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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

International Public Notice: The Constitutions Are in Effect

 By Anna Von Reitz

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents

The Federal Constitutions -- all three of them -- have always been service contracts between the State Citizens and the Subcontracting Principals. 

Any other understanding of them that you may have had growing up, and most especially, any idea that Americans live under the Constitutions, is incorrect. 

Americans live under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence; our Federal Employees live under the Constitutions. 

Constitutions by definition are debt agreements; someone agrees to do some service or other, and another party agrees to pay for it.  

That is precisely what you observe in the Federal Constitutions. 

The only difference is that the State Citizens defined the exact structure and limitations of the Service Providers instead of leaving the Service Providers to determine those issues; they also made the mistake of not prohibiting the Service Providers from incorporating, but they could hardly anticipate the incorporation craze that occurred a hundred years after the Constitutions were adopted. 

Unless you are a State Citizen of one of the States of the Union, you are not a Party to the Constitutions, you are not obligated to pay for the services enumerated, and, most importantly -- you can't enforce the Constitutions. 

When the States went dormant after the Civil War there were no State Citizens present to enforce the Constitutions and the foreign Federal Subcontractors gradually encroached upon us all. 

They even went so far as to assume that the Constitutions were "dead" because of this lack of presence and direct enforcement. 

The separate Territorial and Municipal Congressional bodies have been legislating all sorts of unconstitutional Acts, such as the National Defense Authorization Act, for their own corporation employees to obey, and then they accidentally-on-purpose misapply the same to Americans, which has resulted in millions of trespasses against Americans and against the Constitutional Guarantees they are owed. 

The District of Columbia Municipal Corporations' own corporation employees and their dependents were never Parties to the Constitutions, so they were not and are not owed any of the Bill of Rights Guarantees nor other Constitutional Protections. 

The Federal Subcontractors have been denying these contractual benefits to others on the basis of their own lack and have misapplied foreign citizenship obligations on Americans as an excuse for doing so. Those evasions, excuses, and false presumptions have been overcome. 

We can all be grateful that the actual State Assemblies have been summoned back into Session and that they could all still be lawfully populated and provenanced --- and yes, we still have State Citizens who are Parties to the Constitutions and they are competent to enforce these venerable service contracts on the Municipal Corporations and Principals responsible. 

Our American Government wasn't dead, but it was certainly sleeping.  Now that we are awake we have the means to enforce the Constitutions again and we are doing so.  

This applies to refuting claims of foreign citizenship obligations conferred on Americans born on the land and soil of this country, and False Registration processes resulting in Americans being misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens. 

The conferred Municipal citizenship obligations were promoted by imposing illegal and unlawful unilateral contracts, and later via impersonation of the victims as Municipal Corporation franchises, while the British Territorial Citizenship obligations were imposed via private contracts created without disclosure to American parents --- contracts which have been, until now, completely unconscionable for both parents and babies. 

These criminal activities have no justifiable force or effect; a man does not become liable for citizenship obligations based on the delusions and fraud schemes of Third Parties writing contracts "for" him as a baby, nor by Third Parties unilaterally conferring a foreign citizenship status on him, when he is already an American and part of an American State's population by birth.  

This is full and public acknowledgement that these crimes have been committed against Americans by our foreign Federal Subcontractors, and also sets aside any claims based upon these criminal activities. 

The people who are part of our State Assemblies have denied these false claims and practices and have declared their adoption of their birthright political status, have recorded this in public, and published it also, for everyone to see. 

These Americans are Nationals of their State of the Union and some of them have additionally accepted the responsibility of State Citizenship, in which capacity they can and do act as Successors and Parties to the Federal Constitutions, and are able to Enforce these venerable Service Contracts as written, both generally and in specific. 

