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Thursday, June 6, 2024

International Public Notice: Final Claim Converting Intellectual Assets

 By Anna Von Reitz

The fraud and unlawful conversion practiced against our country and our people by the British Crown has had many results: 

(1) The creation of an American "infant decedent estate" resulting from the purported waiver of our American estate interest by our Mother's signature on undisclosed registrations paperwork; 
(2) The concurrent creation of a British Territorial Person sharing the exact same name; 
(3) This unlawful conversion obtained under conditions of deceit also resulted in an unconscionable contract, obligating the victim -- a baby in their cradle -- to British Territorial U.S. Citizenship; 
(4) The British Territorial U.S. Citizen was subsequently declared legally dead as part of a foreign bankruptcy and a Municipal "Federal" Estate Trust was created using the victim's name in all capital letters as a trademark; 
(5) The creation of the British Territorial Estate and the concurrent creation of the Federal Municipal ESTATE set up a situation where the victim was being represented as a Dual Federal citizen -- both a U.S. Citizen and a citizen of the (Municipal) United States, one operated by U.S. Trustees under Admiralty Law and the other operated by Municipal United States Trustees under Maritime Law. 
(6) These clandestine actions unlawfully converted the political status of millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent. 
(7) The excuses given for this to the effect that this was a "war" and that the Parties responsible were acting in response to an "emergency" and were claiming emergency powers under The Law of War were, again, fictitious and fraudulent in nature; the American Civil War was a Mercenary Conflict and all the other "wars" since then have also been Mercenary Conflicts.  No Congress empowered to declare war has done so since 1812. 

This has all resulted in False Claims of ownership in commerce, including False Claims against the Intellectual Property Rights of Americans; our names have been copyrighted by the British Crown as a means of latching onto our assets generally and our intellectual assets in particular. 

As this latching-upon-activity was illegal, fraudulent, and undisclosed in the first place and the first unlawful conversion is thus in defect, the second unlawful conversion and trafficking into the Jurisdiction of the Air and the venue of commerce is also in defect. 

We claim our reversionary trust interest in our American estate and all resulting foreign public and private trusts operated in our names or under trademarks appearing to represent our names, including the individual State Trusts, State-of-State Trusts, and Municipal TRUSTS and Public Transmitting Utilities, Special Purpose Vehicles, and other derivatives created by the Municipal United States and the Municipality of Washington, DC. 

We claim our intellectual property rights and labor and all performance contracts entered in our names in any combination, permutation, ordering, style or form of our names represented in any way whatsoever, including all assets contained in or represented as PKI accounts, patents, trademarks or copyrights lodged anywhere in the world. 

These claims have already been noticed, lodged, and cured and are merely being brought forward for the cognizance of the world-at-large and for demand upon the guilty Principals and Corporations responsible for this usurpation, attempted unlawful conversion, impersonation, and evasion of the contractual obligations of the Perpetrators of this scheme for purposes of political coercion and unjust enrichment. 

We note that these activities and commercial claims and the existence of these various trusts and derivatives in the Air Jurisdiction are the result of earlier acts of piracy, impersonation, and human trafficking taking place in the International Jurisdiction of the Sea and that the primary fraud taints all other claims against our interest deriving from it.  

We require recognition of our Good Names and estates, unharmed, and returned to our administration;  we are known as The United States among the nations of the world, and as The United States of America in the international and global realms. 

We are and have always been unincorporated instrumentalities of our fifty unincorporated and sovereign member states, not to be confused with any incorporated foreign legal fiction entities under contract to us and operated under similar names. 

All assets of ours are recalled and reclaimed including all intellectual and energy assets, all copyrights, patents, trademarks, and performance contracts, all PKI accounts, and all baptismal certificates being securitized and traded, as well as all representations of our physical bodies being certificated and traded, all DNA, all informational technology, all seats of government,  all information established as Holium deposits, all memories associated with us, all constraints and systems of time, all weights and measures and treaties related to these elements, are to be construed as belonging to and existing for the benefit of the living people, who claim the right and responsibility of self-governance. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 6th 2024


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International Public Notice: Fill Up Your Gas Tanks

 By Anna Von Reitz

We will quickly note that much of the actual wealth of the past fifty years has been built on oil and in the case of this country, refined oil products.  

"The US" has consistently been one of the top exporters of refined oil products worldwide and thanks to mutually beneficial contracts with Saudi Arabia to supply crude oil, this position has been maintained and has driven the "petrodollar economy". 

That is, the USD, the international asset-backed money used by the Federal Subcontractors has been backed by petrochemicals instead of gold or silver. 

Saudi crude oil has made that value-added empire possible for the US, along with the demand that all oil purchases of said value-added refined oil products  be paid for with Federal Reserve Notes.

Thus, in order for Denmark, for example, to buy fuel oil, the Danish Government had to first convert their national currency into Federal Reserve Notes which were then used to do the actual purchase of fuel oil. 

