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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

International Public Notice: "Sovereign" Debt

 By Anna Von Reitz

Upon first entering the weird world of international banking one remarks upon several very odd circumstances, one of which is that all the rich Jews keep their money in Muslim banks, all the rich Catholics keep their money in Templar Banks, and all the rich Protestants are forced to use Jewish Banks.  


Jews cannot collect usury from fellow Jews. 

Muslims cannot collect usury from fellow Muslims. 

Christians can't collect usury from anyone -- so they hire Templars and Jews to do it for them. 

So Jews lend at interest to Muslims and Christians. Muslims lend at interest to Christians and Jews, and hypocritical Christians from both Catholic and non-Catholic denominations lend at interest through Jewish and Templar Banks. 

Templars are not Christians. They are part of the ancient Mystery Babylon cult and can lend at interest to anybody. 

This, like the organizational structure of the Swiss Octagon Group, suggests collusion of the Nuclear D├ętente kind between differing factions running competing bank networks throughout the world.  

If one member of the Swiss Octagon group goes down, so do all the others. So they are highly motivated to shore each other up by whatever means are possible. 

Similarly, the banking hegemonies created by the anti-usury prohibitions of the Bible create traditional spheres of influence and business activity and dictate where you put your money for investment purposes. 

Against this backdrop we add the concept of "sovereign" debt.  The sovereigns of Europe were all created by the Catholic Church and are all at least superficially Christian.  And hypocrites to the bone, of course, they wanted to maximize their worldly fortunes by lending at interest --- usury. 

But their faith forbade it. 

Enter the Court Jew, who could lend his money to the sovereign at interest and also, as an agent, lend the sovereign's money at interest to anyone else. 

These Jewish Bankers thus gained access to vast wealth accumulated by these sovereigns and were pressed into service to loan or otherwise invest this "Christian" wealth at interest or otherwise to invest it for maximize growth.

The wealth of the sovereign depended on the wealth of their Serfs and Indentured Servants, who "pledged" their earthly estates to the sovereign in exchange for the sovereign's protection and/or tutelage, as well as the natural resources and performance capability of their country.  

Based on this human and physical asset base, the sovereign was allowed to borrow large amounts of capital for investment in things like wars for profit, and the bankers went along for the ride on some occasions, and on other occasions took an active role in setting up "investment opportunities". 

Rothschild's manipulation of the Battle of Waterloo is a good example. 

When the British Territorial Government secretly usurped the American Federal Subcontractor during Abraham Lincoln's Administration it began a long campaign to unlawfully convert American assets of all kinds into British Territorial assets that the British Government as a whole could use as collateral. 

Their assault began as a simple impersonation and credit theft in 1868 by a Scottish corporation and progressed through undisclosed registration of U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States, and most recently reared its head in the attempted creation of "Transhuman" slaves using patented genetic material to unlawfully and secretly convert the victims into property assets known as "Genetically Modified Organisms".    

Our Public Law has already overruled and outlawed this attempt. 

From 1868 to 1907 the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as The United States of America, Incorporated, stole our identity and ran up our credit to the zenith -- just as any credit card hacker does -- and then doubled-back, declared bankruptcy, and pretended that we were the "public" responsible for its debts. 

Picture this-- someone has hacked your credit card and spent it up to the max, and now, they declare bankruptcy, so that there is nobody to collect the loss back from, and to add to the injury, they claim that you agreed to all this and are responsible for paying their debts left over from the bankruptcy. 

You get to pay twice -- first to all their creditors for all the goods and services they bought in your name, and second, as the "presumed" underwriters of their corporation's operations. 

This gives insight into the failure of NESARA to be enforced despite having been signed into law.  

Bill Clinton signed it into law five days before the United States of America, Inc. bankruptcy "vacation" began--- the 120 day period of time required for the  premises of the Territorial Capitol to be vacated, and once again, just as when the Farm Union Cases brought it to public attention in the 1980s and the claimants were told --- "You can't claim against a bankrupt entity," quote the U.S. Supreme Court--- another bankrupt entity scenario was used to prevent enforcement of NESARA in 2000, and they are attempting to do it again. 

If you talk to the banks, they will tell you that they are holding a gozillion dollars-worth of "sovereign debt" and the collateral is supposed to be the land and soil and gold and silver and labor value and all other physical assets belonging to the serfs and indentured servants (citizens) used as collateral by the sovereigns to create --- you guessed it, "sovereign debt". 

However, what if the sovereign was lying about how many Serfs and Indentured Servants they actually had standing as collateral?   And what if the bankers knew this, but took a calculated risk that those people being "presumed upon" in this collateral capacity would remain clueless and not object?  

That is precisely what has happened in America and the former Commonwealth, the seventeen countries of Western Europe overrun during the Second World War, Japan, parts of Africa and the Middle East -- wherever the Swindlers have run their game. 

But we did wake up and we have objected.  Which means the "sovereign debt" and the asset claims written against it aren't worth the paper these agreements are written on.  

It would be like me going behind your back, pointing at your car, and saying, "That car belongs to me. My Cousin Eddie (you) gave me title to it (via forced and undisclosed registration). I will use that as collateral to borrow against...." 

So now both those government corporations residing in the District of Columbia or otherwise claiming an unauthorized estate as the Municipality of Washington, DC, and the Principals responsible for doing this and the bankers who allowed it --are in a bind.  