This Notice is served to notify the world and the foreign District of Columbia Municipal Corporations that are acting as Successors to Contract, that the Federal Constitutions are under full enforcement at this time, which includes but is not limited to, securing our international perimeter borders without delay and setting aside any contradictory legislation undertaken by any Municipal or Territorial Congress seeking to establish a North American Union or any 100 mile "Constitution-free zone" around the perimeter of The United States, or any other excuse that may be proposed as a justification to encroach upon the limitations of the Constitutions and the sovereignty of the actual States.  

So far as Federal Subcontractors are concerned, their Constitutions are their Supreme Law as clearly required by Article VI of all three Federal Constitutions; and no other law or legislation supersedes or suspends their Constitution's limitations and guarantees which are owed to our People and our Government. 

No Federal Subcontractor has any authority related to our borders, neither to change them nor alter their character nor erase them; but, all Federal Subcontractors are instead required to secure and protect our borders by the State Citizens who are Successors and Progeny of those Americans who set the Constitutions in place. 

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

January 30th 2024


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International Public Notice: Our Citizenship

 By Anna Von Reitz

Throughout the rest of the world, people are citizens at birth.  They owe a responsibility to their national government the moment they are born.  In many countries, that obligation is lifelong with no escape.

People born in, for example, Germany or Mexico, immigrate to this country and become Americans, but so far as their birth country is concerned, they are still Germans or still Mexicans, whether they like it or not. 

This non-consensual Dual Citizenship is not under the control of The United States and cannot stand as a bar to lawfully immigrated people preventing them from participating in the government here. 

All forms of "citizenship" imply that the individual is required to serve the government, instead of the government being required to serve them. 

Our country stands alone on the Earth in being the only country where the individual has no obligation to serve the government at birth or at any other time. Beyond keeping the peace and causing no harm to others, we are free -- as Americans who are part of the native population of each nation-state.  

However, the present problem is that Britain, as usual, got greedy, and circa 1921, their Territorial Congress started registering British Territorial babies born in America....and then, they just started registering everyone as British Territorials.  It was a creeping, undisclosed usurpation. 

In this way they slowly, one by one, secretly and illegally converted the political status of these American babies from their native political status to that of a British Territorial Subject. 

British Territorials are part of the whole Romano-British Caste System I have recently described.  They agree to act in the capacity of Humans (indentured servants) and as British Subjects (slaves) for life at birth, which is one of the things that we, Americans, fought to get away from. 

Nonetheless, and even though they know it's an international crime, here they are on our shores pumping away without disclosure, registering everyone as wards of the King and as British Subjects --- and using unconscionable contracts to do it. 

By not giving disclosure to our parents and preying upon us when we were too young to know what they were doing, they foisted British Territorial U.S. Citizenship on us without our knowledge or consent.

That isn't the way it's supposed to be. 

Americans are supposed to grow up free from any such obligations to any government.  They are supposed to learn about their government as they are growing up, and past the age of 21, they can participate in it or not. Their choice. 

That is, in large part, what being "free" is about.  

How can you ever be free if you owe your time and labor and money to the government?  

Are you "free" if the government claims to own your labor? And forces you to pay a peonage tax on your labor, i.e., Federal Income Tax?  

Are you "free" if the government "takes title" to your land and then forces you to pay "property taxes" for them?  

It's one thing if you voluntarily serve your government on terms that you agree to, and a completely different thing if you are obligated to serve the government from birth. 

So the Brits have been caught misapplying their system to Americans and it's an international crime -- a capital crime under international law. 

Forcing people into citizenship obligations and "conferring" foreign citizenships upon them was just too tempting a plum, and it seemed that nobody was here minding the store, so.... 

That right there, is ninety-percent of the problem we are facing in America and it is down to the Brits again. So we feel completely justified in blaming them and exposing their bad faith and criminality to the world.  

This idea that groups of people can arbitrarily  "confer" citizenship obligations on others has to stop.

This British Bunko started in the wake of the Civil War when some States were (purportedly-- there is no proof of this) still resisting the idea that the former black slaves could be part of their nation-state and population. 

