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Thursday, January 24, 2019

It's This Simple

From Anna Von Reitz

There is no "Public Law" without a "Public". 

If everyone is choosing to enfranchise (enslave) themselves to a corporation and acting in the capacity of a "Person", there are no "People" left who are competent to invoke and enforce the Public Law.

Deegan Recants

By Anna Von Reitz

Thomas Deegan says he's not Irish, but then, he also says that a Lutheran can be a Jesuit. 

Let's ask the Jesuit Order about that, shall we? 

Thomas also says that a "private law" passed in 2016 is providing immunity to felons. 

At first glance, that doesn't appear to be good news, but it is if you were never really a felon in the first place. 

Private law -- the "law" of incorporated entities---is subservient to Public Law so the only people affected by this change are those who never committed any actual crime in the first place--- just regulatory infractions like Thomas's own trespass against the State of West Virginia, Inc.

The State of West Virginia, Inc's "private law" considered his trespass a "felony", but the Public Law could care less, so long as no blood is spilled and no property destroyed.

So their private corporate "law" was challenged by people owed the Public Law -- that is, by people acting in their unincorporated capacity-- and the rats had to admit the supremacy of the Public Law and had to release all these purported "felons" who were never their employees or dependents and who were never subject to their "private" corporate "law" in the first place. 

That is good news.  It means that the Perps are running scared and realizing that the Public Law is enforceable again. 

And why is that? 

Because our State Jural Assemblies are booting up and they can see the train coming. 

They have been operating under false pretenses for years and trampling everyone else's rights and subjecting everyone to their private corporate tribunals and holding everyone responsible for obeying their private "code". 

Once the actual States rear their heads the jig is up for the incorporated "States of States" and they know -- thanks, by the way, to the efforts of The Living Law Firm--that the actual States and People are assembling. 

So there is Thomas Deegan strutting around and touting this big "victory" ---that he was released because of this change in the "private law" --- and not really grasping the fact that the private law is ALWAYS subservient to the Public Law when the Public Law is enforced. 

And that the Public Law is being enforced again as a result of the State Jural Assemblies taking place all over this country since 2015.  

Not because Thomas Deegan and his pals were so brilliant, but because other people took back their birthright political status and organized their State Jural Assemblies. 

That's why the Public Law is back in effect. 

That's why enforcement of the Public Law is possible again.

And that's why the "private law" has to be brought back into compliance with the Public Law. 

I have been working to make this happen for decades-- and there is Thomas Deegan not only benefiting from my work, but taking credit for it ---and talking down to me and calling me names and calling me "old" and "slow" and other less complimentary epithets. 

The Public Law would not be beginning to be enforced again in this country without the State Jural Assemblies being active again. 

And why are the People of the States "coming back home" and enforcing the Public Law they are owed, instead of mindlessly functioning in the "presumed" capacity of "Persons"? 

Because some of us worked tirelessly to expose the corporate fraud schemes and secure the Public Law again. 

There  are now fifty State Jural Assemblies, one for every State. 

And why is that? Because of the work of people like Robert and Destry and "Al" and me and literally thousands of other Americans who kept the state republics alive in court actions and diplomatic battles for decades. 

Decades, Thomas. Even before you were born. 

So let's hear it for all us "old" "slow" Americans who remembered who we were and how things are supposed to work and who brought the Public Law back into force. 

Which is what caused that change in the "private law" back in 2016. 

And, once again, this "old" "slow" American is reminding everyone including the arrogant dullards among us, that their State Jural Assemblies need their help. 

And that for their own safety and the good of their country, they need to correct their own political status records so that they are not "mistaken on purpose" for British Territorial Citizens or Municipal Government employees. 

It's the political status correction paperwork that is protecting the people from the corporate thugs and giving standing to the Members of the State Jural Assemblies and it is the State Jural Assemblies that are giving life and force to the Public and Organic Law owed to the people of this country. 

And it is these changes that are forcing the corporations to come to heel. 


