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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Continuing Debacle and The Remnant

By Anna Von Reitz

The Continuing Debacle and The Remnant

Most Beloved Francis,

We wish to express our Extreme Displeasure:

The US Municipal "Congress" is out of control. They may be out of their minds, too. 

They can't be allowed to abuse bankruptcy and just continue merrily on. You know this. 

No doubt Cardinal Parolin and the others know this, too---whether or not they want to admit it.  The entire world is watching and knows the score, knows what was done, by whom, to whom. 

The Subcontractors are even worse, if possible.  All these bogus "Federal" Agencies are nothing but a huge expense and a nuisance.  They create trouble out of thin air just to give themselves something to do--- and then ignore all the work that they are supposed to be doing.

The FBI, DOJ, BATF, FEMA, IRS, CIA, et alia --- they are all rampaging around on our shores causing trouble, mis-addressing Lawful Persons, staging all sorts of stupid military "operations", trying to confuse everyone with deceitful use of language, getting ready to stage a "civil war" on our shores, the entire point of which is to kill us, their Employers.

The Holy Roman Empire needs to stand down and assist the Lawful Government of this country.  What should have happened in 1865 needs to happen now. 

The Apocalypse has happened and is ongoing.
The Great Tribulation has been paid.
The Remnant has returned.

Do the right thing. 

Anna Maria

Dear Mr. Trump, On This Day

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Mr. Trump,

On this 6th day of March in the year 2019, we wish to convey our sympathy and support against the outrageous and unauthorized actions of the Municipal United States Congress.  Feel free to exercise your options.

We realize that you are not responsible for their Bad Behavior and we are forwarding our Displeasure to those who are responsible for THEM.

We would like to see a directive go out to the United States Military to properly inform all members that just because they signed up to act as "United States Citizens" as a condition of receiving a paycheck, the rest of us are under no such obligation and must be left alone, not addressed, not spied on, not harassed, coerced, or made subject to any racketeering or unjust demand at all --- ever, with regard to our choice of political status or the exercise of our rights and guarantees, including our exemptions.

We have a nasty DOD-UN CORP-FBI and other assorted Municipal Alphabet Soup group being run out of Michigan calling itself the "Michigan General Jural Assembly" but in fact they are misrepresenting themselves as a lawful State Jural Assembly and are apparently aiming to set up a Municipal Corporation merely named after the actual State---instead.

A "Bait and Switch" Operation. 

We deduce this from the fact that their leadership all claims "United States Citizenship" or "Citizenship of the United States" and they continue to promote the idea that such "Citizens" have Constitutional rights and guarantees and tell people that they can retain such citizenship obligations at the same time that they are purportedly acting as one of our State Jural Assemblies.

Our States do not now nor have they ever allowed Dual Citizenship.

We protest against all of these continuing "similar names deceits" and against all of these various foreign corporate enterprises seeking to impersonate our actual States while being guests upon our shores.

We ask for your assistance in properly informing these groups and individuals --- some of whom may be well-meaning patriots who are simply confused, some of whom are no doubt acting as Undeclared Foreign Agents.

Among all the other Disinformation that supporters of this group are spreading is the idea that the "FBI" has approached me and asked me questions and otherwise bullied me.  This is not true, nor should it be.  As a Subcontractor of a Subcontractor, the FBI has no authority to address me and neither does the IRS or any other Municipal Agency. 

We wish for your Administration to make it completely clear that none of these contractors are to investigate, meddle with, contact, address, coerce, lie to, attempt to interfere with, co-opt, misdirect, or harm any American who is claiming their lawful birthright political status as an American State National or American State Citizen of any of the now-fifty States. 

We wish for all Military Contractors to be fully advised. 

We are the lawful Civilian Government of this country and we are fed up with the "Service". 

Any service organization wishing to get a contract or keep one needs to stop playing  games and do their actual jobs--- jobs which do not include running co-option schemes and psychological warfare operations on the People of this country. 

We request and require the full and explicit compliance of all military personnel, including subcontractors, to cease and desist all operations aimed at destabilizing, thwarting, impersonating, co-opting, misinforming, threatening, bullying, or otherwise interfering with our State Assemblies or mis-addressing our Lawful Persons.  

