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Friday, February 1, 2019

Exactly Why You Must Return Home

By Anna Von Reitz

I know this sounds crazy to people who don't know that they ever left and went anywhere. I sympathize.

FDR told a whopper in 1933 that actually applied only to a small population of federal employees and dependents, knowing that "by presumption" the basic Lie would expand via a process of undisclosed and unconscionable (literally "not conscious of") contracts, to apply to all Americans.

As a result, virtually everyone in America is "presumed" to have "voluntarily" left America behind and to have set sail on the international jurisdiction of the sea, and disappeared over the horizon.
Your Good Names have been passed on (by them) to dead pieces of flesh, the afterbirths expelled when you were born, that have your same DNA, and which were (according to them) "knowingly abandoned" at the hospital, (as if a sane woman would want to keep them?) and "deemed to be" (by them, again) live "human persons".

Your Estate has also been probated (since the afterbirths all died) and you have been named the Registered Agent of the resulting Estate. Read that, you get to pay all the bills for it, but someone else (the perpetrators of this scheme) gets all the benefit of your labor and assets for free.

They are Liars on a scale only Satan could comprehend. It's all Bushwah concocted by their same little Liars Club. 

See 18 USC 1001, Subsections A and B where they "legalized lying" in 1996, just like they are trying to legalize infanticide now. 

The first reason you need to come home is simply to protect yourselves and your families from all this. 

They can kill, rape, defraud and victimize anyone who is considered a "person", but can't harm one of the people (State Nationals), much less one of the People--(State Citizens)-- who are their employers.

They can also harass and arrest you for any of 80 million statutory laws and infractions that their "legislatures" have passed, and sic the IRS on you, and cause all kinds of other misery and theft so long as you allow yourself to be classified as a "person". 

I should not have to further explain what an advantage it is to be one of the "People" instead.

And who are the "People"? The People are the Jurors of each State's Jural Assembly. 
Persons have no recognized "Natural and Unalienable Rights". 

Persons have no constitutional guarantees. But People do. 

Re-convey your Good Names and Estates. Go to:, scroll down to Article 928, and find out how you, too, can reclaim your status as an American again.

Then go to: or email: to get more information about your State's Jural Assembly.

You have to take action to rebut their "presumptions" against you and against your lawful government in no uncertain terms in order to preserve your country and your assets and your freedom. 

This is the only way short of anarchy to lawfully enforce the Public Law and the constitutional guarantees you are owed by these jackdaws.

You start with yourself, then your State --- not any "State of State". The horse has got to go in front of the carriage, folks. "Florida" has to form up before "The State of Florida" is reconstructed, and the only People who can do this work are the qualified members of each State Jural Assembly. 

So-- complete your own status correction, join your State Jural Assembly, reconstruct (or in the Western States create for the first time) your Federal State of States, dba "The State of ________", and forge forward. 

The longer people are confused by this and arguing among themselves, the longer it takes to get the job done and the more time, energy, and money is wasted. We know what the problem is and we know how to fix it and we know the order of the steps that have to be taken to back ourselves out of this mess. So come on and get moving--- "Daylight in the Swamps!"


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But Who is the Anti-Christ?

By Anna Von Reitz

I have people saying, but, but, but.... if we are at the end, if all these prophecies have already been fulfilled and the end of the rule of Satan has come, what about the Anti-Christ?

Begin with ---who is the Christ?

It's not Yeshuah, the man who lived and died.  Yeshuah was transformed by the resurrection process and is not the same as before.

So "Christ" is the name attributed to the resurrected Yeshuah, who lives eternally, who is The Anointed One of the Living God, who is called our Righteous Redeemer.  We can call him by many names, just as the Living God is called by many names, but he has only one office: he is the High Priest of the Living God.   

It follows that his opposite, the Anti-Christ, is also a High Priest who serves the Dead God, the god of Idolatry, Satan. 

What are the characteristics of Christ?  We have only limited glimpses of him in the New Testament, the stories that come to us from after his Resurrection.
He remains gentle and kind in his rebukes, he continues to teach, he appears substantially different than he did in this life and yet, he is, with a little shove, still recognizable to his Disciples. He tells them things about the future, what to expect, where he is going, the signs of his return. He tells them to expect a mysterious Counselor, the Holy Spirit, that he will send to help them. One of the most exceptional, unusual things about Christ is that he never lies about anything. Christ is also fearless.  He comes and goes as he pleases. He humbles himself to serve others.  He continues to care about us.

So what are the opposite attributes of the Anti-Christ?  He lies constantly about everything, who he is, what he is doing, what he intends.  He is arrogant and ruthless, and instead of teaching, he misleads.  He puts on a good appearance, but underneath, he is always lusting after power, always cheating and finagling. He, too, has a Spirit -- a Spirit of Mammon, that counsels men to seek their own destruction.  The Anti-Christ, because he depends on lies, is a coward afraid of exposure.  He cares nothing for anyone but himself. He comes only to murder, rob, and deceive.

From what I have told you about the Two Faces of the Roman Catholic Church, and the role of the Roman Pontiff as the High Priest of the pagan so-called "Secular Religion" existing side-by-side within the Christian Church, using the Christian Church as a "storefront", it should be apparent now that the Roman Pontiff was the Anti-Christ and that his office was to act as the High Priest of Satan and promoter of the Spirit of Mammon.  Self-evidently, this office could not have existed without deception and secrecy.  

