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Tuesday, January 5, 2021


About Names -- The Real Estate, Franchise, and Title System

 By Anna Von Reitz

In ancient times, all proper names were descriptions: Hector of Troy, Jeremiah the Prophet, Illius of Alexandria, Merlin the Magician.
In Celtic lands, names could take on many descriptive forms, and could denote the name of the Clan which itself includes many family names --just take a look at the families attached to the Clan MacDonald-- each one of all those people could claim to be a "MacDonald", but only one, the Clan Chieftain, could claim to be "the" MacDonald.
A certain superstition was common about "giving away your name" similar to the resistance of American Indians to being photographed. Many groups felt that a name was too precious and intimate to be shared with the public, so they adopted "Totem Names" --- Queen Guinnivere means "Queen Snow Owl" and King Arthur means "King Bear".
Still, all in all, these names are all descriptions, and not names used in the modern way.
The Roman Empire had a vast and well-orchestrated system of nomenclature designed to not only identify individuals but also locate their origins and social status, but it gradually fell into disuse, until in most places in Europe it was a distant memory.
In the Scandinavian countries other conventions based on descriptive family relationships arose, as in, Olaf, Sven's Son, becoming Olaf Svenson.
Wherever the Roman Catholic Church established beach heads, the names of church members were recorded as part of the church's responsibilities for keeping track of baptisms, marriages, death rites and so on. Their location did not have to be part of the name in most cases, because the Church Parish described the location of most of the names being recorded. Exceptions were bridegrooms, brides, and other visitors or immigrants from other Parishes who occasionally were born or died outside their home parish.
Additionally, the ancient custom of adopting Christian names was practiced, by which someone given the name "Marjorie Brown" was transformed into "Sister Plotsidia", or a man named "Raymond Stuckbuilder" felt a particular closeness to Saint Peter and changed his name to "Peter Stuckbuilder" with the blessings and recordkeeping of the Church. These sorts of Christian name changes are still an accepted part of Church tradition.
Beginning with the Norman Conquest governments again began serious cataloguing and recording the identities and location of "subjects" whether nobles, free men, or serfs--- for administrative purposes -- the names were still descriptive in nature, but additional effort was made to nail down the individual identity of each bit of "property" belonging to the Monarch for purposes of conscription, tax allotments, census records, and so on.
Six hundred years later, naming conventions had taken on distinctly more secular purposes. Not only did the Monarchs of Europe need to keep track of their subjects in terms of name and location for administrative purposes, they needed to catalogue the work and wares of their able subjects.
By the early 1700's circuit riders were sent into every town and village to assign names to the inhabitants. It is from this era that many occupation-related names arose: John, the Blacksmith became John Black or John Smith, Adam, the Bookey who gave odds on horse races, became Adam Horseman or Adam Bookey, and so on. Names like Baker, Forester, Ploughman, Carpenter, and Hunter derive from this era. Still later, these Trade Names would be recognized as Trademarks.
The ownership of names has always been problematic. The Monarchs, in their infinite megalomania, claimed that they owned their subjects and the names of their subjects, and when the Trade Names were assigned, they also assumed ownership of the "Trademarks", meaning the Surnames and Signatures of their Subjects.
So, for example, if a man named Simon Kingman, a British Subject, signed his own name to a Promissory Note, the King or Queen of England technically became liable for his debt---- which meant that he became liable for his every enterprise to the Monarch and all his business enterprises belonged to the Monarch---who held his name and all his property assets in trust and under his name, of course, and the Monarch could, at any time, require him to pay his debts in full.
Thus began the incursion of the "royal estate" --- otherwise known as "real estate" into the realms of private identity and private business and private enterprise in Europe.
In America these practices and assumptions were foisted off onto the Colonists, too, but once independence was secured, ownership of our own given names and/or any Trade Names or Pen Names or Performer Names vested fully in each one of us, and the only ones who continued to be part of the "real estate" system were British Territorial Citizens.
The British claim of custodial interest in every British Subject regardless of where they live also means that Brits living in America can't own land, because all interest in land or other property vests in their Queen, acting as their "Trustee", whether they like it or not, and everything they own or create is also the Queen's.
To make this theft of a man's name, trademarks, and other property "legal" though it can never be "lawful", the Queen agrees to protect his property interests from threat offered by anyone other than herself and her many, many agents and bill collectors. She also agrees to provide certain social benefits in exchange for his donation of himself and all his property to serve as collateral backing the Queen's debts.
Sound familiar? It should.
