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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Over 1700 Articles in Four and a Half Years.

Who is Paul Stramer
From Paul Stramer

In just 4 years and 6 months I have published well over 1700 articles and related documents for Anna Von Reitz on this blog and on her website at That is not a typo.  Seventeen Hundred articles.  The website is now a giant archive of information, much of which is just flat not available anywhere else.  I have upgraded the search features on the blog and website to help you find what you need.

We are now getting over 20 thousand page loads per week, and as high as 35 thousand page loads some weeks on the two sites.  As of today we have had well over 1.4 Million visits to her website.
We have also had over 6 Million people visit the blog. Just last month alone we had 163,688 visits to the blog at .

We have well over 5400 subscribers to our email announcement list now, and many of those have large email lists of their own and routinely send Anna's articles to many other people.

In a google search for Anna Von Reitz today I got 1.06 Million results in .38 of a second. I am thinking we are going into a momentum phase where the world will really find out the truth about the massive fraud that we have been subjected to for 150 years or more.

We are now compartmentalizing our work.  It's way too much for one or two people to handle.

I will continue to publish the articles and documents as Anna sends them, which requires spell checking, formatting, proof reading, and other chores involved in the publishing. I will also continue to update the websites as required to build a larger presence on the world wide web for our efforts.

I will also continue to moderate the blog, answer email questions and phone calls, sell and ship flags, and flash drives or DVDs with the website on them, and I will continue to try to make sure the information gets where it needs to go with promotions on traffic sites and search engines.

Some of the new chores will be handled by other supporters who are also volunteering their skills.

The new chores include the following.

1. Making sure people who need help can get to a real individual who is familiar with the process of the status correction necessary to claim your heritage back. For that help you need to fill out the Blue form to Get Help at the bottom of Anna's page on the right side.  You will get a phone call to start the process within about 48 hours at the phone number you put in the form.
Be sure to thank Shirley for this service when she calls. She will have a website for this also at some point.

2. For those of you who feel confident that you can fill out and record the documents yourself you can go to . That website has instructions and all the documents in an easy format.
There is a contact form link in the upper right corner if you need to find something you are not sure of.  Be sure to thank Jocelyne for all her hard work programming that website.

3. Weekly Webinar/conference call, moderated by Teri Sahm.  This takes some real preparation and hard work to pull off.  Thanks to Teri and Anna for doing this.
Here is the information to get on the webinar/call. 
Every Monday at 6 pm Pacific - 7 pm Mountain - 8 pm Central- 9 pm Eastern

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4. Contact The American States Assembly for your area or ask questions about that effort here:   The website will answer many of your questions about the State Assemblies, but you can also use the contact form at the bottom of that page.

5. For the information on National Debt Relief you should study the information at this website.     Remember that this is a process that doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't happen one by one. This is a long range project to get a lot of people working in unison to make this very bad situation of debt go away permanently for EVERYONE.  It will take a lot of participation and that is what this site is for.  The website is self explanatory. There is a way on the site to ask questions.

6. Sunday night conference call on the documents from moderated by Kevin with Jocelyne,  focusing on the Step 1 documents from that website.  Ask questions.  Dial in number is 605 313 4198 with an access code of 443602#.   Sunday night at 8pm Eastern time.

We are trying to build a huge "spiderweb" of connected websites for this effort that will enable us to get this found on search engines all around the world. We are on our way, but we need your help to make it happen.

Please  know that I am in this full time, and spend about 8 to 9 hours per day in this office promoting the work at hand.  I have never asked Anna for a penny for doing this, and I have sent some donations from time to time when we had a little extra. Also I have not asked her readers for donations for well over a year now.

If you can help out with all this effort please go to and find the yellow PayPal button that says Subscribe and set up a small monthly donation.  We would rather have a bunch of people doing small donations on a monthly basis, than a few people making large donations.
It's easier on everyone, and give us a bit more stability to take on advertising by the month.

In any case, please consider doing something to help this effort to spread Anna's words world wide.

Thanks and God Bless you, one and all.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183   

History Lesson for Marilyn of Minnesota

By Anna Von Reitz

Nobody should feel bad about not knowing things that have been purposefully hidden from them, right? 

