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Saturday, June 8, 2024

International Public Notice: Notification of Liability

 By Anna Von Reitz

We recently reposted news of an important Circuit Court reversal that affirmed the literal fact that mRNA injections are not "vaccines" by function and definition, and covered expert testimony from the creator of the mRNA product admitting that it is a bioweapon covered under the domestic biowarfare program that these mercenaries have attempted to legalize. 

Today, we bring more good news from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals -- the First Amendment guarantees owed to American Physicians have been upheld.  

They cannot be muzzled and punished and prevented from bringing forward their analysis of Covid-19 or anything else by unelected and unauthorized medical certification boards threatening to take away their medical credentials. 

As Americans, we are wondering exactly how such a situation could ever be allowed to exist, wherein certification boards issuing credentials for medical professionals could be turned into and used as instruments of political coercion.  

This, like so many other terrible institutions, comes to us directly from J.D. Rockefeller and his progeny, misusing their private fortunes to promote political and social and economic injustice. 

For those who are unacquainted with history, J.D. Rockefeller was the Chairman and lead shareholder of Standard Oil.  Standard Oil was not really an oil company despite the name.  It was a pipeline company in the business of building and installing and connecting oil pipelines and oil transfer systems. 

Rockefeller gained a choke hold and dictatorial power over who could move oil where and when and how much, and so, established an oil transfer monopoly by which he could dictate the ability of actual oil companies to deliver on their contracts. 

Standard Oil was busted as a monopoly in the 1920's. The disgraced moguls retreated to Europe and started the International Monetary Fund (IMF)--- and together with their European friends, the Rothschilds, they did the same thing to the banking industry that they had already been convicted of doing to the oil industry. 

These transfer control monopolies are unlawful, illegal, and immoral, but unbelievable as this is, they got away with it again in another industry, and weren't called out for it until 2015.  

They used Standard Oil to create a transfer and use monopoly on oil, and a transfer and use monopoly in the banking industry by controlling bank transfers through SWIFT....

Look around and what do you see?   Public utility monopolies.  Public transit monopolies. 

These are all very much in the same vein: 

In all these cases, a vital commodity -- oil, money, electricity, telecommunications, transportation -- is monopolized indirectly by controlling access to it.  

Could you indirectly monopolize the supply of medical doctors and apply coercion to them to assure that they recommend (and by omission of other options, induce the Public to buy) your drugs, your therapies and approved "countermeasures"?  

Enter the American Medical Association, the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Board of Family Medicine, the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology -- and, of course, the Food and Drug Administration.  

Here's your pipeline system on steroids, controlling the supply and therefore access to medical services, defining the kind of medical service available, and dictating the availability and use of drugs and therapeutic protocols.  

All these "Professional Associations" and "Credential Boards" have been bank-rolled on Rockefeller money and "Federal" Grants -- that have also been largely awarded based on compliance with "standards" imposed by these same bogus "industry authorities" and promoted by the same monopoly interests. 

These "Professional Associations" and "Credential Boards" and unaccountable  "Administrations" were sold to the Public as watch dogs acting in the Public Interest.  

Instead, they have acted in the interest of unscrupulous and largely veiled corporate monopoly interests for profiteering and purposes of political coercion.  

As usual, the Perpetrators have used "storefronts" and proxies to do their dirty work, setting up these sanctimonious hidden monopolies to excuse, whitewash, and promote their criminal profiteering and political agendas.  

These self-important Associations and Agencies purportedly here to protect the Public from quackery and incompetence, dangerous drugs and fraud, have instead willingly promoted all the above, and worse, have expedited and unleashed an actual biowarfare program against the American Public -- for profit. 

Over the past five years these hidden monopolies have murdered millions of innocent people and maimed and poisoned millions more for profit -- and laughed all the way to the bank in the name of protecting the victims.  

They even charged you for killing your family, your friends, and your neighbors.  Ask Joe Biden and Donald Trump about the billions (with a "b") of Covid injections and PCR Tests they bought. Who paid for that?  Who profited from that? 

