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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Warning to All True State Assemblies

By Anna Von Reitz

No State Coordinator or member of any State Assembly should support or have anything to do with any organization that includes U.S. Citizens as members and which pretends to be organizing a "State".

Be forewarned: what they are assembling is not a true State of the Union. 

What these Tories are organizing is by definition another British Territorial State-of- State for their Queen, which they are attempting to substitute like cuckoo birds for the actual American Federal States of States which we are owed.

They are trying to pull the same trick on us that they pulled in the wake of the Civil War, only this time, we have the weather gauge.  We know what they are doing.  We know who they are. 

We know the difference between us and them: they include US Citizens as members. The only thing they can assemble is a foreign State of State corporation. 

And only those of us who can and who are willing, can act in the capacity of American State Citizens, and assemble a true State of the Union. 

The object of assembling our actual States is to give proof to the world that the American Government is still here, and to take care of our own business --- which includes re-chartering our own Federal States of States to serve the needs of the American States and People.

We are not interested in serving the British Queen or the Pope or whatever other foreign interest is lurking in the shadows behind these would-be usurpers and the deluded brethren supporting them.

Be sure to spread the word and drive home the importance of the message.

Any group purporting to be a "State Assembly" which includes US Citizens as members is not one of our States and is not a member of our Union and is not American. 

We will ruthlessly expose these groups as fakes and their leaders as traitors acting in Gross Breach of Trust against the States and People they are bound to serve.

We will expose them and their activities on our shores and we will take them and their Queen and their Pope to the Court of World Opinion for judgment of their Breach of Trust and Bad Faith and criminal abuse of Americans. 

We will redouble our efforts to educate other Americans, to bring pressure upon the military and political leadership, and to oust these impostors once and for all.

Ours is a government of the People, by the People, and for the People -- Lawful Persons all, and all standing firmly on the land and soil of our beloved country. 

Our Government is not a government of the Persons, by the Persons, or for the Persons. 

Legal Persons-- "US Citizens"-- have no inheritance of our land and soil and no right to be confusing themselves with or competing against our lawful government in any way, shape, or form.

It is time for Americans to rise up and reclaim their stolen birthright, to assemble our States, and put an end to The Great Fraud.  Join the right effort.


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  1. As a suggestion, it would be valuable to have a web page set up with the "known" assembly names and co-ordinators for reference. As individuals, it is almost impossible to remember the "who" and where, but much easier to send people to the known false entities.

    Exposure is the best way to spread the word.

    1. Dan... are you Canadian ?? If so, how do Canadians correct their political status.. Thanks !!!

    2. Dan, resources tab

    3. Richard, Yes, I am Canadian. Feel free to complete the paperwork, however, we do not have an organic government in Canada. Recording data with any reference to US statutory laws will be of no use to us. And, at the present, we don't have a comparable solution. We have had the opportunity since 1931 to do so but the Brits didn't really want us to know and there are folks now in the works of doing just that.
      I am from Ontario and there is an urgent need right now to complete step 1 of organizing.

      The best place I can direct you to is the following links at present. You will find perhaps more direction through them. I am afraid we don't have an Anna but we do have similar people who are helping to get there
      Canada grand jury is in french, not sure if there is an english version and I don't speak french. (1st of 3)

    4. Thank you Fruit Inspector for the link. However, there is no list of those 'wanna be' assemblies Anna speaks about. That is my point. If someone asks about an organization that is not a de jure assembly, then sending them to this link does not answer that question.

      Adding a page to that website would assist many to identify the phonies from the real.

  2. Joe here, having been a notary at one time, I'm confused between a Public Notary to Notary Public. Can one be both? And is it how it's organize on paper as... Public Notary then sign their name. Or Notary Public. Name

  3. Great question, wondered this myself..... especially since it would appear this Notary works for the territorial corporate government !?!?

  4. I too would like to know the difference, if there is any, between public notary and notary public. And how a prest notary should sign. Thanks

  5. Please review article 1179 titled Public Notary or Notary Public?