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Thursday, August 20, 2020

It's all a scam: Testing positive for a virus doesn't create a "case"

 The fake news media keeps telling us there are more and more "cases" of coronavirus, but it's all a scam: Merely testing positive for a virus doesn't create a "case." Nearly all of these so-called "cases" are completely asymptomatic people who aren't sick at all.

In today's feature article, I explain why coronavirus "cases" are a total scam.

Read the article here:

Public Notice --- Attention: World Governments and President Trump


By Anna Von Reitz

****Everyone please feel free to send copies of this Public Notice --- Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals, Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents --- to all United Nations personnel, all governmental services personnel, and all judicial officers and politicians, all over the world. This circumstance needs to be fully and widely comprehended, including by the present members of Congress.****

Public Notice to All World Governments and President Trump:

There are no Fourteenth Amendment citizens of the United States. 

Our constitutional process requires ratification by the States of the Union. 

No such ratification process was completed with respect to the so-called "Fourteenth Amendment" or any following Amendment.  

No change to any actual Constitution was created by the Territorial Congress legislation related to the so-called Fourteenth Amendment or any subsequent similar action. 
In fact the Enactment Clause of all such legislation since 1860 has provided that the new action "changes no right thus previously established".  

This means that all rights existing in 1860 have been sequentially established and grandfathered in and are inherited by the progeny as secured material rights and interests.  

But beyond these facts --- lack of ratification and the nature of the "secured rights" guaranteed to Americans --- there are these further inconvenient facts: 

The "Constitution" that includes the Fourteenth Amendment wasn't a constitution in the same sense as the actual Constitutions that establish our Federal Government. 

The "Constitution" to which the Fourteenth Amendment applied was instead the published Articles of Incorporation of a Scottish Commercial Corporation established in 1868 that was merely doing business "as" The United States of America, ---Incorporated.  

This semantic deceit of naming a commercial corporation after our unincorporated Federation of States allowed the criminals responsible to access our credit under conditions of constructive fraud and deceit, and allowed them to steal our identity in exactly the same manner as a credit card hacker pretends to be the victim in order to access the victim's credit. 

The "Amendments" to this document published "as" The Constitution of the United States of America -----Incorporated, that is-----merely represent corporation by-laws and do not require ratification by the States.  That's why these "Amendments" were never ratified and did not require ratification.  

That Scottish corporation, dba The United States of America "Incorporated" went bankrupt in 1906 and entered receivership. It's bankruptcy was finally settled in 1953.  It is well, truly, and absolutely defunct. 

As a result, whatever "Fourteenth Amendment citizenship" was created or conferred by this document, or by the organization sponsoring it, became defunct, also.  

We shall not belabor the point that no commercial corporation had any ability to confer actual citizenship of any kind on anyone.  

We shall not dwell on the fact that these criminal activities by the members of our own military and the members of the then-Territorial Congress resulted in constructive fraud against our lawful government and the theft of our credit and assets misapplied on a vast scale. 

The facts are the facts and they stand naked to view. 

The other Principals that allowed this scam, the Pope, the British Monarch, and the Lord Mayor of London / Government of Westminster, are at fault and in Gross Breach of Trust.  

We, the remnant of the progeny, who have established our claims as Qualified Inheritors of the assets and credit owed to the lawful government of this country, the unincorporated Federation of States, have absolute standing in the matter ---- all the way back to 1860 and before. 

We are the victims of deliberate constructive fraud and semantic deceit practiced upon us in Gross Breach of Trust by our own misdirected Employees and the aforementioned Principals. 

All American assets are claimed.  All trust properties and derivatives established in our names are claimed.  All our gold misappropriated and transported to the Philippines is claimed.  All gold illegally confiscated by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration is claimed, including the 6,000 tons used to back and bank roll the "Federal Reserve" and the additional 14,000 tons admitted to by FDR which were used as Slush Funds and "investment accounts" used to buy controlling interests in the Fortune 500 corporations and otherwise manipulate commodity markets, including international currency markets.

