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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Dr Reiner Fuellmich: Bombshell - Overwhelming Evidence That The Pandemic Is A Crime With All Backup

Powerful interview with trial lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich, who says they have the evidence to sue governments, health organizations, and the WHO.

On his feast day, Ignatius of Loyola writings and history from a Catholic perspective.

 From the Desk of Paul Stramer

As I have said many times, this website is here for the express purpose of finding solutions for the big mess we are in here in America, and articles are published from several authors that also have freedom in America as their focus. The authors that I publish here have their own opinions, and you and I can choose to agree or disagree, and what we write in the comments is regarded by the administration of this blog (me) as their own opinion. I do invite everyone to comment as they see fit, but follow a few simple rules.
As I have said in the introduction at the top of the blog "You will find some conflicting views from some of these authors. You will also find that all the authors are deeply concerned about the future of America. What they write is their own opinion, just as what I write is my own. If you have an opinion on a particular article, please comment by clicking the title of the article and scrolling to the box at the bottom on that page. Please keep the discussion about the issues, and keep it civil. The administrator reserves the right to remove unwarranted personal attacks. Use the golden rule; "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." 

I have from time to time removed some comments from the comments section, that were vicious personal attacks against an author, rather than an intelligent discussion of the issues,  but very rarely. Foul language, and invective accomplish nothing but the creation of anger, and have no place here. We are here to arrive at the truth about what has been done to our country, and true history, not as we see it, but as our Creator sees it.
It is sometimes said that in America we have the "right to our opinion". I would say rather that we have the responsibility to see to it that our opinion is right, the way God sees it.  With that I shall begin with my opinion and some history about Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

I am compelled by my lifelong Catholic Faith and background to set the record straight about what Ignatius of Loyola taught.  I shall use his own words, and the 1917 Catholic Encyclopedia to do so.

I note that many if not most of the people who criticize the "Jesuits" refuse to read anything he actually wrote, and won't read anything the Catholic Church has said about the order or the man going back almost 500 years.

The words that follow are my opinion, but not just my opinion. They are irrefutable history going back centuries. My sources are well documented and links will follow each section.

I will start by saying that while people who oppose the Catholic Faith will tolerate most of the orders in the Church like the Franciscans, and others, they mostly have an undying hatred of the Society of Jesus founded by St.Ignatius of Loyola.

I will also say that we are talking here about a Church that is over 2000 years old, and an order that was not approved until September 27th, 1540, by the Papal Bull of Pope Paul III titled "Regimini militantis ecclesia".  For a history of the Society of Jesus from the Catholic encyclopedia go here:  Remember that when you see a link that has cathen in it, it's from the 1917 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Ignatius of Loyola was born in 1491 at the castle of Loyola above Azpeitia in Guipuscoa; died at Rome, 31 July, 1556. I will not dwell on the early part of his life except to say that he became a soldier and was grievously wounded in the battle of Pampeluna in 1521 and was completely changed by what followed.
For a complete story of his life from the Catholic Encyclopedia :

The Jesuit Legend    This is from the Catholic Encyclopedia

"It is curious that at the present day, even literary men have next to no interest in the objective facts concerning the Society, not even in those supposed to be to its disadvantage. All attention is fixed to the Jesuit legend; encyclopedia articles and general histories hardly concern themselves with anything else. The legend, though it reached its present form in the middle of the nineteenth century, began at a much earlier period. The early persecutions of the Society (which counted some 100 martyrs in Europe during its first century) were backed up by fiery, loud, unscrupulous writers such as Hassenmueller and Hospinian, who diligently collected and defended all the charges against the Jesuits. The rude, criminous ideas which these writers set forth received subtler traits of deceitfulness and double-dealing through Zahorowski's "Monita Secreta Societatis Jesu" (Cracow, 1614), a satire misrepresenting the rule of the order, which is freely believed to be genuine by credulous adversaries (see Monita Secreta). The current version of the legend is late French, evolved during the long revolutionary ferment which preceded the Third Empire. It began with the denunciations of Montlosier (1824-27), and grew strong (1833-45) in the University of Paris, which affected to consider itself as the representative of the Gallican Sorbonne, of Port-Royal, and of the Encyclop√©die. The occasion for literary hostilities was offered by attempts at University reform which, so Liberals affected to believe, were instigated by Jesuits. Hereupon the "Provinciales" were given a place in the University curriculum, and Villemain, Theirs, Cousin. Michelet, Quinlet, Libri, Mignet, and other respectable scholars succeeded by their writings and denunciations in giving to anti-Jesuitism a sort of literary vogue, not always with scrupulous observance of accuracy or fairness. More harmful still to the order were the plays, the songs, the popular novels against them. Of these the most celebrated was Eug√®ne Sue's "Juif errant" (Wandering Jew) (1844), which soon became the most popular anti-Jesuit book ever printed, and has done more than anything else to give final form to the Jesuit legend.
The special character of this fable is that it has hardly anything to do with the order at all, its traits being simply copied from masonry. The previous Jesuit bogey was at least one which haunted churches and colleges, and worked through the confessional and the pulpit. But this creation of modern fiction has lost all connection with reality. He (or even she) is a person, not necessarily a priest, under the command of a black pope who lives in an imaginary world of back stairs, closets, and dark passages. He is busy with plotting and scheming, mesmerizing the weak and corrupting the honest, occupations diversified by secret crimes or melodramatic attempts at crimes of every sort. The ideal we see is taken over bodily from the real, or the supposed method of the life of the Continental mason. Yet this is the sort of nonsense about which special correspondents send telegrams to the papers, about which revolutionary agitators and crafty politicians make long inflammatory speeches, which standard works of reference discuss quite gravely, which none of our popular writers dares to expose as an imposture (see Brou, op cit. infra, II, 199-247)."

