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Thursday, June 28, 2018

My Court and Pernicious Disinformation

By Anna Von Reitz

My Court and Pernicious Disinformation

Among the very first actions of the Alaska Legislature (notice, "Alaska Legislature" not "State of Alaska Legislature") was to set up the "Alaska State Superior Court". Notice again that it does not say "State of Alaska Superior Court".

These are two (2) different courts and refer to two different court systems.
Recent comments and disinformation being spread compel me to sort this out --- again --- for those too lazy or ignorant to think things through for themselves.

Alaska -- the actual State --- is a different animal from the "State of Alaska" They operate in different jurisdictions of the law.

Alaska and the Alaska State operate in public international law.

The State of Alaska and STATE OF ALASKA [and now, the so-called "regional state" of "ALASKA" which is merely another corporate franchise of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. being fronted by Jacob Rothschild and the French Government in an attempt to keep the old game going despite our repeated refusals to accept any contract with them---] all these corporations operate under private international law, otherwise known as "municipal law".

Also, as a result of our history, Bar Attorneys cannot operate our side of the court system. We have to do that by ourselves and for ourselves, because nobody else on Earth is authorized or paid or obligated to do it for us.

This is part and parcel of what "self-governance" is about.

There is nothing fishy about our Alaska State Superior Court, but there is something very fishy indeed about the absence of other courts like it fully functioning in every corner of America. And that is part of the restoration that is underway.

Let those who claim that I am a "fake judge" be aware: land and soil jurisdiction justices wield far more power than those practicing the Law Merchant.

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  1. You Tell em Grandma!!!

    Much Gratitude, Love and Peace

  2. right contract law supreme followed by common law and it decends.from there.statutory. corperate.

  3. Amen! A postal worker today informed me I am the all caps NAME, "I know that's you, I've known you for 30 years". Living among the dead. Help us! Thank you Anna!

  4. Even if Trump can't prosecute a lot of these people, he has been able to have a whole lot of CEO's step down or resign from their postion.

    The real downfall of this system is when we take back our monetary system from the Federal Reserve and go after all they have stolen from us. We need to take away their money tree like President Jackson did in the 1800's.

  5. I'm curious; how many cases are heard (annualized basis), by the Alaska State Superior Court and of those cases, what percentage do you hear, Anna? What is done if a person's convicted of a crime such as murder, i.e. how is the sentence inforced and if incarceration is required, what arrangements are made to that end?

  6. Again with the courts....!! WHY..!! Please give me one good reason judge Anna why we need courts at all...We only need one type of court....A FRAUD COURT....other than that, all we need is small and large claims court....!! And no judges....only mediators to keep things civil...!! No attorneys allowed in court anymore....if someone wants to call 911 on their neighbor, they better be ready to face the person they called on face to face.....nothing but chickens out there with no courage to keep it personal without involving law enforcement.....!!

    Just out of curiosity judge Anna, how would someone being charged with a non violent drug possession fair in your court.....honestly!!!

  7. And if I had a "counterclaim" for being damaged by a" mala prohibita" crime with only the STATE claiming injury , would you find for me and charge the cop who arrested me jail time plus punitive damages....just wondering how you would work as a judge using only "Common Law"..!!

  8. Incorporated Sherriff~Debt collector, penal fines, numerous no harm and unconstitutional "concerning the nationals who are not subjects only the constitution applies.

    Constitutional Sherriffs highest lawman in the land, historical Angle Danes, Anglo Saxon, people of the land, mostly farmers.

    Cannon law conveniently changed to be in concert with Roman Civil Law big push against "Christians" against other christians. Rome turned conquerer, law of the Emperor not God. Wycliff, William Pen, others punished by civil law judges in England, infiltrated as early as William the Conquerer tainting the common law or Volkright or the law of the folks people not any Empire.
    Common law is facts. If the facts and law shows the police officer kidnapped, false arrest, and a number of actions would be crimes once people begin to grow and correct these errors, ( serious crimes actually) it would seem remaining officers would straighten themselves out once responsibility for their actions is again required.

    1. Good summery, the elite hate common law of the Ppl .can't have the masses control them selves no money for war!

  9. 1FreeMan, or any other interested party, in trying to obtain all my fed. taxes Paid on my SS #, (for the purpose of using the Form 843)
    the IRS is trying to tell me 'they have no data found' except for 13 yrs. which is a lie.
    I had asked for amounts of Taxes Paid.........but they seem to have gathered a few of my 1040's but neglected many of those. Taxes Paid ON my SS Account and Tax Filings are not the same thing.

    Is anyone else having this problem with IRS?
    Is there any other way for me to obtain amounts of Taxes Paid over past years?

