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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Resend ****Urgent**** Required Mandatory Permanent Protective Injunction

 By Anna Von Reitz

The banks acting as intermediaries have been borrowing our assets to pursue their business and now propose to foreclose on our assets and attempt to still pretend that we are absent and that they are our Agents.
These presumptions have been soundly rebutted.
It now comes to our attention that the estate of Jacob Rothschild and Company, the United States, Incorporated, and various incorporated franchises have attempted to roll over all court judgments, close out the legacy trust accounts, and otherwise help themselves to the wealth of the world "in our names".
We absolutely and categorically object to any such action by any bank or corporation or incorporated entity anywhere in the world.
All High Courts in receipt of this communication are required by Public and Private International and Global Law to issue Mandatory Permanent Protective Injunctions in favor of the actual Priority Creditors, which includes The United States of America, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and all other National Members of the United Nations Organization.
This is especially required of the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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  1. What about using the International Court of Claims, located in New York City. They have authority over the "vessels", like the fictoticious entities represented in all CAPS shown on the birth certificate negotiable instruments. Can a claim or multiple claims be successfully processed at that appropriate court - for "vessels" per the Titanic Decision of 2006 or 2008 (clarifying that all certificated persons are those same vessels... and should be treated accordingly, involving any injuries suffered, in that appropriate court. Can someone look into this "court" matter further.
    Mr. FUN

    1. .
      The B.C. is not on the "man" its on the DNA cake -afterbirth which is to believe to be owned by .............

      man must prove life; as the strawman - legal entity they say does not exist.

      Looking into blacks law dictionary (LOL) 5th and or 6th edition you will find that Black defined the strawman as a legal entity which is brought into the alleged court system as the decedent, debtor, enemy of the state.

      dont ell anyone about or the connection with 1666 trust

      Is that correct? If not then why not?

    2. mr fun,
      what would be the purpose of playing along As If we were the Fictional Vessel that they made up (apparently for the purpose of stealing our property)?

      why dont we, mankind, just declare what is true:
      1. that we ARE NOT SEA VESSELS
      2. we never have been sea vessels
      3. we never knowingly agreed to Act As sea vessels
      4. we have, and know of, nothing showing proof that we ever did intentionally agree to have our property used as sea vessels
      5. without such proof of claims/other that we ARE or agreed to Act As sea vessels, all such claims/other are false claims that we are owed restoration for?

      i love that you brought this particular subject up because i sense that once the "iam not (a) sea vessel, i am man" gets recognized and accepted by all, the game theyve been playing will no longer even be operable upon anyone on this earth.

      we are getting closer :) !

    3. maximus/ anyone,

      (checking my understanding)
      ...but that the Title they fabricate whereby they claim/presume upon the unique-dna- afterbirth as being *land* abandoned by the mother/property-holder/ "issue"-r: (through the ekklesia and authority and charity of the "Catholic Church") is used As
      the ATTACHMENT to the rest of the material/ substance carrying that same dna.
      the ATTACHMENT they claim/ other can also be the newly-born son or daughters footprint on the Pharoahs papyrus/slave-traders document/ Birth Certificate DebitCredit Bond/chain/shackle.
      or a tooth/blood test/ throat swab other from dental /medical work done by one of their DOCK-tors, or other.
      that is: they are using the Title, tooth, afterbirth, and so forth, all the same way, in the sense that:
      among men who have made a business of trafficking mankind/ "human trafficking", ANY of these various agreed upon tokens/relics that carry an image, likeness, dna, blood, (like the catholic churchs relics-- the skin, hair from a "saint" buried in the churchs foundation?) are "proof" amongst themselves that the seller "owns" the thing/ former man that is being sold.

      $$$$$$$$so, if true, then in actual FACT, they would be using man's dna/bllod/skin/hair as their currency/ money.$$$$$$$$

      this presently looks to be true.