Some Objections:

The answers to many of the accusations against the Society of Jesus are contained in another article, again from the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1917 here:

And now for the actual writing of the man himself. What was he about? What was his real mission? How did he accomplish that mission. Was it with a sword?  NO!  It was with ideas.

The Romans learned over 20 centuries ago that you can't fight an idea with swords.  They tried that and failed.  They tried to wipe Christianity from the face of the earth and utterly and completely failed.


An explanation and history of his writings:

So from the words of Saint Ignatius of Loyola here are his ideas.

A short work composed by St. Ignatius of Loyola and written originally in Spanish.   
Read the actual text. Just click  next>>  at the bottom of each page.   Another way to read the actual book.  Wait for the book to appear in the black box at the top of the  page then on the right toward the top click the spyglass.
To turn the pages click the arrows at the bottom right corner.

If you have spent a lifetime in a Protestant religion I don't expect you will even read many of these links.

Most protestants are taught from a young age to hate "the jesuits".  I don't have to answer for that, thank God. But I am obligated to tell the truth, and make known the history you have probably never had a chance to see, hence this article, which is my fulfillment of my duty to God and His Church.

Now a word about that Church.  God is not divided against Himself. He is the One, True God in three divine persons, Father (Creator), Son (Redeemer) and Holy Ghost (Sanctifier). Three divine persons in ONE God.

There is NO other God in the Universe. All besides Him are false and impostors. I hope we can agree on that much at least.  
It follows then, that God would not and did not make more than one true religion on this earth. 
It is our job, our duty, to find that one true Faith, and get in it, and stay in it till we take our last breath.
By doing so we fulfill our ultimate purpose, the reason we have been given life, which is to know, love, and serve Him in this life that we may be happy with him for all eternity seeing Him as He really is forever.
Of course God demands that we live by those principles, not just profess them. That is the challenge.
We were created for nothing less than eternal and complete happiness with our creator, for all time without end.

DON'T LOOK FOR THAT RELIGION IN ROME!   Rome has LOST the Faith. The prophecy of La Salette has been fulfilled. Rome has lost the faith and has become the seat of AntiChrist, but the world does not know this yet. It will as time goes on. Use a search engine to look that up. Type in prophecy of La Salette.

Don't take that to mean that I believe God's Church is gone, or corrupt. It's still very much alive and well, but is much smaller than most people believe.  But that is for another article when the time is right.

I know this might leave you with many questions. Good. That is partly what it is meant to do. 

Our Lord has made us some promises that have solutions in them. He told us how to pray. He showed us how to live. How well have we imitated those instructions and His example?  I think not very well, and that is what Saint Ignatius was focused on when he started the Society of Jesus. He realized way back then, over 468 years ago, that we were in trouble and falling away from true Faith. HE LAID DOWN HIS SWORD, and took up the cross, and set a personal example to help us to salvation. He has been lied about, and demonized, and slandered by the enemies of your soul, until that evil legend is almost an institution, but still, those detractors have NOT succeeded in removing his example, and spiritual exercises.

Don't take my word for any of this, but now that you know, how will you answer to God, if you continue to ignore " the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say?

God bless anyone that reads this and takes it seriously.