So the British Territorial Congress voted to confer a new "Federal Citizenship" on them-- which turned out to be Municipal United States citizenship. 

All the former plantation slaves were then "presumed" to be "citizens of the United States" (slaves of the Municipal Government) under the so-called Fourteenth Amendment, and as the Municipal Government owed the Territorial Government money, the Territorial Government started collecting from the former plantation slaves.

The total of these new citizen's estimated lifetime value-- their value as slaves, their labor, anything they might have as property -- was "assumed" as collateral backing the debts of the Municipal United States Government.  

They went from being privately owned to being publically owned and the mechanism for this was a "conferred" citizenship obligation. 

Bear in mind that the British Territorial Congress never had any right to confer any such obligation on these men and women. 

They took men and women who were born free on the land and soil of this country and obligated them to perform under the presumption of foreign citizenship. 

The Perpetrators of this crime gained a lot of collateral to borrow against as a result, with hardly anyone here understanding what was going on.  

After that, the Brits were off to the races, counting anyone "of color" as a debtor and a Fourteenth Amendment "citizen of the United States". Millions of innocent people were enslaved by this scheme, not only black African Americans, but Oriental and Hispanic Americans, too.  

Then in the 1920's the Perpetrators hit upon the Birth Registration Scam and started a massive undisclosed and unlawful political conversion operation on our shores. 

Ostensibly, they were just "registering" their own British Territorial babies as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and as British Subjects, but it very rapidly escalated into a wholesale effort to register everyone in sight as a Brit.  

By this means, they secretly and falsely claimed to own millions of Americans, body, mind, and soul, as British collateral, and they began the whole nasty business of trading in "birth certificates" and "baptismal certificates" in the 1920s. 

The Internal Revenue Service was imported to this country as a Delaware Corporation in 1925.  The only purpose of the Internal Revenue Service was to collect a tax on the slave's labor as part of an illegal and immoral British Territorial peonage scheme, by which their government demanded a fat kickback from their own employees for the privilege of a "federal job".  

But again, they secretly pushed to involve as many clueless Americans as possible in this same system and it should come as little surprise then, to learn that a "Taxpayer" is a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service. 

It's all bunko foisted off on Americans, and so-called Federal Citizenship is key to it all -- it's actually plain old British Territorial U.S. Citizenship as if you were a Tory born in Puerto Rico. And once they have you "signed up" for that duty, they impersonate you again, and confer Municipal citizenship of the United States on you, too, which has allowed them to claim that you are indebted to them --- when in fact you are not. 

All of this is just British lies, bunk, bad faith, False Claims in Commerce, conspiracy to defraud, unlawful conversion, inland piracy, etc.,etc.,etc. 

They've entrapped and enslaved millions upon millions of Americans for over a hundred years using this scheme and the pity is, they got away with it. Until now. 

If anyone asks you if you are a United States citizen you want to look hard at them and ask, "Which United States are you talking about?  These United States or those United States?" 

The answer to that question is the difference between slavery and freedom. 

They've also tried to enslave and entrap every immigrant to this country in the same way.  They are all told they have to apply to the British Territorial Immigration and Naturalization Service and their INA bureaucracy, and by the time they emerge from that bureaucratic meat-grinder believing that it is a wonderful thing to be a U.S. Citizen, they've all been misinformed and subjected to peonage and enslavement, too.  

The phony British Territorial Government and their colluding Roman Municipal Government pals want to fatten up their war chest before trying to push another mercenary war in the Middle East. 

All these poor people from Mexico and South America think they are coming to the Land of the Free, but they are actually walking into a trap.  They and all that they are, is being claimed as chattel, and when they walk over our border they become a much more valuable chattel.

A man born in Honduras might be worth maybe a hundred thousand dollars to these Slavers, but when he walks over our border, he is suddenly worth around $40 Billion in collateral to the fiends.  

They come here wanting to be free and be Americans and wind up being British Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States, too.  And who knew? 

