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Friday, July 30, 2021



  1. In a previous post (comments turned off now) someone linked to this video, Is Anyone Else Disturbed?...: It has to do with the tree spiker Tracy Stone-Manning nomination for Bureau of Land Management Director. Has anyone realized that alleged lasers used to start fires in California (explaining the pictures of houses decimated to dust but not the foliage around them) start fires by heating up metal? Trees in the forests have also taken up the chemtrail elements that are also highly flammable. See the Deborah Tavares videos about what's going on in California. The most recent:

    1. is possibly contributing to "covid-19" bioweapons properties in our lungs, too, if any, along with it all working together with 5G. possibly.

      didnt "trump" approve of it ALL?
      including 5G...
      ...but not around MaraLago?

  2. this is interesting that D. C. Municipality's new Municipal POLICyEnforcers are being set up in Cities around the country at the same time that the (former?) Municipal POLICyEnforcers' association, the National Police Assn(?) is coming out against the Municipality's policies that leave their members open to grave harm by B.L.M./ Antifa/ other -- who have caused 273(?) injuries to Police recently.

    ive been guessing since "anna" said the D. C. Municipal U S's bankruptcy was final and they discharged all their own debts on/around Nov. 5, 2020 that THE POLICYENFORCERS (POLICE) HUGE PENSION FUND WAS GOBBLED UP IN THE BANKRUPTCY.
    But the Police probably havent been told yet.

    That would make the (FORMER?) Police a serious liability IF their pensions are gone and they wanted to try to do something about it.
    it could also potentially be serious in other ways for the Municipalitys'"leader-SHIP", cuz theres a hellofva lot of police and ex- and retired police running around where im at.

    im probably way off on these speculations.

    1. since you no longer have to help a POLICyEnforcer if they tell you they are in an emergency and order you to help them (verify?)... that could go sideways on them at a million different angles.

      kind of reminds me of hearing that the obama admin. told the soldiers they couldnt shoot at "the enemy" until AFTER the enemy shot at them first...
      uh that works unless yure no longer among the living.

      what more needs to be done to get people to take serious notice?


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