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Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Old Schtick and the New Schtick


By Anna Von Reitz

And none of it is going to fly any better than a guppie in windy weather.
The Old Schtick promoted by the Papacy as part of its venal claim to own everything on Earth as a trust held "for" Jesus upon his return has involved (since the days of Saint Thomas Aquinas) seizing upon the afterbirth expelled as part of the detritus of the birthing process and claiming that it was a poor, dying "brother" of the living child, attaching the name intended for the living man or woman to the dying afterbirth material, and creating an infant decedent estate for it.
Cough, cough, shuffle, shuffle.
This then also created a break in the "chain of ownership" and claim of divine creation, as it instituted a "birthday" for the Legal/Lawful Person and a "birthdate" for the incorporated Municipal PERSON that were the objects and derivatives of the infant decedent estate apart from the Day of Creation.
Cough some more, or vomit, if you have any shame at all.
This is why we assert our ownership of our DNA and all other attributes of our own divinely created selves from the moment of creation when, like a bolt of lightning, our unique DNA first formed, some 9 to 12 months prior to any birthday recorded or registered by any organization-- including the Roman Catholic Church-- and we also assert that as Divine Creations, we are each sacred and each owed both place and ownership of all our own assets in accord with our true nature.
Have you not heard that we are gods? Read Isaiah.
Indeed, we are, and we have come to Earth on a Mission.
That Mission is to destroy the false system of idolatry and false worship, including the busy conduct of trade by incorporated "churches" on Black Markets pretending to buy and sell souls belonging to living people.
Take that to read: the True Gods have had enough of this despicable nonsense.
So, the old set of lies, what we refer to as "The Old Schtick", has failed and has become fully documented and is known and exposed for all to see, so certain enterprising individuals including Larry Fink and Bill Gates have been out trotting around trying to implement a New Schtick, which is just as profane, illegal, unlawful, and morally reprehensible.
They propose to use a lapse in the United States Patent Office allowing the patenting of "unique" genetically engineered DNA and RNA sequences as commercial products as an excuse to insinuate these "GMO products" into the natural genome of unsuspecting people via vaccination and intravenous solutions, and thereby secure a commercial claim of ownership upon these individuals --- and use this as the New Schtick, the new excuse to claim ownership of living people and their assets as slaves and chattel backing the debts of the guilty parties and Principals responsible for this macabre ongoing drama of Lies and Spells and Crappola worse than an average pile of dog dung.
How, exactly, we should like to know, are you claiming that any such sequence is "unique" in the vastness of the Universe? Are you not instead claiming that so far as anyone has bothered to document, it's "unique" to your feeble knowledge? And is not SERCO, the old British RCA, now responsible for this tripe being allowed any public credibility at all?
We demand a complete Cease and Desist of all activities by all corporations and all incorporated entities aiming at dispersal of patented GMO products into the population of this planet for any purpose of ownership or profit or obscene commercial claims of any kind as outlined above, and the immediate arrest of all corporate officers engaged in these activities, including Medical Doctors, who have been caught with their hands in this cookie jar.
And as the World Health Organization has fully admitted, we also demand complete Cease and Desist of any claim or action related to the so-called Covid-19 Pandemic.
What is God's is God's and it will remain God's, and you shall not trespass upon the Kingdom of the True God, in terror for both your lives and souls.
Anna Maria Riezinger
The United States of America


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