We aren't stupid.  We aren't at fault for the deceit of others.  But now that we are learning new things we can't just go on under the old assumptions.

All three Constitutions very clearly reference the form of government we are owed as "a republican form of government".   Not Republics.  Not Democracies.

Our Founders knew all about Republics and Democracies, and if they had meant either one, they would have said so -- but instead, they said "a republican form". 

This means, quite literally, that we are to sit around the kitchen table and decide what happens in our country, in our state, and also, ultimately, how we are represented globally.  We are meant to be self-governing at a grassroots level. Literally.

Now, I could wax on about all that, but there would be nay-sayers who have been indoctrinated in the British system of "constitutional democracy" and there would be Papists who promote the "municipal republics" --- none of which are American --- hurling insults and bad-mouthing me personally as my repayment for bringing forward these facts. 

Thankfully, you don't have to hear it just from me.  Go get yourselves a copy of Ricardo Johansson's book, Emergence from Illusion -- Nation Building Should Begin at Home, and read pages 77-91. 

We, Americans, have our own form of government --- and it is neither a constitutional democracy --- which is the government of the British Territorial United States, nor a Roman-style municipal Republic --- which is the form of government adopted by the Municipal Oligarchy running Washington, DC.

So all of you who are out there promoting "Republics" are wrong. And you are playing into the hands of the Papist Oligarchy.  Is that what you intend to do? If not, it's time to stop, pause, and get your directions straight. 

Likewise, all of you who are out promoting "Constitutional Democracy" are also miles off target.  That's not American.  That's British. 

In both cases, the groups promoting either "Republics" or "Democracies" are not promoting anything American, and can't therefore represent our States of the Union. 

So there is that part of it. 

All those groups out there who are struggling to come to grips with the situation and trying to assemble "States" must first and foremost admit what kind of "States" they are assembling.

"United States Citizens" are British Territorial Citizens and they may very well want to band together and form States-of-States for the Queen, but if so, they must clearly state who they are and what they are doing and not try to deceive anyone about it. 

"Citizens of the United States" are Municipal Citizens of the Holy Roman Empire, and they may want to create more "States-of-States" for the Pope, and run them as "Municipal States" --- but if so, they, too, need to forthrightly admit what they are doing and not try to deceive anyone about it. 

We, "American State Citizens", are the natural population of the States of our Union, doing business as The United States of America, the unincorporated version, and we are being very upfront about who we are and what we are doing. 

We are forming our American republican States of the Union, which are not any form of "States of States", not incorporated, not "Republics" and not Constitutional Democracies, either.

It is a sad day when so many Americans are left so uneducated about their own history and their own government that when it comes time to sit down at their kitchen tables and govern, they take reference to foreign governments instead.

Our organization, The American States Assembly, is assembling the American States and we are using the republican form of government we are heir to, and we are properly assembling as American State Citizens. 

The end result of this proper understanding and construction is that we are assembling the actual People and the actual States of the Union that are party to the Constitutions and owed all Good Faith Service and Guarantees and Treaties from both the Pope and the British Monarch. 

So, there it is, the Facts, Ma'am. 

Now, it's up to all of you to decide what you want and intend to do. 

Choice A:  Act as British Territorial "United States Citizens" and form States-of-States that are Constitutional Democracies.

Choice B:  Act as "Citizens of the United States" and form States-of-States that are Municipal Republics. 

Choice C:  Act as "American State Citizens" and form actual republican States that are sovereign entities.

-- And don't think for a moment that you will be allowed to pass off foreign State-of-States as one of our States of the Union, because that will not in any case pass muster. 

One final word: as you can see, the foreign governments, both the constitutional democracies of the Brits and the municipal republics of the Papists, are populated by US Citizens. 

US Citizens of either kind are not allowed to participate in the American State Governments. 

The American States are each separate nations in much the same way that France is a separate nation from Belgium, even though they both speak French (more or less).  As a result, and to prevent conflict of interest, all the American States require that their People hold one and only one citizenship allegiance --- their State Citizenship. 

You cannot hold a Dual Citizenship of any kind and be a member of an American State Assembly. 