Because as long as the Public Law is being enforced, private law is always subservient to it. 

The dog begins to chase the cat and the cat begins to chase the rat and the rat begins to bite the cheese. 

If you want to be able to invoke and enforce your constitutional guarantees-- do your status correction paperwork and join your State Jural Assembly. 


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Go Figure

By Anna Von Reitz

There was always something about Arnie Rosner and his website "Scanned Retina" that didn't add up.  

First, there's the website name-- "Scanned Retina" --very tech oriented, Big Corporate-sounding, Defense Intelligence Agency Spy Crap, "Intel" associations.  Nothing patriotic about it, but plenty of CIA/DIA/DARPA overtones. 

And then there's Arnie, a little crippled Southern California Jewish guy in such bad shape he doesn't go out much-- at least that is the story he has given me.  So why is he so angry and embittered?  Bad military experience? No.. Attacked by IRS? No.... Lost his house in a bogus foreclosure?  No.... His kids were put in Foster Care by the Goons?  No....

I know a lot of people who have a lot of reasons to be angry with "the government" but I could never figure out why Arnie was always screeching like a wet cat and skating the edge of openly advocating violence? 

Well, that IS what Undeclared Federal Agents do, isn't it?  Stand on the sidelines and egg other people on. Play upon the real grievances that other people have to get them riled up and goad them into doing something stupid, so they can be arrested or shot. 

And Arnie's often vehement angry rants do come off as "overplayed" like hamming up the act sometimes?  Sounding "more patriot than patriot"?  That's typical of Federal Co-Option Agents, too,

Just like Michael R. Hamilton did with the Colorado 9. Just like the Snitches did with Schaefer Cox. 

So something didn't smell right about Arnie and his website, and neither have his reactions to me. Oh, he was gung-ho in the beginning, but when he found out that he couldn't manipulate me into advocating violence for him, he dropped me and my articles like a cold potato and tried to get other websites to drop me, too, 

Then, that wasn't enough, so he got on the bandwagon and tried to discredit me with the whole "Vatican Agent" rumor-mongering, and when I gave him multiple proofs that wasn't true--- all things that he could check out independently for himself-- he didn't do so.  

Now, I am sorry, but when you go on lying and spreading gossip about people when you have been given proof otherwise--- that's willful lying and the actions of a dishonorable man. 

So I have gone my way and let Arnie go his. 

But here's another thought. What if Arnie is a Progressive Democrat in bed with Nancy Pelosi--?  

He is a Southern California Jew. 

The Federal Reserve is 80-plus percent owned by offshore Jewish banks. 

The Dems are fighting abolishment of the Federal Reserve and the IRS tooth and nail.

And it was just reported this week that most of the Dems in the Congress have Dual Citizenship in where?  Israel. 

So what if Arnie's real game has been to give Pelosi an excuse to call for UN intervention? 

Some kind of stupid "rebellion" or "insurrection" or "civil Unrest" that she could use as an excuse? 

The Progressive Democrats have tried to get something like that going for years.  They've tried everything without success: black against white, haves against have nots, Muslims against Christians, Jews against Everybody.... and nothing has worked. 

So here's Arnie, plugging along, trying something started, some kind of fight, signing up thousands of guys--- for what? 

To give Pelosi an excuse to ask for UN Corp Mercenary help. 

To set things up so a lot of innocent Americans get killed and the arms dealers make money and the Federal Reserve continues to steal us blind for Jewish banks worldwide. 

That's what I believe Arnie Rosner is up to, and Thomas Deegan, too. 

Here's Deegan, an Irishman, who pretends to hate the Roman Catholic Church. 

Okay, so maybe he's Protestant Irish....but that means he is allied with the British Government and thanks to all our research we know that Britain has been bilking us silly for decades.....

So that sure doesn't make for a Protestant Irishman to be on our side of the issues, does it? 

It doesn't add up. 

