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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

An Explanation for Everyone

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are actual Tories still living among us.  These people have a legitimate attachment to the Government of Great Britain, the British King, et alia. 

There are also Americans who work for the British Territorial Government and who work for British Territorial Corporations among us.  They may or may not feel any attachment to the British Government, but while they are working for these foreign employers, they are obligated to them in some respects and under their foreign law. 

This poses a problem.  These people are Americans. They should not have to give up their birth rights to a foreign sovereign as a condition of employment. Under international law, they don't have to sacrifice their birth right nationality or any right naturally belonging to them and no "sovereign" can require this of them as a condition of employment. 

They can "voluntarily" give it away, but they cannot be coerced or otherwise induced. 

So our brethren in the District Assemblies are in a jam. They need us to save their bacon and we are willing to help --- but not to the extent of endangering our own position on the land and soil and not to the extent of voluntarily "pledging" away our birth rights to the British King. 

As I have warned you all before, a Pledge is a Feudal Act in which a Serf gives away their "all" to a King in exchange for protection.  

Americans don't do pledges of any kind. 

Please return these documents whence they came and fully inform the senders that if they want to give up their birth rights as Americans and make pledges to a foreign sovereign that is their business but they should not be sending District Assembly documents to American State Assembly Members.

This is typical of the sort of thing that happens when: (1) the British Government is seeking to entrap Americans and American resources; (2) people are confused as to which "foot" --- that is, which jurisdiction, they are standing on. 

Don't be confused.  

As I say, we take pity on those Americans who have through error or necessity gotten entangled in the British web, but we will not endanger ourselves for them.  If they want their American inheritance they will have to accommodate us, not the other way around.  

For the present purposes, if two or three of them sacrifice their own fortunes and property to the King, it should be sufficient collateral to build a credit union for District Assembly members and should allow them to receive disbursements related to their American inheritance. 

As I say, we are not being hard-hearted or unreasonable, but we are not sacrificing our American Estates for the King's benefit and we are not endangering our position on the land and soil for any enterprise benefiting Federal Workers. 

Anna Maria


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