This is how a British Subject's Surname, like Black or Beecham, is converted first into a Tradename/Trademark and then "invested" as part of the Real Estate, and the individual name, like Simon or Mark or Mildred, is interpreted as the name of an individual "franchise" exercising the Trademark. Additionally, if a Brit accepts any form of government service, he or she is given a title, typically, "Mister" or "Miss" or "Missus" or "Doctor" or "Captain" that further identifies them as a servant or slave or otherwise a debtor of Her Royal Majesty.
And now you see how incredibly profitable it has been for the Brits to come over here and pretend, accidentally-on-purpose, that all these American babies were poor waifs, "abandoned" on the Civil War Battlefield, of unknown origin, given up by their purportedly unwed Mothers or turned in like lost baggage by passing strangers acting as "Informants" ---ripe for their taking and inclusion as part of the Real Estate, Franchise, and Title System.
Most Brits were victimized in this same way and never told a word about it, and they are just as confused by all the semantic deceit and commercial claims as we have been, but now that all this Bushwah is delved out and spread squirming on the ground for all to see, it's apparent that: (1) the Queen has not kept her Coronation Vows to the People of the Great Britain, but has instead willfully digressed into a very different and predatory role; and (2) millions upon millions of Americans have been grossly mischaracterized, deliberately misidentified, and defrauded in Breach of Trust.
Most of us aren't Brits and never were and never want to be --- plus, we already had this argument. Twice. What force of arms could not deliver, guile cannot provide. Possession by pirates does not change ownership.
Now some poor scared and confused people have come to me, concerned that they might be "fooled again" and wondering about the use of "Middle Names".
Middle names were not generally used until the later half of the 19th century, when the Government's administrative endeavors were becoming bogged down with too many people having the same or very similar names. The Middle Name convention was adopted to help sort things out between Robert Joe Black, Robert John Black, Robert Jason Black..... and so on.
Most United States Presidents, oddly including "Ulysses S" Grant, didn't have Middle Names or Middle Initials. Grant's actual name was simply Hiram Grant. He lived his entire career from Westpoint onward through the war and the Presidency and everything else under an "assumed name" --- and in his case, a nom de guerre. In Truth, Grant didn't have a Middle Name, either, simply an "S" that didn't stand for anything more than an "S".
Perhaps someone relished the joke of having a President called "US Grant" --- as in, "grant of the United States".
Anyway, old Hiram Grant was the Golden Boy and the Fall Guy for all that went on during his Administration and ever since, and having or not having a Middle Name was not the crux of it.
The crux (appropriate, the cross) of it is --- do you own and control your own name and Trademarks as an American, or do you "voluntarily" adopt the status of a British Territorial "Subject" living and working in this country as a U.S. Citizen?
Now that you know how the Queen actually operates this spider web of deceit and false claims and overbearing ruthless opportunism against her own people, do you want to be part of that? Never able to own your own home and land, always under the thumb of the Queen and the Crown? Hounded by British thugs akin to the Raj in India? Helpless to control your own government?
Think about it, but don't think too long.
Claim back your Good Name and standing as a birthright American; correct the falsified record that your misdirected public employees created "for" you, claiming that you were "abandoned" property, and latching you as a baby in the name of the British Monarch --- at the same time these jackals were receiving our aid against the Nazis and everything from shoelaces to firebricks needed to rebuild their own country and economy.
The ink wasn't dry on the Nazi surrender and the gallows hadn't creaked under the feet of the prisoners at Nuremberg before the Brits were planning our economic and diplomatic defeat. This is the treachery that Britain and its leadership, in league with the Roman Pontiff, are famous for, and a "right ruddy example" of the criminality which has infested the British Islands and the Monarchy ever since the days of "King" John.
Britain is indeed "Great" but only because of the greatness of her common people, the toughness, veracity, work ethic, enterprise and wit of average people living throughout these haunted Islands---- and that is a greatness that has been heartlessly preyed upon by six generations of German Supplanters under the control of the House of Wettin.
Just as these same Supplanters substituted their "State of State" organizations for our American State of State organizations after the Civil War, just as they substituted their version of "the" United States for The United States, just as they substituted their version of "the" United States of America and even "the" United States of America, Incorporated, for our Federation of States, they have done the same thing every place they have ever taken root and all to the same end--- to act as deceivers and parasites and then move on, killing their hosts or leaving them debilitated as they go.
They set up Germany, they set up France, they set up Britain -- twice; now they have set up America and pretended that we are "the US" ---and are trying their best to sink us with their Bunko, while they move onto China and sink their fangs into a billion Chinese backs.
This all deserves to end, not with more lies and war planes, but with determined men and women devoted to the cause of justice and life, finally seeing the Perpetrators of all the misery, all the lies --- and arresting them as the criminals they are.