What does it mean to be a "citizen" --- not of a country, but of a corporation?  It means you are owned by the corporation, as in slave ownership. 

They kept all this illegal and unlawful activity quiet for decades, and passed it off under color of law as being normal and just business as usual --- when in fact they were playing a game of murder on paper, "killing" the American babies on paper, gratuitously "waiving their American estates" for them, seizing upon the natural estates of their American victims, and distributing the purloined assets for their own benefit, all while relabeling everyone as U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States.

It's all self-interested lies and fraud, inland piracy, bunk, con, racketeering, all tied up with a bow constructed upon false citizenship obligations. 

The British Territorial United States Government is a criminal syndicate with operations all over the world, and they have been colluding and splitting "the take" from all this with the Roman Mafia, which has its own crime syndicates. 

This is all far beyond bad faith and ill-service.  This is active inland piracy and commercial crime on a vast scale, perpetuated by countries and governments that are under contract to serve us in "good faith" and which have been our purported Allies through two World Wars. 

The Roman Catholic Church has known about this all along and has done nothing to help the Americans object to this gross disservice, because they were collecting 60% of proceeds from this grossly illegal, unlawful, and immoral activity. 

The British Monarchy and the Government of Westminster have both been the implementers of this giant National level Identity Theft Scheme, so there is no doubt that they have acted as shameless gluttons and thugs, in bad faith and hopeless breach of trust. 

These are criminals and they try to say that they are "at war" and to pass all this off as being legitimate, but it isn't. The record proves that none of this was the result of any "war".  This has all been the result of illegal and immoral Mercenary Conflicts which they have promoted and tried to disguise as wars. 

Americans serve their States of the Union as State Citizens.  That's it.  That's the only kind of citizenship that we may accept and the only kind of citizenship this country recognizes. Every other kind of alleged citizenship has been foisted off on us under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure via the use of unconscionable contracts. 

Let all the people of the world know for sure that what has gone on here is a crime of staggering proportions -- a crime that the Roman Catholic Church allowed and profited from, a crime that the British Government promoted, perpetuated, and profited from, a crime that the Government of Westminster promoted, perpetuated, and profited from.   

Let everyone know that the Americans were the victims of all this crap that was imported here from Europe and be aware that the Municipal Corporations operating "as" government and using the District of Columbia as a base of operations are not our Government.  They are run amok Subcontractors -- service providers for our government. 

Donald Trump is not our President.  He's the President of a British Territorial Corporation under contract to provide us with "essential government services" per The Constitution of the United States of America. 

Joe Biden is not our President, either.  He's the President of a Roman Municipal City-State Corporation that is also supposed to provide us with "good faith" service under The Constitution of the United States. 

Both these men are under the obligation of their respective contracts to secure our borders.  Period. 

It is not within the powers of either one of their "Congressional bodies" to say one word about our borders nor to establish a 100 mile "Constitution-free zone" around our borders.  They have no power of legislation that can overcome their contracts and their contractual limitations. 

The Government and the Constitutions which created these Subcontractors and provided them with stipulated and strictly enumerated powers can destroy them, too.  Article VI, the Supremacy Clause, of both their Constitutions, makes it clear that for them, there is no other or greater Law. 

They can give themselves no powers beyond those vouchsafed to them.  They can claim no property but that which the actual States, our Government, allowed to them and officially acted to give to them.  

Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General, is exactly right. There is no record of any action taken by Texas, and its actual State Assembly, to give these Federal Corporations any of the land in question. 

It should be apparent that the Hired Help has no ability to declare any cubic inch of our States or our Territories as "Constitution-free".  

Joe Biden's corporation needs to be permanently liquidated and shut out of the District of Columbia and anywhere else it hides under whatever new names it adopts, and Donald Trump's corporation is on thin ice, too. 

Both these corporations and their immediate predecessors have contributed to defrauding generations of Americans, have engaged in war-for-profit, imposed unlawful conversion and foreign citizenship obligations, and otherwise behaved as criminal organizations on our shores. 