Okay, well, what if he is just a disillusioned and embittered Catholic? Lots of those around...but, no, that doesn't ring true, either. 

Disillusioned Catholics are disgusted by the pedophilia and the betrayal of trust in spiritual matters,  the Holy See's corruption and slavering after gold, the Church's part in stealing our identities as babies, and many other issues----but they don't have any great quarrel with the Jesuit Order per se.  

So why is Thomas Deegan accusing me --of all people of being a Vatican Agent and a Jesuit?? And why continue to make these false claims even after he, too, was given proof that I am a Lutheran and no more a Jesuit than the man in the moon? 


Let's see-- when "Lucifer" tried to kill me several months ago, he was in the company of five IRA Generals. 

I take that as good proof that the Irish Catholic Mafia put the hit out on me.  And why would they want to kill me if I was one of their own? 

If I was a "Jesuit mouth-piece" why would Irish Catholic IRA Generals want me dead? 


Again, no matter how you play Thomas Deegan's story-- Protestant or Catholic-- he doesn't add up. 

A British-hating Irish Protestant? 
A Jesuit-hating Irish Catholic? 


But how about this? 

Thomas Deegan is the Jesuit in the woodpile.  

Then, suddenly, everything makes sense. 

They always accuse their opponents of being what they are. 
So the Jesuit accuses me of being a Jesuit.

They always accuse their opponent of doing what they are doing, too. So he accuses me of lying, when that is what he's doing. 

He went right on spewing all this Vatican Agent stuff long after he had cause to know better, didn't he? 

Just like Arnie Rosner. Another willful liar. 

Assuming that Thomas Deegan is the actual Jesuit in the mix, the other pieces also fit-- he's all upset and angry because five of his pals in the Catholic IRA bit the dust in a fight with me. 

And as for helping Arnie stir the pot, and get some "incident" going that would excuse a UN intervention, the unsavory elements in the IRA would stand to benefit greatly from that, because the UN employs them as mercenaries and lets them deal arms on the side. And the Jesuits would try their best to blame it all on me, if I were stupid enough to support any such thing. 

Just like I drew a line in the sand with Bruce Doucette and formally cut myself apart from what he and the others were doing and sounded the alarm and told people not to do what they did--- I am doing the same thing now. 

I was alarmed this evening to learn that several thousand well-meaning veterans and others have gathered under Arnie and Deegan's banner. 

I am warning you all here and now that you are falling into a trap and playing into Nancy Pelosi's hands, into the hands of the Jewish Bankers, and into the hands of the Holy See. 

And I have warned you and begged you all not to give Pelosi any excuse to do anything but stew in her own juice. 

What is truly needed is for our men to come home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their States, to re-populate our rightful Jural Assemblies, and take up the controls of this runaway train. 

This is a matter that demands correct  action and calm heads and a firm grasp.  We need to enforce the Public and Organic Law against these criminals, but can only lawfully and correctly do that by reclaiming our lawful birthright political status and operating our State Jural Assemblies to accomplish the Mission Objectives more or less set forth in the sample Mission Statement I submitted to the Jural Assemblies. 

The very worst thing we could do would be to give these Vermin any excuse for violence, because that is what THEY want--- both the Progressive Democrats and the evil elements in the Catholic Church are trying to egg us into doing something stupid-- and so is Arnie Rosner and so is Thomas Deegan. 

Imagine that? 

I would call that a one to one correspondence and ask everyone to do the math and join their State Jural Assembly instead of getting involved in anything these two tools are pushing. 

Nobody has to fight  with anything sharper than our wits and a pen to restore this country to its rightful condition. 

Put your energy and time and money into rebuilding and restoring the government "of the people, for the people, and by the people" you are owed. 

If Arnie and Thomas want to fight, let the two of them suit up and duke it out bare knuckle:  Progressive Jewish Democrats against Irish Catholic Jesuits. 

Should be quite a match up. 

The rest of us need to get home and tend to our own long overdue and neglected government business.


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To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.