Their fellow-franchise pals in the Mockingbird Media have helped out by trying to cover it all up. Down play it. Spin it. Bury it, like the victims.  

These organizations are identified as Criminal Monopoly Interests so far as the American Government is concerned. They failed to protect the Public Interest to such a fantastical degree that there is no coming back. 

Like the American Bar Association, the American Medical Association needs to be dismantled and held accountable, along with these politicized Certification Boards, and the complicit Agencies. 

This Notification of Liability is not limited to pandemic injuries and may be freely applied to private monopolies and corporate government offices, agencies, and departments that create regulatory monopolies -- and which as incorporated entities, do not enjoy any degree of State Immunity. 

This Notification of Liability also applies to any incorporated court, insurance fund, or pension fund profiting from a direct or indirect monopoly.  

Promotion of Monopoly Interests, establishment of Monopolies, control of Monopoly Interests, creating a Monopoly by indirect means, obstructing the free flow of trade and commerce, impersonating a public government institution, office, department, or agency, establishing or enforcing fraudulent regulatory controls, engaging in monopoly inducement, and profiting from a monopoly are all Federal Crimes.  

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 8th 2024


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International Public Notice: To the Russian Government

 By Anna Von Reitz

Having bashed the British pirates and beaten them and their Roman cohorts about the ears, we are now finding it necessary to assure the Government of the Philippines and certain "patriots" associated with the Russian Government that we are still here, still owed every jot of every contract and treaty, and still owed all the gold and silver and land and other resources at that are rightfully ours. 

We remind Mr. Putin of our 1858 Alliance which both the Americans and the Russians have honored.  That precious peace is worth something, especially now, because as opportune as the present problems of the US, Inc. and USA, Inc. may be, any world-grabbing activities or spurious claims based on the old Ottoman Empire disguised as "Tartaria", would be most ill-advised for both Russia and China, which has been targeted as the new Host for the parasites. 

They are well-funded thanks to their long-range planning, and currently sitting right next door to Russia, in China -- somewhat disheartened and unpopular, it's true, but in position to outflank Russia  and benefit themselves by selling armaments to both sides of any conflict. 

Their usual slot. 

So we don't want to hear any more fanciful nonsense about Greater Tartaria.  If it had been greater it would have won.  

We don't want to hear any Russian claims to own Alaska, Oregon and Washington.  Those are States belonging to The United States and everyone would be wrong to think that they won't be defended. 

Here is an example of the "new narrative" that the spinmeisters are trying to spin: 

"As a result, in 1776, immediately after the defeat of ‘Pugachev’, the United States of America was born on 1 May 1776, where Freemason Adam Weishaupt established their territorial claims."

Point of fact for the Russian Government to contemplate --- "the United States of America" was not born on 1 May 1776".   

The United States of America was born in 1732 and it was a private trading company.  

In May of 1776, that original trading company split into two distinct factions, one British, one American-- two separate investor groups, two versions of "United States of America". 

Freemason Adam Weishaupt was an investor in the British version of "the United States of America" Company and he attempted to establish "Territorial" claims favorable to the British Government. 

As you may recall, we, Americans, and the American version of "United States of America" won all Territorial interest by virtue of lawful force of arms. In the peace process following, the only concession allowed to the British "United States of America" was to contract with the British Monarch to act as the Trustee for our commercial shipping on the High Seas and Inland Waterways. 

That allowed the British Navy to protect our Merchant Fleet. Period. 

Gracious (and somewhat self-interested)in victory, the Americans allowed their former British investor-colleagues to retain their business and commercial interests and didn't nationalize the holdings of the British company doing business as "the United States of America", although we did force it to conduct its business offshore. 

Meantime, the American offshoot known as The United States of America reorganized as a Holding Company operated as a Federation of the sovereign and independent nation-states.  