We also request and require that they cease and desist all operations seeking to establish commercial corporations "in our names" or the names of our States.  This is an unwelcome, unnecessary, fraudulent usurpation against the actual States and People of this country.

We are quite competent and capable of issuing our own charters and will do so -- an eventuality which is not the business of any Territorial or Municipal Citizen, nor any Federal Agent, Agency, Subcontractor, or Department.

Thank you for your service and patience in the midst of such injustice.


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Ours v. Theirs

By Anna Von Reitz

Even today, among sincere patriots, there are many misunderstandings.

I had one such man who has devoted his life to restoring the lawful government owed to the people of this country describe the Federal Constitutions as our "Founding Documents". 

They aren't our Founding Documents.  They weren't even anticipated when our Founding Documents were forged.

The Federal Constitutions establish the Federal Government and our States are Parties to those agreements, but no, folks,  the Federal Constitutions --- all three of them --- were lucky to be included as Organic Law in this country.

The Constitutions govern national trusts and commercial services contracts. They stipulate which organizations are supposed to provide which services. They establish the form and structure of the Federal, Territorial, and Municipal Governments as they pertain to us.  They limit the Federal Government. They provide guarantees to our States and to us. And that's about it.

As things stand, the trusts have been held in contempt by the British Monarch and the Pope, and the services have been totally ramrodded. The Hired Help has been running the roost, writing up contracts for themselves, charging whatever they wanted against our credit under conditions of fraud and under color of law.  

And who are the Hired Help?  The "United States Citizens" and "Citizens of the United States".

These are two groups of foreign operatives on our shores, one British (United States Citizens) and one Papist (Citizens of the United States).  Their political status is created and defined under Article 1, Section 2 and Article I, Section 3.

They are our employees and we are their employers.  Never forget it again.

The Constitutions are their "Founding Documents"---- not ours.

We have every reason and right to form up our actual State Assemblies and hold the Queen and the Pope feet first to the fire for Gross Breach of Trust and for Fraud and many other crimes against the living people of this country. 

We, the People, who are the actual population of the geographically defined States, can enforce the Constitutions and we need to do so without any further debate.  

In view of the way we have been dis-served by the Queen and the Popes, we have every right to refuse them any further assumption of contract.  Mr. Trump has a 30 day quid pro quo and that's all anyone has at this point.

They want us to respect the Constitutions and pay the bills, but they don't want to live in accord with and respect the Constitutions --- nor do they show the least little bit of concern for their actual employers. 

They, the Hired Help, want to lord it over us and pretend that we are employees, just like they are employees---- except that we are considered "volunteers" who don't get paid for our services: slaves and indentured servants.

The tail has been wagging the dog so long that they, the tail, have forgotten that there is a dog, and tragically enough, there are even many Americans who have been asleep and thought so, too.

Well, here's a big ray of sunshine up their skirts.  We are back.  In force. On the land and soil of the American States.  We know who we are.  We know who they are.  And the whole world knows what they owe us.


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Points of View, Terms of Art, and Where Pedal Meets Metal

By Anna Von Reitz

I already explained how all Federal Code, Titles, Acts, etc., are written from the Federal Perspective --- from their Point of View, not ours. 

That's how we become described as "non-resident aliens" in their IRS Code.

This is also how "United States Citizens" and "Citizens of the United States" can be described by them as "Domestic Terrorists" --- because such Legal Persons are "domestic" with respect to the Federal Government.

These same Legal Persons are foreign with respect to us.  We have to call them "Foreign Terrorists" when US Citizens engage in activities meant to
scare, intimidate, or coerce us.

In the same way, from their perspective, it's okay to call a "State of State" a "STATE".  They aren't really lying, though they are promoting confusion. From their point of view, a "State of State" is a "State" --- but not from ours.

We have already encountered this particular confusion when we discussed the "Confederate States" --- both North and South --- which were in fact Federal States of States, and not "States" in the sense that we think of a "State" at all.