 COME, Holy Ghost, into the hearts of Thy faithful, and kindle in them the fire of Thy love.
  V. Send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created;
   R. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

Let Us Pray
      O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant that by the gift of the same Spirit we may be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Paul Stramer

Complete Collapse of Everything

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CDC withdraws fraudulent PCR testing protocol that was used to falsify covid “positives” to push the plandemic

BREAKING: CDC, FDA faked “covid” testing protocol by using human cells mixed with common cold virus fragments… PCR tests are merely detecting the common cold

Friday, July 30, 2021

Cut to the Chase

 By Anna Von Reitz

We've been cleaning house the past few weeks and did things that needed to be done.
Three Federation volunteers were removed for direct insubordination resulting in endangerment.
One other Federation volunteer was investigated twice, once by the Federation, once by the State Assembly, with the same result ---- mishandling of funds.
And all the whining and false accusations and blaming and stomping is not going to change any of that. These people are going around bad-mouthing me and bad-mouthing the Federation, and yet, the proof is in the pudding.
Right now, Eric Dingis is involved in a corporation-backed mercenary operation and setting up a "compound". He didn't stop what he was planning all along. The fake insurrection is being set up with help from the corporations that stand to benefit. Innocent people are still in the cross-hairs, but at least it won't be our innocent people.
If people want a Top Down government, they need to go to the District Assembly and swear allegiance to the British Crown. The rest of you are responsible for recognizing those folks and ushering them to the door.
If other people want to foment an insurrection they will have to use something or someone else as an excuse. They aren't going to use State Assemblies for a storefront.
If still others want to try to run a State Assembly as a private club and dictate who can claim their birthright and who can't, they will have to be removed, too. The State Assemblies are public, not private.
If anyone occupies a position as a Recording Secretary, they'd better do their job in Good Faith and not bungle things up on purpose.
If anyone gets donations for their State Assembly, the money had better go in the Assembly account.
Until the Assemblies are fully functional, and fully seated, they remain under the guidance of the Federation, which has already --- several times --- saved their bacon.
We must all be aware at all times that there are people joining the Assemblies who have their own "agendas" that have nothing to do with what is good for America or the people who live here.
Those agendas may be simple and selfish, or they may be complex and orchestrated and purposeful, but any agenda other than getting the Assembly set up and functional is not on the table.
We have a job to do, we have the means to do it, so let's go.
This morning I got another insulting email from Susan Hauck in which she denies her attempt to disband the Continental Marshals Service, and goes on to attack me and the Federation and to denounce Harold's efforts to get people thinking about the role of the County Assemblies, etc.,etc., etc.
Susan was placed on administrative leave for cause. The old PKTF was dissolved for cause. At least a dozen men witnessed her attempt to dissolve the Marshals and anyone who wants to, can hear the recording of the meeting where she announced this totally unauthorized action.
Proof in the pudding again.
We know them by their works.
When people work to cause trouble, to foster lies and ill-will, if they create controversy, wreck havoc, speak ugliness, promote gossip and discontent, disrupt the flow of work, center attention on themselves, push fear-mongering, encourage hatred and doubt, refuse correction, willfully disobey clear instructions, nit-pick everything to death, blame others, misrepresent their own actions, try to control and bottleneck things, steal community funds or equipment, deliberately pursue foreign agendas, are aggressive, or insulting, try to "use" the Assemblies or the members in the bad sense of that word, spread disinformation on an ongoing basis, promote Ponzi schemes, backbite other members, always want their own way, make others paranoid, talk about violence, create arguments about trivia, play the "injured party", refuse to take responsibility----all while claiming the moral high ground, you will know that you have members of The Liar's Club in your midst, and from now on, you will know what to do with them.

Pack them off to the District Assemblies where they belong.


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"Sovereign Citizen" is an Oxymoron

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have said this many times, but here I am, having to say it again.
This repetition is necessary only because new people are coming into our ranks and because the "Powers That Were" are promoting the idea that so-called "Sovereign Citizens" exist.
The two things, "sovereign" and "citizen", are mutually exclusive political statuses. When you combine the two, you get nonsense. This is known as an "oxymoron" --- when you combine two mutually exclusive terms or ideas.
So, if you hear anyone talking about "Sovereign Citizens" you know that they are ignorant about political status and the meaning of these words.
I think that it has been used in the past as a political and grammatical Dumb Test: the "bait" is whether or not a person accepts it as a valid concept.
If they do, then they reveal their ignorance and they can be easily discounted, misled, and abused.
If they object and point out that "Sovereign Citizen" is an oxymoron and that nobody could possibly be a "sovereign" and a "citizen" at the same time, they demonstrate that they are knowledgeable about the issues and definitions---and not such easy prey.