And that is who we are. That Federation and that United States of America, not the British version operated under nearly the same name, that Mr. Weishaupt and his companions were so heavily invested in --- and which has visited so much misery on the world. 

Now the next quote in this thoroughly ridiculous narrative--- 

"The Romanovs set about voraciously rewriting their history and carving up the vast territories of Moscow-Tartary, including Russia, the Urals, Siberia, the Far East. In America – Alaska. Washington and Oregon were ceded to the Romanovs in 1819 and the rest of North America – to the USA."

The Romanovs were Christians and it was "Christian" money that fueled their military aegis; they were also allied by marriage to the British-Romano Axis, but they didn't engage in any successful worldwide scrubbing of the history books.  

All that immediately preceded the Christian Romanov Empire was the Muslim Ottoman Empire, and both were long, long after the civilization that built the buildings and technologies now being associated with the mythic name of "Tartaria".

As for what actually happened in the Who's Who, the Romanovs acquired Alaska by exploration and claims under the now thoroughly discredited Doctrine of Discovery put in place by the also thoroughly discredited Roman Patriarchy.  They never had any  recognizable claim on Washington or Oregon. 

The claim based on the Doctrine of Discovery led to the Romanovs selling Alaska to us, The United States of America; even though the deal was brokered by William H. Seward, a rat merely "representing" us, it was our gold and our version of "United States of America" being represented. 

Self-evidently, the British version known as "the" United States of America could not "represent" itself and didn't have the gold to pay for such an acquisition right after the so-called American Civil War. 

So all the would-be scavengers who think that we are ignorant or that we don't know where the bodies are buried or that we don't know who is responsible for what --- people who think that they can spin any narrative they want and profit themselves from it at our expense --- need to be stopped in their tracks. 

To the extent that Alaska ever belonged to Russia, it doesn't belong to Russia anymore. Our message to the Russian Government is -- be content and handle what you've got.  

Despite your friendly relations with China, don't forget the parasite firmly ensconced in the belly of China, and their position right next door to you.  

It wouldn't take much for the Vermin to start a three front war with Russia and risking our 1858 Alliance over some opportunistic land-grabbing scheme would not make sense.  

We cannot emphasize this enough -- there are two versions of "United States" and two versions of "United States of America".  

The British Territorial version of "United States of America"  is and has long been structured as a British Crown Corporation doing business as "the United States of America" --- Incorporated.  This is the rat in the woodpile, the cause of our malaise, and the cause of all the crooked business dealings, too. 

The American version of "United States of America" is an unincorporated Holding Company organized in September of 1776, and doing business ever since as The United States of America, our Federation of States. 

Everyone needs to focus on the facts and keep these two things separate in your minds.  

The Brits are the ones that have messed everything up, the ones that have misrepresented us and misrepresented their role, the ones who have foisted their private, for-profit "government services corporation"  off as the government of this country. 

It's their corporation that has been guilty of all this war-mongering. Lincoln was a British Agent, a Bar Attorney.  He pulled off a mammoth deceit and fraud scheme against the people of this country, and General Grant, a British Territorial U.S. Citizen, consolidated it. 

They've been prostituting our Armed Forces and leading us around like a bull with a nose ring ever since, but no more. 

They are the ones that ran up all this outrageous debt, thinking that they'd just go bankrupt and misrepresent all the Americans as U.S. Citizens -- and leave us holding their bag. 

Instead, we have exposed their scheme, and claimed their debt as the preferential creditors; they owe us far, far, far more than they owe anyone else, so we are the ones enforcing the bankruptcy of their entire Maritime Banking Empire and the forfeiture of the offending British Crown and Municipal Corporations. 

The Americans are back. 

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 8th 2024


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For All States and All Coordinators - About Conflicts of Interest, Licenses, and Voting Rights

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many State General Assemblies are confused about who gets to vote on what and about what constitutes a conflict of interest and how to view people who have immigrated to this country. 

There are two voting populations in every State. The General Assembly membership votes on all issues that are contained within the borders of the State.  The International Business Assembly membership -- the State Citizens -- vote on matters that reach beyond the borders of the State. 