We need to finally cut to the chase, see through and beyond all the stooges and storefronts set up to be the Fall Guys and Scapegoats--- straight through to the ancient evil that these criminals have cherished. And give them nowhere to hide.


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About "Firearms"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone please pay attention so I don't have to go over all this again and again and again?
Here's the facts, folks.
Firearms are never described in the actual law pertaining to Americans --- as opposed to the Municipal Code which some people are mistaking for our Public Law --- which does describe "firearms", and the Territorial Federal Code, which also describes "firearms" in a slightly different context.
What Americans have is the right to keep and bear arms. Our law doesn't say anything about "firearms" at all.
On our own turf, we have the unabridged right to have, keep, bear, and use any kind of armament at all. Rifles, Howitzers, Sling slots, tanks, airplanes, rockets, knives, nail guns, self-propelled grenades, bombs, Molotov cocktails, drones, bb guns, machine guns, throwing axes, whatever. Period.
The Municipal Code, which is foreign law with respect to Americans, defines "firearms". The Territorial Federal Code, which is foreign law with respect to Americans, also defines "firearms".
This is yet another semantic deceit and red-herring that has its roots in the post-Civil War Era when the Capitol City was afraid that US Army Units would use "artillery and small firearms" to stage a take-over. This was later amended in 1933 --- after the glory days of Al Capone --- to "firearms" in the vein of rifles and tommy guns and sawed-off shotguns used by gangsters, and none of it pertains to us at all.
Municipal Code is a separate body of purely "Federal" law that pertains solely to the administration of the Municipality of Washington, DC. Last time I looked, it is about 2800 pages long including definitions and addendums, and costs about $1800 per copy, with the result that most Americans have never even seen a copy of the Municipal Code.
My point is that the Municipal Code was originally intended to prevent artillery and cannons from being brought into Washington, DC, and didn't impact our right to keep and bear "arms" outside the city limits--- a separate topic --- at all. That is why the Municipal Code was allowed to stand, and the reason it still stands.
They get the right to dictate to their own citizenry and to control their own premises, but they can in no way pass legislation affecting our rights on our turf.
Rod Class made the mistake and I told him it was a mistake, to try to go into their set-apart little enclave and claim his "guarantees" as an American--- doing that makes as much sense as going to Ireland, violating Irish law, and then claiming it doesn't apply to you because you are an American.
If you are an American in America, your law applies. If you are an American in Ireland, their law applies. Rod Class was an American in the Municipality of Washington, DC, which is an independent international city-state. Their law applied and their law defines "firearms".
This is all part of the patriots being confused about the nature of their Federal Subcontractors and also being confused about where and when their constitutional guarantees apply.
If you go onto a US Air Force Base anywhere on Earth, I trust that you know that you can't swagger in with a weapon? And if you do, you may be mistaken for an enemy combatant? That's an example of Territorial Codes applying within the perimeter of arsenals and is also a foreign law, simply a better-known foreign law generally called "Federal Code".
The Territorial Federal Code has grown to more than fifty separate sections called "Titles" covering different topics and it does discuss "firearms" particularly in Title 27 which covers the BATF and the nuts and bolts administration of the regulatory power that the Federal Subcontractors were granted by The Constitution of the United States of America to "regulate" the "interstate" sale, transport, and manufacture of tobacco, alcohol, and firearms--- as a source of revenue to support the Federal Government.
It was an early "sin tax".
Firearms in the 1780's meant guns with firing pans, what we would call "black powder" guns. The Federal Government was supposed to eke its earnings out of whatever it could raise as revenue from the interstate manufacture, sale, or transport (across state lines) of such firearms. They have more or less sensibly extrapolated that right to regulate "firearms" to include modern small arms and profited themselves from licensing them-- not their owners.
But once again, "firearms" is a topic that never finds reference to Americans standing on their own turf. The definition of "firearms" only appears -- in either Municipal or Territorial terms -- in foreign law and with respect to foreign jurisdictions.
The Municipality of Washington DC is a foreign, independent, international city state operating in the global jurisdiction of the Air. The Territorial Government is a separate, foreign, British Commonwealth entity operating in the international jurisdiction of the Sea.
Both are foreign. Both operate under foreign law. And neither one can dictate jack diddly squat to an American standing on the land and soil of his own State of the Union, or exercising any "reserved right" not explicitly addressed by their respective Constitutions---- so long as he is "standing in his own right" and operating on his own turf.
