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Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Status of Coordinators and How to Withdraw

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have had two requests to withdraw from The Washington Assembly, apparently over a continuing misunderstanding that I wish to clear up for all Assemblies.
The Coordinators, both State and County, work for the Federation. They are not elected State or County officials, nor are they appointed by the State Assembly.
Their role is to assist and oversee the assembling process and serve as liaisons between the Federation and their State Assembly during this organizational process.
Once the Assemblies are fully functional, the Coordinators will be gone. As they work for the Federation, the Federation has the hiring and firing responsibility. We try to honor the wishes of the local folks, but there are occasions when we feel it would not be prudent to do so.
In the Washington situation, we had a very promising candidate for a County Coordinator position, but she had been promoted too quickly and lacked various fundamentals--- like the committee structure of an Assembly, the fact that we are not generally subject to federal law (only the 8-10% of the federal laws that do apply to us and only when we happen to be in federal jurisdiction) and the idea that we are forming contracts when we participate in a State Assembly.
Coordinators are supposed to be leading and teaching others, and if they consistently get it wrong, that is an endangerment to the Assembly and its members that the Federation cannot ignore.
We aren't talking about a mistake here and there. We are talking about consistent failure to grasp how our American Government is meant to operate and how it is different from the US Government we have dealt with in the past.
In the Washington case, we bent over backward to offer this individual other opportunities that would have given her time to gain experience and insight, but she refused. She thought she knew it all and that we were acting as dictators and blah, blah, blah----simply because we insisted that she get her facts straight.
Malfeasance, dishonesty, endangerment, and direct insubordination are other reasons for Coordinator replacements.
Many people are heavily indoctrinated and have a hard time adjusting to the actual American Government system, which is radically different from the US Government system they have grown up in. Some people are not competent to handle the job. Some are con artists who talk a good talk, but aren't honest people to begin with. They are eventually found out. Every organization on Earth has the same problems and challenges.
Now that you all know and understand that Coordinators are Federation Employees and that we are responsible for hiring and firing them, it should be equally easy to understand that we are not interfering in local affairs when we let a Coordinator go. We are administering our own affairs as responsibly as we can to assure successful (and safe) results for everyone concerned.
That said, there are a couple other points to briefly cover.
When you record your paperwork to recover your birthright political status as an American, you create a Public Record. That record is permanent. The only way you can change it and return to your former status as a British Subject or Municipal citizen of the United States, is to re-register as such.
You can volunteer back into the US system by registering to vote. It is illegal for us to vote in their corporate elections and has been since 1868, so registration as a voter creates a strong legal presumption that you are a Federal citizen. So does registering as a member of one of their political parties.
You can very quickly and easily lose the precious birthright political status you reclaimed, but you cannot change the public record or demand that we return the paperwork out of the recording system.
I will also note that re-registering means that you will have no Constitutional Guarantees, no right to own land in this country, and won't be eligible for the exemptions and repayments that you would otherwise be eligible to receive.
Finally, there is also a misconception that recording your 1779 Declaration or finishing the 928 paperwork creates some kind of contract between us, but that is not the case. So there is no reason or need for anyone to rescind anything. If you want to be Subjects of the Queen or minions of the Pope, just re-register as such and they will gladly accept your allegiance --- and your labor and your property rights and all your assets as chattel collateral belonging to them.

So far as I can observe, there will always be those who prefer the Nanny State and the coercive power of foreign sovereigns to the arduous challenge of self-governance. So be it. It isn't our role or desire to meddle with anyone's freewill, and aside from defending their property rights from attack, we have no interest in their assets, either.


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  1. Wait, what.... So all I have is my Lord and I will die for him tomorrow.

  2. 🙏💕🙏Be stubborn for Nature's Law & Nature's Creator! Godspeed Anna! Let's bring this land & soil fully home!

  3. .
    With who's help

    Where is the authority and enforcement to take these criminals out of office and jail them ?

    Then who will take their place a ground up elections again ?

    1. maximus,

      the authority to remove these people PRETENDING to be office-holders is (with) us.

      hopefully we wont need the "enforcement" piece, actively, but it, of course, is already in place. "2A", if needed.