It's that simple.  

By "eligible to vote" I mean that they have declared their political status and done the paperwork required, that they are permanent members of the State population, which means they have lived in the State and established a home in the State for more than a year, and that they are mentally competent to make decisions for themselves. 

In the case of State Citizens serving as part of the International Business Assembly "eligible to vote" additionally means that they have and hold no allegiance to any foreign government -- which would create a conflict of interest. 

"No conflicts of interest of any kind" means that they are free from allegiances to a foreign government and do not have any duty to perform for a foreign government.   

license, which may or may not be exercised, is not an allegiance.  A license is a permission to do business with a foreign population that we would not normally be able to serve.  

An allegiance is a permanent political condition of duty owed to a foreign government. 

There are a few "licensed professions" that may involve conflicted allegiances; a licensed Medical Doctor has a duty to perform for the British Territorial U.S. Government under the Uniformed Officers Code given certain conditions.  

Several other professions are similarly obligated by licensing requirements, if they wish to provide services in "Federal" facilities or treat U.S. Citizens --- but if these professionals stop exercising licenses to treat U.S. Citizens, and require U.S. Citizens to sign waivers instead, the license is vacated and they are no longer obligated to function as Uniformed Officers, either. 

This issue of licensing duties and obligations creating conflicts of interest can thus limit participation in the State International Business Assembly depending on the individual and their practice.   

Example: a Medical Doctor working at a Veterans Administration Hospital or other Federal facility is obligated to maintain status as a Uniformed Officer of the U.S. Government and would not be eligible to serve as a State Citizen at the same time. 

However, a licensed Medical Doctor in private practice, who is working as a private physician, and who is knowledgeably monitoring his patients and requiring U.S. Citizens to sign waivers to receive service, is not exercising the license and not accruing the duties of a Uniformed Officer. 

Merely having a license does not decree its use or create a duty to use it. The same is true of having a Drivers License.  You can participate in commerce, if you wish, or not.  A license merely grants permission. It does not, in and of itself, create any duty to participate in commerce.  

A Canadian national who has permanently moved to The United States is allowed to participate in the government here, but a Canadian citizen, meaning an officer of the Canadian government who happened to be stationed here, would not be eligible because they would still be working for the Canadian Government and still owe an allegiance to it.

Example, a guy born in Montreal moves across the border as a young man, establishes his home here, finds a job, etc., marries an American, and is a "permanent resident" in Michigan.  He is still a Canadian national by birth and always will be, but he is not a Canadian citizen. He owes no specific duty amounting to an "allegiance" to that government, and can adopt the American State where he lives as his permanent home. 

But, what if a man is born in Montreal, becomes an officer in the RCMP and because of his job duties is required to take up a post in Michigan as a liaison working with the Naturalization and Immigration Service here? He is not only a Canadian national, but because of his work, he is a Canadian citizen.  He is not here forever; he is on assignment.  If he marries an American while assigned here, he is still a Canadian and still has an allegiance to the Canadian Government.  That relationship with the Canadian Government (his job) would have to end and he would have to make a choice about his permanent home being in Michigan before he would be able to participate in our State government.  

Many government workers who are now retirees are free to come home to their State of the Union and participate freely in their State Government, because they are retired and are freed from any continued job-related duty.  

The issue of allegiance to a government is a bit tricky especially with respect to job duties and employment with foreign governments or providing licensed services to foreign persons -- it must, however, be voluntary allegiance.

Nobody can force you to give allegiance to a government, nor can they force you to serve a government, nor can they withhold any public service or natural right based on your non-allegiance. 

We hope that this will help stimulate good thought and discussion and that the State Assemblies will be guided to be inclusive instead of paranoid, and that the voting rights of individuals will be held sacred, and that individuals will conduct themselves with reason and decorum.  

Recently, a church in North Carolina disbanded its corporate charter and removed itself from the registration obligations presumed upon it.  

