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Saturday, June 8, 2024

For All States and All Coordinators - About Conflicts of Interest, Licenses, and Voting Rights

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many State General Assemblies are confused about who gets to vote on what and about what constitutes a conflict of interest and how to view people who have immigrated to this country. 

There are two voting populations in every State. The General Assembly membership votes on all issues that are contained within the borders of the State.  The International Business Assembly membership -- the State Citizens -- vote on matters that reach beyond the borders of the State. 

It's that simple.  

By "eligible to vote" I mean that they have declared their political status and done the paperwork required, that they are permanent members of the State population, which means they have lived in the State and established a home in the State for more than a year, and that they are mentally competent to make decisions for themselves. 

In the case of State Citizens serving as part of the International Business Assembly "eligible to vote" additionally means that they have and hold no allegiance to any foreign government -- which would create a conflict of interest. 

"No conflicts of interest of any kind" means that they are free from allegiances to a foreign government and do not have any duty to perform for a foreign government.   

license, which may or may not be exercised, is not an allegiance.  A license is a permission to do business with a foreign population that we would not normally be able to serve.  

An allegiance is a permanent political condition of duty owed to a foreign government. 

There are a few "licensed professions" that may involve conflicted allegiances; a licensed Medical Doctor has a duty to perform for the British Territorial U.S. Government under the Uniformed Officers Code given certain conditions.  

Several other professions are similarly obligated by licensing requirements, if they wish to provide services in "Federal" facilities or treat U.S. Citizens --- but if these professionals stop exercising licenses to treat U.S. Citizens, and require U.S. Citizens to sign waivers instead, the license is vacated and they are no longer obligated to function as Uniformed Officers, either. 

This issue of licensing duties and obligations creating conflicts of interest can thus limit participation in the State International Business Assembly depending on the individual and their practice.   

Example: a Medical Doctor working at a Veterans Administration Hospital or other Federal facility is obligated to maintain status as a Uniformed Officer of the U.S. Government and would not be eligible to serve as a State Citizen at the same time. 

However, a licensed Medical Doctor in private practice, who is working as a private physician, and who is knowledgeably monitoring his patients and requiring U.S. Citizens to sign waivers to receive service, is not exercising the license and not accruing the duties of a Uniformed Officer. 

Merely having a license does not decree its use or create a duty to use it. The same is true of having a Drivers License.  You can participate in commerce, if you wish, or not.  A license merely grants permission. It does not, in and of itself, create any duty to participate in commerce.  

A Canadian national who has permanently moved to The United States is allowed to participate in the government here, but a Canadian citizen, meaning an officer of the Canadian government who happened to be stationed here, would not be eligible because they would still be working for the Canadian Government and still owe an allegiance to it.

Example, a guy born in Montreal moves across the border as a young man, establishes his home here, finds a job, etc., marries an American, and is a "permanent resident" in Michigan.  He is still a Canadian national by birth and always will be, but he is not a Canadian citizen. He owes no specific duty amounting to an "allegiance" to that government, and can adopt the American State where he lives as his permanent home. 

But, what if a man is born in Montreal, becomes an officer in the RCMP and because of his job duties is required to take up a post in Michigan as a liaison working with the Naturalization and Immigration Service here? He is not only a Canadian national, but because of his work, he is a Canadian citizen.  He is not here forever; he is on assignment.  If he marries an American while assigned here, he is still a Canadian and still has an allegiance to the Canadian Government.  That relationship with the Canadian Government (his job) would have to end and he would have to make a choice about his permanent home being in Michigan before he would be able to participate in our State government.  

Many government workers who are now retirees are free to come home to their State of the Union and participate freely in their State Government, because they are retired and are freed from any continued job-related duty.  

The issue of allegiance to a government is a bit tricky especially with respect to job duties and employment with foreign governments or providing licensed services to foreign persons -- it must, however, be voluntary allegiance.

Nobody can force you to give allegiance to a government, nor can they force you to serve a government, nor can they withhold any public service or natural right based on your non-allegiance. 

We hope that this will help stimulate good thought and discussion and that the State Assemblies will be guided to be inclusive instead of paranoid, and that the voting rights of individuals will be held sacred, and that individuals will conduct themselves with reason and decorum.  

Recently, a church in North Carolina disbanded its corporate charter and removed itself from the registration obligations presumed upon it.  

Prior to this, the owner-operators had been assailed by members of The North Carolina Assembly, accusing them of "lying" and having "foreign allegiances" and being ineligible to serve on the State International Business Assembly.  

This is completely wrong-headed. A registration is not a license and is not required, thus it provides no leverage amounting to a conflict of interest.  

Registering a private business as a foreign corporation is a mistake that a great many Americans have made, one which merely needs to be corrected. 

This is done via a process of lawful conversion that is available to any group that has been snookered into registration, without full disclosure.

The vicious attacks and accusations that were fielded against the operators of this church on the basis of them having registered a corporation with the State-of-State and presuming that this created an allegiance to a foreign government and a conflict of interest is what we don't want happening anywhere in this country.  

It took 160 years for things to get this messed up and it will take a decade or two to work through it and find the ways and means to correct everything and educate everyone.  

Be patient, keep the faith, do the things you can do to straighten out your own business affiliations and lives, and let others do the same.  

Another reminder -- our Government functions on Committees, not Teams.  We don't have any "Elders". 

"El" is the Summarian word for "god" and last time we looked, we are neither Summarians nor are we engaged in anything religious in nature when we organize our State Assemblies. 

Anyone being the least little bit confused about these issues is invited to contact the Federation immediately. 


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