to pay their own police forces, so they are asking for UN Corporation assistance in the form of "UN Peacekeepers".
The plain fact is that neither these municipal government organizations nor any "UN Peacekeepers" should be here on our land and soil.
By Operation of Law, the unauthorized Municipal Corporations, including those that have acted as the governments of major cities, should simply be dissolved and their assets should be lawfully converted to the ownership of the actual State.
It is unfortunate that these organizations ever saw fit to usurp against their employers, but having done so, they cannot complain against the long-published Public Law, including the Federal Constitutions, and cannot raise any objection based on their contract.
So, in the interests of our Public Law and our Public Duty, we ask for the understanding and sympathy of all governments and all people everywhere; we were duped by our own employees, who, for the most part, were also duped and misdirected by foreign governments acting in Gross Breach of Trust.
The UN CORP, United Nations, Inc., and the United Nations Organization will all be held individually and severally 100% commercially and personally liable for any incursion upon our land and soil, will be charged for any death or destruction they cause at a rate of $1 trillion dollars in gold per each American civilian killed or maimed, and the same for any and all U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States who were born on our shores and who cannot be proven to be Federal Employees or direct Dependents thereof.
These organizations and the Principals responsible for the existence of these Municipal corporations and governments existing on our land and soil in contravention of the plainly stated constitutional limitations cannot correct their errors or improve their financial situation by causing more destruction here.
All the aforementioned organizations and guilty Principals can do is cause more senseless destruction and harm to people to whom they have always owed Good Faith and Service.
In these and in their actions usurping against and deceiving and plundering their employers under color of law and force of False Legal Presumptions, these Parties and Principals have clearly acted as crime syndicates and have participated in organized constructive fraud for purposes of unjust enrichment and coercive power, in conspiracy against the Federal Constitutions, against the Geneva Conventions, and against the Hague Conventions, too.
In all these respects, we are faced with a specter of knowing criminality on the part of respected western governments that have been similarly commandeered by banking interests, and seduced into operating as incorporated commercial ventures.
The End Game, so far as we can perceive it, was to reduce all governments to the level of private commercial corporations, eventually leaving the Holy See as the only unincorporated government left in the world; whereupon the Holy See would invoke both its ownership interest in all the commercial corporations, and its standing as the only remaining unincorporated government, to impose a worldwide theocracy substituting national corporations for living monarchs in a system of Corporate Feudalism, which would seek to destroy the divine nature of Mankind by genetic pollution, and excuse its hideous cruelty and criminality by further pretending that the victims weren't actually men and women, but GMO products subject to corporate ownership--- and corporate disposal.
These are offenses that go beyond any political dispute and which clearly enter the realm of moral insanity and criminality of a kind that must be opposed by all mentally and emotionally competent people on Earth. The offending corporations must be liquidated and their assets returned to the States and People to whom the assets actually belong.
While this most venal plan has been discussed for years in some circles, by far the largest percentage of the population of this planet has been deliberately misled and left in the dark, as indeed have the many public employees who were expected to carry out the murderous instructions of the perpetrators much as Nazi Storm Troopers did, mindlessly informing upon and incarcerating and harming their countrymen in the name of an authority stolen from those same victims and operating in their names.
We are not afraid of addressing "the elephant in the room". Failure to admit to its existence and source has been the bane of many generations of people and so we propose that the seven billion of us each take a bite out of the elephant, until there is nothing left of it at all, but a sad reminder of the dishonesty and greed and cruelty and criminality that has ruled this world "in our names".
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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The Old Schtick and the New Schtick