Both of these foreign corporations for their separate reasons, promoted the phony pandemic which has resulted in genocide, pollution of our genetic inheritance, and destruction of our economies. 

Being the Bad Guys to catch the Bad Guys is a logical fallacy; the ends never justify the means. 

Telling us to "enjoy the show" isn't helping, because it is painfully apparent that everything, including the evils of the Civil War, World War I, World War II and everything in between has been a big joke to these commercial corporations, a "show" --- foisted off on the public by men engaged in denigrating and defrauding their employers for their own profit. 

It's also apparent that much of the evil perpetuated by both these denizens of the District of Columbia has been promoted and permitted by an evil and corrupt banking system which has been built on peonage and enslavement born out of "conferred" citizenships and False Registrations. 

The Federal Reserve has to be completely and permanently restructured.  So does the World Bank, the IMF, and numerous other banking institutions that profited from these and associated criminal practices. 

It's time for restitution, not a war in the Middle East. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

January 30th 2024


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Monday, January 29, 2024

International Public Notice: Regarding the New World Order

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Bible tells us that the Devil lives in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Now, that is an incredible statement and I don't expect you all to accept it, but -- several generations of Biblical Scholars have confirmed that, so your shock and any arguments you may have are with The Good Book and those scholars, not with me. 

I offer that as a backdrop for you. 

Several months ago, I introduced you all to a young American veteran, Derek Johnson, who, via YouTube and his own media efforts, provided the exact blow-by-blow proving that, not only did Donald Trump remain the Commander-in-Chief but also established himself as a wartime President under The Constitution of the United States of America -- that is, the British Territorial service contract. 

Yesterday, our friend Pascal Najadi, who has everything right except being aware of the Romano-British Caste System, repeated Derek Johnson's information while expanding the discussion to Switzerland and the rest of the world.  

Najadi's presentation is more civilian-oriented and easier to understand -- and cut down to bare bones -- and I highly recommend it.  The link appears at the bottom of this Notice. 

Bottom line -- we are in the midst of a covert war and are in the last phases of it. 

The vast theocratic, commercial, and corporate conspiracy to establish a form of Corporate Feudalism and the vicious suppressed Satanic "religion" underlying it, have failed. 

This is and has been a war waged in the jurisdiction of the air -- the realm of beliefs and ideas, commitments and character.  It is the last of three major wars that have been fought, one each in each jurisdiction, to expel the evil that has preyed upon mankind for centuries. 

The first war was a land jurisdiction war that we know as the First World War.  The good people of the Earth lost that one, with the result that more countries fell under the sway of evil and the jurisdiction of the sea which was maintained by ....wait for it....Britain.  

Britain, which doesn't really exist as a country, but which rules the sea, and is always found at the bottom of every dog pile. 

Again, not to belabor it or antagonize those with no religious faith, the Bible very clearly tells everyone that Satan fell into the sea. 

The Second World War was fought in the jurisdiction of the sea and had a similar but mixed result, in which the jurisdiction of the sea held on by the skin of its teeth and gradually rebuilt in secret. 

And now we come to the third jurisdiction and the third World War, which has been fought in the jurisdiction of the air. This has been, as we say, a war of awareness, ideas, beliefs, laws, and ownerships. 

According to Pascal Najadi, we won this one, as the result of a successful worldwide military coalition that included United States, Russian, Chinese and other military forces worldwide. 

If so, that's wonderful news and cause for great celebration.  I must, however, sound a solemn note.  Our military has knowingly or unknowingly been complicit since 1863.  We must make sure that their change of heart is complete and we must re-establish a civilian government that is also fully committed to our foundational principles and fully educated. 

Central to this process is our awareness of the Romano-British Caste System that was imposed upon the military along with the rest of us. I shall demonstrate it using triad groups, so you can see at a glance how this system was organized in descending order of status: 


Anglican - Protestant
All other religions



United States

Everyone else


citizens of





Local - State


As you can see, there is a logic to this system, albeit a logic that was never disclosed to the public, and indeed, not disclosed to 98% of the participants engaged in it.  