To avoid the facts and avoid giving the power of our government back to the civilians it belongs to, the British-controlled military government that has ruled here since 1863, is promoting just that kind of confusion again. 

We figured out that a "state of state" is not a State, so now they are trying to confuse us by claiming that a "STATE" is the same as a "State" --- but it's not.

Anything that appears in all capital letters, for example, "MICHIGAN", is announcing to the world that it is in fact a corporation--- and a particular kind of corporation, too: a Municipal Government Corporation, operated by the Holy See and the Holy Roman Empire.

Our physically defined States of the Union are not corporations of any kind.
Our physically defined States of the Union are unincorporated entities.
Our States are actual, factual, located-in-space. 

Confederate "States" meaning Federal States, are not, and neither are any Territorial or Municipal "States".  All such "States" are "inchoate"--- non-physical, legal fictions.  They are "States of States" being called "States" within the Federal Government system.

So to avoid all this confusion, just cut to the chase: are you talking about incorporated entities or unincorporated entities?

I am talking about unincorporated States. 

When I talk about "States of the Union" I am not talking about the "Federal Union" of States of States that fought in the Civil War. 

I am talking about the actual unincorporated States that belong to The United States and which are members of The United States of America --- an unincorporated Federation of States.

So that's how you cut through all the baloney: is it incorporated? 

If so, it is not a "State" for our purposes.

The Federales can call their States of States an "Onion" for all I care.  The bottom line is -- they are talking about incorporated entities, and I am not.

If we are talking about an unincorporated State called "Wisconsin", that's my Home State, where I was born.

If we are talking about an incorporated "State" called "Wisconsin", in the current context, that's a foreign British-controlled commercial corporation. 

If we are talking about an incorporated "STATE" called "MICHIGAN", that's a foreign Papist-controlled commercial corporation. 

The fail-safe, fool-proof question is: incorporated or unincorporated?

Now, I am of the opinion that once we get our States Assembled, we have grievances to settle against the British Monarch and the Pope.  They have been promoting a "similar names deceit" and constructive fraud by promoting this confusion between the actual and factual States and their commercial corporation franchises. 

We are owed a "lawful conversion" of all our purloined assets, including respect for our copyrights and Good Names.

Meantime, we keep our noses to the grindstone and our wits about us. Their "States" are not our "States" and the difference is: our States are not incorporated entities.


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Dear Bobby, ….

By Anna Von Reitz

Bobby, I don't know who you are, but I feel that you deserve some honest answers.  So I am going to give you what you aren't getting elsewhere. 

I just re-published answers I already gave to Jeff Dougherty, who persists in trying to hide his identity behind the nickname "Sun Tzu"--- speaking of "obfuscating":  he has pretended that I didn't answer his questions, when they are published on my blog and now as a whole separate article as of this morning: "A Repeat of Answers Already Given".  

Let's go over the latest screed of venomous misrepresentation and ignorance point by point.  I will reduce the size of his typeface because he is very verbose and wordy and leave my replies in large blue type so you can distinguish them easily.

Dear Bobby,
Thank you for posting on the forums at National assembly
I discovered your post on the forum and I am responding to you and it.

I agree with some of what you said, Anna Von Reitz is in fact the individual who's writings first WOKE ME UP to the situation at hand.  I began working with the Michigan Jural Assembly members as soon as Anna DECLARED, "Michigan Jural Assembly did everything right!"  -  Those were her exact words.

Yes, Bobby, they even fooled me -- for a time.  They had the trees right enough, but not the forest.  It turns out that they are bent on trying to assemble a "State of State" and not an actual land jurisdiction State at all.  The process of assembling is the same, but the inputs and the end results are very different.  In their case, they wind up with a foreign commercial corporation franchise.  In our case, we wind up with a functioning State of the Union.

So I worked with members of the MGJA(Michigan Grand Jural Assembly) to discover what it meant to "Peaceably assemble, to redress grievances, and to self represent," the MGJA members helped me understand all of these things.  The MGJA members informed me that I did not have to "repudiate my U.S. citizenship," as it would bring great hardship upon my life.  MGJA members did however tell me that if I chose to do so (repudiate citizenship) that I WAS WITHIN MY RIGHT to do so.  

