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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Mia Culpa

 By Anna Von Reitz

I should have pointed this out earlier, but we all do the best we can….

English is a weird language built on Latin grammar and syntax using a mish-mash of Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, German, French, Spanish…..etc. to form its vernacular functions. 

The language reflects the history of the British Isles which endured centuries of conquests, trade  endeavors, and invasions by mainland European countries. 

No other language on Earth has borrowed so much of its substance—-words and phrases, from other languages and cultures. 

America may be the melting pot of all races, religions and ethnicities, but the English Language remains the melting pot of words and verbiages culled from every other nation. 

For these reasons, English was not highly regarded in scholarly circles until the seventeenth century after Shakespeare’s plays  began showing it off and popularizing it’s unusual facility for deceits, puns, and double entendres. 

French was—- throughout this time period surrounding the rise of English to respectability —-the universal language of diplomacy.

And this is why when we go looking for the records that apply to the founding of our country, we are stuck looking at page upon page of yellowed handwritten records in antiquated French.  

This poses many obstacles for those interested enough to search for primary source documents.  

First, you have to track down where the documents are housed.  Then you have to go there and convince the archivists that you have a reasonable scholarly interest in these records. 

And after all this expense and bother you are presented with handwritten text and words from a stilted and foreign language written two to three centuries ago.  

You win the prize for stubbornness, but whatever else, you do have primary source confirmation that no, you aren’t crazy. 

It all went down like this and yes, the Rosicrucians were responsible for funding and resolving the issue of America’s independence. 

Their fingerprints and hoof marks are all over it, beginning to end.  

But before I get off-tracked into the Rosicrucian labyrinth, remember that English and English alone is our official language— except that scions of the theocratic Romanized Municipal Government kept pushing for an English equivalent to Latin, and so far succeeded that in 1851 as part of other housekeeping, the Municipal Government was allowed to use Latin “styles” of nomenclature. 

This is why you see States referred to as “states”.  The first style is English, the second style is pig Latin, literally, Latin for pigs. 

Many Patriot Pundits have found numerous documents published by the Municipal Government since then and seen what appear to be odd references to, for example, the state of florida, and have divined that the actual State is referred to as a “state”. 

This is because the authors are writing a form of bastardized Latin.  In Latin, the patricians’ names  (like the sovereign States of the Union) is always identified with a name written with all small letters: flavius josephus. 

In Anglicized Latin, florida is a state, while the State of Florida is a State— a lesser or subservient entity belonging to the state. 

Out of this odd combining of language conventions spring infinite confusions and generations of Patriot Pundits trying to argue about what it means and who is right and blah,blah,blah—- but what it really means is that the language being used is polluted, being neither Latin nor English. 

In this legal patois, my name is anna maria. 
My Lawful Person is Anna Maria. My First Legal Person is also Anna Maria and my Second Legal Person is ANNA MARIA.  

This is how we get a construct like this, “We, the People”—- which makes no sense in standard English, but perfect sense in Anglicized Latin. 

The People being referred to are the Lawful Persons of the states of the union— to use these style conventions. 

The People are the Lawful Persons inhabiting our land jurisdiction as opposed to the men and women who populate the national soil jurisdiction. 

I cringe every time I see “We, the People” invoked, because I know that those using the phrase don’t know what it means. 

It means, “We, the State Citizens”. 

The State Citizens of each State of the Union are the ones who agreed to the Constitutions and are the only American Parties to these venerable agreements— therefore, it remains for the State Citizens to enforce the Constitutions, a considerably larger task than unraveling why “P” is capitalized. 

When the Federation speaks to foreign governments it does so on behalf of the State Citizens and operates in international jurisdiction. 

We can thank our Forefathers that they knew what they were doing even if we don’t.  There is yet hope, however tenuous, that Americans will wake up. 


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  1. Olde English had loaned words, it wasn't entirely based off of it
    People no longer speak english
    But that same GLOSS you've already brought up talking about NAMES

    1. Can't be picky and choosy with the truth, less you rather not speak it

    2. hi TRUTH.
      comments are locked down on the Article above, so im posting here.
      suicides are not accepted.
      almost everyone knows about the possibility that human cloning/ can/is being done, ESPECIALLY by THE MILITARY.
      cgi. doubles. surgeries, so forth.
      too often we have read about people committing suicide with "two bullets to the head" or "hanging themselves on a doorknob".
      we also know about the concept of people being "sui-cided".
      and falsified documents may be being used more often than not, for nearly everything.
      ...maybe these "sui-cides" look like an "undetectable" way to get "rid" of Whistle-blowers.... or people who know too much about something?

      so, no: "suicides" not accepted.

      our common law tradition is that: every man on our land gets a FAIR TRIAL BY JURY, using a jury of 14 of our men and women who judge a claim under authority of our own common law, and all that is under authority of the laws of God who created nature and all that exists.
      this is the tradition, law, and culture of our mothers and fathers and it is our right to use it.