We, the actual Priority Preferred Creditors of the whole shebang, owed an estimated 147 Trillion dollars, plus interest, plus the return of all our purloined physical and "PKI" --- intellectual property assets, too, are here to collect and foreclose. 

And you wonder why all the banks are terrified and many of them are closing?  

You gape at the nonsense happening in the "government" of the two Federal Subcontractors operating with two "Presidents"?  You see Biden trying to authorize a sneak attack against Russia? You hear us saying, no, we have a treaty with Russia and won't pay a penny of it? 

You wonder about the reported arrest of 900 bankers?  

As your Fiduciary, I claimed all United States, Inc. and United States of America, Inc., debts, so now, the banks are looking at us. Should we be terrified? 

No, not at all. 


Because we already paid all our debts (and more) as each transaction was happening.  

We were given an I.O.U. called a "Federal Reserve Note", we paid a hamburger or a haircut or whatever actual goods or services.  They are the ones who owe us; we are the long-lost preferential creditors, home again. 

The "National Debt" being racked up by these Subcontractors was being automatically offset by our National Credit --- and that Credit simply wasn't being applied because the Creditors were supposedly "Unknown, presumed lost".  

Here we are. 

We claim all the Autotris and PKI accounts and similar assets belonging to us and any derivatives, too. 

Last week we observed that the other Principals have all beat feet and "disappeared" behind a tide of new names, new offices, and a retreat into the Jurisdiction of the Air, where they hope to rely upon copyrights to our Given Names purloined by the British Crown.  

However, as already noted, those copyrights were taken on the basis of undisclosed, coerced, and unconscionable citizenship contracts imposed upon babies in their cradles via a registration process subject to exemption ----and even the exemptions were never provided.  

That is, the vermin attempted to legalize their actions by providing remedy on the books, but they never actually provided a program, instructions, contact information or other details to the public, needed to access the remedies. 

A remedy hidden and obstructed is no remedy at all. They stand convicted of fraud and obstruction by both their actions and omissions.  

So from any number of perspectives, the British Crown Corp and its affiliates have failed and so have the Roman Municipal Corporations failed to provide remedy for their crimes and impositions, resulting in the reversionary trust interest being invoked both by the individual people and by the offended unincorporated American Government. 

All the debts are hereby lawfully converted into our credits and the credits owed by similar living men and women who have been defrauded and whose assets have been purloined and whose estates have remained "unclaimed" because the victims were never notified regarding these cozy arrangements being made for us by unauthorized "Trustees" and treasonously misguided public employees. 

It's time for the books to be balanced, National Debts against National Credits; all interest on the National Debts is surplus owed to the living people, as is all ownership interest in all Federal Reserve Notes which we will maintain as evidence of the debt owed to us and our competence to dispel, discharge, and liquidate such debts. 

The assets of the offending corporations, which were never actually their assets, are claimed for the benefit of the actual owners and preferential creditors worldwide -- including all intellectual assets, performance contracts, copyrights, patents, and trademarks belonging to the living people who have been victimized by this scam. 

So ordered, affirmed and said, so signed, and so sealed on behalf of the actual sovereigns: 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 5th 2024


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An Explanation for Everyone

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are actual Tories still living among us.  These people have a legitimate attachment to the Government of Great Britain, the British King, et alia. 

There are also Americans who work for the British Territorial Government and who work for British Territorial Corporations among us.  They may or may not feel any attachment to the British Government, but while they are working for these foreign employers, they are obligated to them in some respects and under their foreign law. 

This poses a problem.  These people are Americans. They should not have to give up their birth rights to a foreign sovereign as a condition of employment. Under international law, they don't have to sacrifice their birth right nationality or any right naturally belonging to them and no "sovereign" can require this of them as a condition of employment. 

They can "voluntarily" give it away, but they cannot be coerced or otherwise induced. 

So our brethren in the District Assemblies are in a jam. They need us to save their bacon and we are willing to help --- but not to the extent of endangering our own position on the land and soil and not to the extent of voluntarily "pledging" away our birth rights to the British King. 

As I have warned you all before, a Pledge is a Feudal Act in which a Serf gives away their "all" to a King in exchange for protection.  

Americans don't do pledges of any kind. 

Please return these documents whence they came and fully inform the senders that if they want to give up their birth rights as Americans and make pledges to a foreign sovereign that is their business but they should not be sending District Assembly documents to American State Assembly Members.

This is typical of the sort of thing that happens when: (1) the British Government is seeking to entrap Americans and American resources; (2) people are confused as to which "foot" --- that is, which jurisdiction, they are standing on. 

Don't be confused.  

As I say, we take pity on those Americans who have through error or necessity gotten entangled in the British web, but we will not endanger ourselves for them.  If they want their American inheritance they will have to accommodate us, not the other way around.  

For the present purposes, if two or three of them sacrifice their own fortunes and property to the King, it should be sufficient collateral to build a credit union for District Assembly members and should allow them to receive disbursements related to their American inheritance. 

As I say, we are not being hard-hearted or unreasonable, but we are not sacrificing our American Estates for the King's benefit and we are not endangering our position on the land and soil for any enterprise benefiting Federal Workers. 

Anna Maria


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 By Anna Von Reitz

These are not for you members of the American State Assemblies.  These documents are for members of the District Assemblies only.

Please understand that the intent for these credit unions is to be able to reach Federal Workers and pensioners who are Americans -- this is an outreach for them to save their bacon. 

Our people do not sign up as "member owners" or ever "pledge" anything.  

Anna Maria

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