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Monday, August 19, 2019

The Mindless Pursuit

By Anna Von Reitz

As long as we are here at the moment of The Great Apocalypse-- meaning The Great Revelation -- and taking in the view concerning all that these Vermin have done "for" us and "in our names", let us also take in the truly Mindless character of their activities and the focus of their concerns-- and what it has cost us and the entire Earth. 

Our climate is messed up.  The Earth is grotesquely polluted. Not because of farting cows, but because of unregulated pollution by governments, because of volcanic activity --some of it spawned by government "testing" of scalar resonance weapons, and lack of focus on real problems, like massive dumping of raw sewage into rivers worldwide, massive deforestation worldwide, lack of basic potable water, sanitation, and gross human ignorance all left unaddressed on a worldwide basis. 

The World Bank? Did nothing but hoard and gamble and cheat and tell Big Lies.

The United Nations?  Set up shop for itself and ran the UN CORP as a for-profit business on the side, charging for mercenary peacekeeping services and talking out of both sides of its mouth, double time, at once--- while sidelining relief materials intended for Third World countries into resale agreements with dictators and madmen. 

The Red Cross?  Devolved into a pig's playpen. A storefront for grafters.

America, land of the free and home of the brave?  Reduced to a source of cheap mercenaries for "the US" and forced "volunteer" taxpayers. 

The Roman Catholic Church? A storefront for arch-criminals and sexual and religious perversions ad nauseum.  Pay-as-you-go or else. 

The IRS-- nothing but a foreign private bill collection agency run by the Spanish Inquisition --illegally-- on our shores. 

Our vaunted military which is supposed to protect us and enforce the Constitutions against all enemies foreign and domestic? Worthless as teats on a boar. 

The Court System?  It's a "System" all right.  The same kind of "System" Micky Rourke and Al Capone used to talk about. 

The FBI and Justice Department? In the words of California Girls-- "Eeeeuuuuu!" --the stench could gag a maggot. 

And no mistake, either, because maggots is what these agencies have largely become. They don't serve the duties and agendas set forth for them at all. 

Where is our protection against monopoly interest clogging up the news channels and entertainment industries?  Where is our protection against interstate bank fraud and mortgage and foreclosure and tax fraud?  Where is our protection against securities fraud? 

I want to know what these people on our payroll have been doing besides screwing us and everyone else blind? 

They haven't been doing their jobs and that is for damned sure.

Who has been misdirecting all these people and either leaving them loose to "define" what their jobs are according to their own "administrative code" or outright misdirecting them like Janet Effing Reno, fire bombing little kids on American soil because they observed CIA drug and sex slave operations taking place next door? 

I want to know who, exactly, are the Board Members of "THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, INC." and where they got the idea that it was their job to sic the BLM, FBI, IRS,FEMA, BATF and all the rest of the Alphabet Soup Agencies on us? 

I want to know by what stretch of the imagination the perpetrators of all this crap think they are doing-- but I think it is most instructive of all to observe why they are doing it: money. 

They are all engaged in graft up to their eyeballs, mindlessly pursuing paper chits and computer digits that stand for money, while money itself stands for the value of everything else. 

Are you all getting the flavor of just HOW stupid this all is? 

We've got men and women selling their souls for symbols. 


Things that have no real substance. 


"Legal" fictions--that is, more lies. 


How many times must we learn these same lessons over and over again? 

View, if you will, the spectacle of self-important men running a huge con game, based on the unsupportable belief that credit is money and that debt is also money. 

Then take another step back and view these same men kissing gold coins, because even though you can't eat them, drink them, or use them for clothes or much of anything else, at least you can stagger under the weight of a big bag full of their coinage. 

And it is their coinage-- their product, their commodity. Some people produce corn and some produce smoked ham and some make cars and others make computer chips, but these men make nothing at all but deceptions and delusions of "value"  which they sell to others who are too stupid to object and chain them down. 

Money, as currently defined, is a scam.  Whether paper or gold, it's a scam.  It represents "value" the same way that members of "the US" Congress have represented you and your best interests.

Wake up, America.  Use your common sense. Think about what money is--- and is not. So long as we have large numbers of people in Mindless Pursuit of a commodity they can produce for themselves, there will be no rest and no sanity, just an endless progression of fraud artists making "money" up out of thin air, and using it to enrich themselves at everyone else's expense.

And it doesn't matter what form the money takes, either. 

Paper or gold or old shoes or notched sticks--the bottom line isn't in what it is, but in what you believe it is.  

There is only one form of money that can ever be honest and that is a form of money that does not yet exist-- money that represents the value of all traded commodities and all labor pools on Earth. 

Maybe some day we will trade with each other using this form of money-- money that can't be commandeered or manipulated as a commodity favoring the various purveyors of this commodity. 

Until then, we remain enslaved by our own gullibility and stupidity.  And our failure to produce and regulate our own form of money. 


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Now What?

By Anna Von Reitz

Most of my readers would consider my home in Big Lake rustic and remote enough, but no, we also have a cabin in the Back Beyond that is totally off the grid.  Silly me, I thought I'd "run up" to the cabin and get away just for an overnight --go sit and listen to the leaves rustle.

That was all well and good.... but sometimes during the night about ten miles south of here, a wildfire got started and with 14 knot winds, it was soon off and running through vast acres of Black Spruce and beetle-killed White Spruce and birch.