This is a reprise of the old Greenbacks Swindle, where investors "had to" convert their gold into greenbacks in order to buy high yield bonds, but when it came time to cash in those bonds, all they could access as repayment were more Greenbacks -- not the gold they actually invested, plus interest. 

The so-called "Reserve Currency" Swindle works exactly the same way.  

The new story went like this: you want (or need) refined oil products?  Okay, we have a monopoly on these products, and you can buy them in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes. Only Federal Reserve Notes. 

So, all the other countries buying refined oil products from the Saudis and OPEC (crude oil) and the US (final refined oil products) have had to convert their gold and silver and other actual assets into Federal Reserve Notes before they can buy oil products. 

This leads to all sorts of actual, factual assets and gold and silver and land and other physical assets being traded for Federal Reserve Notes -- non-negotiable "paper", which is only needed because that's what the sellers of the refined oil products will accept.  

This is a monopoly inside a monopoly.  

First, there is the contractual obstruction of trade in crude oil that creates the first monopoly benefiting OPEC and the Saudis; second, there is the currency-driven monopoly on refined oil products leading to the conversion of national gold and silver and land and other actual assets into Federal Reserve Notes, which aren't even negotiable instruments.   

This second monopoly leaves "the US" with control of all the physical assets traded first for Federal Reserve Notes (which are worthless except for the illegal labor contracts underwriting them) and then traded for refined oil products.   

This is exactly the Greenbacks set up -- trade your gold for Greenbacks, use the Greenbacks to buy investment bonds, only get Greenbacks back for your trouble. 

You've been neatly swindled out of your gold. 

Update it and what do you have?  Trade your physical assets, your gold and silver backed national currencies, for Federal Reserve Notes.  Trade the Federal Reserve Notes for refined oil products.  If you have any complaints, all you are owed back are more Federal Reserve Notes. 

You've been swindled under force and duress (because everyone needs refined oil products in the modern world) and your land, national currencies, etc., have all been traded for Federal Reserve Notes-- basically paper coupons. 


Meantime the same Pikers have been deliberately using the Inventions Secrecy Act (1951) to artificially suppress over 6,000 Patents including hundreds of patents that would have allowed the world to progress to the use of free energy sources. 

So not only have they created resource and currency monopolies that are actually obstructions to trade and illegal by definition, they have suppressed competing resources and technologies. 

They have forced all the "occupied" countries to buy their refined oil and gas products from the US using Federal Reserve Notes which has driven the market for Federal Reserve Notes worldwide, and when these same occupied countries had the temerity to contract with Russia to provide cheaper and more abundant and cleaner Natural Gas, "the US" blew up the Nordstream pipelines to -- again -- suppress the competition. 

These monopolies on essential commodities have done nothing but artificially impoverish most of the countries on Earth, including our own, and provided mammoth amounts of unjust enrichment to the Perps. 

We wish it to be known that we, Americans, had nothing to do with this criminality and have not overall benefited from it; our Federal Subcontractors deliberately suppressed development of North American oil and gas resources, which has artificially suppressed crude oil supplies and refined oil product supplies ---and gouged prices for these commodities in the world market, while leaving Americans paying some of the highest prices for refined oil products and being dependent along with everyone else on foreign crude oil supplies. 

Truth be told, we have more crude oil than the Saudis and it is far, far closer to our refineries. 

On June 9th, the sole-source contract with the Saudis to sell all their crude oil to the US expires. 

Loss of the Saudi contract is going to undermine the stability and overall viability of the "petrodollar" scheme and in the short term -- next four to five years -- drive oil and gas prices even higher, which will drive hyperinflation.  

Everything will cost more because energy will cost more, and the energy sector will drain the vitality out of every other economic sector, as the need to stay warm -- or cool -- will supplant many other lesser needs.  

It's time for all this unlawful, illegal, and immoral manipulation by the central banks to come to an end and for new energy sources -- both conventional oil reserves that have been left undeveloped, and free energy technologies that have been suppressed -- to come to fruition.  

Unfortunately for us, this means short term chaos, much higher prices for gasoline, home heating oil, and jet fuel, which means higher prices for electricity, too -- and that will add to the increased cost of every other product and service. 

China Joe already plugged out "the US" oil reserves so there will be little or nothing to backstop the plunge in oil supplies or buy any time to adjust.  We can expect wild prices at the gas pumps and even wilder prices for electricity which is a "value added" product dependent on hydrocarbons except for hydro generation plants that are largely mothballed. 

Buckle up and fill your gas tanks. And fuel oil tanks. And propane tanks. Secure wood and coal supplies for the winter. Figure on massive reduction of electrical use if the Saudis flinch, and there is little to no doubt that they will, thanks to the massive abuses in the Gaza Strip --- which is also all about oil. 

Nobody will be able to afford anything, and the politicians will stand around with their hands in their pockets rattling their sabers and offering to "pay" with the lives of your sons and daughters for their own perfidy, greed, and incompetence. 

Might also be a great time to stock up on large plastic garbage bags.  We will have a lot of garbage to throw out. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 6th 2024


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