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Thursday, June 28, 2018

For Immediate Release from CSPOA

For Immediate Release

To: All Media Outlets
From: Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Assoc.
Date: June 28, 2018
Contact: Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret) 928 432 1879

We've watched and we've heard and we cannot take it anymore. The lies and the hypocrisy are so legion that our nausea has turned to regurgitation.

The press, nearly all Democrats, numerous Republicans, and self-appointed pundits have all made the most outlandish and ridiculous accusations that reason is not only standing on its head, its steamrolling all common sense and decency.

Case in point, President Trump is actually attempting to fix a problem (illegal immigration) that the last five presidents ignored or purposely exacerbated. Now we have families from Mexico and other Latin American countries risking their lives and the lives of their children, because corruption and oppression are so severe in their countries, that they willfully risk all to come to America. Then, beyond astronomical amazement, the hate mongers blame Trump! They actually call the President cruel and inhumane. What are the regimes called that force their citizens into this horrible quandary? Nothing! What do they call the Cartels and human traffickers? Nothing!

We do not believe that the message should be spread throughout Latin America that if you bring your children with you it will be easier for you to come into the USA. We know that the Cartels have used children as mules and much worse.

This horrible border problem was not caused by Trump, not by a long shot. But if you want to discuss “cruel and inhumane” look no further than the Obama administration.

Under Obama we saw unprecedented cruelty and ruthless bureaucratic inhumane injustice. The following are just a few examples:

My Court and Pernicious Disinformation

By Anna Von Reitz

My Court and Pernicious Disinformation

Among the very first actions of the Alaska Legislature (notice, "Alaska Legislature" not "State of Alaska Legislature") was to set up the "Alaska State Superior Court". Notice again that it does not say "State of Alaska Superior Court".

These are two (2) different courts and refer to two different court systems.
Recent comments and disinformation being spread compel me to sort this out --- again --- for those too lazy or ignorant to think things through for themselves.

Alaska -- the actual State --- is a different animal from the "State of Alaska" They operate in different jurisdictions of the law.

Q Anon and The Plan

By Anna Von Reitz

Q Anon and "The Plan"

Several people have sent me links to an excellent recent post on YouTube by Q Anon, telling us about a gallant "Plan" by agencies and military personnel to counteract the fraud and criminality which has infested our world and our government. I can only hope and pray that everything "Q" references is 100% true and effective.

That said, no matter how well-organized or motivated such an internal clean up and clear out effort is, our loyal military and agency personnel need our support and a fully functioning civil government to back them up and pay their expenses.

I have also seen---and discussed with a friend this morning-- numerous posts from people ranting about "why haven't the arrests been made" yet?

Call Out to Rhode Island!

From Anna Von Reitz

In case you missed it, The United States of America [Unincorporated] has put out the call for the member States of the Federation to assemble. 

There is urgent business to attend to, and Rhode Island is the only State that still has not heard and heeded. 

We need you, Rhode Island.  Everyone else, all forty-nine other states of the Union, are already on the move. 

We realize that many, many years have passed since the last time this kind of assembly has been called and that many people are still waking up to the issues and necessities which now obligate us to act. 

If anyone reading this has friends, family, or property in Rhode Island, it's time to raise the flag and assemble the people.

Please go to or directly contact and use your County and State as the subject line to get connected to the National Assembly being organized now.