Anna's actual answer: I never told anyone to "renounce" or "repudiate" --- you have to "rebut" presumptions by producing superior evidence and you need to "expatriate" from any "presumed" political status as a "US Citizen".  These are different actions and they have different results.  I have had to repeatedly rescue people who "renounced" their US Citizenship and got stuck in foreign countries, but none of that was on my advice.

However, the MGJA members then put me in touch with other Michigan Grand Jural Members who HAD REPUDIATED THEIR U.S. CITIZENSHIP and the information I learned from them WAS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE.

Just as Anna Von Reitz has advised, [No-- I never advised anyone to do any of this. It is contrary to what I actually teach on my website. I teach people how to "expatriate"-- not "repudiate" and I have never in my life told anyone to return their BC's or anything else. No such action is necessary--- but changing your political status back to being an American State Citizen or American State National, is.]

…. in rder to repudiate your citizenship, you send them back your Social Security Card,  you send them back all other U.S. government provided identification too (driver's license).  Then the MGJA members informed me of what happens when you get pulled over without a driver's license, how the intentionally low IQ hired law enforcement officers do not give a rats butt about any papers you have on you to prove that you have the right to drive without a driver's license.  The very presenting of "Documents" to the officer, has in many times alerted that officer that you are a threat, a domestic terrorist known as a sovereign citizen, and anyone paying attention knows that the government has declared sovereign citizens as "Domestic Terrorists."  

In order to be a "Domestic Terrorist" you have to be "domestic" with respect to the Federal Government.  Neither I nor anyone I teach is "domestic" with respect to the Federal Government. Hello? US Citizens are "domestic" with respect to the Federal Government.  American State Citizens are not. Hello, Houston?  Hello?

I have NEVER told anyone to do anything like this. Ever. Bobby, are you listening?  He is telling you that I said things I never said, and that other people acting upon "my" advice were harmed.  What I in fact teach is published on my website and not open to interpretation.  I have never once told anyone to "renounce" their US Citizenship. I have taught people how to properly "expatriate" from it and told them why.

There isn't even a tiny bit of truth in anything being told to you, except for the fact that people who try to exit the system the wrong way suffer.  Pretending that I suggested any of this is the worst kind of BIG LIE. 

The Michigan Grand Jury members I spoke with who had repudiated their U.S. citizenship informed me that upon the law enforcement officer realizing that they had just traffic stopped a "Domestic Terrorist," the MGJA member was then cuffed and stuffed.  

Upon refusing to sign the corporation, "United States Inc," paperwork at the local jail, the MGJA members sat in jail for 60 days, which is as long as the U.S. corporation can legally hold someone for driving without a license.  Please bare in mind that these were 60 days in jail for FIRST OFFENSE.

This is because despite all their "protest" and "rebellion" and "insurrection" against the "State of State" corporations, they
hadn't changed their actual political status, so they were still held to Statutory Law and still considered bound by private contract to that law.  Uh-duh.

So, I present you the following evidence.

1)  Is a U.S. Citizen protected by the Bill of Rights?

Answer: YES 

Anna's actual answer--- No, they are not, and never have been. At best, they are "granted" Equal Civil Rights.

2)  Does the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights guarantee the right to, "Peaceably Assemble, to Redress Grievances, and to Self Represent?"

Answer: YES, IT DOES

Anna's actual answer: It gives the right to assemble to Americans, but not to British and Holy Roman Empire "Citizens"---- that is, US Citizens.  US Citizens can be arrested for "assembling".

3)  Yet Anna says that in order to EXERCISE that right, you need to repudiate your U.S. Citizenship!


Anna's actual answer: what I am telling you has been true since the foundations of this country.  As of 1787.  And it has never changed. The people trying to lead you are blind as bats and will get you in real trouble, just like the Colorado Nine, who didn't listen to me, either.

A)  Why would Anna Von Reitz knowingly provide false statements?

Anna's answer: I didn't.  It's you that is  not being honest. I am telling you the God's Honest and Verifiable Truth. You just aren't accepting it.