    1. Abby, I have filed Form 4506-T for tax years 1972 thru 2017 (4 years per form)and checked box 6b (Account Transcript) which is to show me payments made. I am waiting for the reply. Make sure to use the form on and fill the form out completely typing out the entries - don't hand write the tax years because they bounced my first set. Takes 10 business days and make sure to send it to the correct location for your request. See instructions. Good luck!

    2. Billie, thanks much. I am also wondering about the amounts that I got as tax Refunds for overpayment of taxes. Is the Transcript going to show that, I wonder. ?

  10. 2008 the last common law judge died in Texas ,Republic of Texas non corperate 1843 nation of Texas is in the middle of picking up were the old pastor left off we have the courts protocol .
    So huge intrest in Texas in common law .

    1. If your a good person hate your liberal utopia like Chicago ,NYC , Detroit ,consider joining ranchers deep in the heart of texas.

    2. Let's all go to lyckenbac Texas with wylen,Willie and the boys!

  11. I agree. My husband has been in jail under malicious arrest and proscution based on opinion and heresay. They didnt disclose the proof of his innicence i submitted to them and waived his due process to speedy trial for him . they denied his right of subrogation and refuse to give him his grand jury transcripts. Hus public defender is trying to prosecute him and i am not in a positin financially to hire an attorney to help him. Because of this they will probably get away with putting him inprison for 10 years as they chrge him for what they are guilty for. Hecdoesnt have necesary tools to defend humseli or prepare for trial and after 4 deaths in the family during this time the hardship on us is unbearable as well as the duress and emotional hurt.

  12. Eve, I'm very sorry to hear of all your family loss and "legal" troubles. I'm bringing 1freemans message forward for you here, just in case you might have missed it. He makes some great points and key actions you may take to help you get you & your husbands feet back firmly on the ground. Many positive thoughts for you and family at this very trying time.

    FreeManJune 29, 2018 at 3:53 PM
    "Eve, since we last spoke I thought of a few things you can do. First get a POA (Power Of Attorney) from him. If they will not let him speak, you can send him the POA form and he can sign it and get it notarized by the inhouse notary which is every inmate's right. Send him a prepaid envelope with printed postage on it (no stamps because people can put drugs under the stamps) you can buy from the post office, for him to send it back. Now you can file paperwork into the court on his behalf. Next buy 21 pre-1933 Silver Dollars on Ebay for about $19 each and file a Silver Bond into the court as "Special Deposit". You keep the silver as custodian. Next you file a JN (Judicial Notice) & MTD (Motion To Dismiss) demanding his right of subrogation on the Silver Bond which they cannot deny. Next you file a small claims suit on his behalf against the officer(s) that arrested him and violated his Constitutional rights. Very simply state which rights were violated. Keep it under the small claims court limits for your county. He has a right to attend any court case in his name. Yet, the officer(s) will never show up in court because their superiors and attorney will not allow them to because then they will have to admit that they violated the Constitution. They don't show up and he wins by default. Next you file a MTD in criminal court and enter the judgement from the small claims court against the officer(s) and demand the case be dismissed for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted under FRCP 12(b)6. He should be ready to be called on the carpet before going to small claims court for negotiations. They do not want a judgement against them and will most likely make him an offer if he will drop his case. He should not agree to anything until and unless they are willing to drop all charges and eliminate the record. You drop your case and I will drip mine. At that point he can agree not to pursue criminal charges against the officer(s).
    At all times, he needs to assert the following while raising his right hand:
    "On and for the record, I have never elected to become a US citizen. There is no evidence that I have ever elected to be a US citizen and I do not believe that any such evidence exists." Repeat it as often as necessary and a minimum of 3 times. Whenever they start asking questions about his address or residency, he needs to state: "Since I am not a US citizen, I am not a resident and do not have an address." Again, keep repeating this as the response to any question about address or residency. They only have jurisdiction over US citizens and not over non US citizens.
    They will not relent if you and he stay on defense. You have to go on the attack or they will walk all over him. let me know if you have any questions."


  13. They denied his subrogation saying it was an act of treason. But when he went to court this past Friday he spoke facts to the judge and demanded an answer as to why they are punishing him by making him stay in jail and won't grsmant a motion for 3rd party release pending trial. They could not answer. Instead the judge said he had other matters to attend to and just up and left as guards came to whisk my husband out of there as fast as they could , took him down the elevator instead of stairs and put him in a holding cell till transport got there. Its unheard of. The judge has no more cases scheduled for the rest of week either according to this weeks court calender. How very odd. He just stopped court like that.

  14. The judge has no further court cases for this entire week commencing this past Fridays hearing woth my husband! How odd! What's going on? Any ideas?


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