By Anna Von Reitz

And none of it is going to fly any better than a guppie in windy weather.
The Old Schtick promoted by the Papacy as part of its venal claim to own everything on Earth as a trust held "for" Jesus upon his return has involved (since the days of Saint Thomas Aquinas) seizing upon the afterbirth expelled as part of the detritus of the birthing process and claiming that it was a poor, dying "brother" of the living child, attaching the name intended for the living man or woman to the dying afterbirth material, and creating an infant decedent estate for it.
Cough, cough, shuffle, shuffle.
This then also created a break in the "chain of ownership" and claim of divine creation, as it instituted a "birthday" for the Legal/Lawful Person and a "birthdate" for the incorporated Municipal PERSON that were the objects and derivatives of the infant decedent estate apart from the Day of Creation.
Cough some more, or vomit, if you have any shame at all.
This is why we assert our ownership of our DNA and all other attributes of our own divinely created selves from the moment of creation when, like a bolt of lightning, our unique DNA first formed, some 9 to 12 months prior to any birthday recorded or registered by any organization-- including the Roman Catholic Church-- and we also assert that as Divine Creations, we are each sacred and each owed both place and ownership of all our own assets in accord with our true nature.
Have you not heard that we are gods? Read Isaiah.
Indeed, we are, and we have come to Earth on a Mission.
That Mission is to destroy the false system of idolatry and false worship, including the busy conduct of trade by incorporated "churches" on Black Markets pretending to buy and sell souls belonging to living people.
Take that to read: the True Gods have had enough of this despicable nonsense.
So, the old set of lies, what we refer to as "The Old Schtick", has failed and has become fully documented and is known and exposed for all to see, so certain enterprising individuals including Larry Fink and Bill Gates have been out trotting around trying to implement a New Schtick, which is just as profane, illegal, unlawful, and morally reprehensible.
They propose to use a lapse in the United States Patent Office allowing the patenting of "unique" genetically engineered DNA and RNA sequences as commercial products as an excuse to insinuate these "GMO products" into the natural genome of unsuspecting people via vaccination and intravenous solutions, and thereby secure a commercial claim of ownership upon these individuals --- and use this as the New Schtick, the new excuse to claim ownership of living people and their assets as slaves and chattel backing the debts of the guilty parties and Principals responsible for this macabre ongoing drama of Lies and Spells and Crappola worse than an average pile of dog dung.
How, exactly, we should like to know, are you claiming that any such sequence is "unique" in the vastness of the Universe? Are you not instead claiming that so far as anyone has bothered to document, it's "unique" to your feeble knowledge? And is not SERCO, the old British RCA, now responsible for this tripe being allowed any public credibility at all?
We demand a complete Cease and Desist of all activities by all corporations and all incorporated entities aiming at dispersal of patented GMO products into the population of this planet for any purpose of ownership or profit or obscene commercial claims of any kind as outlined above, and the immediate arrest of all corporate officers engaged in these activities, including Medical Doctors, who have been caught with their hands in this cookie jar.
And as the World Health Organization has fully admitted, we also demand complete Cease and Desist of any claim or action related to the so-called Covid-19 Pandemic.
What is God's is God's and it will remain God's, and you shall not trespass upon the Kingdom of the True God, in terror for both your lives and souls.
Anna Maria Riezinger
The United States of America


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FIGHT for your LIFE: Stunning video

 FIGHT for your LIFE: Stunning video shows moment armed security man had to shoot multiple rioters from the ground or be beaten to death by Black Lives Matter thugs.

Frame by frame video analysis of exactly what happened.

Lost and on Spin Cycle?


By Anna Von Reitz

When you start feeling like you are “lost and on spin cycle” you also feel helpless — and that is even worse. 

The government is pushing this whole Covid-19 storyline, but it turns out “the government” is nothing but two giant, foreign,  for-profit commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services. 

They are always fighting each other to get a bigger share of your money and that is really all “Democrat” and “Republican” is about.  

Everything you have been taught — and which you have assumed to be true about “your government” —has been mirrored by these con artists.  They used similar names for things, they played their roles to the “t”, but at the end of the day, everything you see going on in Washington, DC, is like a movie or a stage play.  It’s called, “Hollywood East” for a reason. 

Oh, boy.  

So not only the Covid-19 story but the nature and presumed authority of “the government” spreading the Covid-19 story is up for grabs. 

Then it turns out that there are something like a dozen “presidential offices” and you can’t tell which office(s) any given “President” is occupying at any given time. Nice. 

Then you find out that your vote for a President has never counted for anything but a popularity poll.  All Presidents are actually elected by the Electoral College—-Incorporated, a Holding Company that owns and operates both political parties. Both. 

Oh, holy moly, and all of this is either directly or indirectly owned and operated by?  The Pope. 

So while you have been trundling along taking part in these private foreign corporation elections and mistaking these for your own country’s Public Elections —-and accepting every word that comes from “the government” as trustworthy and true—- it turns out that “the government” isn’t your government, doesn’t have the authority it claims to have, and is basically just a con game and a farce. 

And so is their “money”. 

They’ve been pretending to be your government since 1865.  And they have gotten away with it by telling a lot of Big Lies. 


So, now, coming full circle— do you believe that these yahoos are telling you the truth about “Covid-19” when they have lied to you about everything else? 

Including who they are and the capacity in which they are acting? 

You are literally the victim of a lot of “spin”, but you don’t have to feel lost anymore. 

Now that you know what you are dealing with, you also know what to think about it, and you can take appropriate action. 

You can assemble your own actual government and use worldwide public opinion to shut the con artists down.  After all, this is a matter of crime — institutionalized constructive fraud — not politics.  

The sooner you shake awake and come out of “spin cycle” the better.  And, the sooner you get involved in reconstructing your actual government, the better. 

The American States Assembly process has brought all fifty State Assemblies back into session and is helping thousands of Americans recoup their identities and their government. 

We need Assistant Coordinators at both the State and County levels—- Americans who accept the mission of organizing their State Assembly — not a “District” Assembly, not a “Borough” Assembly, not a “Municipal” Assembly, not a “State of State” Assembly— but your actual State of the Union Assembly. 

You all naturally belong to the body politic of a State of the Union. Time to accept your birthright political status —-and your long- neglected right and responsibility to self-govern. 

Your Mission, if you decide to accept it, is to put an end to the Spin Cycle. 