The Municipality of Washington, DC, as I have pointed out with monotonous regularity, is a separate international city-state, completely independent of the rest of this country, ruled over by the members of "the" United States (Municipal) Congress, acting as a plenary oligarchy, and it is set apart and allowed to function in this manner by Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.
The Capitol City does not belong to us, Americans---and it never has. It was set up this way on purpose, both to invite foreign investment to bear the cost of building it, and to provide a meeting place where members of all fifty States could gather on neutral ground.
The Municipal Code of Washington, DC, applies to all corporations formed in Washington, DC, which is the only reason that this topic bears much discussion at all, with respect to "firearms" or anything else.
Rod Class made the mistake of bringing "firearms" -- according to their Municipal Code definition -- into their foreign enclave, and thinking that their law didn't apply on their turf. He apparently thought that his Constitutional Guarantees were owed to him everywhere on Earth, but a little thought will prove that this is not true, nor is it reasonable to assume.
Do you have any sacred right to keep and bear arms on the Island of Bali? Don't you grant that the Balinese would have something to say about that? And if they didn't want you to have a .357 tucked under your arm during your vacation stay, for fear you might use it against their people, wouldn't they as a foreign government have a right to impound your weapon?
If you snuck your weapon past their border guards and customs agents in spite of their efforts to clearly post and give notice of their restrictions, wouldn't they have a right to charge you with such crimes as willful criminal mischief, even if you left your gun locked up in a gun case the whole time?
Of course, they would. And it is the same with Washington, DC.
The Municipal officials threw the book at Rod Class and they had every right to. I warned him before he did it and told him why, but he was a bonehead and he went shashaying into Washington, DC, with a couple deer rifles and God-knows-what in his truck.
He's lucky he got out alive, and though I love him dearly, he's still a bonehead and hasn't learned any of the lessons I have tried to teach him -- complete with evidentiary proof. How hard is it, after all, to read Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 when someone points it out to you, and take in the meaning of "plenary oligarchy"?
Until people stop screwing around and learn to drive on their own side of the road, a lot of good men are going to be needlessly hurt and a great deal of brain power and effort is going to be wasted.
Every American needs to learn and needs to know, for certain, that the "Federal Government" is being run by foreign Subcontractors and when I say "foreign" I mean foreign in the same sense that Spain is foreign to Denmark.
They operate under foreign laws called "Codes and Statutes and Regulations" and they operate in foreign international and global jurisdictions that most Americans have no reason to visit, except perhaps as tourists.
The Territorials were granted a right to regulate and profit from the interstate manufacture, sale or transport of "firearms" and so, they will, within reason, update the meaning of "firearms" into the modern world, and they will regulate away with gusto every time there is manufacture, sale, or transport of small arms across state borders.
They can also "license" federally regulated goods, and they can also license their own citizenry with or without that specific regulatory authority, but it is severely doubtful that their regulatory authority extends to licensing Americans when those Americans are standing on their own soil.
So far as I know, the question of Federal regulatory authority to license Americans to do anything at all, and I do mean anything, on their own turf ---has never been breached in the Supreme Court of the United States---- but it certainly should be, because the Federales of both stripes have been trespassing against us and usurping against our people by registering and licensing activities of common right without authority to do so.
That is a topic worthy of fighting over.
The right of the Municipality of Washington, DC, to ban firearms within their own city boundaries, is not a worthy topic to even debate. The right of the Territorial Government to regulate "interstate" manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol, tobacco, and "firearms" is another don't-bother-me-with-it topic. Read your Constitutions and you can see for yourselves exactly what they are allowed and not allowed.
Stand aside and let them do what they are clearly allowed to do, and stomp on them if they cross the line and trespass. It really is as simple and as difficult as that.
The Municipal denizens were gifted with a plenary oligarchy on our Eastern Seaboard, and until we get angry enough with their shenanigans to boot them into the sea and reclaim the ground under the city --- which still belongs to Maryland and Virginia, by the way --- that's their turf.
The Territorial Federales can regulate and profit from the interstate sale, manufacture or transport of exactly three commodities. If they try to extend their paws to include other commodities or include activities taking place in "non-interstate" environments, like your backyard, tell them where to get off and do it in no uncertain terms.
Most of all, make it crystal clear that you are an American, and not any species of Municipal or Territorial "person" at all.