Lucky for me the wind was blowing to the west and posed no danger to me where I am, nor to my family.  It looks like (for once) all members of The Living Law Firm are going to escape injury--but certainly not inconvenience.

Meetings I had scheduled including out of town meetings have had to be cancelled and our Monday night call will be voice only-- with spotty connections made worse by burned cell towers. 

It's always something. You survive an Earthquake, only to dodge a wildfire.  This, we need to be reminded is what life on the frontier has always been like. 

We have run out of split firewood so guess what I will be doing today? 

Yes, the eternal cycle of woodcutting and hauling remains.
Fall is coming early to the Far North; the Canadian Geese are already congregating and honking overhead and the last of the Fireweed topped off last week. We have two to three weeks left before hard frost, if the old timers are to be trusted (and they are).  No long soft fall this year.  

The wild rabbits are also sounding the snow alert and showing the signs of turning grey already-- the intermediate before their backs and ears turn white.  Their paws will be brown for a month or two yet, but the warning signs of an early fall are clear, and likely, a long, cold winter. 

This is the way the weather cycle was when I first came to Alaska, except that we totally missed the traditionally rainy August.  It's dry as a tinder box out there. 

Thank God the wind has died down and is only estimated to reach a high of four knots today with rain predicted for tomorrow.  Think rain. Feel rain.  Sheets of gentle rain falling on Alaska tomorrow, drenching the fires and letting us all go home.

I made homemade bread yesterday and today I will be splitting wood enough to burn through today and another night or two. Ca-Thunck! Ca-Thunk! Axe hitting dry log has such a rhythmic predictable sound, like geese honking overhead. 

What now? My son asked me, as many others have asked.  The last few weeks have sewn up and revealed exactly who "they" are-- the Pope, the Queen, the politicians and disloyal elements in the military.  And exactly what they have been doing has been nailed down, too--

The Dead Baby Scam to steal our identities and our assets....

Crooked, foreign, carpetbagger Courts....operating under color of law....

Phony bankruptcies to protect the guilty parties and saddle the innocent with their debts....

Refusal to abide by the deals their "governments" made to provide Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions....

Theft of "Life Force Value Annuities" owed to the families of the victims of these criminals....

Refusal to refund the $23 trillion in credit owed to the American People back to the people who have earned it....

Failure to recognize that at least a very substantial proportion of the gold stored in the Philippines belongs to America and Americans and was stashed there beginning in 1898 when the rats bought the Philippine Islands from Spain (see Treaty of Versailles, 1898) and began using the US Navy to transport our gold there in conflict of interest....

And now, their attempted land grab. 

It is well-past time for us to all wake to hell up and realize who the real enemies are and have always been. 

Traitors in our own dear military, followed by foreign political lobbyists jockeying to get to the trough, foreign judges and courts set up to fleece us under color of law, "US" Navy and Marine Corps compromised by authority delegated to the Brits on "the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways".... 

I hope and pray to God that President Trump and all the White Hats worldwide are taking in the view and that whatever weapons there are, are targeted on London and Rome and Brussels and Bern and Paris, because as sure as I am sitting here marooned in the wilds of Alaska--- that's where the true enemies of America are, that's where the bulk of the enemies of mankind are, and that is where they have always been. 

As for the rest of us, it's time to get off our duffs, declare our birthright political status, form our State Assemblies, and fully empower the civilian government of this country so that there is no longer the least little bit of an excuse for any of them to be here acting "for" us in our "absence". 

Hear that, everyone? 

You've got a job to do.  Assemble the States of the Union.  Not any "States of States".  The actual States are called for and must form first before you even think of reconstructing any States of States. 

Why? Because you have to have Vermont assembled before you can create any kind of State of Vermont and because the States are fully empowered with or without the existence of any "State of State" organizations. 

We don't need any State of State organization in order for the States to function and do all necessary duties, but no state of state can be valid without us. 

That is the crux of the matter.  

If you want America back in control of Americans-- we have to act in the right capacity, have to declare our political status as American State Citizens, have to operate our States of the Union, and have to provide our own courts. Period. 

None of the organizations running around like chickens with their heads cut off can "get there from here".  They are all operating in the wrong capacity and trying to set up Federal States of States funded by foreign governments instead of doing the actual job that has to be done. 

For America to be free again, Americans must act as Americans and self-govern.  If you aren't doing the work of self-governance, you aren't getting it right. If you are depending on others to do this job, you aren't getting it right. If you are still acting in the guise of a "US citizen" you aren't getting it right.  If you are acting in any Dual Citizen status at all, you aren't getting it right. 

So far as I know, there is one and only one American organization that is up and rolling and doing everything the way it needs to be done: The American States Assembly. net. 

If you are sick of being plundered and pillaged by "friends and Allies" and robbed blind and betrayed by your own employees-- get moving. 
Get started today. 

We need your help to regain civilian control and to assert and maintain the  ownership of the land and soil of this country ---and we must act together to get this done ASAP. 

Don't be fooled by any Easy Path, because there isn't any.  The way is narrow and hard and requires work and dedication and sacrifice.  That said, we may thank the True God that there is still a path set before us and many loyal Americans who, once they understand the facts, will weigh in and make it possible.


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