B)  Anna originally used the title of Judge in her name.

Answer:  The Alaska Government HAS NO RECORD of any variations of Anna Von Reitz, aka Anna Reitzinger, aka Anna Von Reitzinger EVER BEING A JUDGE in the State of Alaska.

Anna's actual answer: who ever said I was acting as a Justice or a Judge for any "State of State"???  Can you see the difference between these two things: "State" and "State of State"?

State equals actual State of the Union, geographically defined, physical, actual

State of State equals corporate franchise of a foreign commercial corporation, legal fiction, inchoate, not physical or actual.

Learn the difference so you know what you are talking about before you even open your mouth.

C)  Anna originally stated that she was a COMMON LAW JUDGE.

Answer:  In order to be a Common Law Judge, Anna Von Reitz would of been required to submit her name for candidacy in a local election in her county of the State of Alaska and she would have been required to get 60 signatures to get her name on the ballot, and then if there was no incumbent, she would have obtained the seat of "JUSTICE OF THE PEACE."

Anna's actual reply: I did "stand for election" --- unopposed as it happened, because nobody else stepped forward into the gap left when our one remaining Justice died of old age. As for any "60 signatures" that applies to "States of States" not States. Our States are now so de-populated thanks to idiots that it would be hard to find sixty knowledgeable jurors in a State the size of Alaska, but thankfully, our States don't require that. 

All the things you are "assuming" to apply-- don't. That's because you are operating in a "State of State" framework and mindset instead of being aware of the actual State. 

Again, I never said I was representing any "State of State" organization at all.  I am occupying the land jurisdiction of a State. Two different things. I have never said otherwise. 

This is all people trying to confuse oranges with apples, and apparently on purpose because I have been VERY clear about this from the very beginning.

She did not run for election, nor did she obtain the seat.

That is why when the FBI visited her, they asked her the following questions:
1)  What Oath did you swear to become a Common Law Judge?
2) What is the significance of the 1783 Treat of Peace?

Upon the FBI leaving, she IMMEDIATELY removed her title as "Judge."

Anna's actual reply: The FBI has never "visited" me, never addressed me at all, so it would be hard for them to ask me any questions and also hard for me to make any replies! Ha! The FBI doesn't want to talk to me, and in fact, they are well-aware that it would be inappropriate for them address me.

This is just pure fabricated lies.

And I am still a "Judge" if I act as a Postal District Judge and I am still a "Justice" if I act for a land jurisdiction court.

Learn the verbiage. It matters.

She however did not inform 9 of her students in Colorado to do the same.  They were all days later arrested, some of whom are still in jail.

Anna's actual reply: I fought with the leader of the Colorado Nine, Bruce Doucette, for three months prior to the action that led to their arrest, trying to make them see sense and own truth, just like I am doing here.  They wouldn't listen to the logic or the facts, so I finally drew a line in the sand and published notice officially ending my association with them. It appears as Article 485 on my website for anyone who wants to know what I actually told them at the time and why I shook the dust off my feet. I believe the title is "An End to My Association with Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton". 

Hamilton was a Federal Insurance Agent. I am fairly sure he was sent into the group to mislead the members.

Anyway, that Article was published well-before the Colorado Nine took their ignorance and rode off into history.  What they did was not on my advice.  So count that as ANOTHER BIG LIE being promoted by "Sun Tzu" --using a fake name.

Now I present the final evidence:
An Interview Anna Von Reitz gave:
The above interview given by Anna Von Reitz exposes the true nature of this PSY-OP.

Anna says"You have to go through all this process and all of this development of a public paper trail in order to reestablish who you are."

Answer:  FALSE

Anna's actual answer: Yes, you do have to do this, just as I have always taught, and there is no getting around it.  They have created "evidence" in the form of Birth Certificates and similar documents that show you have a private contract with their commercial corporations.  Until and unless you create "Superior Evidence" rebutting their claims, you are subject to them, to their "State of State" franchises, and all their private law.  What I said in the interview was correct and still is and I stand by it.  If it were not true, I would be in jail and if I were not validly a land jurisdiction Justice, I would be arrested for impersonating a judge.  These people (Sun Tzu, Destry, MGJA, et alia) are either ignorant or deliberately misleading you.