Go to:
and record your political status as an American who is owed every jot of the Constitutions--- and then learn when and where the Constitutional Guarantees apply, so that you don't wind up in jail or worse.


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Don't go off about who is saying this. I left the comments on because I want you to seriously consider WHAT he is saying, not who is saying it.

Why Seniors Are Targeted and Why Fear is Not an Option

 By Anna Von Reitz

Putting it bluntly -- seniors rack up incredible medical bills the last three years of their lives on average.  This is partially due, of course, to the padding of "medical costs and services" by corporations that should never have been allowed to function as for-profit entities.  It is nonetheless the reality of life, that the last three years of our lives tend to be painful, debilitating, debasing, and --- for the med-tech giants, highly profitable. 

So they want us to live as long as possible, as miserably as possible, so that they can milk the cash cow for all we are worth---- literally. 

It is this, not any respect for life, not any kind of compassion, that drives the spear through the heart of any legislation allowing people to make their own end-of-life decisions when faced with irreversible and terminal illness. It is also what truncates making funds available for hospice care and caretaker respite programs.  

It's nothing but corporate greed and profiteering that serves to make our end of life experience so nasty and needlessly painful.  As long as you are breathing they can charge you for their goods (pills, liquids, medical equipment and services) and as ending that gravy train is not in their economic best interest, they will keep you alive -- regardless of the quality of your life, to the bitter end. 

For many of us, it is simply torture prolonged. 

On the other side of the coin lurks the "government" corporations that are paying for the average person's end of life medical care, and they have exactly the opposite set of motivations.  They want you to die quickly and quietly the moment you are no longer "productive", so that they can keep a larger percentage of "your" public trust funds for their use and abuse. 

This is also what prompts them to so joyously and eagerly expend funds for abortions.  They still get a kickback and a trust fund for every unique set of DNA that comes into existence, regardless of whether or not it is ever manifest as a separate living being.  If they can assign it a name, they can cash in ----and they do.   Abortion for them is a win-win situation --- get the money without the expense, control the size and quality of the "herd", and do it with consent of the victim's Mother, so that you can blame her for it all.  

If the Mother is poor, desperate, and black -- so much the better.  The elitists in charge of this mass murder and "eugenics enterprise" don't like people of color, even their own color.  

And so far as that's concerned, forget the deaths purportedly caused by viruses of any kind at all.  The leading cause of death in America is abortion. 47 million babies worth, and more to come, because of profit margins and greed and complete mindless lack of moral compass.  