It is important for the world and for the American People and for the President and the politicians that have inherited this mess, as  well as the World Bank, the IBRD, and the Federal Reserve---- which are all fundamentally responsible for this "Heist of the Ages" --- to understand that they, the banks, the politicians, and the misdirected "US" military have been caught, red-handed.  

The entire history and fakery of this entire circumstance is known, exposed, and is due justice. 
When a credit card hacker steals someone's identity and accesses their credit without their knowledge or permission, the victim is held harmless, and their credit is returned by the bank. 
In the same way, the identity of our lawful government, our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, has been stolen, and our credit has been ransacked ----and our Federation is owed the same consideration by the banks.  

Not only that, but we are owed compensation from those responsible for this Gross Breach of Trust.  The Queen, the Lord Mayor, and most of all, the Pope, are fully cognizant of the meaning, actuality, and content of the Treaties and the Constitutions they hold with the American People. 

They also have cause to know that we were never involved in their "American Civil War" which was an illegal mercenary conflict on our shores.  

The guilt and responsibility for all of this most particularly devolves upon the Pope, because the Pope in fact owned both sides of the conflict.  He has always directly controlled the Municipal United States and via his Overseer of the Commonwealth, the British Monarch, has controlled the Territorial United States Government as well. 
In practical terms, the responsibility for paying damages to The United States of America and to the American States and People next devolves upon the UN CORPORATION and the United Nations Organization, their heirs, and successors.
The realization of the enormity of the fraud and Breach of Trust has stunned the world and given rise to a great deal of talk about everyone ganging up on "the Americans" who have been the victims of this as much or more than anyone else. 

Any such action would be completely immoral and illegal and unlawful.  

It would destroy any concept of--- or hope of--- justice for anyone living in this world. 

The Problem has never been the victims, the actual Americans. 

The Problem has always been "the US" ---- those pretending to "represent" the Americans, while in fact hacking our credit and evading their obligations under the actual constitutions --- The Constitution of the United States of America, which the Queen owes, and The Constitution of the United States, which the Pope directly owes.  

Now, we've said our say.  It's here for everyone to see and examine for themselves.  The public records are clear and secured. 

Pope Benedict XVI admitted it.  Pope Francis is clearly aware of it.  Antonio Guterres is fully informed. Other national governments have been fully informed.  President Trump and the Joint Chiefs have been fully informed.  The Office of the Prosecutor at the International Court of Justice has been fully informed.  Interpol, the FBI, the DIA, the CIA, DHS, Homeland Security, and the NSA have all been fully informed. 

The United States of America and the American States and People are owed the return of their credit and their assets free and clear of debt or encumbrance. We are to be held harmless, fully restored, and compensated by the banks, recognized by all Principals and governmental services corporations as the lawful Government of this country, and the actual Employers in this scenario. 

As the Delegators of all Delegated Powers we are bypassing those foreign agents who are responsible for this Mess, and presenting ourselves in these matters under our Reserved Powers and those Powers that have returned to us by Operation of Law from the Federal Republic.  

All presumptions attached to the existence of any "Fourteenth Amendment" citizenry must cease immediately.  Bank foreclosures based on these presumptions must cease and bank escrow accounts established on the basis of these presumptions must be converted and returned to the victims of this fraud. 

Worldwide mechanisms designed to "hypothecate" both credit and debt and to sequester such credit and debt as "energy units" held in Generation Skipping Trusts must be dissolved in favor of the victims of this scheme. 

The balance as money of account must be made available to them and to their lawful governments; these private and public assets have been purloined and mis-characterized by the banks and insurance corporations as "personal" assets, a circumstance that must be rectified.  

Our lawful government has prepared a structured repayment and release plan --- and the technology to deliver it ---  that will allow the repayment of credit without collapsing the world economy.  

It's time to stop pretending that all this nastiness didn't happen and more than past time for a Jubilee and a restitution made to all nations.  