Soon after The American Civil War, efforts started to reverse this "normal and customary order of things" ---at least, normal and customary in the view of the Roman Catholic Church. 

The so-called "New Order" was to be established according to the principles of Satanism, the veiled sister-religion husbanded by the Roman Pontiff. 

Satanism simply reverses everything, so that it is upside down. Everything including the symbolism is inverted -- even the original symbols such as the cross, the star of man, and the swastika are inverted.

So the five-pointed Star of Man with the fifth point facing straight up is inverted to create the Satanic Pentagram with the fifth point pointing straight down. 

Believe it or not, the Vermin had a new "United States" flag ready to go, with all fifty stars in the inverted Satanic position. 

The cross is inverted so that the cross-bar is below the mid-point of the vertical axis, instead of above. 

The right-facing swastika which has been a symbol of good fortune and life and health in Hinduism and Buddhism for the past 7,000 years, is abused by the Nazis to form the twisted and slant -armed Hakenkreuz; and, in other Satanic adaptations, the symbol turns in the opposite direction, commemorating death, misfortune, and disease.  

Under Satanism, everything is inverted. The truth is restructured as lies. Lies become prayers. Virtue becomes anathema.  Life becomes the enemy. 

In the inverted world the New Order Plotters had planned for us, the people giving rise to the government would have been slaves of the government; the churches would have encouraged sin and debauchery; the courts would have delivered only injustice; health care would have promoted disease for profit, and legal fictions -- corporations of various kinds -- would have ruled the world. 

These nameless, faceless things, incorporated entities -- trusts, foundations, S-corps, B-corps, cooperatives, LLC's, etc., --  made up out of thin air and paper, would have dictated the lives of living men and women.  

All means of exchange would have resulted in debt, as all means of actually paying anything or giving any meaningful consideration in exchange, would be removed.  Sound familiar? 

Only the priests and priestesses of Satan would live as men and women; everyone else would be denigrated to the status of human animals or slaves. 

The military had already been denigrated to the status of "humans" and further hierarchies of human political and social standing had been created by the ranks.  A human General would outrank a human Corporeal, but they would both still only be humans and considered "animals" in the New World Order.  

And woe betide the poor slaves, the civilians that the "humans" were originally hired to protect.  They would be left with no voice, no rights, no political status. they would be considered "human chattel".  

The value of their labor, their former lands and property assets, their gold, silver, and business interests, their creativity and copyrights, trademarks, and patents would all be seized upon by the New World Order and used as collateral to back the debts of the priests of Satan and their human Orcs -- the military, the bureaucrats, and Agents employed by the priesthood of Satan, using your assets as collateral to do so. 

Of course, there would be nothing called "Human Rights" in such a New World Order --- which you now see was meant in a literal sense --- there would be some re-branded conversion making Human Rights into privileges similar to Civil Rights. 

Some exigency would have to be claimed and the  "rights" recast as privileges accorded to the mere humans would have to have a new name -- perhaps, "Natural Rights", which after all, even wild animals possess.

In this way, by Lies, by deceit, by guile of every description, the Satanists hidden in the Roman Catholic Church and those promoted by them to offices in the bureaucracies of business and government, have sought to turn the world completely upside down and backward--- which you may readily observe. 

If you wish to identify these men and women, they are the ones holding the upside down crosses and sniggering when they look at Yehoshua on the crucifix. They are arrogant and prideful materialists. They think they are "cool" and everyone else, well, stuck in the past, dim-witted, and weak. 

Living people were counted among the dead in the Satanic system of things, the estates of the dead were seized upon as being "intestate" and the Satanic members of the Temple (as in religion) Bar Association rolled in as "Public Administrators" of a foreign public (ours) and began disposing of these "constructed estates" as Executors de Son Tort. 