  2. Am Thankful for this essey.
    American English - as while back i checked - is one of 28 English derived tungs/languages presently in use in the world.

    "If one tells truth, one must not to remember anything. "

    "Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't."

    "In religion and politics people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing."

    - Mark Twain, aka., Samuel Longhorn Clemens

    Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow. m

    1. Thx for correcting!
      American English - as while back i checked - is one of 28 English derived tongues/languages presently in use in the world. m

  3. Your Mark Twain comment is worthy, as per me. But:

    1.) Who are you that you spell "tongues" as "tungs" (shibboleth reveal?)

    2.) Please re-write your statement correctly, from your comment - "If one tells truth, one must not remember anything." Please re-write your comment to meaningfulness.

    3 I suggest "fact" is "act" something more. And though, not as per the original quote - if one "follows the way the truth and the life (J.C.) - One potentially would ultimately know everything (fact and act.)" Is their a Corollary? - No. But also, no-one wants to know the "truth." (it is usually too much work to attain it, and it spoils peoples fantasies.)

    And what is more - "If one even attempts to "answer" (and "tells" the "truth") anyone - but especially to hostile interrogators, one loses, as is so often evidenced (but, this too, is also per Me - rightly or wrongly)"

    What say you?

    1. Pardon my misspellings (e.g. error - their in place of there), and my error-use of "is" (in place of "and.")

    2. Anonymous 5:33
      Pardoning your misspellings is not going to help me or anyone else to understand what you mean any better what you mean if you had accepted our pardon. With no edit option on this blog, which is a mystery to me, you will have to proofread your own post and correct typos and misspellings accordingly before hitting "SEND" as you find them or if you're too lazy to take the time to see what kind of work you are sending out, as one with only a 2nd grade reading level, then why should l care what you say? My advice? Delete the post and rewrite it.
      Then maybe we can take you seriously.

  4. Anna, can you run an article on how to lawfully get our counties up and running so that when our Jural Assembly at the county level does a Jury Nullification it will be lawful? Have any of our States got an unincorporated county and their Jural Assembly to the point of doing a Jury Nullification?

  5. Thrown off my land by US,incJanuary 8, 2023 at 8:03 AM

    I thought we are all one race Anna... homosapien thx

  6. Comment in reference to prior article! It was GHW Bush that said when the American people find out what we have done they will chase us down and lynch us!! Wel this is gonna take a lot-o-rope! Actually should keep the rope co/s in business a long D.time!!! And then it was Henry Kiss-ass-enger that said the American people are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns to fight their [JEW] warS

  7. BREAKING: Millions of Brazilians Descend on Brasilia, Storm Congress – SHOTS FIRED

    Breaking: Bolsonaro supporters break into the National Congress in Brazil.

     Brazilian STF (Supreme Court) is being destroyed.

    Reports by police in the Federal District show that they are afraid that there are not enough police to contain the wave of protesters that are in Brasilia. BRAZIL 🇧🇷 "Several videos circulating showing members of the military standing down and standing with the Brazilians in protest. No official reports yet."

    1. Blockchain and Medici Land Governance and Brazil

      Wyoming Illinois and Vermont they working to digitize the land records
      Ya know for safe keeping and all and to make sure that you record that it's yours and they'll keep it safe

      Medici Ventures is a subsidiary of OVERSTOCK folks

      India and Brazil sign MOU

      This shit is everywhere and the same moguls are running the whole gambit while they steal the rest of the world blind

      Army South discusses strategy with Brazil
      That would be USSOUTHCOM

      Just look at the activity with Brazil

      It's everywhere and been going on for decades

      Make note that Medici Land Governance is tied directly to sustainable development goals and the UN

      Where did the BLOCKCHAIN LRS land digital recording application come from provided to you by Anna?

    2. Exporting Brazils resources to the Netherlands

      MOU's signed all over the place

      The only thing missing is the SE from MOU and you get MOUSE
      Although it should be RATS all of them RATS

  8. Let it be said: "it is difficult to remember your initial objective was to let the water out of the swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators." Does anyone know the lawful way to bring our unincorporated counties back on-line? Does this happen automatically with claim of our State Assemblies for their Republican form of government or must a claim be made by sovereigns to the State Assembly from the county in question? It is my opinion that sitting on a two legged stool will be uncomfortable and dangerous. Thanks.


    1. that is a Foreign Court
      it only applies to their own Constitutonally-created Persons/ Citizens.

      it does not apply to (a) God-created man naturalborn upon one our landstates.