See how insidious and profit-driven this is?  See why it is crucial that corporations --and the men running them-- be reformed?  And disciplined? Severely? 

If you want a Bogey Man to be afraid of, be afraid of corporations --- mindless, heartless, faceless, profit-driven THINGS that pretend and act as if they are alive; any Frankenstein or cannibal Zombie would be put to shame, if compared to Pepsi-Co, Standard and Poors, or Wells Fargo. Any dragon, godzilla, or ET would be left flat-footed in the Boardroom of Lockheed-Martin, Tesla, Inc., SERCO, or Raytheon. 

Yet, fear is not an option when confronted with Legal Fictions. Though they can and do destroy life, and both the meaning and the quality of life, ---because they are themselves dead things, they cannot stand the light of day or bear the force of a lawful court.  

And this above and beyond every other consideration is why we must turn our attention toward using the tools at our disposal to discipline and when necessary, to destroy run-amok corporations--- including "government" corporations. 

Cowering in your bed with the covers pulled up over your head won't deter the IRS or FEMA from making false claims against your presumed-to-exist Municipal ESTATE ---and rooking you into paying them.  Doing absolutely everything the government corporations tell you to do, exactly the way they tell you to do it, won't give you any safety.  Paying that mortgage for 30 years, plus interest, won't mean that you own your own house.  

These for-profit corporations are determined to make money off of you, your assets, your very existence.  They exist to suck you dry, and that's all there is to it.  They are the real-life vampires, and that's putting it nicely.  

So if you want to control corporations, you must deprive them of their profit-motives, and develop and use better means to provide oversight, and we must engender corporation-killing legislation above and way beyond measures like the Sherman Antitrust Act  or Taft-Hartley Act or Logan Act.  

We, as living beings, need Silver Bullets-- absolute means to destroy corporations that trespass against us, no questions asked.  Just dead. Defunct. Liquidated for Cause.  Corporate veil ripped asunder.  Controlling shareholders, officers, and board members disgraced in public, their holdings and "personal" property confiscated to compensate the victims. 

That's what we need and being afraid won't get the job done.  Neither will crying and whining to the Board Members --- the members of 'Congress' -- who are promoting and profiting from all this nightmarish abuse.  Neither will bringing suits against them in their own courts avail us anything.  

No, the only way to bring these corporations back in line is to exercise our own courts and Military Tribunals to deny them the profits from their misdeeds and punish the perpetrators of these corporate crimes against humanity. 

I still believe that tearing apart just one major corporation, and doing a really good job of it,  would do a world of wonders --- and serve to jerk the others back in line. 

The corporations need to taste the sword of having their charters burned and their articles outlawed, their shareholders exposed as the greedy, mindless, profit-seeking morons they are, their officers arrested as criminals, and their board members sacked, not eligible for rehire, all of them deprived of all privileges allowing them to incorporate or license or patent anything at all, ever again---- and most important, all of their personal property and accounts confiscated, so that they cannot profit from murdering, poisoning, deceiving, cheating, bringing False Claims in Commerce or otherwise harming anyone ever again.    

Let the paper carnage begin.  


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Report: Biden’s Inaugural Parade Viewing Stands Taken Down

 – Parade in Doubt – They’re Afraid it Will Turn into a Massive MAGA Rally

Organizational Goals for State Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

I thought this was perfectly obvious, but I have been convinced by recent events to write it down in black and white so that there is no further confusion. 

1. Outreach and Recruitment -- You have to reach out to other Americans and share the information and invite them in.  They depend on you, and you depend on them.  If you don't tell them and help them, they can't get home to Original Jurisdiction on their own. They don't even know that they have been kidnapped and trafficked on paper, so don't underestimate the danger they are in, nor the urgency of what I am telling you: this is a rescue operation like Dunkirk. 

Save your countrymen, so that together, you can save your country.  

2. Help people understand and navigate the paperwork and record it. 

3. Help people join and participate in the Assembly, either as State Nationals or as State Citizens.  Explain the difference so that they can see which group they belong in. 