    2. these parasites are not going to walk out on their own! ...
      were going to have to have groups who understand the basics of whats been done; then WITH the authority of our own local law abiding people and their active participation:
      1. calmly notify them in writing that they are no longer being recognized by the neighborhood as _________ office holder:
      a. due to no known verifiable agreement with our people and/or
      b. no Public Oath of Office taken by a proven lawfully-elected man/wo andor
      c. and we require BOTH (a and b).

      then give them so many days to prove their lawful standing.
      they wont prove it because they dont *have* lawful standing.
      they will argue.
      they will jump into immediate "lawfare".
      send goons.
      they will try to "capture" the people on their imaginary Ship at Sea where they are their own imaginary GodAllmighty cuz their fictions named the pope and the Quain sed so!

      we already know what theyre going to do.
      we need to be ready for their blithering lying abusive nonsense.

    3. the key is the people.
      have they had enough?

      i truly think that in most instances they will have to leave.

      we need to not be goaded.
      they will try.
      may even get physical, as they usually end up doing, since they are always in the wrong.

      that can be dealt with later being a claim, man to man, in our American common law court, which court is us, the people.

    4. and: we have people in every town, neighborhood, even city, who know how to do everything.

      we have people who know, from experience, hobbies, reading, how to keep things rolling!

      plus, how many men know HOW to be Peace Officers, but LEFT because they were made into Revenue Agents for a Foreign Corporation, whose job was made to include lying about innocent people in order to make money for the CORPS-e and they refused to do that?

      weve got people out here who know how to do everything necessary.

      we will be okay.

      i have utmost faith in our men and i know DOZENS of women who are fully capable of knuckling down and pulling their own families through hard times, and have done that; so they already have the guts and the brains and the fortitude and the faith and the selflessness to take care of whatever comes their way even if on a larger scale.

      this is what scares the shit out of them about us.
      they know theyre just an infestation of worthless parasites on good men and women and they know we dont need them.

  4. .
    "You can volunteer back into the US system by registering to vote. It is illegal for us to vote in their corporate elections and has been since 1868, so registration as a voter creates a strong legal presumption that you are a Federal citizen. So does registering as a member of one of their political parties. "

    first "you" dont (the living) its all in the fiction and the B.C. is not the living; its the decedent - cake DNA certificate "person" cooperate creation.

    Must prove life (lost at sea 1666) - not exhaustive.

    Focus people, on the real problems

    1. " So there is no reason or need for anyone to rescind anything."

      Can a fiction - person do anything?

    2. we *elect* to affirm, before our people, our natural born *state* *being* man.

      thats all. simple. American common law.

      man, woman, sons, daughters are man.

  5. I can't imagine why someone would want to go back into that horrid US system.

    1. curt,
      its not the system so much thats awful as it is the people who've taken it over.
      if it was used ONLY on people among us who actually needed help, and they AGREED, it could actually have benefitted many many people and restored them to where they didnt even need help anymore.
      commerce though? (profit-making) it should possibly never be allowed again. we should consider having ONLY Equal Trade and Exchange, and Gifting.
      as long as we allow profits, SOMEone has to be being short-changed in order for the other participant to get more than their good or service is worth (profit).

      love your comments. looks like you may have the heart of a true leader for our free people.

    2. Curt,
      I have to agree with boots. The system is not the problem. Criminals invading the system, like a virus, like leeches and parasites is the problem.

      The system is simple, effective and very adequate to our local, national, international and global needs. To put it plainly as possible it is a robust and sustainable system of jurisdiction designed to provide us with endless peace and prosperity for everyone.

      Jurisdiction is the essence of everything good Anna has been teaching us for decades. Criminality and evil is the problem Anna has been screaming about and objecting to for decades.

      It's all about jurisdictions and the attempt to clean up our otherwise good and sustainable planetary jurisdiction system.

      To all the Christians, Muslims and Mummins reading this, why do you think Joshua ben Joseph (aka Jesus Christ), our creator, came to this planet 2000 yrs ago? To contribute to the ongoing bloodshed of this planet with his own blood? Don't be silly, of course not. Criminality and traitors is what shed his blood, just like it continues to shed innocent blood 2000 years later. Jesus didn't come here on a mission to be crucified, he came here to clean up the terrible mess that was threatening to destroy his very own creation! To clean out the parasites and evil that had laid siege to his divine system of jurisdictions.