Prior to this, the owner-operators had been assailed by members of The North Carolina Assembly, accusing them of "lying" and having "foreign allegiances" and being ineligible to serve on the State International Business Assembly.  

This is completely wrong-headed. A registration is not a license and is not required, thus it provides no leverage amounting to a conflict of interest.  

Registering a private business as a foreign corporation is a mistake that a great many Americans have made, one which merely needs to be corrected. 

This is done via a process of lawful conversion that is available to any group that has been snookered into registration, without full disclosure.

The vicious attacks and accusations that were fielded against the operators of this church on the basis of them having registered a corporation with the State-of-State and presuming that this created an allegiance to a foreign government and a conflict of interest is what we don't want happening anywhere in this country.  

It took 160 years for things to get this messed up and it will take a decade or two to work through it and find the ways and means to correct everything and educate everyone.  

Be patient, keep the faith, do the things you can do to straighten out your own business affiliations and lives, and let others do the same.  

Another reminder -- our Government functions on Committees, not Teams.  We don't have any "Elders". 

"El" is the Summarian word for "god" and last time we looked, we are neither Summarians nor are we engaged in anything religious in nature when we organize our State Assemblies. 

Anyone being the least little bit confused about these issues is invited to contact the Federation immediately. 


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International Public Notice: To the Government of the Philippines

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Government of the Philippines and specifically the President of the Philippines was named the Trustee of American gold in 1934.  Our gold was trafficked offshore by the U.S. Navy beginning in the 1890s and cashiered in the Philippines.

That is how Ferdinand Marcos became involved in our gold supplies and safekeeping receipts. That's why President Kennedy had to confer with Marcos to establish the backing for the Kennedy Dollars that are still sitting uncut and unused all over the world. 

It's our gold.  It belongs to the American Government, not the Government of the Philippines.  It was trafficked offshore by misdirected public employees without our knowledge or consent during our purported "interregnum".  

It must now be returned to the actual owners.  

Possession by pirates does not change ownership. 

The Government of the Philippines also owes gold to individual Americans, including Julius Shiva, the Heir of the Avila Family Trust and the Attorney-in-Fact of the Severino Sta. Romano Estate. 

Severino by his own plan and admission was a professional Metals Depositor hired to make gold deposits underwriting the central bank members of the Bank for International Settlements. 

Neither he nor his family had any actual interest in the gold he deposited for the Avila Family Trust, a fact that he confirmed repeatedly while alive. He told his wife, sons, and daughter the truth about this and also made sure that Julius knew the truth about his function and position with respect to the gold and other precious metals he deposited. 

All this is confirmed and has been through the courts and is supported by large amounts of documentations, so there is no "Sta Romano Clan" that has any interest in the gold deposited by Severino Sta Romano in behalf of the Avila Family Trust.  

The Avila Family Trust was the source of that gold and the ownership of the gold remains with the Avila Family, not anyone or anything calling itself the Sta Romano Clan.  

These are the facts and they are known.  

We recently heard Ben Fulford telling the States of the Union that the Sta Romano Clan in the Philippines would back their bullion banks and promote the existence of fifty different State currencies. 

This is against our Law and against the agreements of the Several States creating the Mutual Powers vouchsafed to the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, and which provides for the issuance of a common currency for the use of all States. 

We have issued a new gold-backed currency for precisely this purpose, the American Federation Dollar.  

We call upon the Government of the Philippines to wake up and smell the java.  If any criminal cartel calling itself "the Sta Romano Clan" is making any claim against the gold belonging to the Avila Family Trust, they must be stopped. . 

Their ancestor/family member, Severino, who made the gold deposits and whose name appears as Depositor, already settled the issue of any inheritance for them a long time ago, prior to his death in 1974. 

If there is any question about the ownership of the American gold stockpiled in the Philippines, we are the owners and we have the records and the authority to require the return of the gold physically or as safekeeping receipts.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 8th 2024


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