4. Set up the four parts of a State Assembly.  (1) Everyone belongs to and participates in the General Assembly, which addresses in-State and local issues.  (2) State Citizens additionally serve on the International Business Assembly to decide international issues.  (3) Everyone serves as a Juror and is a member of the Jury Pool as part of the Jural Assembly-- again, State Nationals and State Citizens are both eligible to decide cases involving in-State issues, while State Citizens alone hear cases involving international subject matter.  (4) Everyone who is fit and between the ages of 21 and 45 is eligible to serve as part of the Assembly Militia. 

5. Hold elections for the officers of the General Assembly, International Assembly, the Courts, and the Militia.  The Chairman of the General Assembly is the Speaker for the Assembly -- not the President, not the CEO.  These are not incorporated entities and have no such hierarchy. Everyone elected to an Assembly Office has a job to do, nothing more or less.  The sooner everyone adjusts their attitude to account for this, the better. 

6. Once the Assembly is organized and functioning on all four cylinders, the Coordinator position sunsets.  In some States, the liaison duties of the Coordinator pass to the Chairman.  In other States those duties are passed to other Assembly Diplomatic Officers, but in all cases, there will be at least one liaison officer who continues to faithfully bring forward information from and to transmit information to The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States.  

7. Your Coordinator is naturally a member of The State Assembly in your State of the Union, who is working for The United States of America to bring your Assembly into Session and build it into a competent, confident, educated, and properly organized " public body politic", which will serve your State of the Union and speak for it on both local in-state matters and international matters. While working for the Federation, the Coordinator will act as a State National and refrain from direct participation in votes concerning international matters. 

8. Your Assembly is your "instrumentality" --- your means to self-govern. 
You all have the right to self-govern, but until and unless you exercise that right by taking action to self-govern and implement the means to self-govern, your right to do so is a moot point.  You must govern, or be governed.  There is no "resting position" available.  So make up your minds whether or not you will be a free and self-determining "people", or  "persons" dependent on and owned by corporations that will be glad to tell you what to do, how to think, how much water you can drink, and the amount of your yearly carbon deficit tax for farting without a license. 

9. Understand that this is not about plums and prizes, offices or "powers" in the sense that corporations use and abuse these concepts. This is about serving your State, your country, and your countrymen -- and fulfilling your obligation to self-govern.  Ninety percent of the nasty things that have happened to us, have been at least in part our own fault, because we didn't pay close enough attention to the quiet and steady usurpation of our rights and our government functions by our erstwhile employees. We blindly trusted them instead of directing them. 

There is a lot of ground to be recovered, a lot of Public Law to be enforced, and a lot of new understandings to be forged before these present issues can be resolved.  In facing up to this, we are either part of the solution or part of the problem.  

By doing your paperwork and taking your place in your own State Assembly, you are making a conscious choice to be part of restoring and reforming and directing the course of your American Government.  As you do so, you seize back control of your lives and your property, your destiny, and the future of your country.  

Do it with resolve befitting the gravity of the situation and the sacredness of the honor, remembering how many have died and suffered, so that you have the right to assemble and take all of these lawful actions.  As you rescue other Americans who have been kidnapped and left as helpless castaways in "international waters" --- be glad for them, and glad for yourselves, too. 

You are each the living embodiment of your State and your Country.  

Be glad because you have the knowledge and ability to rescue others and bring them home.  Be glad because you are not alone.  Be glad that other Americans blazed the trails and sailed the oceans to make this possible---- and keep your will bent to the task at hand.  Rescue as many Americans as possible and do it now. 


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American Government Basics

 By Anna Von Reitz

People are waking up all over this country, and in the process they are "discovering" things that we encountered, too, often two or three decades ago, and so, were obliged to research for ourselves. 

One of those is the difference between "state" and "State".  The essential difference from the American perspective is that our "states" control the National Soil Jurisdiction, while our "States" control International and Global Jurisdictions. 

From the standpoint of our Federal Subcontractors, the difference is summed up by the Government Printing Office as: the word "state" stands for a foreign government.  As all the Federal Subcontractors exist in International or Global Jurisdictions, and our states exist in National Jurisdiction, it follows that our states are, indeed, foreign with respect to them-- foreign in nature and foreign in function. 