  2. Last time I checked each one of US is/are the walking gold. Nothing gets done until a Man, or Woman does it. All the Whirlds Wealth--what is that exactly, and should I care? I know I didn't care about any of it when I was almost dead, nothing of this place mattered to me, but hey that's just me I guess.

  3. .
    "These presumptions have been soundly rebutted"

    Show us the paper work
    Show us the paper work

    Thank You in advance

  4. .
    "International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court"

    Are the courts run by attorneys and attorneys in a black dress?

    Are these courts [all] connected to and or run behind the scenes by or controlled; by the very people you quote in this article and the BAR Guild; among others who are in collaboration with the most evil system on the planet?

    Is that correct? If not then why not?

    1. "Are the courts run by attorneys and attorneys in a black dress?"

      thats a good question...

      ... and/or by self-admitted "ex-cia" false-flaggers like robert david steele ...who have seemingly appointed themselves to be "judges" over court systems it looks like they madeup?

      just asking.

  5. Not too surprising to me. The question is how We STOP this. As "THEY" own everyone in "The System". "THEY" too may have to leave the planet.

    1. dave,
      "The question is how We STOP this."


      we all need to stand peacefully together and, lawfully, laser-focus our brain power, our good-will, and our inherent lawful authority on this ONE thing to put the brakes on this WHILE we also guard against a collapse that would harm many.

      bellarian1 has, over and over, pointed out (my understanding) that the Registration of the Birth Certificate (DebitCredit Bond/Shackle) should be the first thing to go.

      when we stop it, we are going to have to be on high alert for a (probably hidden or well-disguised) substitute... it likely wont be recognizable.
      they likely already have several different substitue systems ready to rollout.

      they have to switch systems.
      the 70 years was up a long time ago.
      theyre on borrowed time now and its quickly running out too.
      they have to hurry.

      just guessing.

    2. "THEY" too may have to leave the planet".


  6. Dwell on the past loose an eye , forget the past loose both eyes ,proverb

    1. Under the doctrine of self government and jus cogens you have a claim in an article III court under the foreign sovereign immunities act. The presumption of federal preemption must have been rebutted publically though and Anna's method is sufficient.

    2. but why would you, man, take your claim to an Foreign Constitutional Article III Court when the Constitution is a Foreign Contract borne out of/ upon the Law of the Sea?
      that is: those Article III Courts are Constitutionally- created/ recognized, so they are Foreign to the American people!

      AND Equity
      AND the Law of the Land:
      are ALL Foreign Jurisdictions with regard to actual, living American man and woman and to their sons and daughters.
      they are ALL BRITISH and/or VATICAN sponsored/ approved/ created-jurisdictions... and those Article III ("Common Law")Courts are run under *British* Common Law, not *American* common law.

      and whats worse, if my info is correct, the Crown/BAR claims to have subsumed/ absorbed/ subordinated the British peoples actual British Common Law into an inferior jurisdiction/ position of authority UNDERNEATH or blended into Law (Merchant/ Law of the Sea) and Equity (Kings Bench/ Exchequer/ other) (without fully disclosing that to the English people), so that those jurisdictions that have been fabricated by the Crown, have been claimed by same to be OVER the English Common Law, rather than subject to it, as they should, MUST, be in order for the English people to live being free man whose Queen is their servant and serves them at their pleasure.

      we, actual living American man and woman, are not only not subject to a Foreign Corporations internal codes -- "Constitution", including their Article III/ British (Foreign) Common Law system of law, but we then also would actually have no "standing" there.

      if my info is incorrect on this, i welcome verifiable correction or even substantive opinions. ________________

      we have our own courts.
      we are the court.
      we bring the court with us where we go.

      we are not in a state.
      we do not have a state.
      we are the state.

      we are the court, the state, the lawmaker.

      further: our state/condition* is: live, alive.
      *this type of thing shows why knowing how a sound (spoken word) or sign/symbol (written word) is being used by the speaker/author is SO important!