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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

There Will Be Blood

By Anna Von Reitz

People have to understand that this has gone too far. 

 A protest over police brutality— fine and good and no doubt long overdue.  The police in this country have lacked oversight and been misdirected by the politicians for a long time. Everyone above the age of ten knows that.

Yes, I hold the police responsible. They are all grown ups. 

I hold the politicians who give the police their marching orders and training more responsible. 

But it became apparent that this is not a protest about police killings within the first two days.  This isn’t a protest. 

This is another, albeit larger, Rent-A-Riot by George Soros and other Big Money Democrat interests. 

They are USING the pent up anger of their own constituents— anger fueled by consistent Democrat failures to ever provide actual remedy — and then standing back and letting those same constituents pay the price. 

Because there is going to be a price and no mistake about it, and once again, the black community and any white boys who join in the looting, are going to pay it. 

The cynicism of the Democrat politicians responsible simply cannot be matched. 

If the Dems had ever taken the responsibility to truly represent the people in their districts, those districts would be flourishing—- and all it would take is about 10% of what the Democrats have squandered on war and cronyism to make that happen. 

It amazes me that people can read about trillion dollar spending bills, then look around their own shit-hole communities and not get angry.  And when they finally do wake up, it amazes me more that they continue to vote for the same political party that did this to them in the first place. 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

Anyway, instead of killing young rioters who are too green to know what’s going on, why not deal with George Soros instead?  Charge him with treason, confiscate his assets, execute him by public hanging. 

End of problem.  No more Rent-A-Riots. 

And you can bet that Warren Buffet and Oprah and Bill Gates and the Ted Turner Cartel and the other billionaire troublemakers will be back to work with a whole new attitude, too.

Better still, hang Bill Gates and George Soros on the same gallows.  

Gates for his part in the Covid 19 debacle and the harm he has caused to hundreds of thousands of children worldwide, Soros for funding insurrection. 

Sober up Big Pharma and the AMA and end the Rent-A-Riot nonsense at the same time. 

Why not? 

George Soros is a Nazi who hates this country and uses his money to undermine it while living here and enjoying its benefits and taking advantage of its people.  

I have no sympathy for him. He has committed treason and fomented insurrection.  Who put the pallets of bricks on the street corners and paid for the buses? 

And then cynically sat back and let other people’s lives and property be put at risk?

And as for Gates, let’s strap him down and inject all 77 vaccines he wants our children to take by age six. 

He’s all in favor of using other people and their kids as guinea pigs, so he shouldn’t object to being a test subject himself. 

You can see that after all this violence and rioting, blood will be spilled.  It’s just a question of whose blood should it be? 

The rioter’s or the men who caused the problem in the first place?  Two deaths or thousands? 

You all know the common sense of the matter.  You all know the truth. 

If we confiscate their combined wealth and use it to pay back the victim’s losses, it might cover 10% of the damage these psychopaths have caused. 

As for the rioters, I would very strongly advise them to go home and enjoy their new TVs. 

I have seen what is waiting for Antifa in Dallas-Fort Worth.  I have seen what is waiting in our Port Cities and all along both our Northern and Southern borders. 

People, it’s time to act like you have the brains of a chicken.  It’s time to deal with the politicians and the actual problems, stop acting like two year-olds, and save your own lives. 

If you want to solve problems instead of creating more— join your State Assembly.  


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