Our Founders set the "states" apart from the "States" on purpose, as a protective measure, so that their own States were the only access that our nation-states have to International or Global Jurisdiction of any kind.  

Otherwise, foreign powers could rely on local misfortunes and weak politicians to deliver our nation-states into their control. 

This safeguard prevents our nation-states from being picked off in a piecemeal fashion by foreign governments, similar to the original colonization process in which Britain "owned" some colonies and Spain and France and Holland owned others. 

They could then break apart our states and begin a new process of --- in this case, Corporate Feudalism,  on a county by county basis. 

It must be a great disappointment to the Perpetrators to discover that yes, we do know the difference between a "state" and a "State" and a "State of State" and so, are not deceived by their False Claims in Commerce.  

We also know our own history, and know that the contracts of foreign Territorial and Municipal "State of State" organizations pretending to act as our Agents without explicit grant of specific delegated power --- and also pretending to be Trustees of our Assets in our purported "absence" --- are null and void. 

Now that our State Assemblies are in Session there is no excuse in the wide world for anyone to presume anything about us and our Government, or to claim that we are in any way absent or incompetent to conduct our own business. 

Another basic part of American Government is that Americans stand under The Declaration of Independence.  From our standpoint, the Constitutions are simply vendor contracts.  

Our American State of State organizations that were members of the original Confederation of States set up the Federal Republic to act as one vendor in receipt of delegated powers.  This arrangement fell apart in 1860. 

Another vendor was the British Territorial Government, and a third vendor was the Holy Roman Empire. 

These foreign Federal workers were defined as three separate categories of "citizens" --- United States Citizens, U.S. Citizens, and Municipal citizens of the United States.  

All of them stand under and owe ultimate allegiance to their specific Constitution, because, when and if, their Constitution is invalidated, they become "stateless" and can then be "seized upon" as "abandoned chattel adrift at sea".  

The same is not true of birthright Americans for obvious reasons. 

Our States are not, and never were, States of States --- and we don't stand under any Constitution, so none of this nonsense taking place in International or Global Jurisdiction pertains to us, and it certainly does not pertain to our assets. 

The U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States are in grave peril, because their corporations are either defunct or on the way to being defunct; this severs their "assumed" contract and leaves them: (1) unemployed; and (2) without any sovereign political status; and (3) no excuse to be here on our shores, as they are no longer providing us with "essential government services". 

They are, in effect, governmental services providers, without a current contract to serve our government.  Mercenaries adrift.   

They have to reorganize themselves and ask for reinstatement and re-affirmation, or, turn over all the "government" property and assets that they have had control of as a result of their delegated constitutional performance contracts --- to us, their employers. 

It would be like loaning your lawn mower to Joe Next Door, so that he can mow your lawn, a service for which you loyally pay him.  

Then Joe Next Door goes bankrupt and suffers other reversals so that he can no longer mow your lawn.  He self-evidently needs to return your lawn mower, so that you or someone else of your choosing can do the job. 

In this case, the guilty corporations need to be dissolved and their debts satisfied without any phony claims against the assets of their Employers, and then, the Principals responsible need to make amends, and in tandem with these measures, the American Employers need to mow their own lawn until other arrangements are made.  

It's possible that once the Cat is out of the bag, and the Principals are squarely faced with their malfeasance, the banks and parties responsible will drop all pretense of having any custodial or other interest in ourselves and our property, and settle their differences. 

With reconstruction and restoration of our entire lawful government in place, such a situation could not again transpire.  Until then, our States are in Session and are competent to conduct our business, and they have every right to do so.


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Georgia State Senators Call on Pence to Delay Jan. 6 Electoral Vote

Republican state senators in Georgia started a push on Monday to delay the Jan. 6 counting of electoral votes. At least a dozen have signed a letter directed to Vice President Mike Pence asking him to officially delay the count—and the number is still growing.

“There’s about 16 or 18 of us now that signed this letter to the Vice President … asking him to delay the electoral vote for 10 to 12 days,” Sen. Brandon Beach told The Epoch Times.