      So ask yourself why Jesus might have traveled to Rome while he walked among us? Why would our creator incarnated in the flesh make the long dangerous trip from the Levant to Rome?

      Who was/is the gate keeper of our planetary jurisdiction system? None other than Rome, exactly as Anna has been teaching us for decades already. How old do our historical records show our planetary jurisdiction system to be? Well over 2000 yrs old.

      So does it make sense, is it even plausible that Jesus, our creator, the creator of our soil and land and seas and air went to Rome to set straight those misguided and ignorant gate keepers who were already misusing and abusing the divine jurisdiction system which was created and set in motion even before man appeared on earth?

      Now ask yourself why Trump and Q spoke so often of the water? Watch the water was a frequent refrain. These reverences and symbols were pointing us to the watery jurisdiction of the Sea. Why? Because Trump as a Republican was the CEO of the Sea jurisdiction. Everything fits nicely together once you look at things from the correct perspective.

      I don't want to overstay my welcome here so I'll wrap up by giving everyone the link to my new Planetary Jurisdictions educational web site. It's free for everyone without cost or obligations. It boils down the complex topic of these jurisdictions into 10 simple lessons that you can go through at your own speed. It also offers a number of professionally designed charts, graphics, and a complete Jurisdiction Specification Manual (to my knowledge the only one in existence), all free of charge, and there are no adds anywhere on the site to annoy you, just pure knowledge and wisdom.

      Go to this link:

    3. I like where your head is at with this.. I just dont see hu-manity as a collective consciousness really waking up to and understanding and then overstanding the fact that they are actually living man-kind under the real true "GOD" thats not a patriarchal holy roman bible god that is within the kind of quantum leap in consciousness that would need to take place first before anyone could get on your cosmic jurisdictional trip, but I will take a look at it.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. All in all I like reading Annas posts to learn and she inspired me. I want to become a sovereign under common law. I have been researching this and I know people that have gone to conferences referring to this changing your status. I also know of several different people offering to do this that and the other for you without learning the actual meaning of what you are doing for yourself.
    Weekend conferences that cost 1500 and you have to cram all this information down on paper or record it somehow, or people that offer monthly "appreciations" for their services offered online so that you can be educated properly. I just want to cut to the chase and become a sovereign. Does Annas one page status correction work and has anyone here completed it and accomplished changing their status. That all I want to know. Thank you in advance. BTW, I have already removed myself from the votor registrar and received the paperwork

    1. to your specific question artsea, no i dont know anyone.
      would you mind sharing what paperwork you received in connection with removing yourself from the voter registration? and from whom? and did you have to ask for it?

      i did not receive anything when i did that.
      i had the election office clerk put their stamp/and the date on my copy of my rescission that i had had notarized, "on the land".

      thanks in advance. :)

      janmarie, woman

  8. Okay.... I just have to say basically that I cannot believe people read this stuff and then try to talk back to anna... Like are you a US CITIZEN and you are talking that way to a true American? Tall back to me.. That's fine... We are all in this together and sinking in the same damn citizenSHIP... But i cannot really understand how there is this amazing woman ANNA V R.... And ignorant people are trying to tell the person who is telling it as it is... How they think things work... That is exactly what this update is about... Listen to the podcasts calls documents!! So many things to read to catch up to annas speed... But you dont have time to read all that? But you have time to talk back and write all about something you obviously dont know enough about.... Just do the reading and stop talking so much.. Only way to really learn .. I had the blessing of working with an American National and leaning the ins and outs of all of it.. And I also had previous experience with getting arrested for "knowing my rights as an American" traveling instead of driving... But your not sovereign unless you have paperwork to prove it. If youre8not a foreign entity then you are a us citizen so you are still a foreign entity and thats how you cant own land and banks manage your bond and youve paid federal taxes and even if you say you are just some name like sunflower im pretty sure they can hold you indefinitely and without trial.. So yeah rant done..

    1. "But your not sovereign unless you have paperwork to prove it."

      who said so?
      by what authority?
      using what law?

      looking forward to your answer.

    2. also, what method did you use to resolve the traveling issue?

      are you traveling freely now without CORPSE-e license, registration and plates?