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Facebook is Purging Oath Keepers and Other Patriot Groups Today


Facebook is Purging Oath Keepers
and Other Patriot Groups Today


This is an ideological and political purge. Oath Keepers does not engage in unlawful activities or advocate or incite violence. Quite the contrary.

We stand for law and order under the Constitution and defend people against unlawful violence. And that’s exactly why we are being purged.

Frankly, I knew this day was coming because the left is intolerant of opposing views and they don’t want us to get people prepared to defend against Marxist terrorists.

Which is why we created Oath Keepers chats that are owned exclusively by the organization.

Members can log onto our site and join our member-only chats. We have national members-only chats and state-level members-only chats.

Non-members can join the free, open to the public chats on

We have a free national chat there and free chats for each state. We will be building vetted, invite only chats there, as well as vetted patriot leader “round tables” for each state.

Our goal is to get patriots prepared and ready to defend their homes, towns, and counties from the ongoing Marxist insurrection we now see erupting and expanding nationwide.

We encourage you to spread the word to other patriots.

Stewart Rhodes

Founder, Oath Keepers

HUMAN 2.0?

Found Here:

Attention Valiant Thor


By Anna Von Reitz

Pardon me, but for an immortal Extraterrestrial from the planet Venus who has been trying to assist the people of Earth since the 1950s, you sure are dumb. 

You’ve been talking to the wrong “US Government” for over sixty years and getting nowhere.  Go figure. 

Now, granted, sixty years may seem like a very short time to an immortal being, a mere blip between stepping off your spaceship and meeting President Eisenhower and today—- but—- surely the number of people you’ve dealt with and the sad results overall must give you pause to think that maybe something is wrong?  Maybe your message isn’t being properly heard?  Or as I suggest— you are talking to the wrong government?  

The US Government is not the same as the American Government. 

I hear your buggy is parked at Lake Meade, Nevada right now.  Why not spin on up here to Alaska and chew the fat?  The United States of America, Unincorporated, the actual government, is headquartered here. 

I am sending out an urgent intergalactic telepathic message to you.  

The Truth As I Know It About NESARA


By Anna Von Reitz

My Mother was a farm girl from Wisconsin and so was I, growing up.  She worked with General Roy on what we called the Farm Union Cases.  We were in the midst of the "Agricultural Revolt" that occurred in the Midwest in the late 1960's to early 1970's.  You may not remember the NFO --- National Farmer's Organization --- but I do.  I also remember convoys of dairy farmers driving milk trucks to Milwaukee and dumping millions of gallons of milk in the streets.  Most of this misery and unrest was the result of the Agricultural Act of 1934, the little-known but heinous twin-sister of the Emergency Banking Act, which among other things placed land belonging to the States of the Union under foreign control, seized "custodial title" to public and private land across America, and implemented the Property Tax system.  This is when the insanity well and truly began, and the basis by which it has flourished and continued ever since. 

The purloined land placed under this foreign "title" and property tax system in 1934 was used as collateral guaranteeing the earlier bankruptcy (1906) of the Scottish Interloper that did business as "The United States of America, Incorporated".  Our property was finally released in 1953 when the 1906 "USA" bankruptcy settled, but was almost immediately seized upon again, by the same guilty banks, politicians and military officials who have been responsible for this pernicious continuing fraud and abuse since 1863.  

Under this scheme all Americans who were not in the U.S. Military or Military dependents, were presumed to be Municipal "citizens of the United States" and their lands and homes and other private property were taken into custody by the Alien Property Custodian ---- an office eventually inherited by the U.S. Attorney General's Office.  

Arbitrarily assigned land descriptions and "land titles" were issued and applied over our United States Patents, and the Title Holders were "presumed" to be foreign residents ---- specifically, Municipal Cestui que Vie trusts, the now-familiar STRAWMEN--- entities that were also presumed to owe Property Taxes  ( to pay for their custodial "services") to the Municipal Government.  

Read that --- the U.S. Military used us, our land, our homes, our businesses --- as collateral to borrow against, and the Federal Civil Service charged us fees for services in the form of Property Taxes ----for "services" none of us ever agreed to receive or pay for, and which mostly served their ends and profit motives, not ours. 