Please share this knowledge with everyone and include it as part of basic education in the Assemblies, so that our people are not caught napping or foolishly accepting any such label.


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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Resend ****Urgent**** Required Mandatory Permanent Protective Injunction

 By Anna Von Reitz

The banks acting as intermediaries have been borrowing our assets to pursue their business and now propose to foreclose on our assets and attempt to still pretend that we are absent and that they are our Agents.
These presumptions have been soundly rebutted.
It now comes to our attention that the estate of Jacob Rothschild and Company, the United States, Incorporated, and various incorporated franchises have attempted to roll over all court judgments, close out the legacy trust accounts, and otherwise help themselves to the wealth of the world "in our names".
We absolutely and categorically object to any such action by any bank or corporation or incorporated entity anywhere in the world.
All High Courts in receipt of this communication are required by Public and Private International and Global Law to issue Mandatory Permanent Protective Injunctions in favor of the actual Priority Creditors, which includes The United States of America, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and all other National Members of the United Nations Organization.
This is especially required of the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What is really the "Law of the Land"?



 By Anna Von Reitz

People have been calling, writing, and asking ---- the Assembly in my State was dissolved. What does that mean? Is my paperwork voided? Is everything else at a standstill? What can I do to help us get back on the road home?
First, the only States impacted are Michigan and Texas. Both of these State Assemblies have been dissolved as a corrective and protective measure, albeit, for different causes.
Second, this action does not change, alter, or void your paperwork. It is still safe and sound on the public record, according to my most recent information.
There may be some cases in Michigan that will need to be re-recorded, but your original paperwork will be honored and any necessary work will be done at no additional cost.
Third, the effort to reorganize and properly train new Coordinators and Recording Secretaries is in full swing. The new Coordinator Teams will be fully briefed and back in action soon, meetings will resume, and the people in both States will have a new chance and a clean slate.
Fourth, for reasons that I have explained most recently in "Success" we have a different business model and it is a model that hasn't been in common use for decades. As a result, everyone has to learn how their Assembly is supposed to function and how power is shared in an American Assembly --- which is different from anything we have experienced in the corporate world.
Fifth, these are Big Changes --- changes in the way we do business, in the way we treat each other, and in the way we view the world. There is no "power" to grapple for, no positional authority to seize and control and use as leverage over others and over the Assembly as a whole. These attitudes, activities, and assumptions have to go. If we wanted to live in Corporate America, we would have stayed in the District Assemblies and continued to operate as they do.
Sixth, in addition to people trying to employ inappropriate corporate business models to our Assemblies, we have some actual infiltrators trying to misrepresent our Assemblies as storefronts for insurrection, and to label us "domestic terrorists" and so on. We all have to mind our mouths and our business operations to make it clear that we are Americans doing our Public Duty, and nothing else.

Seventh, we are cleaning up the situations that developed in Michigan and Texas and inviting the people in both States to step forward and take back control of the Assembly apparatus with a clean slate and clear pathway going forward.