I am sorry that this is the fact, but it is, and you can readily see why.  We have fifty States which are fifty separate nations here.  If we allowed Dual Citizenship, can you imagine the confusion and the skulduggery that would go on? 

It would be impossible to hold a State Election. And once you did hold a State Election, it would be impossible to be sure that the results reflected the will of the People actually living in that State.

So Americans who wish to participate in State Government need to be singularly committed to that State and to that State Government alone, without any commitment to any other foreign government.

Go ahead and assemble the kind of "State" --- or in the case of US Citizens, "State of State"--- you want to assemble, but be clear among yourselves and with the Public about what you are doing, what form of government you are operating, and in what capacity you are acting.

Don't confuse the kinds of citizenship required, or the kind of government that results.  Don't call "Republics" American.  Don't call "Constitutional Democracies" America.  And don't call "States of States" American States.

Be clear and honest about what you are doing and who and what you are assembling, and we won't have any problems. 

Try to foist off a foreign State-of-State as one of our States and we will have you in international court and strung out as insurrectionists acting in conspiracy against the Constitutions. 

In the confusion following the Civil War, a Scottish Commercial Corporation foisted off British Territorial States of States "as" American States and we paid the price for it.  There won't be any more substitutions like that.  Ever.


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Warning to All True State Assemblies

By Anna Von Reitz

No State Coordinator or member of any State Assembly should support or have anything to do with any organization that includes U.S. Citizens as members and which pretends to be organizing a "State".

Be forewarned: what they are assembling is not a true State of the Union. 

What these Tories are organizing is by definition another British Territorial State-of- State for their Queen, which they are attempting to substitute like cuckoo birds for the actual American Federal States of States which we are owed.

They are trying to pull the same trick on us that they pulled in the wake of the Civil War, only this time, we have the weather gauge.  We know what they are doing.  We know who they are. 

We know the difference between us and them: they include US Citizens as members. The only thing they can assemble is a foreign State of State corporation. 

And only those of us who can and who are willing, can act in the capacity of American State Citizens, and assemble a true State of the Union. 

The object of assembling our actual States is to give proof to the world that the American Government is still here, and to take care of our own business --- which includes re-chartering our own Federal States of States to serve the needs of the American States and People.

We are not interested in serving the British Queen or the Pope or whatever other foreign interest is lurking in the shadows behind these would-be usurpers and the deluded brethren supporting them.

Be sure to spread the word and drive home the importance of the message.

Any group purporting to be a "State Assembly" which includes US Citizens as members is not one of our States and is not a member of our Union and is not American. 

We will ruthlessly expose these groups as fakes and their leaders as traitors acting in Gross Breach of Trust against the States and People they are bound to serve.

We will expose them and their activities on our shores and we will take them and their Queen and their Pope to the Court of World Opinion for judgment of their Breach of Trust and Bad Faith and criminal abuse of Americans. 

We will redouble our efforts to educate other Americans, to bring pressure upon the military and political leadership, and to oust these impostors once and for all.

Ours is a government of the People, by the People, and for the People -- Lawful Persons all, and all standing firmly on the land and soil of our beloved country. 

Our Government is not a government of the Persons, by the Persons, or for the Persons. 

Legal Persons-- "US Citizens"-- have no inheritance of our land and soil and no right to be confusing themselves with or competing against our lawful government in any way, shape, or form.

It is time for Americans to rise up and reclaim their stolen birthright, to assemble our States, and put an end to The Great Fraud.  Join the right effort.


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FBI Rumors

By Anna Von Reitz

I want to make this absolutely clear to everyone: rumors that the FBI contacted me, interviewed me, asked me questions, etc., are totally false.  Rumors that I refused to answer these non-existent questions are also, obviously, untrue.     

Not only have I not been contacted by the FBI,  but if I were, I am not afraid of my own employees, much less am I afraid of the subcontractors of my  employees --- which is what the FBI is.

Now that we have that straight, I want you to note that the people spreading these rumors are liars.

And who is the Father of All Lies? 


So now you have a clue as to who and what I am up against, and also you are forewarned. 

If they would lie and mislead you about these petty things, they will also lie and mislead you about other things, because the Truth is not in them. 

And without the Truth, nothing that they say, do, or build will stand.


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