Remember that Lincoln made the Union Army responsible for the settlement of the Civil War and the protection of our money and property via the Lieber Code in 1863, which has since morphed into the Hague Conventions.  The Union Army has continued to run the show behind the scenes ever since, and so most of this criminality has had its seed bed with the U.S. Army ----which was later joined in its nefarious endeavors by the U.S. Navy.  

Both of these organizations formed Municipal Corporations and began operations as the "US ARMY" and "US NAVY" in the 1880's, playing both ends against the middle.  

As presumed Municipal "citizens of the United States" we were saddled with the debts owed by the Territorial United States and their federated State of State franchises; in this way, average Americans were fraudulently entrapped into paying mortgages owed by, for example, the Territorial "State of Florida" and "State of Texas" and "State of Michigan", etc., plus "property taxes" they never owed on their own land.  We were basically attacked under false pretenses by both foreign Federal Subcontractors, deliberately misidentified as Federal citizens, and our treasonous employees continued to collude against us for decades.  

The Military is just as guilty as the Federal Civil Service ---- merely less informed about the actual history and criminal collusion that has brought us to this juncture, so that we continue to have a few decent officers like General Roy who are loyal to the American Cause, the Constitutions, and the States and People of this country.  

The massive fraud and criminality uncovered by the Farm Union Cases and which gave rise to the original NESARA proposal (by one lone Congressman who was laughed at for his efforts) was buried by The System and has continued to be buried and hush-hushed by The System ever since.  It isn't that the Higher Ups of the Army and the Navy don't know about the crime---- they are part of it.  They and their highly profitable Municipal Corporations doing business as the "U.S. ARMY" and "U.S. NAVY" have been the backbones and enforcers of the Great Fraud since 1863.  

If the Union Army had been loyal, none of this would be happening now.  They would have been honest about the situation with the American People, and our actual State Governments would have made short work of the Reconstruction.  

Instead, the rats sold out to the British Crown, and the Brits snuck into town and replaced our States of States with their own Territorial States of States---- the Scottish Interloper was not acting by itself in a vacuum.  

The fraud and deceit pulled on the American States and People was accomplished by members of Congress and the U.S. Military, both, colluding to sell us out to the British Crown.  The proof of this has recently been confirmed by no less than two (2) attempts to pull the same stunt and substitute a second Scottish Interloper for our Federation of States.  Members of the U.S. NAVY chartered another Scottish Corporation doing business as "The United States of America---Incorporated" just recently and the Reign of Heavens organization attempted a similar end run --- attempting to infringe upon our Good Name and Trademarks and pass their look-alike, sound-alike commercial corporation off as our Federation of States.

The whole circumstance, front to back, is outrageous and shameful.  Like everything else, we have two sets of military, too.  We have the (Territorial) United States Navy and the (Municipal) U.S. NAVY and U.S. ARMY.  We've been suckered and coerced into supporting all these foreign corporations and milked like cows, deceived and entrapped, and grossly abused by our own employees who have deliberately evaded their obligations under the Constitutions by pretending that we are foreigners in our own country.  

So you want to know about NESARA?  It was originally titled, "National Economic Security and Restoration Act" --- but as you noted, two look-alike, sound-alike versions have since been substituted for the original ---- they are:  "National Economic Security and Recovery Act"  and "National Economic Security and Reformation Act".  

My opinion?  Nothing is going to get better and nothing is going to fundamentally change until the leadership of the United States Armed Forces and the bankers of the U.S. ARMY and U.S. NAVY are fully convinced that: (1) the people of this country are onto their scams and fed up; (2) the people of the whole world are onto their scams and fed up; (3) their lies and excuses and false flags won't work anymore; (4) their patsy politicians will be thrown out on their rumps and not able to protect them anymore; (5) their own necks are in the noose if things don't change --- radically --- for the better. 