So there have been many "Anti-Christs" and hopefully, we have seen the last and greatest of them, but there is ---ever and always--- only one truth and only one Christ who remains: The Way, The Truth, and The Life.


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Headlines With a Voice - Mr. President

Found Here:

To Democrat True Believers

By Anna Von Reitz

Why do you continue to believe the tripe your Party is feeding you?

After decades of mostly Democrat controlled Congresses, how can you even imagine that these bare-faced liars are your champions?

If they ever were, don't you think you'd have jobs?  A future?  Decent wages?

Would they be creeping around stealing your DNA and claiming to own you?

They have made your lives so miserable that you are murdering your own babies by the busloads, and still, you vote for them.

Most of you can't imagine having a real home and a family and yard to call your own.

For the sake of the Living God, wake up.

These people aren't your friends any more than the British Government and the Popes have been friends of our country.  

They are Liars. Satanists. They pretend one thing and do another.

It was the Southern Democrats that brought in this whole system of enslavement from Europe.

If you have a brain in your head, you should be asking yourselves -- if these politicians were ever sincere, why are we still standing here after decades of Democrat-controlled Congresses? 

They've spent trillions of dollars on wars and buying baubles oversees while you have struggled to buy coffee and beans.  Why not give you some of that largess, if they are so committed to you, their loyal voting block?  

Think, people. 

Obama gave $150 billion in small bills, just to Iran. Oh, happy birthday.

Do the math. Look at what they are giving away to other countries, while starving us and ours?  7 million children go to sleep hungry in America every night of the year.  Only God knows how many old people needlessly suffer.

I've told you why.  These cretins aren't even taking seats in our actual Congress.  They are usurping against the actual government we are owed to benefit foreign powers -- the British Monarchy and the Popes. 

They are stealing us all blind, and still, there you are, loyally voting for your own destruction because you are looking at their words and not their deeds, at their rhetoric and not their fruits.

And it is not a matter of "Democrat" or "Republican" --- there is a Third Option.

You can leave them all sitting in the dust twiddling their thumbs, and come home like Prodigal Sons. You can be an American again. You can be free again. You can spend your own money. You don't need them to do it "for" you.

Record your actual political status and reclaim your Name and Estate and join your State Jural Assembly.  

It's like Lily Tomlin said -- "The problem with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat."  The problem with the Democratic Party is that even if it wins, it doesn't deliver.


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ICB's More Dangerous Than ICBMs

By Anna Von Reitz

Andrew Cuomo, so-called "Governor" of the Unauthorized Territorial State of New York needs a visit. He needs his nose wiped. He needs to be told that the British Territorial State of New York, like the mythical Municipal entity "NEW YORK" and "NYC" and all their "citizenry" owe the People of New York a lot of money and respect.

And that includes respect for life.

This morning I almost threw up my breakfast listening to this vicious insane woman reading her screed about "allowing" infanticide. That is, allowing murder. Legalizing murder. Of babies.

The cowards don't have guts enough to go toe-to-toe with adult women who would gladly twist that Unauthorized Municipal Congress Critter up in a knot and throw her down a stairwell like a sack of cat litter.

No, they have to creep around with their pieces of paper and attack babies in their cradles, and then coerce doctors with more pieces of paper to do the dirty work for them.

I think its time we all had a bonfire. I mean it. Chuck all their paper and burn it in a massive Public Boycott of all their works and all their ways.

They got away with abortion, then they got away with late term abortion. Why not go all the way to open infanticide of living babies after they are separated from the "Informants" giving birth to them?

Wouldn't the Satanists love that?

Maybe they need to revisit their results in their battle against Elijah? Every single one of their priests were slaughtered and Molloch didn't have a word to say about it. It's coming to that again.

The actual Public Law as opposed to British Territorial United States Corporate Public Policy is very, very clear on this subject.

Infanticide is murder and it is premeditated murder. It doesn't matter what the private Public Policies of foreign incorporated entities say. It matters what the Public Law of this country says.

If you want to practice infanticide go back to the Inner City of London and do it in public. See how long you last.

By the way, Americans, this is another good reason to get off your duffs and record your correct political status and join your State Jural Assembly. Why? It's not just babies they are after.

These insane monsters think that it is okay to murder you so long as you are classified as a "person".
As for the title of this article, the "I" stands for "Immoral" and the "C" stands for "Crazy" and "B" stands for all the crazed uber-feminists who have done far more to damage this country and its people and its moral compass than any missile ever has.

I am talking about the skinny, hyped-up, self-important, ugly, loud-mouthed, cruel, Nazi-style, lip-less, relentless harpies that look like they are going to reach out with their tongues and catch a fly in mid-air. They have been living under rocks for years and now they think that they have what they need to get their way: full scale infanticide on demand.

Au contraire.

"Infanticide is murder and a capital crime punishable by death in The United States."
Notice the capital "T" on "The United States".

We are not obligated to give Territorial or Municipal "persons" caught engaged in open sedition against the Public Law or murderers caught in the act of killing innocents a trial.

Quote me.


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