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Friday, November 13, 2009

I dare you to watch this all the way through. Deprogram the Matrix!

I guarantee you will have a new paradigm  and will be able to completely think outside the box when you are done.

We just think we are "free men"
We just think we have a Constitution.
We just think we have an "American Dream" available to us.
We just think we have elections.
We just think we have courts.
We just think we have a law.
We just think we own property.
We just think we have freedom of speech.
We just think we have representatives.
We just think we have "constitutional rights".
We just think we have justice.
We just think we have a vote.
It's all a big lie and as long as we believe it and act accordingly we are SLAVES in the Matrix.

Click this link to get your mind deprogrammed, then click the link below to take action.

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Continental Congress 2009 considers repudiating all nation debt!

Dr. Edwin Vieira proposes to the Continental Congress wiping all national debt incurred by the United States government which was incurred unlawfully and without constitutional authority.

Watch all these proceedings of a lawful Continental Congress convened on Nov. 11th and running for 11 full days, with delegates from all 50 states, and streamed live on the Internet to the whole world.

Broadcast live from St. Charles IL here

These broadcasts will also be edited and burned to DVD to be available some time after the close of the Continental Congress, the first such meeting in 235 years.

How can we bring back the Law of the Land and RESTORE AMERICA?

The Continental Congress 2009 is live world wide on the web now.

This started on Wednesday and is ongoing for 11 days.
It is being streamed live world wide on the Internet at the website.
In between live broadcasts the video window streams rebroadcasts of previous segments.
This is important. Watch as much as you can.