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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Colorado Confusion

By Anna Von Reitz

For some reason, Colorado is very important to the Federales. 

So important that they have spent a lot of money, time, and effort to  undermine all efforts to organize a legitimate and fully "constituted" Colorado Assembly. 

There have been continued pernicious rumors that I betrayed the Colorado Nine and gave them bad advice.  The bad advice came from a self-professed insurance agent named Michael R. Hamilton. They followed his advice, not mine.  

With great regret, I severed my association with the Colorado Nine some weeks before they transgressed against the Municipal Government.  

I have continued to try to assist them and to secure their release via diplomatic and lawful means ever since, but that is a one-to-one effort for the sake of these good people, not support for what they did, which I recognized as a mistake before they even did it. 

Now there are more Disinformation Agents working Colorado, trying to break the effort to organize a lawful State Assembly.  Why?  

Our research reveals that just as the major banks were committed to a sort of diabolical suicide pact, with each major central bank controlling one part of the gigantic bank fraud, it appears that each State of State had a piece of the action, too.  

Delaware was the purveyor of the Chancery Court and Municipal Corporations. Illinois brought us the plague of the Bar Associations.  Minnesota brought us the mortgage frauds and false land claims.  North Carolina provided a safe haven for Territorial Oppressors.  

But why the special extreme efforts to control Colorado and Michigan---and prevent those two States from forming legitimate State Assemblies?  What is their "special role" in the Great Fraud against the American States and People? 

What is clear, is that both these States --- Michigan and Colorado --- are key. 

A few years ago I made a pilgrimage to Lookout Mountain in Colorado.  It is a "mirror" for Lookout Mountain in Georgia.  These two places have spiritual meaning to the Cabal, and are surmounted by the graves of Freemason Grand Masters. 

Standing there among the whispering pines and overlooking the vast country beyond I remembered The Egress Treaty, by which the States agreed to allow the Territorial Government to come onto our land and soil in defense of our States and our People.  

No other reason.  

Instead, they have come and "occupied" our States and ravaged our People in the name of protecting us.  

And now, for some reason that is not yet completely clear, they are playing a desperate last ditch effort to derail our efforts to establish lawful State Assemblies in both Michigan and Colorado.  

I don't know why yet.  What is so "special" about these two States?  Maybe it doesn't matter if we know.  What matters is that we persist and establish competent and correctly constituted State Assemblies in both of those States. 

We need to nail it down so that everyone involved in the State Assembly in both Colorado and Michigan is absolutely squeaky clean, correctly "papered up" and fully aware of who they are, able to defend their claim to American National and/or American State Citizen status --- because whether it make sense of not, the Hammer is falling there.

And the Anvil must answer.  


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