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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Mia Culpa

 By Anna Von Reitz

I should have pointed this out earlier, but we all do the best we can….

English is a weird language built on Latin grammar and syntax using a mish-mash of Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, German, French, Spanish…..etc. to form its vernacular functions. 

The language reflects the history of the British Isles which endured centuries of conquests, trade  endeavors, and invasions by mainland European countries. 

No other language on Earth has borrowed so much of its substance—-words and phrases, from other languages and cultures. 

America may be the melting pot of all races, religions and ethnicities, but the English Language remains the melting pot of words and verbiages culled from every other nation. 

For these reasons, English was not highly regarded in scholarly circles until the seventeenth century after Shakespeare’s plays  began showing it off and popularizing it’s unusual facility for deceits, puns, and double entendres. 

French was—- throughout this time period surrounding the rise of English to respectability —-the universal language of diplomacy.

And this is why when we go looking for the records that apply to the founding of our country, we are stuck looking at page upon page of yellowed handwritten records in antiquated French.  

This poses many obstacles for those interested enough to search for primary source documents.  

First, you have to track down where the documents are housed.  Then you have to go there and convince the archivists that you have a reasonable scholarly interest in these records. 

And after all this expense and bother you are presented with handwritten text and words from a stilted and foreign language written two to three centuries ago.  

You win the prize for stubbornness, but whatever else, you do have primary source confirmation that no, you aren’t crazy. 

It all went down like this and yes, the Rosicrucians were responsible for funding and resolving the issue of America’s independence. 

Their fingerprints and hoof marks are all over it, beginning to end.  

But before I get off-tracked into the Rosicrucian labyrinth, remember that English and English alone is our official language— except that scions of the theocratic Romanized Municipal Government kept pushing for an English equivalent to Latin, and so far succeeded that in 1851 as part of other housekeeping, the Municipal Government was allowed to use Latin “styles” of nomenclature. 

This is why you see States referred to as “states”.  The first style is English, the second style is pig Latin, literally, Latin for pigs. 

Many Patriot Pundits have found numerous documents published by the Municipal Government since then and seen what appear to be odd references to, for example, the state of florida, and have divined that the actual State is referred to as a “state”. 

This is because the authors are writing a form of bastardized Latin.  In Latin, the patricians’ names  (like the sovereign States of the Union) is always identified with a name written with all small letters: flavius josephus. 

In Anglicized Latin, florida is a state, while the State of Florida is a State— a lesser or subservient entity belonging to the state. 

Out of this odd combining of language conventions spring infinite confusions and generations of Patriot Pundits trying to argue about what it means and who is right and blah,blah,blah—- but what it really means is that the language being used is polluted, being neither Latin nor English. 

In this legal patois, my name is anna maria. 
My Lawful Person is Anna Maria. My First Legal Person is also Anna Maria and my Second Legal Person is ANNA MARIA.  

This is how we get a construct like this, “We, the People”—- which makes no sense in standard English, but perfect sense in Anglicized Latin. 

The People being referred to are the Lawful Persons of the states of the union— to use these style conventions. 

The People are the Lawful Persons inhabiting our land jurisdiction as opposed to the men and women who populate the national soil jurisdiction. 

I cringe every time I see “We, the People” invoked, because I know that those using the phrase don’t know what it means. 

It means, “We, the State Citizens”. 

The State Citizens of each State of the Union are the ones who agreed to the Constitutions and are the only American Parties to these venerable agreements— therefore, it remains for the State Citizens to enforce the Constitutions, a considerably larger task than unraveling why “P” is capitalized. 

When the Federation speaks to foreign governments it does so on behalf of the State Citizens and operates in international jurisdiction. 

We can thank our Forefathers that they knew what they were doing even if we don’t.  There is yet hope, however tenuous, that Americans will wake up. 


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