When the people of this country really wake up and turn a baleful eye on their beloved military establishment, when they fully "grok" the fact that the military has been in charge of this madhouse since 1863 and that the military has been far, far less than honest, helpful, loyal or protective of its actual employers ----- things will change.  

Just think about it --- and let it really sink in --- "our" military has been in charge and responsible for all this crap since 1863.   

As for the recitation of the history of the Farm Union Cases, so far as it goes, is pretty much correct.  The Good Guys got sidelined and whacked. The Supreme Court dug into it all right, to better cover it up --- then took a "powder" and said, basically, "Well, you're right, but the entity you are suing is bankrupt, so you can't get blood out of a turnip." --- and that's where it all ended.  So far as I know, despite a lot of Urban Myth, that was the Final Straw and there hasn't been any movement on NESARA ever since. 

The answer of course is to sue the Principals in the Court of Public Opinion worldwide, and to sue the World Bank, IBRD, and Federal Reserve for their parts in all of this. 

The banking history presented in your recount of NESARA is largely incorrect --- the Federal Reserve actually started as a Revenue Agency for the Union, right along with the Internal Revenue Service which was employed to capture and disrupt Confederate shipping; the Federal Reserve sold bonds through "the" United States Bureau of the Treasury in the 1860's known 10/40 Bonds -- they were called "Ten" "Forty" Bonds because they could be redeemed in ten or forty years, respectively.  Lincoln used them to back his "Greenbacks".  Later, they morphed into the 1040 Form which the sister-agency, the Internal Revenue Service, collected as the "Federal Income Tax" and re-invested in US Treasury Bonds.

In addition to the fiat script they collected from you every year as Gift and Estate Taxes owed by your STRAWMAN, they also accessed the STRAWMAN Cestui Que Vie trust funds of all the "missing" and "presumed lost at sea" Americans---- based on your unprotected signature on the 1040 Form.  This allowed them to double-dip and pay both the Territorial and Municipal Government bar tabs.  The result was the cancerous growth of government and public employee unions, wasteful duplication of "services", slush funds of mammoth proportions, and growing contempt for all of us.   

The Beltway cocktail parties started to exude this contempt for "we, the people" during the Johnson Administration,  because we went along like cattle, oblivious of how we were being defrauded and abused by our own employees.  It became commonplace to refer to us as "sheep" and "cattle" and "marks'.  Mafiosi and Hollywood whores joined in the contempt of all "those useless farmers" who ironically fed and enriched all these despicable characters.  The same criminal scum--- John McCain, Bill Gates, and Hillary Clinton--- contorted this same phrase --- "useless farmers" into "useless eaters" --- when in fact, it was they who were lapping up all the cream in sight, and unjustly enriching themselves at the expense of those same "farmers" who were still loyally feeding them.  

There hasn't been an actual United States Treasury since 1924, so any such thing "taking over" the Federal Reserve is a mis-statement at best. Instead, the International Monetary Fund backed by the U.S. ARMY and U.S. NAVY and U.S. AIR FORCE and STANDARD OIL and so on and on ---- has functioned as "the" US Treasury, so what has really happened is that the Federal Reserve is being gobbled up by the IMF and rolled up like a carnival show.  This is long after the Federal Reserve successfully bankrupted its trademark "Federal Reserve System" in 2009, pocketed the profit, and left the US TAXPAYERS with the bill and trillions of fiat "US DOLLARS" floating around with no backing but the hot air of Congress---- which is never in short supply. 

That wasn't enough debt heaped on our weary heads, so the Brits ordered Obama to expedite the counterfeiting of the "US DOLLAR" --- he claimed that he was only following orders when he shipped the engraving plates and presses from the US Mint and all the supplies necessary for the Chinese to print as many US DOLLARS as they wished and distribute them like sugar candy in large sacks, pallets and boatloads as payola to colluding governments.  Strangely enough, I believe him.  That particular order had to come from higher up.  

Anyway, the entire history of this is all lies and crimes and fraud and bunko, and if the military is actually making any correction now---- read the fine print and look up the legal meaning of every single word. 


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