Think of it as a perverse mental game, being played behind a curtain provided by normal assumptions. 

You assumed that attorneys and lawyers were purveyors of justice and order, but since 1860, and especially since the 1930's, they've been playing a very different game. 

You also assumed that the doctors were there to heal you, but under orders of the Satanists, and licensed as "Medical Doctors" and conscripted as "Uniformed Officers", these Health Professionals readily yielded and pumped you full of poisons and parasites and control technology. 

They polluted your genome, sterilized millions of people, killed vast numbers of the elderly, and caused spontaneous abortion of fetuses while telling you all that this was safe and effective and necessary for disease prevention. 

When your body reacted to this poison, and you became sick, they also used more known poisons like Remdesevir, which had already been pulled from the market because of known dangers, and they improperly applied ventilators to kill you more quickly

Many of them and the institutions they work for took kickbacks for all this "service". 

And then, there is the issue of "your" Government, which, it turns out, wasn't your actual Government, but rather, two run amok incorporated foreign Subcontractors--- one human, one subhuman. 

We are not priests or priestesses of any religion, but we are astute observers, and so, let us observe that there is always the danger of being fooled again. 

Don't let your guard down against "Satan" until he is well and fully defeated, all his works and ways and modes of thinking, all the tools of his hegemony cast away. Wait for Rome, the Inner City of London, Washington, DC, and Geneva, Switzerland -- all of them, to be liberated from his ilk and kind. 

Realize that we are all men and women, of one status, one nature, one substance. Humans and subhumans don't really exist; all you are seeing are arbitrarily denigrated men and women, the victims of an unjust, antiquated, superstitious and evil system almost inadvertently created by Popes who have been dead over 500 years. 

Pope Boniface VIII created the concept of "human creatures" because people were ignorant and superstitious about the placenta and Afterbirth processes. 

Pope Nicholas V created "subhumans" because his Crusaders were being defeated by the Saracen Turks, and so he declared them to be subhumans and "eternally enslaved".  

These wanton fits of ignorance and anger created the Romano-British Caste System and all these different systems of "law" and classes of rights and privileges applying to all these purported different classes of people, and then, commercial self-interest kicked in and infested the governments. 

King Henry VIII started the Anglican Church, then sold it out; while the Roman Pope claimed the Catholics, body, mind, and soul -- and held them as chattel, his British Overseer of the Commonwealth lands in England, weaseled a way to cut himself in on the profits.  

While working for the Pope and owing the Pope his crown, Henry the Eighth also worked as the Head of the Anglican Church in England, and kept track of every Anglican baptism; in exchange, he'd impersonate each Anglican and declare them "lost at sea" and keep 40% of the estimated lifetime worth of these Protestant minds, bodies, and souls. 

All Henry's Successors have done the same, right up to the present time, with the 60% for the Pope and 40% for the British King being maintained to the present day.  

This supremely Dirty Business is what the pay-off of $950 Trillion in "Life Force Value Annuities" paid to Prince Philip by the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA in April of 2017 was all about.  

The New Order Plotters had agreed to murder -- in corporate language, "liquidate", -- billions of innocent people in order to immediately access their "estate value" -- meaning their part of the Global Trust. 

You may be sure that $950 Trillion is 40% of the total estimated value of the Protestant population under the administration of the so-called British King, and that the game was on, to kill all these people and harvest the value of their estates. 

The Satanists were stuffing their war chests to pay off entire governments and approximately two million individuals--- mostly military and bankers, politicians and bureaucrats running "agencies" like the FDA and CDC, and of course, media tycoons --- which they did, and which resulted in the bogus pandemic. 

So now, we are told that all these bad guys have been killed and that what we are seeing as these "characters" continue to appear and cause trouble, are body doubles acting in their places. 

Maybe so. 

The people like Pascal maintain that the worst is over and I certainly hope so; I retain skepticism to the end and will be watching the play-by-play very closely.  