Go to: and get started today. 


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More Truth about the Plandemic Well Worth Reading


Read the entire article here:

Please remember that ALL government tyranny begins with doing something in the name of “public safety” and then slowly (or quickly) lowering the hammer of oppression.

The COVID Vaccines

The Masks

The Problem for Al Gore


By Anna Von Reitz

Al Gore famously lost the Presidential Election in 2000 and has been whining and accusing the Republicans of “stealing” the election ever since.  Sound familiar? 

Every time the Dems lose it’s the same sad story.  

If the Republicans did steal anything from Al Gore, it’s a miracle worthy of investigation by the Church —because both the Diebold Voting Machines and the International Unions that service these machines are owned and operated by Democrats, lock, stock, access codes, and programming.  

Go figure? 

And, which Party is it that is stubbornly refusing to accept the results of a transparent block chained election? 

Well, go figure again— it’s not the Republicans. 

But quite aside from all that, if Al Gore has Court-quality proof that the 2000 election was stolen from him, the only recourse is a re-trial. 

And the only way to do a re-trial is another election against George W. Bush. 

Not Donald Trump. 

I think that we can all see the problem with that. 

And at long last, we can see the Method to the Democratic Party Madness of putting up a Biden/Harris ticket. 

The actual candidate has just appeared. 

Al Gore, supported by the British-influenced U.S. Navy and the Russell Gould PsyOp with everyone involved conveniently forgetting that they lost their contracts. 

And also forgetting that the Pope’s “cover” has been blown six ways to Sunday. 

The Pope controls both sides in any such conflict. It’s all completely rigged. 

He, Francis, owns the Electoral College, Incorporated (yes, they unlawfully converted that, too). So who is really at fault if a Presidential Election is crooked?  

The Pope. 

The popular vote doesn’t count in a Presidential Election.  Never has. So we could have all spared ourselves the insanity of the infamous Florida Chads. 

I will never forget some nameless Diane Sawyer Wanna Be crying her eyes out in the rain, mascara running down her cheeks, a handful of shreds of wet yellow ballot paper in her hand, sobbing about how the votes of some Americans weren’t counted in the 2000 Election. 

I wanted to reach through the screen of my television and slap her on both cheeks, hard.  

I wanted to scream, “The Popular Vote NEVER counts!  And this isn’t an “American” Election, so why in Blazes are Americans voting in a meaningless foreign straw poll?  Are you crazy? Are we all crazy? And this is all that you worthless excuses for “journalists” can talk about?” 

Reminds me of now and the idiots pushing “Russian Collusion” and “Mail In Ballot Tampering”.  

Francis directly owns the Municipality of Washington, DC, the Municipal Government, and all the Municipal Corporations and tells all the Federal Civil Service and (illegal) Federal Agencies how high to jump. 

Francis also —through the Queen acting as his Overseer of the Commonwealth—- owns and operates the Territorial United States Government known as “the District Government”. 

So Francis owns and controls both sides of any potential conflict and both sides are our employees, here under contract to serve us. 

He has already been told in front of God and the UN Security Council and the Joint Chiefs and NATO that if he starts anything on our shores again, he and his precious Vichy French UN CORP are going to get the bill plus very fat damages of one trillion dollars in gold for each dead American and every U.S. Citizen or “citizen of the United States” born on American soil. 

He has already been told that we don’t allow our employees to fight on our land.   

We’ll charge the Holy Roman Fourth Reich  up the wazoo in unavoidable commercial charges plus damages.   And nobody will blame us. Because now everyone knows who is at fault if there’s any “civil war” here.  

The Pope. 

So, there you go.  Another “can’t get there from here” and as we’ve said before, observe the modus operandi: 

They find a One Trick Pony and ride it til it drops dead — and then they beat it for another twenty years (like Al Gore) or they try to come up with something similar to what they’ve already done (like trying to latch onto our DNA the same way they latched onto the afterbirth material.) 

And through it all like a group of professional mourners they wail and weep and accuse everyone else of doing precisely what they are doing themselves. 

Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi and the British-influenced U.S. Navy and all the nasty little PsyOp venues better come up with something better than a sad Tall Tale about Al Gore winning the Popular Vote and losing the election in 2000....

Because that is just going to provoke one hellacious worldwide discussion about the Pope owning the Electoral College, Inc., and also about him controlling both political parties, and also the fact that the Popular Vote for President never counts for jack-diddly  anyway.

And let’s just cut to the chase. 

The only collusion to decide the Presidential Elections since 1860 has been between the Pope and the Queen (or King) of Britain. 

Any illusions that the “Presidential” Offices being elected are Public Offices —like any pretense that these are American Elections or American Public Offices — have to be debunked.

Any idea that the popular vote for these Presidential Offices counts now or ever, including in 2000, needs to be debunked. 

And the blame for all this gross mismanagement, dishonesty and deceit needs to come home and roost with those responsible for it: 

The Pope and the British Monarch.


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