Anna is attempting to make it difficult for you to represent yourself, she is trying to make you think that it is difficult to exercise your GOD given rights, when all you have to do is pull out your BILL of RIGHTS, dust it off, and read the FIRST AMENDMENT.

Anna's actual answer--- this would be true, if you had any rights guaranteed by the Constitutions, but as a "US Citizen" you have no such rights or guarantees.

Anna says you have to repudiate your U.S. Citizenship.

Answer:  FALSE

Anna's actual answer--- see the discussion above about "repudiation" vs. "expatriation".

"United States Citizens" and "Citizens of the United States" were defined by the Constitutions.  They are not and never were parties to the Constitutions and do not have constitutional guarantees.  This is why when you appear in a US District Court the Judge will tell you (as a US Citizen) that the "Constitution doesn't apply here and I will hold you in contempt if you mention it again".  Some patriots are too stupid to get it and won't learn no matter how many times their noses get rubbed in it.

Anna is very effectively performing several tasks:
1)  Obviate 
define Obviate:

Anna is "Obviating" threats, to "Remove threats who would pose a challenge to Corporate United States Inc's RECKLESS OPERATIONS and ENDLESS felony OVER BILLING, there is trillions of dollars more to steal coupled with vast underground resources to steal from the people, vast resources of public lands to SELL, which is a theft against the people as the public lands were constitutionally granted to the people forever, and could not be withheld, sold, or multiple use permit denied.

Anna's actual answer: the only "PERSONS" intent on stealing anything are the foreigners among us, specifically, "US CITIZENS" working for foreign commercial corporations, and as I just published (again) this week, the rotters are intent on trying to set up franchise corporations merely calling themselves "State" ---- as in "MICHIGAN".  I published the addresses of the Registered Agents websites to prove to you that this is exactly what the Michigan General Jural Assembly is knowingly or unknowingly promoting --- a commercial corporation calling itself a "STATE"---- not the actual State at all.  Be aware and be smart about this. There is a lot at stake.

Anna Von Reitz is protecting the ability to continue THE THEFT via THE GREAT FRAUD, as people rotting in jail cells for driving without a driver's license can hardly be capable of challenging the corporation, "United States Inc," let alone living under a bridge, with no job, because they have no Social Security card, so no one will hire them, and even if they did find work, they have no bank account, and cannot get one, as I said, a person living under a bridge does not pose a threat to the corporation United States.

Anna's actual answer--- look at the above "discussion"---they are trying to make you fearful, and make you bow down to every little demand of their corporations--- and on the other hand, they are trying to convince that you have "rights" as a "US Citizen" that you demonstrably don't have while in that political status, and all the terrible things they describe "living under a bridge" etc. have only happened to who?  People stupidly clinging to "US Citizenship"--- and not bothering to reclaim their birthright standing as American State Nationals or American State Citizens!  Ask yourself ---if you had any "rights" as a US Citizen, much less constitutionally guaranteed rights, why are the US District Judges telling you right from the bench that you have no constitutional guarantees and that the constitution doesn't even enter in to their court??? Wake up!

2)  Obfuscate
Anna is making the necessary path "Unintelligible, unclear, or obscured."
define Obfuscate:

Anna is "Obfuscating," making the path forward unclear and full of; doubt, worry, and concern, for personal well being.  

Anna's actual answer: there is nothing "unclear" about what I am saying or what I am teaching. It is very simple.  You have been kidnapped into a foreign jurisdiction of the law, where you have no rights and no constitutional guarantees and no property rights, either. You have been purposefully misidentified as a "US Citizen" --- a political status that is foreign to you. You have the option of reclaiming your birthright political status, but you must create a public claim to it by declaring your permanent homestead and domicile on the land and soil of your home State of the Union. There are three
simple documents that need to be recorded to do that.  You also need to
be able to prove that you are the "John Michael Doe" whose actual birthday appears on the Birth Certificate they issued "in your Name" by providing two Witnesses who can connect you to the living baby born that day and time and place.  There is nothing too difficult about this, except explaining it to knotheads and fools who cling to their chains and refuse to admit that they have been used and duped.

