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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Continuing Debacle and The Remnant

By Anna Von Reitz

The Continuing Debacle and The Remnant

Most Beloved Francis,

We wish to express our Extreme Displeasure:

The US Municipal "Congress" is out of control. They may be out of their minds, too. 

They can't be allowed to abuse bankruptcy and just continue merrily on. You know this. 

No doubt Cardinal Parolin and the others know this, too---whether or not they want to admit it.  The entire world is watching and knows the score, knows what was done, by whom, to whom. 

The Subcontractors are even worse, if possible.  All these bogus "Federal" Agencies are nothing but a huge expense and a nuisance.  They create trouble out of thin air just to give themselves something to do--- and then ignore all the work that they are supposed to be doing.

The FBI, DOJ, BATF, FEMA, IRS, CIA, et alia --- they are all rampaging around on our shores causing trouble, mis-addressing Lawful Persons, staging all sorts of stupid military "operations", trying to confuse everyone with deceitful use of language, getting ready to stage a "civil war" on our shores, the entire point of which is to kill us, their Employers.

The Holy Roman Empire needs to stand down and assist the Lawful Government of this country.  What should have happened in 1865 needs to happen now. 

The Apocalypse has happened and is ongoing.
The Great Tribulation has been paid.
The Remnant has returned.

Do the right thing. 

Anna Maria


  1. It is my hope that the Lord will give us more time. The situation looks increasingly prophetic to me. My hope is in the Lord.

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  2. We can hope, pray and work for peaceful solutions, but prophecies yet unfulfilled foretell of times of great commotion, dislocations, wars, horror and destruction, in short the Lord's judgements loosed over His rebellious children who refuse to look to Him, repent, and come home to the rule of justice and judgement under Biblical law.

  3. As far as I know "Francis" has recently been completely disempowered by the innermost circle of Cardinals. However I don't think the state of any "pope" really matters if it is true that our "wrestling" is not against flesh and blood.

  4. "The Remnant has returned."
    Most Beloved Anna. i have serious reservations on what you seem to regard and consider as the Remnant.
    You are either knowingly or unknowingly leading people astray.

  5. i hate to defend "CIA", but some good sources for how they could be so off track for so long.

    "new lies for old" "perestroika deception" (anatoliy golitsyn) "deception" (edward jay epstein, highly recommended, as he was originally just investigating oswald, which led him to questions re: nosenko; epstein was a civilian "outsider" this makes his book all the more interesting)

    those 3 books detail how the "CIA" effectively stopped all counterintelligence dealing with "soviet strategy" way back in the 50s/60s/70s.

    this is a moot point now, everything has been "merged" countless ways, we don't even have real "elections" or "treasury" anyways, no private property for perhaps a century+, but it seems once upon a time there was a CIA actually trying to do their job, but this was long ago deliberately abandoned.

    the "reasoning" was, with all their fancy new space satellites, unless the "communists" have missiles and tanks, they don't care. all "defectors" who don't fit existing info. are ignored.

    a self-perpetuating feedback loop, on the theory they already knew everything and "communists" would never change tactics or long term strategy. this ensures if any prior mistakes were made in CIA analysis, they will continue to be made/mislead. any conflicting info. to what they already know is now ignored.

    official policy was changed from being on the watch for leninist "selective release of state secrets" and "communism doesn't work" (feigning of economic failure to get western countries to trade/credit/tech. transfer/etc.) to 'any defector who says 1 thing that checks out, is considered genuine, and would never later pass disinfo.'

    all prior info. on 'soviets' for decades was then reevaluated in terms of "does it match what we already know?"

    effectively, they only do "signals intelligence" nowadays, like the NSA, cameras and such, passively sitting back and watching.

    now, anyone can read UN quotes re: "synthesis of east and west [culture, religion, law, etc.]" "mastery learning" "total quality management" etc. and this is all mostly moot nowadays.

    angleton's solution was simply have multiple separate teams, and any intelligence that came in they could evaluate from different angles, to see if golitsyn's claims held any muster. it would be just as bad to switch fully over to the "new long term strategy" as to have them all ignore it.

    for decades, the CIA hasn't even bothered to look for tactics/strategy/false defectors/etc.

    quite amazing "russian interference" nowadays. if it weren't for rt media trail, alex jones/etc. suddenly claiming how great russia is, etc. the "CIA" would not have even noticed.

    in the modern world, i have heard "republicans" claim "communism doesn't work" as a justification for fractional reserve slavery etc. -- they seem completely ignorant that is what lenin (and then stalin, and then others) said in 1922 to feign abandonment of "socialism" and encourage western trade. part of 'glasnost'

    idiocy abounds.

    in essence, to the CIA there is no such thing as the KGB anymore, because if they aren't on the CIA's satellites with missiles and tanks, they don't exist, and no "peaceful revolution" "deliberate use of false language" "control of consciousness" (gramsci) etc. would ever be possible.

    the takehome point for me: if such things, perhaps unproveable, are occuring, the modern CIA would never know. they don't care.

    are the "social democrats" kremlin agents/dupes? the CIA would never know. they don't do counterintelligence anymore.

    1. if you want to know how/why the "congress" could label bar attorneys a "communist front" decades ago, and yet the "CIA" paid no you know.

      assuming they aren't/weren't infiltrated, they are only worried about missiles and tanks.

      any "legal subversion" and anything besides overt conquest by tanks/guns, they deliberately stopped monitoring.

      angleton was the last team that did that stuff.

    2. The real live Truman Show with deadly consequences for all upon the earth
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. Anon-not Margaret .: Thank Paul n Anna n living law team, n all. Http:// v public, but ....