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Friday, February 1, 2019

But Who is the Anti-Christ?

By Anna Von Reitz

I have people saying, but, but, but.... if we are at the end, if all these prophecies have already been fulfilled and the end of the rule of Satan has come, what about the Anti-Christ?

Begin with ---who is the Christ?

It's not Yeshuah, the man who lived and died.  Yeshuah was transformed by the resurrection process and is not the same as before.

So "Christ" is the name attributed to the resurrected Yeshuah, who lives eternally, who is The Anointed One of the Living God, who is called our Righteous Redeemer.  We can call him by many names, just as the Living God is called by many names, but he has only one office: he is the High Priest of the Living God.   

It follows that his opposite, the Anti-Christ, is also a High Priest who serves the Dead God, the god of Idolatry, Satan. 

What are the characteristics of Christ?  We have only limited glimpses of him in the New Testament, the stories that come to us from after his Resurrection.
He remains gentle and kind in his rebukes, he continues to teach, he appears substantially different than he did in this life and yet, he is, with a little shove, still recognizable to his Disciples. He tells them things about the future, what to expect, where he is going, the signs of his return. He tells them to expect a mysterious Counselor, the Holy Spirit, that he will send to help them. One of the most exceptional, unusual things about Christ is that he never lies about anything. Christ is also fearless.  He comes and goes as he pleases. He humbles himself to serve others.  He continues to care about us.

So what are the opposite attributes of the Anti-Christ?  He lies constantly about everything, who he is, what he is doing, what he intends.  He is arrogant and ruthless, and instead of teaching, he misleads.  He puts on a good appearance, but underneath, he is always lusting after power, always cheating and finagling. He, too, has a Spirit -- a Spirit of Mammon, that counsels men to seek their own destruction.  The Anti-Christ, because he depends on lies, is a coward afraid of exposure.  He cares nothing for anyone but himself. He comes only to murder, rob, and deceive.

From what I have told you about the Two Faces of the Roman Catholic Church, and the role of the Roman Pontiff as the High Priest of the pagan so-called "Secular Religion" existing side-by-side within the Christian Church, using the Christian Church as a "storefront", it should be apparent now that the Roman Pontiff was the Anti-Christ and that his office was to act as the High Priest of Satan and promoter of the Spirit of Mammon.  Self-evidently, this office could not have existed without deception and secrecy.  

So there have been many "Anti-Christs" and hopefully, we have seen the last and greatest of them, but there is ---ever and always--- only one truth and only one Christ who remains: The Way, The Truth, and The Life.


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  1. Yeah the anti -christ is real and his ways and means are apparent in society today.

  2. vote for Anti-Christ is the Pope that is currently the head of the Vatican. I suspect he will be put on ice before too long, he is just now too much of a liability to the franchise. Maybe not exterminated per se, but certainly sent out to pasture to languish with his predecessor Benedict. With the ghost of two still living Popes thrown under a bus. I wonder how many people in the world will turn their heads to the side with a look of confusion and say "huh...what the..."?

    "Aren't Popes supposed to serve until they are incapacitated as John Paul II was near the end of his term and pass over to a state of everlasting peace with the beloved father"?

    And if you want a spiritual adventure and think that what I just said is too far out there and things like that don't happen to Popes, I submit for your perusal, Exhibit A...

    Yeah I know it's wikipedia but they aren't shy to connect a couple of dots.

    I have suggested this before but are Christ and Anti-Christ not two sides of the same coin? Ying and Yang? Good and Evil? A spiritual dichotomy, you don't know how good you are and until you see how bad you can be when challenges are high and the flesh is not so strong?

    I guess what I am saying is that our Earthly experience does provide a mechanism for soul growth. Not at expert at all on this but just trying to piece the puzzle together from my spot on this rock.

  3. It was He who "made the world, and the world knew Him not" -
    that the Roman ruler of that part of thw world asked - "What is truth"
    -and Jesus answered nothing- for Pontius Pilot was looking into the eyes of ALL TRUTH = greatest sermon He never preached.

  4. It was He who "made the world, and the world knew Him not" -
    that the Roman ruler of that part of thw world asked - "What is truth"
    -and Jesus answered nothing- for Pontius Pilot was looking into the eyes of ALL TRUTH = greatest sermon He never preached.

  5. It was He who "made the world, and the world knew Him not" -
    that the Roman ruler of that part of thw world asked - "What is truth"
    -and Jesus answered nothing- for Pontius Pilot was looking into the eyes of ALL TRUTH = greatest sermon He never preached.

  6. Anna, geesh lady, you really are unlearned about the bible, especially of these end times. True Christians know very well that the anti-christ is going to come and have his last hurrah, which will last for 7 long years, called the great tribulation. He will be a world dictator and be in complete control for that length of time. He will especially be an total tyrant the last 3 1/2 yrs. He will require his Mark, that everyone take it or they will not be able to ''buy or sell'' without it.
    Its obvious this has not happened yet. So no, the anti-christ is not here yet, but his evil spirit is already well at work, has been and grows worse each day.

    Anna, let me help you out regarding Jesus so you might stop tap dancing around that. Here: Jesus IS the Son of God. He will Return and Rule as King of Kings. Try Rev. 13. Then read Rev. 11 about the two witnesses that will Return and preach for 1260 days, in sackcloth, and they will have power to call off the rain for that 3 1/2 years. (can ya say 'dustbowl')
    Note: None of book of Rev. has yet happened beginning with Ch.4.

  7. Some clarification is needed here.

    First Christ is not a name it is a title or appellative derived from the greek root word christos meaning anointed. It describes an appointment; a function in the theocratic structure of Israel, namely that of high priest, prophet or king; anybody who had no earthly superior and worked directly for God.

    As a follower of Christ, the anointed, Messiah in Hebrew, we are also anointed and submit to no earthy superior. We are only beholden to God.

    The antichrist is the opposite of Christ, and Christ is anyone who has no earthly superior. Antichrist is that which brings a person under human authority, and does not allow that person to obey the voice of the Creator, which all people hear in their own heart. Anybody who places himself in between a human person and the Lord, blocks that person from accessing the Lord and is an antichrist.

    Literally antichristos in greek means disanointed. Opposed To The Anointed, or rather Opposed To The Individual's Autonomy.

    When you say that the Antichrist has the spirit of Mammon, you are absolutely right. Mammon is a Chaldee or Syriac word that means wealth or riches. Earthly good and riches.

    The leaders of this world lust after greed and profit and the material riches that come with it. Given this definition how true is this verse today.

    No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and MAMMON. ( Matthew 6:24 )

    In concept therefore the Antichrist can be no single person but rather it is a human construct that poses complete authority and subjugation over man in the form of total control of all aspects of your life; laws, institutions, money systems to impede you from being truly free and autonomous.

    1. The antichrist will be a single individual from mankind. It is certainly indicated that way in various places in the bible. But there are billions of people who have an antichrist spirit, meaning they are anti-God anti-Jesus and reject His righteousness.