Anyone with reason knows that they are putting themselves in harms way when they "Repudiate their U.S. Citizenship."

Anna's actual answer: no, you get into trouble when you allow people to misrepresent you as anything but an American State Citizen.  It's just the opposite of what these people are selling you.  And as many of you have directly experienced--- all these bad things happen to who? Those who are clinging to "US Citizenship" as if it were a great thing.  Why would you want the same political status as someone from Puerto Rico? That's what "United States Citizenship" means!  Or, alternately, why would you want to subject yourself to the Holy Roman Empire?  Most of you aren't even Catholic! That's what "Citizen of the United States" means. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Anna "Obfuscates" when she makes up a WHOLE BUNCH OF THINGS that you NEED TO DO, in order to exercise these God given rights, when all you really had to do was DUST OFF YOUR BILL of RIGHTS.

Anna's actual answer: as any US District Court Judge or Attorney will tell you, US Citizens have no "constitutional rights or guarantees" --- and never have had.  Ask yourself, how anyone whose political status was created by the Constitutions, could at the same time be party to the Constitutions?  They can't.  The plain fact is that no kind of "US Citizen" -- neither Territorial nor Municipal -- has ever had any part of the Constitutions.  They are subject to the Constitutions, not those protected by them. 

3)  Injure
define Injure:
Anna is attempting to "Injure" any fully motivated person who would move against the United States Inc corporation.  

Anna's actual reply: I don't belong to nor do I suggest that anyone else belong to any commercial corporation or have anything to do with any commercial corporation nor do I advocate that any average person offer to do battle with any commercial corporation.  "People" exist in a totally different realm of the law and different jurisdiction than "Persons" and all the injuries that people are suffering are a result of being misidentified as "persons".  The "injury" occurs when we leave these corporations and stand as living people again.  You must all understand that a "US citizen" of any stripe, literally belongs to either the British Crown Corp (United States Citizens) or to the Pope (Municipal Status).  Is that where you want to be? Then, cling to your chains and make no objection to being called a "US Citizen".

It's your choice, after all.

It is difficult for injured prey to mount an efficient, intelligent, and calculated attack against a seemingly all powerful corporation, "United States Inc."

4) Deter
Anna is "Deterring" anyone from joining up with other Grand Jury Assembly Members whether it be the Michigan Grand Jury Assembly or any others.  

Anna's actual answer--- I am leading people to actually accomplish what they want and need to accomplish, which is the restoration of their lawful government and the assembly of their actual State --- not a commercial franchise calling itself a "STATE". 

The leaders of MGJA either don't know their butts from tin cups when it comes to assembling an actual State with actual People, or they are deliberately seeking to create another commercial corporation franchise.

How can anyone imagine that "US Citizens" --- like people from  Puerto Rico can come here and populate our States "for us" and restore our government?  No, what they would be doing is creating their own government to rule over ours.  And we have no reason to support that, do we?

Anna is sewing devision between Patriots who are looking for a solution.

Anna's actual answer: I already presented the solution to all this a long time ago, and it stands ready to implement for everyone with the brains to do it.

And THE ANSWER is that our Founding American Forefathers knew that this day would come!  They knew the enemy; in the Vatican,  the enemy in England, and any other Royal Power that would seek to weaken or destroy the greatest threat to continued world domination would eventually come to steal America from We The People.  Thus the Founding American Forefathers ensured that any Constitution coming after the First Constitution, would have to contain all of the original constitution.  Although the Bill of Rights is the greatest weapon against the forces of Evil that our Founding Fathers & the Framers gave us to destroy the enemy even in the midst of the DARKEST LONG NIGHT.  The weapon, the SILVER BULLET, has been discovered.

Anna's actual answer: US Citizens have no "Bill of Rights".  If you doubt that, just continue to call yourself a "US Citizen" and neglect to reclaim your birthright political status and drive over the speed limit.

Our Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves if they knew that we have become so stupid that we can't even read the Constitutions they gave us and understand what they mean. 