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Tuesday, July 27, 2021


 By Anna Von Reitz

If we want to succeed in life or in any endeavor we undertake in life, we have to be honest about ourselves, which requires that we know the truth about ourselves.
I might want to be a baseball star, but the fact is I can't hit a ball to save myself and have only limited talent as a fielder. So much for my career in baseball. I am better off going to the game and watching other people play.
I know that. I admit that. I accept that. And so I don't waste my time or anyone else's trying to be something that I am not.
Give me a game of chess and I am a real contender. Give me a bow and an arrow and a target to shoot at, and I will do fine. Give me a skeet shoot....or let me tend a hockey goal, and I will earn my beans and rice. I am even decent, though naturally height disadvantaged, playing volleyball.
There are things I am good at, and I have learned to know what they are, mainly by failing at other sports.
Many injured Americans are coming into our Assemblies and stumbling around like hibernating bears, just waking up. They are angry and some of them are scared and all of them are disoriented.
Those of us who have been awake a while are stuck with the job of helping them through the wake up process, and helping them find their bearings. Then, we have to help them find a place where they can contribute to the effort instead of disrupting it and damaging it.
And most of all, we have to keep focused on the game we are playing, or we will start out with croquet and wind up playing field hockey.
Recently, two Assemblies have been dissolved while still in the process of assembling. I have received no end of guff about this. I have had people whining that I've sacked all the "strong leaders".
Surely, this is a terrible mistake on my part?
I know this will be a shock, but we are not looking to build up "strong leaders".
We are looking to build up a whole large group of good people, who are competent to stand on their own two feet and work together, shoulder to shoulder, for the common good of their communities, their Counties, their State, and this country.
It's a different game and a different focus than what people are used to in Corporate America.
Imagine taking a bunch of professional baseball players and teaching them to play shuffleboard.
They are still great athletes, but it is a different game. It has different objectives.
It's the same with our Assembly process.
So far as we are concerned, we are willing to admit that Adolph Hitler was a strong leader. Fidel Castro was a strong leader. Chairman Mao was a strong leader.
But what good is a strong leader who leads you over a cliff? One who leads you to shove your neighbors into gas chambers? Hello?
"Strong leaders" are part of the problem we face, and are part of a game we no longer want to play.
As people emerge from the Corporate World, they are still strongly indoctrinated by corporate roles and assumptions. They look around for "the leader" and they expect "positional authority" to greet them and shove them into their pre-appointed "slot".
They are not only expecting this, they are desiring this. It's familiar. It's comforting to them to be just a cog in a well-oiled machine, because that's all they've ever been and all they've ever done.
Think about it. From CEO to paperboy, they've been cogs and wheels.
"Hi, I'm Jerry. It's my job to pour coffee." can seem a lot easier than, "Hi, I'm Jerry, and I am partially responsible for this whole mess."
The fact remains--- if we are to succeed in rebooting our American Government, we have to reboot ourselves. We have to change the assumptions we have about ourselves and about our world.
Our Assemblies are supposed to run on a completely different business model, and after 160 years in storage, it's a foreign business model to virtually everyone here.
It's part of our job to learn and apply this new model, and play the new game.
It accomplishes nothing to have the same old dog-eat-dog and cover-your-@#$# corporate culture and hierarchy in charge of an assembly. Such an assembly becomes another corporation with "strong leaders" and "gatekeepers" and cogs and wheels, calling itself an "assembly" when it's not.
That's not what we are here for. That's not what we are building.
In the American Government, everyone is a leader, everyone is playing their strong suit, and everyone is making it work. Together.
There's a sign that says, "We may not have it all together, but together, we have it all."
Don't let what appears to be lack of structure and authority fool you. The Committee structured business model of an American Assembly has plenty of structure and plenty of authority and far more opportunities for individual people to rise and shine.
In an American Assembly, you have to know your abilities, accept your own responsibility, and find your own place at the table----and that is something that the Corporate model doesn't allow you to do, but it is precisely what the American Assembly process requires.
Finally, we must all be aware that some people want a king to reign over them; they want to relinquish the burden and responsibility of self-governance to someone else. They are the ones desperately looking for a strong leader and a positional authority hierarchy to go with it.
When you see this "king-seeking" behavior, remind them that there is already a District Assembly and a Municipal Assembly they can join--- at the cost of losing their Constitutional Guarantees, being forced to pay numerous foreign taxes, and being obligated to obey eighty million-plus rules, codes, and statutes.
There are also those who want to rule over others, and instead of looking for a king, they "take charge" and want to run things. They, also, don't belong in an American Assembly.
When you combine those who want to be king with those who are seeking a king, you have a problem, because both are foreign to the spirit and concept of an American Assembly.
Until enough people in your State Assembly firmly know how an Assembly is supposed to function and how power in a State Assembly is shared out, there is a danger that the king-seekers and the king-wannabes will get together and create a corporate-style takeover.
At first, such a takeover may feel comforting, because the corporate model is familiar and it allows you to relinquish individual responsibility. It's easy. It's the Nanny State. But it's not an American State Assembly.
In both Michigan and Texas we had exactly this sort of scenario. In both cases, albeit, with different agendas, we had groups of people busily building a corporate model and creating power positions for themselves and going down the same old road to perdition.
We call it the Revolving Door Syndrome.
We set the prisoners free, they rush through the door to freedom, the bright light of the sun hits them, the fresh wind ruffles their hair --- and they are terrified. They want to run back inside to the safety of the familiar prison they've been in all their lives instead of facing the challenges of self-governance.
Let them go. Experience shows that being free, even for an instant, changes a person. They can't forget what it felt like. It haunts them. And they want it, even if they don't understand it, and even if they don't want to go out into that big, scary world where freedom exists.
In the end, freedom isn't for everyone. Some people need the structure and discipline that a Nanny State provides--- and that doesn't have to be a problem or a cause for controversy. We simply need to point them in the right direction and encourage them to join the District Assemblies instead.

If you see me standing on a baseball field looking confused, feel free to show me the way to the archery range instead.


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