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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Points of View, Terms of Art, and Where Pedal Meets Metal

By Anna Von Reitz

I already explained how all Federal Code, Titles, Acts, etc., are written from the Federal Perspective --- from their Point of View, not ours. 

That's how we become described as "non-resident aliens" in their IRS Code.

This is also how "United States Citizens" and "Citizens of the United States" can be described by them as "Domestic Terrorists" --- because such Legal Persons are "domestic" with respect to the Federal Government.

These same Legal Persons are foreign with respect to us.  We have to call them "Foreign Terrorists" when US Citizens engage in activities meant to
scare, intimidate, or coerce us.

In the same way, from their perspective, it's okay to call a "State of State" a "STATE".  They aren't really lying, though they are promoting confusion. From their point of view, a "State of State" is a "State" --- but not from ours.

We have already encountered this particular confusion when we discussed the "Confederate States" --- both North and South --- which were in fact Federal States of States, and not "States" in the sense that we think of a "State" at all.

To avoid the facts and avoid giving the power of our government back to the civilians it belongs to, the British-controlled military government that has ruled here since 1863, is promoting just that kind of confusion again. 

We figured out that a "state of state" is not a State, so now they are trying to confuse us by claiming that a "STATE" is the same as a "State" --- but it's not.

Anything that appears in all capital letters, for example, "MICHIGAN", is announcing to the world that it is in fact a corporation--- and a particular kind of corporation, too: a Municipal Government Corporation, operated by the Holy See and the Holy Roman Empire.

Our physically defined States of the Union are not corporations of any kind.
Our physically defined States of the Union are unincorporated entities.
Our States are actual, factual, located-in-space. 

Confederate "States" meaning Federal States, are not, and neither are any Territorial or Municipal "States".  All such "States" are "inchoate"--- non-physical, legal fictions.  They are "States of States" being called "States" within the Federal Government system.

So to avoid all this confusion, just cut to the chase: are you talking about incorporated entities or unincorporated entities?

I am talking about unincorporated States. 

When I talk about "States of the Union" I am not talking about the "Federal Union" of States of States that fought in the Civil War. 

I am talking about the actual unincorporated States that belong to The United States and which are members of The United States of America --- an unincorporated Federation of States.

So that's how you cut through all the baloney: is it incorporated? 

If so, it is not a "State" for our purposes.

The Federales can call their States of States an "Onion" for all I care.  The bottom line is -- they are talking about incorporated entities, and I am not.

If we are talking about an unincorporated State called "Wisconsin", that's my Home State, where I was born.

If we are talking about an incorporated "State" called "Wisconsin", in the current context, that's a foreign British-controlled commercial corporation. 

If we are talking about an incorporated "STATE" called "MICHIGAN", that's a foreign Papist-controlled commercial corporation. 

The fail-safe, fool-proof question is: incorporated or unincorporated?

Now, I am of the opinion that once we get our States Assembled, we have grievances to settle against the British Monarch and the Pope.  They have been promoting a "similar names deceit" and constructive fraud by promoting this confusion between the actual and factual States and their commercial corporation franchises. 

We are owed a "lawful conversion" of all our purloined assets, including respect for our copyrights and Good Names.

Meantime, we keep our noses to the grindstone and our wits about us. Their "States" are not our "States" and the difference is: our States are not incorporated entities.


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  1. Grievances to settle is an understatement
    Need to get the UN the hell out
    Stop their 5G kill grid roll out
    Stop their geoengineering (chemtrails) and weather warfare which is their weapon of choice in clearing off the land and wiping out their secure party creditors
    Be alert because no doubt they have a false flag attack planned (like 9 11) to send in their UN army
    Paperwork not does not guarantee that you may not be caught up in the path of an attack
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Need to get the UN the hell out,then what?? this is the only article 3 court we have access to, there is none in this country

  2. I will get back to building the gallows