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Friday, February 1, 2019

ICB's More Dangerous Than ICBMs

By Anna Von Reitz

Andrew Cuomo, so-called "Governor" of the Unauthorized Territorial State of New York needs a visit. He needs his nose wiped. He needs to be told that the British Territorial State of New York, like the mythical Municipal entity "NEW YORK" and "NYC" and all their "citizenry" owe the People of New York a lot of money and respect.

And that includes respect for life.

This morning I almost threw up my breakfast listening to this vicious insane woman reading her screed about "allowing" infanticide. That is, allowing murder. Legalizing murder. Of babies.

The cowards don't have guts enough to go toe-to-toe with adult women who would gladly twist that Unauthorized Municipal Congress Critter up in a knot and throw her down a stairwell like a sack of cat litter.

No, they have to creep around with their pieces of paper and attack babies in their cradles, and then coerce doctors with more pieces of paper to do the dirty work for them.

I think its time we all had a bonfire. I mean it. Chuck all their paper and burn it in a massive Public Boycott of all their works and all their ways.

They got away with abortion, then they got away with late term abortion. Why not go all the way to open infanticide of living babies after they are separated from the "Informants" giving birth to them?

Wouldn't the Satanists love that?

Maybe they need to revisit their results in their battle against Elijah? Every single one of their priests were slaughtered and Molloch didn't have a word to say about it. It's coming to that again.

The actual Public Law as opposed to British Territorial United States Corporate Public Policy is very, very clear on this subject.

Infanticide is murder and it is premeditated murder. It doesn't matter what the private Public Policies of foreign incorporated entities say. It matters what the Public Law of this country says.

If you want to practice infanticide go back to the Inner City of London and do it in public. See how long you last.

By the way, Americans, this is another good reason to get off your duffs and record your correct political status and join your State Jural Assembly. Why? It's not just babies they are after.

These insane monsters think that it is okay to murder you so long as you are classified as a "person".
As for the title of this article, the "I" stands for "Immoral" and the "C" stands for "Crazy" and "B" stands for all the crazed uber-feminists who have done far more to damage this country and its people and its moral compass than any missile ever has.

I am talking about the skinny, hyped-up, self-important, ugly, loud-mouthed, cruel, Nazi-style, lip-less, relentless harpies that look like they are going to reach out with their tongues and catch a fly in mid-air. They have been living under rocks for years and now they think that they have what they need to get their way: full scale infanticide on demand.

Au contraire.

"Infanticide is murder and a capital crime punishable by death in The United States."
Notice the capital "T" on "The United States".

We are not obligated to give Territorial or Municipal "persons" caught engaged in open sedition against the Public Law or murderers caught in the act of killing innocents a trial.

Quote me.


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  2. On that $279Trillion International Lien on the top notch rats, you said you only need someone / a collector with strong Backbone to go after the rats to collect the funds. How much are you willing to pay in % for the enforcement to risk and collect for America's people? Can you discuss with the group. $279 in Gold dollars is a good start, but they owe America in excess of $295kQ.

    1. Rothschild's London Estate a Sovereign State!
      6 banking families behind the worlds despair
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    2. The Federal Reserve Cartel
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    3. selfsustained, are you applying for the job? If so, make your App known, then go for it.

  3. Did you know that your governors are global governors
    They take their orders from the UN
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. Who/ what woman were you listening to this morning that made you want to throw up? Who do the real state citizens of New York contact to comment/complain if not the so~called Governor Cuomo? Who is in charge of the real de jour state?

  5. Same reason NY & Virginia passed the eating babies & baby sacrifice laws?

      "Historians tell us that the First World War was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. It was not until the Scaduto book appeared that this writer realized that the Second World War actually began on March 1, 1932, when the Lindbergh child was kidnapped and ritually murdered. It was a year and a half later that the Jewish leader Samuel Untermyer formally declared war on Germany in his speech of August 7, 1933, before the International Jewish Boycott Conference in Amsterdam, Holland. Yet that war had begun when the murder of the Lindbergh child ensured the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the enthronement of the Jewish power in the United States."