Mark this, prior to his death, Pope Benedict XVI foretold that 27 States in this country and five European nations would suffer something on January 31st of 2024. Faithful Catholics in those 27 States and five European nations were advised to stock up on water and food and fuel and medicine and anything else they might need. 

Is it any coincidence that as I sit here and issue this International Public Notice, months after Benedict XVI's death, there are precisely 27 States backing Texas regarding "President" Biden's Open Borders Policy, and five European countries proposing to exit the European Union? 

I don't believe that for a moment. And no, I don't think the Holy Spirit told this precise information to Pope Benedict XVI.  I think that information came from completely different sources. 

We are also told that the purpose of inciting this whole border controversy was to identify which State-of-State Governors had been bought off by the Satanists. They would be the ones not sending National Guard assistance to Texas. 

So this is a game of who is tracking who, and who in the end, wins. Experience has taught us to look below the surface and around the corners and to carefully measure the verbiage against the actions. 

So far, all that has actually happened that can be proven, is that (1): Donald Trump has continued to act as the Commander-in-Chief behind the scenes, and as a wartime President under the British Territorial service contract known as The Constitution of the United States of America. 

Secondly, we can prove that the late Queen, Elizabeth II, vacated the English Throne and the Christian Crown within three days of her Coronation; we can prove that she continued to receive the traditional 60/40 split from the Pope; we can prove that she was ineligible to serve as the British Monarch; we can observe that various Satanic and Black Magic Rituals were on display at the London Olympics and the Commonwealth Games; we can prove that her consort received $950 Trillion in Life Force Value Annuities three days before he retired from Public Life-- via Roman Catholic Church officers in Canada; we can prove that their Son, King Charles, was crowned as His Imperial Majesty -- a Roman Emperor, not a King of England and not a King of Britain, either one. 

We can also prove that Pope Francis could not inherit the dissolved Office of the Roman Pontiff, that he did not accept and did not officially receive the sacred ministerial office from Pope Benedict XVI, which leaves the loyal Jesuit only one other role to play: the Prince of the Air, the King of Terror.

These are the things we can prove at this point and we can continue to observe like hawks for the rest. 

If, indeed, a coalition of 800 Generals tried and true exists, then the stand-off at our Southern Border will evaporate in a couple days.  

Joe Biden, or, alternatively, the Actor playing Joe Biden, will have another brain fart and realize that he doesn't have a leg, legally or lawfully --- and certainly not contractually --- to stand on. The so-called Federal forces will be withdrawn. 

If, on the other hand, we are being sold another Bag of Hooey, there will be a concentrated hellfire situation, where scads of innocent people in 27 States will be killed by the Satanists, regardless of race, color, creed, or any other factor.  

It makes sense that Pope Benedict XVI would be privy to their plans and that he would give a final warning to faithful Catholics in the targeted areas, because unlike his Successors, Benedict XVI retained a real world appreciation for who filled the collection plates. 

And now, a word for the bankers involved in all of this.  None of this rot could have occurred without you and your complicity.  People could not have been impersonated and denigrated like this.  Their assets and their property couldn't have been purloined like this.  Their relatively honest monetary system couldn't have been hijacked and replaced with a Babylonian debt system. None of these wars could have been fought without you.  Mortgages couldn't have been foisted off on people who never owed them.   Taxes couldn't have been enforced on people who didn't owe them, either.  All these evils come back to you as the priest caste of the Temple of Satan housed in the Inner City of London. 

We've seen what you do at the Bohemian Grove and elsewhere. 

If what Pascal is telling us is true (see link below) and I trust that he believes it, then all the Maritime Commercial Banks will go down and be replaced by land jurisdiction commercial banks; the courts will begin operating and producing justice again, the bogus debts will be erased; there will be an actual monetary system again, with currencies all backed by actual assets.  Wars for profit will cease.  Our Honorable Military will be returned and never hired out as mercenaries again. The slaves will be released and everyone will regain their senses, realizing that there are no second or third class people in existence. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

January 29th 2024


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