They would be utterly appalled to know that any American allowed themselves to be conscripted and mislabeled a "US Citizen" of any kind.

All you need to do is follow "The Handbook" as provided by the Michigan Jural Assembly.  The Patriots operating the National Assembly and the Michigan Jural Assembly, many of them are former special forces Patriots who served long and hard to protect the people of this nation, and once they discovered the plot and how far the rabbit hole of death and suffering was dug, they set out to correct the wrongs and liberate We The People from the Evil of a foreign power that had overtaken us.

Anna's actual answer -- the Evil has already overtaken us. Any "Special Forces" are part of the problem and not the answer. We have been the victims of a foreign British-controlled Territorial United States Military operating on our shores (and worldwide) in the same capacity as the British Raj in India. This has been a problem of military ignorance, corruption, and usurpation against the Civilian Government since 1863.

Go back and read the very first "Executive Order" issued by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. 

Then submit a letter to the Congressional Research Service or any of the Congressional Delegations and ask if the Reconstruction Acts have been repealed.

They will answer that only a few specific parts of the Reconstruction legislation have been repealed and the vast bulk of it remains in full force and effect.

So now you can see that our own dear military is up to its neck and is at least partly responsible for the problem in the first place---- and when they interfere like this and misrepresent the facts and try to make other people adopt "US Citizenship" akin to their own in ignorance or in guile, they are part of the problem, not the solution.

The "Evil" has already arrived.

It's called being a "presumed citizen of the United States".  And if you don't want to be owned by the Queen or the Pope, it's high time you all woke up and smelled the java. I repeat--- "US Citizens" have no constitutional rights and no guarantees. The best they have are "Equal Civil Rights" provided at whim or not, by the members of the Municipal United States Congress acting under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17.

All other Handbooks, like the one Anna stole and is selling on Amazon, will put you living under a bridge, in jail for 60 days at a time, without a bank account, without the ability to leave the country and gain RE-ENTRY.

However Bobby, I suspect you are also working for the Cabal.  Because if you were listening on that National Assembly call when we were discussing Anna Von Reitz, you would have heard the testimony that both I and Others gave, revealing both Anna Von Reitz, and Soaring Spirit as being Crime Syndicate operatives to Obviate, Obfuscate, Deter, and Injure

Anna's actual reply:  Have nothing more to do with the Michigan General Assembly or their mistakes.  Pay no attention to their fear-mongering and their wrong assertions about "US Citizenship".  All the bad things are happening to "US Citizens" --- not American State Nationals, not American State Citizens. The proof is in the pudding.

Please note the egregious and apparently deliberate lies they are spreading?

I "stole" the MGJA "Handbook" by writing a better one, article by article?   And publishing it on my website as I wrote it? 

Show me where I ever advised anyone to "renounce" their "US Citizenship"?  I have told everyone to "expatriate" from it, which is a different thing entirely.

Show me where I ever said I was a "State of State" Judge?  I am not confused about who I am, what my political status is, or anything else.  Why would I be working as a Hired Jurist for a Commercial Corporation?

Even their lies are ignorant.

Shake the dust from your weary feet, Bobby. 

I never ever wanted to be responsible for organizing the States on top of everything else that sits on my plate, but here we are, facing up to that.

The American States Assembly will be organizing actual geographically defined States of the Union.  Those who are interested in restoring their lawful government and living their lives as Lawful People, are invited to assist in this great endeavor.  It should be understood that: (1) the actual States are unincorporated entities; (2) the actual States have physical borders; (3) the actual States are populated by People who are protected by the Constitutions; (4) the People are all either American State Nationals (who have no obligation to serve the government) or American State Citizens (who agree to serve as Jurors or in other capacities as needed). 

The States have nothing to do with any State of States, nor do they have anything to do with any commercial corporation calling itself a "State" or a "STATE". 

Finally, Bobby, I want you to notice who they quote-- people who weren't even at the interview that I gave the Southern Poverty Law Center, people who sought to misrepresent what I was saying and what I have been saying for years.

So who are they "representing"?  And what?


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