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Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Status of Coordinators and How to Withdraw

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have had two requests to withdraw from The Washington Assembly, apparently over a continuing misunderstanding that I wish to clear up for all Assemblies.
The Coordinators, both State and County, work for the Federation. They are not elected State or County officials, nor are they appointed by the State Assembly.
Their role is to assist and oversee the assembling process and serve as liaisons between the Federation and their State Assembly during this organizational process.
Once the Assemblies are fully functional, the Coordinators will be gone. As they work for the Federation, the Federation has the hiring and firing responsibility. We try to honor the wishes of the local folks, but there are occasions when we feel it would not be prudent to do so.
In the Washington situation, we had a very promising candidate for a County Coordinator position, but she had been promoted too quickly and lacked various fundamentals--- like the committee structure of an Assembly, the fact that we are not generally subject to federal law (only the 8-10% of the federal laws that do apply to us and only when we happen to be in federal jurisdiction) and the idea that we are forming contracts when we participate in a State Assembly.
Coordinators are supposed to be leading and teaching others, and if they consistently get it wrong, that is an endangerment to the Assembly and its members that the Federation cannot ignore.
We aren't talking about a mistake here and there. We are talking about consistent failure to grasp how our American Government is meant to operate and how it is different from the US Government we have dealt with in the past.
In the Washington case, we bent over backward to offer this individual other opportunities that would have given her time to gain experience and insight, but she refused. She thought she knew it all and that we were acting as dictators and blah, blah, blah----simply because we insisted that she get her facts straight.
Malfeasance, dishonesty, endangerment, and direct insubordination are other reasons for Coordinator replacements.
Many people are heavily indoctrinated and have a hard time adjusting to the actual American Government system, which is radically different from the US Government system they have grown up in. Some people are not competent to handle the job. Some are con artists who talk a good talk, but aren't honest people to begin with. They are eventually found out. Every organization on Earth has the same problems and challenges.
Now that you all know and understand that Coordinators are Federation Employees and that we are responsible for hiring and firing them, it should be equally easy to understand that we are not interfering in local affairs when we let a Coordinator go. We are administering our own affairs as responsibly as we can to assure successful (and safe) results for everyone concerned.
That said, there are a couple other points to briefly cover.
When you record your paperwork to recover your birthright political status as an American, you create a Public Record. That record is permanent. The only way you can change it and return to your former status as a British Subject or Municipal citizen of the United States, is to re-register as such.
You can volunteer back into the US system by registering to vote. It is illegal for us to vote in their corporate elections and has been since 1868, so registration as a voter creates a strong legal presumption that you are a Federal citizen. So does registering as a member of one of their political parties.
You can very quickly and easily lose the precious birthright political status you reclaimed, but you cannot change the public record or demand that we return the paperwork out of the recording system.
I will also note that re-registering means that you will have no Constitutional Guarantees, no right to own land in this country, and won't be eligible for the exemptions and repayments that you would otherwise be eligible to receive.
Finally, there is also a misconception that recording your 1779 Declaration or finishing the 928 paperwork creates some kind of contract between us, but that is not the case. So there is no reason or need for anyone to rescind anything. If you want to be Subjects of the Queen or minions of the Pope, just re-register as such and they will gladly accept your allegiance --- and your labor and your property rights and all your assets as chattel collateral belonging to them.

So far as I can observe, there will always be those who prefer the Nanny State and the coercive power of foreign sovereigns to the arduous challenge of self-governance. So be it. It isn't our role or desire to meddle with anyone's freewill, and aside from defending their property rights from attack, we have no interest in their assets, either.


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